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Students in Copenhagen can pay $600 month to live in these floating shipping container dorms


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If you're a student in Copenhagen, your next dorm could be on the water, quite literally.

Urban Riggers, a sustainable housing startup founded in 2013, is making floating communities of dorms available to college students at $600 a month.

The dorms, which are modular and made of low-cost shipping containers, are less grungy than you might expect. They each include a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, which are all private. There are also common spaces — a courtyard, kayak landing, bathing platform, barbecue area, and roof terrace.

Bjarke Ingels, the renowned Danish architect whose firm has a 10% stake in Urban Riggers designed the units. The first unit (consisting of 12 dorm rooms) opened to the public on September 21.

Let's take a look inside.

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The first shipping container unit in Copenhagen is accessible by a bridge. A solar array on top of one of the containers powers the homes, and for heating and cooling, the units draw on the surrounding water.

Source: Expatistan

Each unit contains six shipping containers arranged in triangles. The center space here has a courtyard.

Upstairs, there are boardwalks and roof terraces that offer a terrific view of the city.

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