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Cops Have Shut Down Trojan's Free Vibrator Cart Near The Flatiron Building


What was supposed to be a pleasurable experience for thousands turned into a large mess near the Flatiron building Wednesday afternoon as a Trojan vibrator giveaway was shut down by police because of an apparent permit issue. 

This was supposed to be the hot dog stand Trojan was going to use to give away the free vibrators, which retail for roughly $40. Hundreds turned up for the giveaway but went home empty-handed.

Trojan Vibrator Giveaway

When we got there, the line spanned an entire block, from 22nd to 23rd Street along 5th Avenue. It took quite a long time for the hundreds waiting on line, men and women alike, to figure out what was really going on.

Trojan Vibrator Giveaway

Three ladies from Brooklyn, who were a bit shy to give out their names because of the sensitive nature of the giveaway, told us they had waited more than 20 minutes for Trojan to tell them they weren't going to get their vibrators. "It's a great idea," said one, "they should just find a way to do it legally." Her friend, who was also disappointed said "they're not a startup, they should have probably figured that out."

Trojan workers eventually rolled the hot dog stand back into a large Ryder moving truck and eventually drove away in this tinted black SUV. 

Trojan Vibrator Giveaway

Dan Bracken, Trojan's director of marketing services, said the promotion was officially shut down about 15 minutes after it was slated to begin because "there was confusion with the permit."

"Everything was in place, but I'm a bit sketchy with the details myself," he said.

Bracken said they wanted to give the vibrators away out of the moving truck, but police said that it would be a safety issue, likely because people would start mobbing the employees in search of a free sex toy.

Will Paul from Bayonne, N.J. (below) said his girlfriend asked him to get her one. He, too, went home empty-handed.

Trojan Vibrator Giveaway

But ultimately, many who waited in line will get a free vibrator and have their happy ending. Trojan staffers were taking down email addresses so they could send those who waited around with their free swag. 

And several other giveaways were planned for the NYC area, including in the Financial District, the Meatpacking District, and the East Village according to Trojan's Facebook page. But check in before you go, unless you want to be left high and dry like hundreds of others were today.

Trojan Vibrator Giveaway

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