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ThermaCELL Remote-Controlled Heated Shoe Inserts


These are Remote-Controlled Heated Shoe Inserts from ThermaCELL.

Why We Love Them: With no wires or external batteries, these foot warmer inserts heat up to keep your feet warm for up to 2,500 hours. They're rechargeable, and controlled by a wireless remote that allows the user to choose between "High" (111 degrees Fahrenheit), "Medium" (100 degrees Fahrenheit), and "No Heat."

The shoe inserts are powered by built-in lithium-ion polymer batteries in the soles, and can be recharged up to 500 times. Perfect for working or playing outdoors, these will last you about four winters-worth of heavy-duty use.

thermacell insoles

Where To Buy: Available through the Orvis website, or find a store near you on the ThermaCELL website.

Cost: $129.99.

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