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11 fall clothing and style hacks every guy should know


fall shoes

Fall is a time of uncertain weather and uncertain clothing needs.

Conquering the season in style means knowing what to wear, how to wear it, and, of course, how to keep those oft-worn sweaters clean and pill-free.

Here are some tips, tricks, and rules of thumb to go by to tackle the changing temperatures.

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1. Learn how to roll your shirtsleeves the right way.

Instead of rolling your cuff over on itself and up your arm, flip the cuff back and pull it just below your elbow. Then take the bottom (inside-out portion) and fold it up so it traps and covers the bottom cuff. Your shirtsleeves won't unroll again, and it will hit the perfect place on your elbow.

2. Follow the "sometimes, always, never" rule of jacket buttons.

The top button should sometimes be buttoned (stylistic decision). The middle button should always be buttoned (it pulls the jacket together and is flattering), and the last button should never be buttoned, as it messes up the tailoring and flare of the jacket on the bottom.

If the jacket is only a modern two-button, the rule changes to "always, never." Also remember to unbutton your jacket whenever you sit down.  

3. Learn how to layer the right way.

Layering is one of the most important ways to conquer fall weather and maintain an equitable body temperature. Learn how to do it properly. The most important rule is to layer from chunkiest to thinnest fabric, keeping the lighter items closest to your skin.

Get four more layering tips here

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