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This exclusive Manhattan club is the perfect place for die-hard car enthusiasts


Manhattan Classic Car Club 36

Tucked away in a former police stable on Pier 76, the Classic Car Club of Manhattan is an automotive Mecca on a decidedly not car-friendly island.

The 10-year-old club, which recently moved to its new home in Hudson Yards from SoHo, provides 400 members with access to a list of classic and exotic automobiles, along with a range of social activities.

"Some of the members are die-hard race fans or car enthusiasts," membership director (and amateur racing driver) Adam Miller said.

The club's collection is impressive both for its serious automotive firepower (think Ferrari 458 or Lamborghini Huracan), but also for a range of cars beloved by drivers — like a race-modified BMW M3 or an Acura NSX, a Japanese sports car famous for having been influenced by three-time Formula One world champion Ayrton Senna.

Photos by Hollis Johnson.


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Some Manhattanites may require a bit of coaching before they get behind the wheel.

"It's not unusual to have someone join who has never driven a manual [transmission]," Miller said.

The club provides a list of teaching events, and will even rent out the parking lot at the Meadowlands or the New Jersey Motorsports Park for some in-car training. 

They offer track days at nearby road courses, and for those interested in racing, the club fields a few Miata-based race cars in some amateur events across the eastern seaboard.

"It's the biggest rush you can legally get," Miller said.

There are even organized trips to some of the world's most famous racetracks, like the Nürburgring in Germany or Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.

Dues to participate in the club's social events are $180 a month, and from there members can pay for a package of "points" to book the cars. A typical member will pay about $9,000, plus the base dues, to drive for 30 days out of the year.

On a sunny Friday afternoon, the garage was already missing cars as members disappeared on weekend adventures.

"We are not in the rental business," Miller said. "When someone takes out a car it's a 'booking.'"

To the enthusiast, the club provides the joys of driving a classic or exotic car without the headaches of ownership.

"For most of our members, returning here and giving the keys back is a big relief," Miller said.

That's when a team of in-house mechanics take over, providing service and repairs to classics or finicky exotics.

Once finished, the club will keep the doors open and the public to wander in and look at the collection free of charge, co-founder Michael Prichinello said.

As part of its proposal to the Hudson River Parks Trust for the unusual site, the club will also provide a host of services for non-members, including turning an adjacent parking lot into a public plaza, creating kayak and paddleboard storage space and access to the river below, and hosting a list of educational events.

"We've even thought of doing a program where we turn a [gasoline-powered] car into an electric car," Prichinello said. "Why not? We have such good mechanics here."

There are also plans for public car shows and automotive art exhibits.

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A design studio invented an invisible sink that descends into the kitchen counter

This clock displays the time using hundreds of tiny clocks

Kate Middleton fed one of the world's last one-horned rhinos by hand


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on a trip to India. While there, they visited a rhino sanctuary to learn about efforts to fight poachers. Specifically, they learned about one-horned rhinos, who's worldwide population is dwindling.

Story by Ian Phillips and editing by Stephen Parkhurst

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Larry Ellison's Hawaiian hotel has a suite that costs $21,000 a night — here's what it looks like (ORCL)


Four Seasons Lanai swimming pool, Larry Ellison

When Larry Ellison bought most of the island of Lanai in 2012, he obtained two Four Seasons hotels. The Oracle founder spent years renovating one of the properties and in February the spectacular new Four Seasons Resort Lanai re-opened.

The new resort offers the kind of luxury you'd expect from a self-made billionaire with an obsession for high-end real estate.

Ellison was heavily involved in the design details and reconstruction and had the designer Todd Avery Lenahan and hundreds of workers "redo the lobby from scratch four different times, until the ocean views on entering were framed just right," reports Bloomberg's  Charles Runnette.

The renovation also including adding a $21,000 a night suite (among the most expensive in Hawaii) called the Ali’i Suite.

Ali'i is 3,984 square feet with three bathrooms that can accommodate 6 adults and two children. Naturally, it features spectacular ocean views.


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Ali'i features a formal living room with adjoining powder room, and the deck includes binocular tripods for observing the Bay where spinner dolphins are known to play.

It has a dining room that seats six.

And you can turn it into a three-bedroom suite with the addition of the Four Seasons Prime Ocean Front Studio Suite.

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KOBE BRYANT: How one of the all-time greats spends his $320 million


Kobe Bryant and Vanessa

Kobe Bryant's career as one of the greatest players in NBA history will come to an end on Wednesday night. He will also go out having earned more than $320 million in his career in salaries alone, the second-highest earning player in league history.

