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9 classic men's style rules that you still have to follow



Sometimes, you really should listen to your elders.

Though there are some men's style rules that you no longer need to follow, others are ironclad — they were passed down from older generations for a reason, and you'd do your best to follow all of them as often as you can.

We rounded up the nine rules we thought were most important so you can make sure you're not forgetting anything. The well-styled men of your grandfather's generation would be proud.

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Match your shoes and belt when dressing formally.

The belt-matching-shoes trope is a little tired, and it's true that its importance is sometimes overstated.

But when it comes to formal events, matching the leathers of your belt and shoes is essential to looking well-dressed. There's no way around it — brown goes with brown, and black with black. Otherwise, you'll just look mismatched.

Don't mix patterns.

Patterns are great, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. What has become known as "power-clashing" — a style move where one wears more than one pattern in an attempt to look garish on purpose — has no place in modern dressing.

It's an attempt to stand out, and it works in casual settings. But when it's time to dress up, follow the rules, and go for an impeccable suit without clashing patterns — it will do so much more for you.

Dress to the specifications required.

If an invitation calls for black tie, that's what you must wear. If it says "formal," a suit is required.

There's no getting away with failing to dress to the specified dress code. You'll look and feel like a fool if you attempt to circumvent it with creative dressing.

You'll be at a social disadvantage at the event, and everyone will know it. Dress according to what is expected.

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