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New data reveals the top 10 fashion trends sweeping America right now


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For all the magic and mystery of fashion, a lot of it can be understood by looking at data.

Edited is a British startup that tracks retail inventories and more to understand what’s hot. In a new report for Business Insider, their analysts used data and observations from the runway to identify the trends sweeping America.

The following charts show new arrivals in various categories for men and women at multi-brand retailers in the US.

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Men's leather backpacks are selling out.

EDITED: "Within the US premium/luxury markets, leather backpacks see just over double the number of full price sellouts vs new in over the last 14 days. Demand is high and retailers are not keeping up. This Spring (01 Feb – 31 Jul 2016) has seen 6% more sellouts compared to 2015. We can see two clear trends in recent months — sleek and simple or bold and embellished like Fendi’s monsters and Dolce&Gabbana’s badged offerings. The more traditional backpack style comprising of a main body and front zip pocket is most widely seen and it will continue to be popular, while strap fastening are growing in popularity and is a trend to watch for men’s leather backpacks."

Men's joggers (aka tapered sweatpants) are hot—particularly skinny joggers.

EDITED: "Dominating 41% of all jogger arrivals across both markets this Spring, skinny fits have seen a 73% rise in newness in the US. What's Next? Looking ahead to the upcoming Fall, arrivals for skinny fits should slow as the last two weeks have seen a much higher rate of newness compared to full price sellouts. Limiting arrivals for smart styles is a must. Success this Spring was owed to fewer arrivals."

Men's bomber jackets are here to stay.

EDITED: "The bomber jacket is proving its staying power with another successful season. Both US and UK regions saw a 9% replenishment rate and of those discounted only 18% saw a price cut of over 50%."

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