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These are the worst faux pas you can make in 17 different countries


nepal namaste

Local customs can be a tricky thing to figure out.

What's considered a friendly gesture in one place might be obscene in another.

Thankfully, hundreds of responders to a recent Quora thread have chimed in from all around the world to offer dos and don'ts when traveling.

Here's what you should keep in mind while traversing the globe.

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"Don't reject the mate."

Mariana del Rosal explains that in Argentina, drinking mate— a close cousin of tea — is "a ritual and a demonstration of confidence and friendship."

Side note: It comes with a metal straw called a bombilla, but never stir your mate with it.


"Do not litter, spit, or smoke in prohibited zones."

Katie Birtles says that Australians take public cleanliness very seriously. While some countries may think nothing of dropping a candy wrapper or spewing something awful onto the sidewalk, Aussies take pride in keeping things nice and tidy.

"If you do need to spit, do it discreetly," she says.


"Don't enter or exit a room before people of older generations."

As April Li explains, the polite thing to do when there are multiple generations entering or leaving the same space is for the eldest members to go first. China believes very strongly in deference to elders, so the gesture is a sign of respect.


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