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19 photos that show why Berlin is one of the best places to party in the world


Berlin nightlife

Ever since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, nightlife and clubbing have become entrenched in the culture of the German capital, and the city has earned a partying reputation that it's proud of.

As the New York Times described, "One aspect of reunification that no one would have predicted — the emergence of techno and a tenacious, do-it-yourself club scene — has turned out to be not a passing night-life fad, but a cornerstone of the city’s identity." 

DJs blast techno and house music to crowds who are solely there to dance. But it's not just a techno city — Berlin offers plenty of spots for rooftop drinks, swing dancing, craft beers, late-night eats, and classic rock 'n' roll.

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Zum schmutzigen Hobby is a popular dance club that's located in a former fire station. Here, DJ Olga Wodka plays pop songs for a packed crowd.

Swing dancers teach a class at the Claerchens Ballhaus, a dance hall located in the central district of Mitte. Claerchens Ballhaus originally opened more than 100 years ago, and was run by the same family for almost 90 years. Much of the decor still has an antique, untouched look.

The Bassy Club defines its vibe as "strictly before 1969," featuring music that's a mix of blues, soul, country, and rock 'n' roll.

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