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STUDY: Do Men Or Women Give More To Charity?


At LearnVest we are all about being smart when it comes to charity: giving what we can to the right causes, and not just around the holiday season.

So we jumped when we saw a BiddingforGood study released earlier this year that found that not only do men donate more money to charity than women, but they also give more frequently.

If you're surprised, so are we! Research in the past has suggested that, in general, women donate more than men. In fact just last year, a University of Indiana study found that female-headed households were much more likely to donate to charity than households headed by males.

But according to BiddingforGood, a company that connects businesses to charitable causes through online auctions, the tables have turned: Their survey found that 52% of men donate weekly or monthly to charity, compared to just 42% of women, and 62% of men give more than $500 a year to charity, vs. 46% of women.

Of course, charity isn't all about the money--studies show that women across all age groups volunteer more than men, and that women fill more not-for-profit jobs than men.

Who controls the giving in your house? How do you decide how much to give?

Check out this infographic from BiddingforGood for a detailed breakdown:

Which Gender Is More Charitable?

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