While Kobe has an insane work ethic and at times appears completely consumed by basketball, he does find time to enjoy life, including nice houses, fancy cars, and even a helicopter.

He's living the life — saying and doing whatever he wants in endlessly entertaining fashion.

Let's take a closer look at how Kobe spends his millions:

He went to high school in the Philly suburbs, but he grew up in Italy. He loves Italian cars.

He once walked into a Ferrari dealership and wrote a $329,000 check for a 458 Italia.

Source: TMZ

He also owns a Lamborghini, a Bentley, and a Range Rover.

Source: Pricing Insider

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This foam literally explodes bullets

This gorgeous Robin's Egg is filled with peanut butter

Here's how crystal chandeliers are made


To make glass pliable, these crystal chandelier craftspeople heat it up to 2,280 degrees farenheit. And then they shape every piece by hand. It's dangerous, beautiful work.

Thanks to our friends at Science Channel for sharing this footage with us. "How It's Made" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Story by Jacob Shamsian and editing by AC Fowler.

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People all over the world are flocking to these mysterious hills that seem to defy gravity


What goes up must come down, and not the other way around, right?

Wrong. Drive somewhere like Confusion Hill in California or Magnetic Mountain in Canada, put your car in neutral, and watch one of the most widely accepted laws of physics turn on its head. Your car will seem to defy gravity, slowly rolling uphill.

gravity hill car 2
Gravity hills, also known as magnetic hills, mystery spots, and spook hills, have been popping up by the hundreds all over the world. Visitors are flooding to these sites, even paying small fees to experience the eery, seemingly supernatural effects of what has been referred to as “antigravity.”

So what's really going on?

There are many possible explanations for what could make an object break one of the sacred laws of science: Mysterious magnetic sources beneath the earth’s surface could be slowly pulling you towards them. A glitch in spacetime could cause the laws of physics to unravel into backwards chaos. An army of angry ghosts could be muscling your car to the top of the hill with nothing but their bare ghost hands.

Or maybe it’s just an optical illusion.

All of these sites have one thing in common (other than their apparent disregard for gravity): the horizon is either curved or obstructed from view. This is key. Horizons provide us with a very useful reference point when we're trying to judge the slope of a surface. A study published in Psychological Science in 2003 found that false horizon lines can be deceiving to observers perceiving landscapes.

ball rolling

Without a true horizon in sight, objects such as trees and walls — which your eyes use as visual clues to determine perpendicularilty — can play tricks on you. If these objects are leaning slightly, they might make you think you're looking at a downward slope, when in actuality you may simply be looking at a flat (or even uphill!) surface.

As a result, anything you rest upon the surface — whether it’s a rubber ball, a stream of water, or a 4,000-pound car — will appear to fight the flow of gravity and travel uphill. And while the thought of ghosts or supernatural forces carrying these objects is tempting, the most likely explanation is that your eyes are just playing tricks on you.

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A dog groomer is going viral for creating epic slow motion photoshoots of her canine clients

Stunning photos of a model who's travelling the world with her photographer boyfriend


Follow Me AwayModel Victoria Yore, 23, and her photographer boyfriend Terrence Drysdale, 27, travel all over the world to take stunning photos in dramatic, often desolate, settings — from US national parks to waterfalls in Iceland.

The Florida-based couple began their project "Follow Me Away" in August 2015, after taking their first trip together. 

"Seeing all of our photos in one place, we decided that we wanted a way to chronicle how different our photos looked simply by varying the landscape," Yore told Business Insider over email. 

In each photo of the series, Yore appears in a floaty dress amid a scenic backdrop. Often the photos look like they're out of fairytales or films, but they are all authentic.

"Contrary to popular belief, the photos aren't staged at all. The most staging that goes into an image is choosing a dress," Yore said. "Hair and makeup are completely natural, feet are bare, and posing isn't contrived or planned. Everything happens very organically."

Aside from a little Google research, their approach to choosing a location is also casual. "Ourbest locations are stumbled upon by accident," Yore said. 

So far, the duo have taken photos in nine countries and shot in five US states. They're currently in the Austrian Alps, with plans to go to the Italian and French Alps next with Normandy, Scotland, Canada, and Alaska also on the agenda. "Considering that we are only nine months old, we are pretty happy with what we have been able to achieve in such a short period of time," Yore said.

