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10 chefs reveal their favorite foods to eat for a hangover


kimchi ramen

A heavy, preferably carb-filled meal is a must after a fun night partying with friends. And in a city like New York, there's certainly no shortage of places to find a satisfying meal when you're nursing a hangover. 

ChefsFeed is an app that generates dining recommendations from a trustworthy source: the chefs themselves. Star chefs can use the app to recommend their favorite dishes from other restaurants. You can find recommendations for any kind of food you might be in the mood for, whether that's an extensive omakase meal or just a classic cheeseburger. 

We turned to ChefsFeed's guide to hangover meals to find out where top chefs get their comfort food fix in New York City.

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Chef Bryce Shuman, Betony

Pepperoni thin-crust pizza at Luzzo's — 211 1st Avenue, East Village

"This thin crust is awesome. Just get it. The pepperoni is great venture from the traditional Napoletana that I am also crazy about."

Chef Harold Dieterle, formerly of Perilla and Kin Shop

Soup dumplings at Grand Sichuan — various locations in New York City

"Biting into one of these whole dumplings makes for an amazing explosion in your mouth. Warm, comforting, sweet and salty. Make sure you go to the 7th Ave. location."

Chef Alain Allegretti, Beautique

Pho Ga at Thai Son — 89 Baxter Street, Chinatown

"The chicken broth is cooked perfectly, with the noodles and raw veggies getting steamed ever so slightly when they hit the hot broth. It reminds me of home with my mom. This is the perfect hangover food."

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