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We visited one of New York City's first marijuana dispensaries — take a look inside


Columbia Care_1_Cultivation_SM

New Yorkers will soon have an easier time getting their hands on legal marijuana, thanks to several new policies announced this week.

Under the new regulations, patients too ill to travel can have their cannabis delivered, and nurse practitioners may now certify patients for access to the drug. The state may also double the number of companies allowed to operate dispensaries, from five to 10. 

Earlier this year, we toured one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries to open doors in New York. It's run by Columbia Care, a a medical marijuana company with locations in California, Nevada, and Massachusetts, and designed by the retail display group RPG.

Located just east of Union Square, the new Manhattan office is sleekly modern — here's a look. 

Drake Baer contributed to a previous version of this story.

Walking in from 14th Street, the first thing you see is the Columbia Care logo of nested Cs.

One thing you notice about the design of the space, from the reception on in, is that there are very few hard right angles. Everything has a nice flow.

Walking in, Columbia Care doesn't feel clinical. There are plants, wood, and soft lighting throughout.

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