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Urban Outfitters' New Booze-Themed T-Shirt Line Is Just Its Latest Misstep


i drunk you're cute shirt urban outfitters

This time, Urban Outfitters upset Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 

The retailer, which caters to teens and young adults, has a new t-shirt line with slogans like "I Drink You're Cute" and "Misery Loves Alcohol."

MADD told the New York Daily News that the shirts sent the wrong message about alcohol. 

But Urban Outfitters has had its fair share of controversies in the past couple of years. Let's relive a few: 

-Urban was criticized for a lack of diversity in its catalogs. The retailer used a white model to promote a line based on the Cosby Show. Columnist Cindy Augustine at AdWeek wrote a column questioning why the chain used all-white models. 

-The chain released a t-shirt with what appeared to be a Holocaust symbol. 

-Urban had a t-shirt line depicting Irish people as drunks. 

-The Navajo tribe sued Urban for allegedly misusing its name in a line of accessories. Urban eventually changed the name. 

-An independent artist accused Urban of copying her designs and distributing them to the masses. 

-Urban also sold a greeting card that included a slur against transgender people. 

At this point, we think Urban's antics are stunt marketing. Maybe it's working--the company posted great sales results last week. 

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