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19 space-saving gadgets under $60 that every kitchen needs



If you have limited kitchen space, it's often easy to give up on cooking — especially if you don’t have room for the tools and gadgets that make cooking easy and enjoyable.

But there are plenty of ways to maximize space in your cabinets and countertops so that you can store all the ingredients and appliances you need to put together delicious, healthy meals.

Take a look at these collapsible, magnetic, and otherwise clever devices — all under $60 — designed to let you use your kitchen space more efficiently.

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FreshGadgetz all-in-one kitchen kit

This bottle-shaped stack of cooking tools actually comes apart to become a funnel, a juicer, an egg masher, a lid grip, a spice grater, a cheese grater, an egg separator, and a measuring cup.

Buy it on Amazon for $20.

Better Houseware collapsible tea kettle

Yes, even kettles can collapse. For those who love hot tea in the winter but don't want anything to do with the stove during the summer, this product is easy to store when not in use. It holds five cups and can be used on gas or electric stovetops.

Buy one on Amazon for $30.

Home-X adjustable measuring spoon

This all-in-one measuring spoon can replace a set of nine. Just slide the adjuster to the desired measurement (ranging from 1/8 teaspoon to a tablespoon) and fill accordingly.

Buy it on Amazon for $7.

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