Take a look at a selection of photos from "Follow Me Away" below.

Howth, Ireland

Grand Canyon, Arizona, US

Linville Falls, North Carolina, US

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WORK HARD, PLAY HARD: The 30 most intense colleges in America


University North Carolina Chapel Hill UNC Students Fans

First and foremost, college is about getting an education. But it's also about having fun, going out, and making new friends.

Business Insider created a list of schools that best embody this dual principle — the "work hard, play hard" mentality that many students look for.

To find the most intense colleges in the country, we combined four rankings from college information site Niche: colleges with the best academics, smartest students, best Greek life colleges, and top party schools. We eliminated any schools that ranked only for academics or only for social life.

The list runs the gamut from big state schools, such as the University of Texas and the University of Michigan, to Ivies like Dartmouth and Yale.

Take a look at the most intense colleges in America, where students go all out, whether they're studying or partying.

Additional reporting by Andy Kiersz.

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30. Wake Forest University

Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina

Academics: A+

Party Scene: A

"Academics at Wake are impeccable," one student said. "You will get a great education, albeit with a large workload. The workload is manageable, and if you want to actually learn something in college, go here."

Greek life takes over campus on the weekends.

"Greek life dominates the party scene, so usually there is either a frat lounge party or off-campus house party every Friday and Saturday night," one freshman noted.


29. University of Florida

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Academics: A

Party Scene: A+

"A lot of people party — almost every day of the week there's going to be people at the club," one senior said.

There's still plenty of time to study, however.

"I have never been challenged as much in my academics than I have at UF, but being challenged like this is only going to help me in life after college," a junior noted.


28. Tulane University

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Academics: A+

Party Scene: A+

"Tulane seamlessly combines social life and academic rigor to provide a great college experience and ensure success after graduation," one sophomore commented.

Other students agree — Tulane students study as hard as they party.

"Most students follow the 'work hard, play hard' model religiously," one freshman reported. "Most students study all day and go out after. People do go out a decent amount during the week, as many of the bars have deals during weeknights." 

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27,000 people showed up for Bernie Sanders' big New York City rally — here's a look at what happened


Bernie Sanders, Rally, Presidential Candidates, Bernie

Thousands of people gathered in Washington Square Park for a momentous rally held by the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The rally was one of the Vermont senator's largest to date, drawing a crowd of 27,000 people, according to the campaign.

It came ahead of next Tuesday's primary in New York, a state that has turned into one of outsize importance for Sanders in his primary challenge to frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Celebrities such as Spike Lee, Rosario Dawson, Linda Sarsour, Shailene Woodley, Tim Robbins, and Vampire Weekend were also a part of the rally, performing and speaking before Sanders made his own speech.

We went to the rally to see the large crowds and to talk with some Sanders supporters. The atmosphere was certainly filled with excitement. Below, see images from the crowd that took over Washington Square Park and the blocks surrounding it.

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Doors opened for the rally at 5 p.m. ET, but people were lining up outside by 1 p.m. This was right at the intersection of Thompson and West 3rd Street.

Hillary Clinton, Sanders' Democratic rival and the party's frontrunner, held a rally at the same time in New York City in the Bronx.

Source: AP, Business Insider

The atmosphere at the Sanders rally was happy. People were hugging each other and yelling out "I love you" as complete strangers walked by them.

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A student who got into all 8 Ivy League schools explains a trick for bargaining with colleges


kwasi enin

College acceptances have been rolling out to many high school seniors over the past few weeks.

While students should select schools based on fit and program quality, financial aid package offerings are also a major concern.

What some applicants might not know is that it is possible to bargain with colleges on your financial aid package.

In December, Reddit hosted an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, that featured Kwasi Enin answering questions about his incredible feat of being accepted into all eight Ivy League schools.

Enin, now a sophomore at Yale, provided one response about how he settled on his choice that was truly surprising for those who don't know that you can bargain with schools over their financial aid offers.

"For me, Yale had one of the best financial aid offers (after bargaining a little bit)," he wrote.

Business Insider reached out to Enin to have him explain exactly how he was able to negotiate with Yale to offer him a better financial aid package. 

Here is what Enin told us over the phone:

When it comes to financial aid offers, in comparison to other schools, you can bargain with schools so long as the offer is the same type of offer. For example, among the Ivies they all give need-based financial aid. So you can't take a scholastic scholarship from one school and compare it [to an Ivy League school].

