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We tried McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King’s signature burgers — and the winner is unmistakable


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In terms of menu choices, fast-food chains are a lot like car brands: there's something for everyone.

A five-piece chicken nugget for the soccer mom on-the-go. A quarter pounder with cheese for the erudite lovers of the classics. A salad, for... someone. 

And for the person who enjoys the finer things in life, there are the flagships: the signature burgers. Without these, fast-food would lose all meaning. 

I decided to compare the signature sandwiches of the fast-food Big Three — the Whopper at Burger King, the Big Mac at McDonald's Big Mac, and the Dave's Single at Wendy's — with one question in mind: Which chain truly makes the best flagship burger?


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Here is the storied and gloried lineup: the Whopper from Burger King, the Dave's Single from Wendy's, and the Big Mac from McDonald's.

Unwrapping them is like driving off the lot — once it's done, there's no going back. The Whopper and the Big Mac have held up well, but the Dave's Single looks like a flat tire.

Let's start with the Whopper. There is simply no Burger King without the Whopper. It's as entwined with the chain as the croissant is to France. It is indeed the "Home of the Whopper".

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