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Our Strategy And Leadership Vertical Is Hiring A Reporter


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Business Insider's popular War Room vertical is looking for a reporter. Could it be you? Here's how to know if you're the ideal candidate:

*You're an excellent writer

*You have a basic understanding of business

*You consume all types of news and use social media to get it

*You're familiar with Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and other sites that cover the latest trends in business

*You love to learn about what makes CEOs, innovators and creative minds tick   

*You know how to package information in a fresh and creative way

*You have an MBA or you've considered getting one at some point

If this job description interests you, send me an email (jliebman@businessinsider.com) with a paragraph on why you're the one for the job. Please include your resume and a few clips.

Please also note: This job is full-time, and is based in our NYC headquarters.

Please follow War Room on Twitter and Facebook.

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