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The one thing you should eat at 13 London street food markets



London is full of street food markets offering an array of delicious food from all over the world.

With so many options, choosing just one stall for lunch can be daunting.

To find out what we should be eating, we teamed up with Expedia and compiled a list of the one dish to try at street food markets across the capital.

From a gourmet goat wrap to halloumi fries, here are 13 scrumptious street eats every Londoner should try:

Get a "Submarine" sandwich at Lower Marsh Market.

The "Submarine" — a sub sandwich heaped with seared scallops, roasted pulled pork shoulder, blackened calamari, a dollop of lemon and parsely mayonnaise, pork crackling, and rocket — is the favourite roll offered by sandwich makers Sub Cult.

Where to get it:Lower Marsh Market

Try not to make a mess as you eat this mammoth burger at Malty Street Market.

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African Volcano's "DirtyLittleSecret" burger is made with char-grilled beef, 18-hour slow-roasted pulled pork, Emmenthal cheese, lettuce, tomato, peri peri mayonnaise and sauce, a gherkin slice, and sautéed onion. Though it's messy — the bun barely contains the filling inside — the burger is a favourite with customers.

Where to get it:Maltby Street Market

Try spicy, cheese-covered fries at Portobello Market.

If you're a fan of chips, try the "Lucifer Fries" from expert chip-maker Poptata. The hand-cut fries come served in a traditional paper cone, heaped with grated cheddar and Red Leicester cheese and flavoured with spicy paprika sauce, garlic, rosemary, and thyme.

Where to get it:Portobello Market

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