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An architect found a brilliant way to make his family's home bigger by building a house within a house


Bunny Lane

Architect and artist Adam Kalkin has an expansive imagination, and he wanted to extend this creativity when building his family home to make it feel bigger. 

After purchasing a historic 1880s farmhouse in 2001, Kalkin found a brilliant and unconventional way to add more space to his home: by hanging a modern airplane hangar over the entire home.

Here's what the house-within-a-house looks like.

Located in New Jersey, Kalkin's one-of-a-kind home is called "Bunny Lane."

When Kalkin first bought the 1880s farmhouse, he wanted to redesign it in a new way.

"In this case, the approach was not 'How can I modify this? How can I destroy this?'," he explained. "In my case, it was 'how do you encapsulate it?'"

The home is made of three parts: an airplane hangar, concrete-glass container, and antique farmhouse.

Kalkin added and removed pieces of the farmhouse to create the eclectic home.

"All of these together creates a conversation with each other," Kalkin said. "No one thing stands alone; it’s about the relationships and spaces between things.”

The airplane hangar encapsulates the historic farmhouse.



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