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23 fascinating diagrams reveal how to negotiate with people around the world


Communication Patterns 3x4

You can't expect negotiations with the French to be like negotiations with Americans, and the same holds true for every culture around the world.

British linguist Richard D. Lewis charted communication patterns as well as leadership styles and cultural identities in his book, "When Cultures Collide," which is now in a third edition. His organization offers classes in cross-cultural communication for clients like Unilever and BMW.

Although cultural generalizations can be overly reductive, Lewis, who speaks 10 languages, insists it can be done fairly. "Determining national characteristics is treading a minefield of inaccurate assessment and surprising exception. There is, however, such a thing as a national norm," he writes.

Scroll down to see Lewis' insights on negotiating with people around the world.

Jenna Goudreau contributed reporting.

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Americans lay their cards on the table and resolve disagreements quickly with one or both sides making concessions.

Canadians are inclined to seek harmony but are similar to Americans in their directness.

People in the UK tend to avoid confrontation in an understated, mannered, and humorous style that can be either powerful or inefficient.

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