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How actor, tech entrepreneur, and 'Shark Tank' investor Ashton Kutcher spends his millions


Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher wears many hats.

If you know him primarily from films and television, including "Dude, Where's My Car?" and "That '70s Show," it may surprise you to hear that the 38-year-old actor has also become an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and successful venture capitalist in the tech space. He has even appeared on ABC's "Shark Tank."

Read on to see what else the successful former star of the MTV prank show "Punk'd" is up to — and what he's doing with his millions.

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Born in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1978 — minutes ahead of his fraternal twin, Michael — Kutcher comes from humble beginnings. His parents, Larry and Diane, were both factory workers and raised their three kids on a farm.

Source: Biography.com

Kutcher started earning and saving from a young age. His odd jobs included mowing lawns and roofing as well as skinning deer at a meat locker and baling hay. "When I was 13, I saved $1,400 for a snowmobile," he tells Grow. "I worked after school and on weekends for one and a half years, and put every cent into a savings account."

Source: Grow

Kutcher continued working a variety of jobs to pay his tuition at the University of Iowa, where he enrolled in 1997 and planned to major in biochemical engineering. He dropped out and ended up going the modeling and acting route, but his interest in science and technology would resurface years later when he started investing in tech companies.

Source: TechCrunch and Biography.com

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