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The duo who replaced all the billboards in a tube station with cats to protest advertising have just been hired by an ad agency


cats not ads

London ad agency Wieden + Kennedy has hired the creative duo behind the successful Kickstarter campaign to replace all the ads in a tube station with photos of cats.

Katy Edelsten and Chloe Cordon raised £23,131 ($30,029) for their "Citizens Advertising Takeover Service" (CATS) campaign, which is still live, and saw Clapham Common tube station plastered with pictures of cats instead of its usual advertisements for two weeks.

Glimpse, the collective behind the campaign, said it hoped the stunt would help lost cats find homes and show how the space could be used to cheer people up, rather than trying to persuade them to buy things.

The Kickstarter read: "Wouldn’t it be great not to worry about the holiday we can't afford, the car we don’t need, or the body we don’t have? Imagine a world where public spaces made you feel pawsitive."

katy and chloCordon and Edelsten had picked up a work placement at another London-based agency, 101, but now they've been hired on a permanent basis at Wieden + Kennedy.

Iain Tait, executive creative director at Wieden + Kennedy London, told Business Insider he came across the pair's portfolio when judging the Cream Awards, which recognizes up-and-coming creative talent.

Tait said: "I saw their work and immediately emailed them to say how much I loved it. Simultaneously, I sent an email to a bunch of people in the agency and said: 'Please can we hire these two, immediately.' They came in and met a few people an there was immediate chemistry."

He added that the agency didn't just hire Cordon and Edelsten thanks to the cats campaign, but that it was a piece of work that demonstrates five things that are important to the company. In Tait's words:

  1. A healthy disregard for advertising
  2. A talent for making important social points through humour/silliness.
  3. A willingness to collaborate with others.
  4. A recognition of the cultural value of cats.
  5. Most importantly: They went and did it.  you see lots of great ideas in young creatives’ portfolios but not enough of them grab hold of the tools that are available and make things happen.

Wieden + Kennedy also announced five other hires into its creative team on Wednesday.

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