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Why The Fashion World Hates Kim Kardashian


Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is fighting an eternal uphill battle in the fashion industry.

High fashion has always has a tough industry to penetrate. It has a "snobbery and classism" that stonewalls those deemed unworthy, writes Benjamin Wallace in NY Mag.

Her big break-in so far has been ShoeDazzle — the online retailer she founded back in 2009. It has raised upwards of $60 million in venture capital.

The Kardashians have clothing lines in Sears and QVC, and Kim has seen success as a model, appearing on the covers of W, Harper's Bazaar and L'Uomo Vogue.

So, there's proof that the industry is beginning to accept her. But, remember, she's a reality superstar, and the one that carries a greater stigma than anyone else.

Wallace explains precisely why they hate her:

"The boundaryless ambit of the Kardashians is the precise obverse of the fashion world, with its exclusionary fences and rigid caste distinctions. Fashion is androgynous, anorexic, self-punishing, full of security-blanket snobberies. It wants to be transcendent, above mass commerce. It hates sex, even as it sells it (coldly). It hates flesh.

Kim Kardashian—a sexpot with curves and a prodigious behind, a sybarite as well as a full-on capitalist—is an affront to everything it holds dear. It’s hard to imagine a model who converted her looks into a business empire being perceived as anything other than impressive—an entrepreneur—but for this world Kim may be the wrong kind of model."

Will she ever break all the way through?

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