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16 shopping secrets that will save you time and money at Costco


costco shoppingCostco is a goldmine for bargains.

But the opportunity to save can be overwhelming, as you face seemingly endless free samples and bulk deals.

There are great bargains at Costco — even Morgan Stanley analysts say the retailer offers some of the best deals in the industry. However, to cash in on the deals, you need to know a few secrets.

Here’s how to make shopping at Costco worth the price of membership.

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Make a beeline to the center of the store.

Many membership stores stick the best bargains in “center court,” the pallets in the middle of the store, Paco Underhill, author of "Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping,” told Bankrate.

Flashy displays at the front of the store, on the other hand, are going to be more expensive.

Keep an eye out for the "star."

If there’s an asterisk on a Costco price tag, that means the item can't restocked and what you see is the last in the store, reports Costco Insider.

So if your favorite seasonal product is marked with a star, it’s time to buy enough to last you till next year.

Split bulk items.

You might not have space to store 30 rolls of toilet paper, but your friends would probably be more than happy to split the cost of the $19.50 mega-pack, says Time.

Buying in bulk means major savings, so go big — and split the products up before going home.

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