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An NYC restaurant has a unique twist on eggs Benedict


When it comes to brunch, eggs Benedict is one of the heavier menu options out there.

NYC's Clinton St. Baking Company serves a pretty decadent version, with fried oysters and chipotle hollandaise sauce.

Story by Sarah Schmalbruch and editing by Ben Nigh

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16 photos that show why Dominique Crenn was named the best female chef in the world


Budha hand cured in pomegranate, quince and chamomile bud

Chef Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn and Petit Crenn was recently named the world’s best female chef by The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

The San Francisco restaurateur and chef is the only woman ever to earn two Michelin stars. She is internationally renowned for her "poetic culinaria," which means that she likes to tell a poetic story through food.

In celebration of her award, here are 16 beautiful photos to take you through the Dominique Crenn dining experience.

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Chef Dominique Crenn is the first woman to earn two Michelin stars. She also just nabbed the title of the world’s best female chef by The World's 50 Best Restaurants. She is renowned for her spectacular culinary presentations, like this deconstructed lobster bisque.

She calls her cuisine "poetic culinaria," which means that she likes to tell a poetic story through food.

At Atelier Crenn, diners receive a poem in lieu of a menu.

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A restaurant in San Diego makes incredible French toast doughnuts


Forget about basic French toast. Donut Bar, which has locations in both San Diego and Las Vegas, makes their version with battered and fried doughnuts. Apparently they don't believe in "too much of a good thing," and we're not mad about it.

Story and editing by Sydney Kramer

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A restaurant in Australia serves oysters that are covered in liquid nitrogen

This futuristic chair rocks, spins, and flips


Normally, rocking chairs just go back and forth, but that feels so limited. This U.F.O. — Unidentified Furniture Object — is a new type of rocking chair that rocks, swivels, and pivots. It was created by the Italian design group IT ONEOFF.

"We are convinced that this chair is not just a normal piece of design," said creator Marco Travaini. "It will be the element that will open a new seating concept."

Story by James Grebey and editing by Chelsea Pineda

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This video shows how laser hair removal works — and it’s slightly terrifying



Laser hair removal is one of today's most common cosmetic procedures.

The treatment, which costs anywhere from $300 to $900 per session, depending on what part of you is getting treated, involves repeatedly blasting the skin with intense, ultra-fast laser pulses.

Unlike waxing or shaving, the goal of laser hair removal isn’t just to temporarily get rid of the hair. It’s to stop the growth of hair once and for all by destroying the germ cells in the hair follicle that produce it in the first place.

Derek Muller, who runs the YouTube science channel Veritasium, took a closer look at the process, sacrificing a few of his own hairs for the sake of science.

Watch a few of Muller's hairs get zapped by lasers in the zoomed-in video below. You can see his hair "puff up like a Cheeto" before crumbling apart:

How it works

Laser hair removal makes use of a pigment in our bodies called melanin. Melanin is what gives our skin, eyes, and hair their color. It also helps protect us from dangerous radiation from the sun. On a clear sunny day, for example, melanin in your skin will soak up the sun's harmful UV rays before they penetrate deeper into your body.

Melanin in hair does the same thing: It absorbs radiation — be it from the sun or, in this case, a tiny laser.

And unlike ordinary light, which is made up of different wavelengths, or colors, of light, a laser beam only contains one wavelength. These wavelengths travel in unison in the same direction, creating a very narrow beam of light that can be focused on a tiny spot. The result is a very concentrated, very powerful form of energy.

As the melanin in your hair sucks up the energy from the laser, it heats up to over 212 degrees Fahrenheit. As its water is vaporized, it burns and creates a teensy burst of smoke called a laser plume.

Although it seems counterintuitive to bombard your body with intense, concentrated beams of radiation, laser hair removal is safe — as long as it's done correctly. Just don't expect to get a full body laser bath in one sitting. Your body can only handle small doses of radiation at a time.

The treatment works best on those with light skin (which has low amounts of melanin) and dark hair (which has higher amounts of melanin); the melanin in the hair draws the radiation away from the skin.

Getting to the root of the problem

The goal of laser hair removal is, ultimately, to stop hair growth. To do that, the procedure has to do a little damage.

Once a cell hits temperatures approaching a sizzling 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts to fall apart. The hotter the temperature and the longer it’s maintained, the higher the chance the cell will die. Laser hair removal capitalizes on this. By damaging the germ cells in the follicle, it keeps the hair from growing altogether.

