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We tested the high-tech suitcase meant to make business travel less stressful — here's the verdict


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Air travel comes with its fair share of pain points. Your checked bag can't be over 50 pounds, so you might be forced to switch items between bags when you get to the check-in counter. Airports are also notorious for their lack of outlets, so you'll often see groups of people forced to hover around central charging stations.

In his mission to build a bag that would solve those traveling blues, Raden CEO Josh Udashkin observed travelers at the airport, taking note of what stalled their journey, he recently told Business Insider. The final design is a sleek, lightweight, and incredibly high-tech suitcase that has its own app and can charge your phone, weigh itself, and tell you its approximate location.

Raden sold $2 million worth of bags in its first four months of operation. It has raised $3.5 million from First Round Capital, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, and private investors to alleviate those struggles that can make traveling a stressful, hectic mess. 

Below, we take a close look at their A22 Carry case and tell you if it's worth the $295 price tag.

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Udashkin saw an opening in the travel gear market and went for it. "Younger people don't have an affinity to a [particular luggage] brand," he said.

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Raden was thoughtful about its design and branding. The A22 Carry suitcase arrives in a branded bag that you can keep for storage when you're not traveling.

You're greeted with a simple three-step process for hooking up your bag: 1. Turn on the battery. 2. Download the app. 3. Pair your case with the app so that it knows this is your bag.

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