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Go inside the hottest new bar on Manhattan's Lower East Side, where 'Entourage' star Adrian Grenier is music director


Champagne Garden

Earlier this month, "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier helped open VNYL, a new bar with an interior that looks more like a classic 1970s home than a cocktail lounge. The three-floor space on New York City's Lower East Side has table-side mixologists, a private champagne room, pre-batched cocktails, and 36 beers on draft.

Grenier befriended VNYL's owner, James Morrissey, after becoming a regular at Morrissey's other Manhattan bar, The Late Late. But when pressed for more details on the two's friendship, Morrissey makes it clear he's not one for celebrity gossip. The idea behind making Grenier VNYL's music director was pretty simple: Morrissey trusts Grenier's taste in music.

Let's take a look at the brand-new space.      

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A record shop graces the front of the bar. All of the albums are hand-picked by Grenier, who told the Wall Street Journal that he owns some 2,000 records.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Every detail within the bar is an ode to 1970s New York. The scalloped walnut walls give a homey feeling to the first-level bar.

"The 1970s had the most elegant, chic, polished parties," Morrissey told Business Insider. That, combined with the idea of gritty New York rock 'n' roll culture, was the inspiration for VNYL.

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