To keep the heat from spreading too far into the surrounding skin, the laser zaps the hair in a series of ultra short pulses. As the hair heats up, it damages the cells around it, but the laser turns off before the heat can spread too far or burn the skin. In Muller’s video, the procedure was done six pulses at a time, each pulse lasting 1.5 milliseconds.

This is also why people who undergo laser hair removal have to go more than once: To permanently damage the follicles producing the hair, you have to have it done roughly every six to ten weeks.

And, as always, beauty has its price. The process of shooting laser beams at your hair produces a brief flash of pain, sort of like what you might feel if someone snapped a rubber band against your skin.

Take a closer look at the process of laser hair removal in the Veritasium video below:

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Every home should have a survival kit — here’s what to put in it

The best bars in America


the dead rabbitFrom Seattle to New York City, the United States is home to some of the best bars in the world.

Claiming America’s mixology dominance isn’t bragging — it's an established fact, according to the World's 50 Best Bars list. 

The prestigious World's 50 Best Bars list is selected each year by Drinks International magazine. 

According to the most recent list, first revealed in October 2015, 14 out of 50 of the best bars in the world are located in the US. In total, the list spans 27 cities in 19 countries.

Read on for more on the best bars in America, below.

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14. Tommy's, San Francisco

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px

This bar celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, with five decades of tequila-soaked history. Tommy's serves more than 300 types of tequila, promising the "best selection of Tequila on Earth."

13. Trick Dog, San Francisco

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px

Trick Dog is known for its affordable food, inventive cocktails, and speedy service. The bar is in a constant state of evolution, with complete menu makeovers every six months.

12. Mace, New York

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px

This East Village bar made the 2015 list of the World's 50 Best Bars the very year it was opened, thanks to experienced founders and a high-quality cocktail menu.

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Why lip balm is so 'addictive'

A man who lost 239 pounds on the 'The Biggest Loser' has already gained 100 pounds back since he left the show


Biggest Loser

Danny Cahill lost 239 pounds as a participant on NBC's hit reality show "The Biggest Loser," dipping from 430 pounds down to 191 pounds over the course of only seven months.

But since winning the eighth season of the reality show in 2009, Cahill has gained more than 100 pounds back.

A study from the National Institutes of Health followed the contestants for six years following their stint on "The Biggest Loser." Of the 14 contestants followed, 13 regained weight since the show ended — a finding that has larger implications for weight loss.

In a recent story about the study, The New York Times revealed that the contestants' metabolisms became slower after they lost weight, stopping them from keeping the pounds off.

Cahill, now 46, was one of the many contestants who struggled to maintain his new weight after the show ended. The reality star's struggle with his weight began in the third-grade — at which point he started to gain weight, eventually becoming obese.

Tomorrow, another Biggest Loser will be crowned. Congrats to whomever it is!!!

A photo posted by Danny Cahill (@dannycahill1) on Feb 21, 2016 at 6:31pm PST on

As a young man, Cahill would starve himself, only to later binge on an entire can of frosting, hiding in shame in the pantry off of his family's kitchen. Over the years, Cahill kept fighting but giving in to his urge to overeat. Eventually, his weight soared from 300 pounds up to 485 pounds.

"I used to look at myself and think, 'I am horrible, I am a monster, subhuman,'" Cahill told The Times.

Cahill's weight also caused him physical pain, with walking and climbing up stairs hurting. He also had to sleep in a recliner because he was too heavy to lay down when sleeping.

And so, in 2009, Cahill joined "The Biggest Loser," hoping to change his life for the better. For the show, Cahill worked out seven hours a day, which helped him burn 8,000 to 9,000 calories. He also ate at a 3,500-calorie deficit. At the end of seven months, Cahill won his season of the show, having lost more weight than anyone else in the program's history.

But since then, he's tacked on another 100 pounds to his 5-foot-11 frame. According to The Times, this is because his metabolism slowed when the show ended.

And over the next several years, his metabolism never recovered — having become even slower, as if his body was trying to get Cahill back to his original weight.

The study found that Cahill burns 800 calories a day less than other men his size, because of his slow metabolism. He's attempted various diets over the years — measuring his food and increasing his exercise, only to drop down to 230 pounds and pop back up to 295 pounds. Cahill began to feel as if his constant yo-yo weight gain was his fault.

But thanks to the study's findings, Cahill is no longer blaming himself for his weight gain.

