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12 amazing kitchen gadgets under $65 that will transform your breakfast


Breakfast Station

You don't need to go to a five-star restaurant to enjoy a quality brunch. With the right tools, you can make stellar morning meals in your own kitchen.

Sure, standard frying pans are fine for preparing basic eggs and bacon. But there are loads of awesome gadgets that can take your breakfast to the next level.

Check them out below.

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A breakfast sandwich maker.

breakfast sandwich

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker can make a mean ham, egg, and cheese sandwich in just a few minutes. One Amazon user even describes it as "the best invention in the history of mankind."

Buy it:$24

A cooker that makes perfect hard-boiled and poached eggs.

The Egg Genie can cook up to seven hard, medium, or soft boiled eggs at once, and will automatically shut off when they reach your desired consistency. At the bottom, there's a tray for making poached eggs, too.

Buy it:$15.10

A oven that bakes bread and bagels.

The Oster 2-Pound Bread Machine automatically bakes fresh loaves — all you have to do is pour in the ingredients, and it will mix and knead the dough for you. The machine even has a setting for making bagels — after it kneads the bagel dough, you let it rise in the machine for two hours, then form the round bagel shapes and bake them a conventional oven.

Buy it:$59.99

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