You also have to compare schools that are similarly prestigious, similarly ranked. You wouldn't take a community college and compare their offer to a Harvard offer.

In essence you write an email to the financial aid office. You take the [financial aid offer] letter from your similarly compared school.

So for me, I took Princeton's letter and I emailed that to Yale, Columbia, and Penn. Within like a week, they all sent me a new financial aid offer on their financial aid website and they matched the same offer.

You need to send them a nice letter saying, "I love your school but I have a better offer at a similarly ranked school called 'X' and if you can find a way to make it possible that I can attend this school by making the aid work out, that would be wonderful."

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11 style upgrades any guy can snag for under $100



You don't have to break the bank while upgrading your style for spring.

We've rounded up 11 items that retail for less than $100 and that will leave your wardrobe refreshed and ready to tackle the changeable weather.

We didn't cheat, either. These items are no mere trinkets, and every single item costs at least $50.

These 11 items are truly worth the cost.

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Levi's Jeans

Jeans are a staple. This spring, we recommend them in lighter washes, as the lighter the day gets, the better-looking light wash jeans become. It's a clean, relaxed vibe that pairs well with an outdoor cafe.

Levi's 511 Jeans ($50)

Clarks Bushacre II boots

Clarks Desert Boots are one of the best three-season boots. They go with tons of outfits, are relatively cheap, and look great on anybody. Its brother, the Bushacre, is the same except for the "relatively" part.

Clarks Bushacre II ($70)


Everlane Twill Weekender

Quality bags tend to be expensive, but they don't have to be. Everlane's minimal take on the travel duffel is the perfect intersection of reasonable price and high quality. Perfect for spring trips away.

Everlane Twill Weekender ($98)

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Single people in South Korea are eating this one noodle dish today


Today is "Black Day" in South Korea. 

Only the loveless celebrate this odd holiday, which is associated with being alone on Valentine's Day. 

Singles celebrate by dressing in head-to-toe black and gorging on the Korean version of comfort food: thick, fatty noodles coated in a salty paste.

The dish they eat is called jajangmyeon, noodles made with black soybean paste.



Many participate in jajangmyeon eating contests, and spend the day venting about the single life.



 Not everyone leaves less lonely, but they certainly wind up with black teeth.




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There's a new hoverboard that can fly up to 10,000 feet in the air


The Flyboard Air hoverboard, developed by Zapata Racing, looks like it's the closest one to being available for purchase. In a recent flight test, it flew for nearly four minutes and reached a speed of 34 miles per hour. The company claims it flew 10,000 feet in the air.

Story by Jacob Shamsian and editing by Ben Nigh.

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This judge gave a no-nonsense speech that left troubled teens in tears

It's spring cleaning season — here are 8 services that will help you wave goodbye to winter


Cleaning supplies

Spring is in the air — and your home is in need of some proper post-winter attention.

Out with the coats and boots, and in with the fresh air. From house cleaning to storage solutions and services to update your home's look and feel, here's a rundown of the apps and companies you'll want to check out as spring rolls around and you're ready to bring back the "new year, new you" feeling that comes with the emergence of the sun.

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Book a professional cleaning service to scrub away winter.

Cleaning apps like Handy will give you a discounted rate on your first multi-hour cleaning, which you can easily schedule via your phone. Check out sites like LivingSocial and Groupon for further deals on local cleaning services.

Because sometimes, having a professional scrub the sink is exactly the kickstart you need to get yourself in high-cleaning gear.

Get rid of all those bulky winter coats and boots with MakeSpace.

Short-term storage solutions like MakeSpace make it easy to clear out your closets of bulky, unseasonal items. Snow boots and ski parkas? Out the door. Heavy sweaters, mittens, and scarves? No need when the sun is shining.

MakeSpace drops off the pre-made boxes or containers you need straight to your door, then gives you 20 minutes to pack up before whisking them away to their storage facilities. They'll send you a snap of your boxes when they're in place, to confirm everything's found a (temporary) home. You can schedule deliveries via their app when you're ready to get your stuff back.

Prep for warm weather with an AC installation service.

Installing an air conditioner correctly can be extremely tricky — and dangerous if done improperly. But in hot, humid cities like New York, there's no way to survive the sticky summer without them.

Take advantage of handymen-for-hire sites like TaskRabbit or Handy to book a professional who can make sure your AC is set up appropriately — and isn't in danger of falling onto unsuspecting passersby on the sidewalk below. You'll thank them all summer long.

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