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Here's what a $39-a-night Airbnb in New York City looks like



New York City, in all its glory, isn't cheap.

If you're visiting just for the night, expect to drop over $260 on a hotel room. You might find a better deal through Airbnb, where the average nightly rate is $149.

Alternatively, you can sleep in a converted taxi cab for $39 ($50 after the cleaning and service fees).

One Airbnb host has converted vans, campers, and iconic New York City taxis into 'rolling rooms' for all of the budget travelers out there.

What is it actually like to stay overnight in a yellow cab?

I ditched my overpriced Manhattan apartment for two nights and tried it out. Here's what it was like:

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Knowing it would be a tiny space, I wanted to pack lightly, yet still cover all of the essentials to make it a comfortable stay. Among the things that made the cut were: work clothes, a few toiletries, two washcloths, an extra blanket, portable speakers, a laptop, a book, and melatonin to help me sleep.

Two last-minute additions — toilet paper and hand sanitizer — were game-changers. We (I brought my roommate along) also bought two bottles of water on the way, which we figured we would use to brush our teeth and wash our faces.

We made the easy commute from Manhattan to Long Island City, Queens, where we found our home for the next two nights parked on this dead-end street.

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