"The shame that was on my shoulders went off," Cahill told The Times.

But to maintain his 295-pound weight, the reality star is now eating 800 calories less a day than a typical man his size.

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NOW WATCH: A restaurant in San Diego makes incredible French toast doughnuts

An NYC restaurant created a doughnut that has a cinnamon roll hidden inside


What happens when you combine two indulgent breakfast treats into one dessert? The Cinnamon Roll Doughnut.

Catch restaurant in New York City invented the hybrid dish, which looks like a regular doughnut on the outside, but inside holds a secret cinnamon roll.

Story by Aly Weisman and editing by David Fang

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How to make the gooiest fluffernutter sandwich ever


Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches, otherwise known as "fluffernutters," were a beloved childhood snack for many people. We've upped the ante here by frying our flutternutter in a hot pan with just enough butter for the gooiest, most decadent sandwich ever. Throw on some cartoons, grab a glass of milk, and enjoy.

Story and editing by Sydney Kramer and Kristen Griffin

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RANKED: The 10 best airports in Asia


Kuala Lumpur International AirportLeading consumer aviation website Skytrax has published its latest annual World Airport Awards, and for the third consecutive year, Singapore's Changi International Airport took the crown as the world's best airport. However, Changi isn't the only world class facility of its kind in Asia — which is why Skytrax has released its list of the 10 best airports in Asia.

The Skytrax annual rankings are based on the impressions of over 13 million flyers from 106 countries. More than 550 airports were included in the survey, which covers 39 service and performance parameters, including facility comfort, location of bathrooms, and the language skills of the airport staff. 

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10. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

Yearly passengers: 47.5 million

Previous rank:10

Why it's awesome: Kuala Lumpur International is one of southeast Asia's busiest airports and serves as home base to both AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines. 

The airport is located just 35 miles south of the Malaysian capital and is easily accessible by road and rail. KL International is home to one of the most unique features in all of aviation, an in-airport jungle, complete with waterfall. Called the KLIA Jungle Boardwalk, the nature area is located in the airport's Satellite Terminal.

Source: Skytrax World Airport Awards. Yearly passenger figure is for 2013, provided by Airports Council International.

9. Taiwan Taoyuan international Airport (TPE)

Yearly passengers: 34 million

Previous rank: 9

Why it's awesome: Located just outside of the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, Taoyuan International is the largest airport in Taiwan. The airport is the home base for both China Airlines and EVA Air.

Skytrax reviewers praised the airport for its polite service, clean environment, and speedy immigration lines. Taoyuan was also once home to Taiwan's aviation museum, but the museum was shut down earlier this year to make way for further airport expansion.

Source: Skytrax World Airport Awards. Yearly passenger figure is for 2014, provided by Taoyuan International Airport.

8. Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

Yearly passengers: 83.7 million

Previous rank: 6

Why it's awesome: As the second-busiest airport in the world, Beijing's Capital Airport has played a major role in the Chinese capital's explosive growth. 

With this growth, the airport has built new facilities and upgraded its infrastructure. Capital's Terminal 3 was rated as the 10th-best terminal in the world.

Source: Skytrax World Airport Awards. Yearly passenger figure is for 2013, provided by Airports Council International.

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A hotel in Chile features the world's largest swimming pool

An artist makes elaborate wire sculptures that transform


Gavin Worth is an artist who creates amazingly detailed sculptures made out of wires and carefully-crafted steel bars. His piece "Thirst" was commissioned by the town of Matha, France, and depicts an old man drinking water ... until you look at it from another angle and it completely transforms into a young boy.  

"I have always been drawn to a strong sense of line, so when I saw a roll of black steel wire, I knew exactly what I would do with it," Worth explained. "Create freestanding line drawings." 

Story by James Grebey and editing by Ben Nigh

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An Australian bakery created a green tea croissant

Over 30,000 people rode their bikes through New York City in world's largest charitable bike ride

Here are the big winners from Monday night's James Beard Awards, the Oscars of the food industry


Fr. Greg Boyle

The winners of the 2016 James Beard Foundation Awards were revealed during a food-star-studded ceremony in Chicago Monday night.

Named for the late cookbook author and teacher James Beard, the awards are sometimes referred to as "the Oscars of the food world" because of their prestige and reach. 

Winners were named in a number of categories, but here are some of the highlights.

