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A 60 Year-Old California Wine Family Is Trying To Change The Way You Eat Steak



Go to a steakhouse and any waiter/sommelier worth their salt will pair your cut with a red wine.

Wallinda and Peter McCrea, of Stony Hill Vineyard (one of Napa's first) are trying to change all of that. They've carefully created a collection of white wines that pair perfectly with red meat, says the Dallas News.

It's all to celebrate 60 years of wine making that dates back to Peter's parents purchase of a Napa Valley goat ranch in 1943. Back then there was no electricity, no phone, and hardly any travel between Napa and San Francisco.

So the McCrea's have come along way, and to honor that, they decided to do something different with their first Cabernet Sauvignon.

Obviously this is big news in steak country, and that's why ten cases of the wine were sent to Texas. That's where Dallas News writer Kim Pierce met the couple for dinner at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse.

Here's how it went:

...Pappas executive chef James Johnson presented entrees with two small portions of dry-aged prime strip loin. One was sauced with Bearnaise, the other with lime hollandaise. The McCreas celebrated 60 years of winemaking this year with the production of their first cabernet sauvignon...

Call this the anti-Cal cab: beautifully balanced fruit and acidity (13.5 percent alcohol), absent the screaming, alcohol-on-steroids jamminess more common to California cabs. We ate it with the bernaise – and bingo! With the less acidic sauce, it was a wonderful match. But you knew it would be.

We ate the other strip sirloin, the one with the lime hollandaise, with three vintages of chardonnay (2005, 2007, 2008) – and bingo! It was heavenly with every vintage...

As much as we were primed to be believers, the white wine-steak match was still surprising. “We did it just to prove that you can drink white wine with meat,” McCrea said. Werley added: “A hint of salt and a hint of acid, and you can drink any white with beef.” Point taken.

It's a mind-bending notion for die-hard steak fans, but if they could approve it Texas, it can't be that sacrilegious, right?

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