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New Details About IKEA's Secret Fortune Reveal That Its Founder Is Even Richer Than We Thought


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IKEA franchisor Inter IKEA Group recently published its financial performance numbers publicly for the first time, and new details from the report have revealed more about IKEA's fortune, reports Robert LaFranco at Bloomberg

This marks the second time in the past three years that the companies have released financials.

So, what did they find this time?

Bloomberg's Billionaires Index has upped 86-year-old IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad's fortune by more than $1.4 billion, reaching a total of $39 billion.

He's the second-richest man in Europe, according to Bloomberg.

IKEA has a strangely complex, secretive ownership structure that has been subject to a lot of scrutiny in the past. It even warranted an hour-long documentary by a Swedish television network.

This latest report was an attempt at "greater transparency" for IKEA, according to an Inter IKEA spokesperson, but there's still much to be learned about the secret fortune behind the retail behemoth.

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