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8 of the most innovative restaurants in America



The future is here — in our restaurants.

The standard order, dine, pay and tip model we're used to in American eateries is being upended by innovative chefs and restaurateurs around the country. 

Some are experimenting with radical pricing models, others are making better use of their food waste, and some are subverting diner expectations in ways never seen before.

Here are some innovative restaurants around the United States that you should check out.

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The Perennial (San Francisco, California)

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The Perennial is aggressively sustainable — an Eater feature described the restaurant as "progressive agrarian cuisine." 

The restaurant runs its own sustainable fish farm. The fish are fed composted waste from the restaurant, mixed with worms and black soldier fly larvae. The fish then poop out ammonia-rich fecal matter that gets converted into nitrates by bacteria. The nitrate-rich water is used to feed lettuces and other crops that the restaurant grows in its greenhouse, which are eventually served in its dishes. Then the cycle starts over again.

Kitchenette (Memphis, Tennessee)

Kimbal Musk (yes, he's Elon's brother) has a plan to create a chain of grab-and-go restaurants called Kitchenette, which will serve sandwiches, soups, and salads. The first will open in Memphis' Shelby Farms Park. 

The big catch is that everything will be under $5. The restaurants will get to that price point by being located close to the farms they source from. Musk is hoping the restaurants will encourage diners to become more involved in their local communities and eat healthier. Offering cheaply priced lunch is certainly a good way to do that.

Mosaics Community Cafe (Bartow, Florida)

For unemployed folks who find it easier to give away labor than money, this community cafe in Bartow, Florida is a boon. 

At the restaurant, each item has a suggested price — Today reports that around 60% of diners pay it. But if they don't have enough money, they can instead choose to volunteer their time by working at Mosaics or at a local community center down the road, where they help feed the hungry. 

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