Best New Restaurant: Shaya, New Orleans

Outstanding Baker: Joanne Chang, Flour Bakery + Cafe, Boston

Outstanding Bar Program: Maison Premiere, Brooklyn

Outstanding Chef: Suzanne Goin, Lucques, Los Angeles

Outstanding Pastry Chef: Dahlia Narvaez, Osteria Mozza, Los Angeles

Outstanding Restaurant: Alinea, Chicago

Alinea Chicago

Outstanding Restaurateur: Ken Friedman, The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, Tosca Cafe, New York

Outstanding Service: Eleven Madison Park, New York

Outstanding Wine Program: Bern's Steakhouse, Tampa

Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional: Ron Cooper, Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico

Rising Star Chef of the Year: Daniela Soto‐Innes, Cosme, New York

Our first winner of the night: @danielasotoinnes of @cosmenyc is Rising Star Chef of the Year! You can watch a live stream of the show at the link in our profile. #jbfa

A video posted by James Beard Foundation (@beardfoundation) on May 2, 2016 at 4:45pm PDT on

 You can check out the complete list of winners here. » 

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After eliminating 75% of my wardrobe, I realized Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama are on to something big



Last month, I downsized my closet by about 75% and built a capsule wardrobe composed of 30 items.

The experience was liberating, economical, and a major space-saver — so much so that I'm selling my gratuitous clothing and sticking with the minimal wardrobe.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the project was how much time and energy it saved each morning.

Choosing what to wear to work became infinitely easier, simply because I had so few clothes to choose from. It was also nice knowing that I couldn't really go wrong with my decision — after all, I filled my capsule with my favorite, highest-quality items.

What's more, by simplifying the "What do I wear today?" conundrum, I wasn't wasting energy on mundane decisions, which meant more mental energy (and greater productivity) for the rest of my day.

I'm not proposing anything revolutionary — if anything, I'm behind the curve.

There's a scientific reason some of the most successful people wear the same outfit day in and day out.

Think: Mark Zuckerberg and his signature gray tee-shirt, Barack Obama and his blue or gray suit, and John Paul DeJoria and his all-black ensemble. Wearing the same thing day in and day out helps them avoid what psychologists call decision fatigue.

"Making decisions uses the very same willpower that you use to say no to doughnuts, drugs, or illicit sex," Roy F. Baumeister, a psychologist who studies decision fatigue and a co-author of "Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength" told the New York Times.

"It's the same willpower that you use to be polite or to wait your turn or to drag yourself out of bed or to hold off going to the bathroom," Baumeister said. "Your ability to make the right investment or hiring decision may be reduced simply because you expended some of your willpower earlier when you held your tongue in response to someone's offensive remark or when you exerted yourself to get to the meeting on time."

zuckerberg obama

As Obama told Vanity Fair in 2012, "You'll see I wear only gray or blue suits. I'm trying to pare down decisions. I don't want to make decisions about what I'm eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make."

Zuckerberg said something similar during a public Q&A session, when asked about wearing the same tee every day: "I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community ... I feel like I'm not doing my job if I spend any of my energy on things that are silly or frivolous about my life."

I'm not quite ready to make the leap from 30 items to a mere handful or single uniform — but the option is always there, with Obama, Zuckerberg, and science in its corner.

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The 10 best ways to make space on your iPhone (AAPL)


woman angry frustrated phone

For many iPhone owners, especially those who buy the 16GB models, the struggle to keep the "storage full" alert at bay is real.

The chances are very high that you or someone you know is constantly running out of space on their iPhones.

The ultimate solution is to get an iPhone with more storage, like the 64GB or 128GB models, but it's understandable why many don't splurge for the extra storage considering their higher price tags.

If you or someone you know has been affected by this terrible condition, consult these space-saving and space-making tips.

1. First, do the obvious: Delete apps you don't need.

2. Ditch iTunes and stream your music.

This is pretty much a must-do if you have a 16GB iPhone.

We know, streaming doesn't work in places without a decent cell 4G or LTE signal, but music can take up a giant chunk of iPhone storage and leave no space for photos or anything else.

3. Do this wacky trick to free up hidden storage space in your iPhone.

Apparently, there's a bunch of hidden storage in your phone that you can't normally use, but there's a way of fooling your iPhone into thinking you need that storage for content you buy from iTunes.

You have to pretend that you're renting a movie without actually renting the movie, and the movie's file size needs to be larger than your available storage. Here are the full instructions on how to do it.

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