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14 books every modern gentleman should read


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Being a modern gentleman is about more than just knowing what to wear or what to put in your bathroom. It's also about being informed about the world around you.

We asked our friends at Amazon Books to put together a list of essential books every man should read, ranging from fiction to business.

Keep scrolling for the books you shouldn't miss — they just might change how you look at things.

All captions by Amazon Books editor Chris Schluep.

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FASHION — "Icons of Men's Style" by Josh Sims

"This one might be a little obvious, but it's a damn fine looking book, so I had to include it."

BUSINESS: Silicon Valley — "Chaos Monkeys" by Antonio Garcia Martinez

"The author left Goldman Sachs to pursue work at a West Coast start-up, eventually landing at Facebook in the early years.

He has since departed, but the memories remain, and his history is one of the few that exists around the company. It's not all free food and exercise ball chairs, and Martinez pulls no punches."

BUSINESS: Hollywood — "Powerhouse" by James Andrew Miller

"From the author who brought you the ESPN oral history 'Those Guys Have All the Fun' comes an oral history featuring the players who helped to build modern day Hollywood — the stars, the agents, the executives, and the tycoons."

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