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23 Brilliantly Repurposed Objects


REPURPOSING is so hot right now.

At least if you’re on Pinterest or Tumblr, that is. If the most hardcore “upcyclers” are to be believed, there’s no such thing as trash anymore. These folks turn old yoga mats, washing machines, and even dumpsters into cool items with a new and clever use.

Luggage to Medicine Cabinet

Vintage suitcases; too cool to throw out, but not built to handle today’s batshit-TSA airports.

This is my favorite suitcase repurpose project. Add a mirror, hang it over the sink, done.

Card Catalog to Mini Bar

“You have a card catalogue in your den?”

“Yes, I own so many books, I’m forced to use the Dewey Decimal system. Just kidding, I’m a wino.”

Wine Barrel to Drum Set

As a percussionist, I can’t help but wonder what kind of sound those shells would get. Is there any resonance? 

Eh, whatever. It looks cool.

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