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Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has died at age 94 — here's a look back at her life in photos


Nancy Reagan

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan died of congestive heart failure at the age of 94 Sunday. She died at her home in Los Angeles, California, and this month she will be buried next to her husband, former President Ronald Reagan, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. 

Nancy Reagan was born on July 6, 1921 in New York. She met her husband in 1951, and they married in 1952. They had been married for 52 years at the time of Ronald's death in 2004. The Reagans had two children of their own, and Nancy was the stepmother to two children from Ronald's previous marriage.

Nancy Reagan was known for the elegant style that she brought to the White House, as well as her work on important initiatives like the "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign. During a statement Sunday, President Obama said that Nancy "redefined the role" of First Lady. She even helped to hire and fire employees involved in her husband's campaigns.

Below, take a look at Reagan's life over the years.

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Nancy Reagan was born Anne Francis Robins on July 6, 1921. It wasn't until later in her childhood years that she became known as Nancy. When her mother remarried, Nancy took her stepfather's last name, Davis.

Source: CNN

She attended a private school in Chicago, where she majored in drama, and then began her public career as an actress in stage, film, and television.

She was in a total of 11 movies — her last being "Hellcats of the Navy", which she starred in alongside her husband, Ronald Reagan, in 1956.

She and Ronald met due to a mistake in 1951, when Nancy's name was accidentally included on a list of suspected Communist sympathizers. She asked to speak with the president of the Screen Actors Guild, who happened to be Ronald. They wed a year later.

Source: Fox News

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The 'best' pizza in NYC costs $30 for a regular pie — and it's SO worth it


Over 50 years ago, in 1965, Italian immigrant Domenico DeMarco opened Di Fara Pizza in the Midwood section of Brooklyn.

To this day, it's considered by critics and locals alike to be "the best of the best" (as former chef Anthony Bourdain reportedly put it back in 2007).

Just look at this:

Di Fara Pizza

There's a lot of pizza in New York City. It's a cliché maybe, but Di Fara Pizza is considered by many to be New York City's best pizza. It's notoriously expensive ($30 for a regular cheese pizza), and has a notoriously long wait (over an hour, easy). It's also dangerously delicious. And I should know — I ventured deep into Brooklyn on Sunday evening to try Di Fara's legendary pizza for myself. This is what it was like!

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The first thing you need to do is get to a part of Brooklyn that isn't well-serviced by New York's world famous subway system. My wife and I took the B68 bus!

One of the best parts of going to Di Fara's is visiting the Midwood section of Brooklyn.

Midwood is a predominantly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, Eastern European in origin, though plenty of other religious groups and ethnicities live in the area. Famous names, from Adam "MCA" Yauch (of the Beastie Boys) to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, hail from the Midwood section of Brooklyn. The neighborhood has largely resisted the forces of gentrification sweeping Brooklyn's western coast (the side facing Manhattan).

But you're here for the pizza. I get it. Di Fara Pizza is located at the corner of Avenue J and East 15th Street. I went at night, but this is what it looks like during the day from the outside:

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The 20 best places to live in America if you want to make a lot of money


nyc skyline

Finding a great job that comes with a significant salary boost is one of the top reasons to move to a new city.

In its recently released ranking of the best places to live in America, U.S. News & World Report gathered data on the 100 most populous US cities. Among the factors it considered were affordable housing, a low cost of living, good schools, quality healthcare, and access to well-paying jobs. You can read U.S. News' full methodology here.

Business Insider reranked these cities based on median annual salary to find the 20 where residents earn the most. They don't all rank highly on U.S. News' overall list, given higher costs of living and other factors, so we've included each city's overall ranking for comparison's sake. For instance, Chicago ranks at No. 20 in terms of salary, but it came in only at No. 90 on the list of 100.

Of the 100 best places to live in the US, here are 20 where you can land the highest-paying jobs:

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20. Santa Rosa, California

Population: 491,790

Median annual salary: $49,800

Overall rank on best places to live list: 62

Just 55 miles north of San Francisco sits Santa Rosa, one of Sonoma County's premier wine-country towns. According to US News' local expert, Santa Rosa is an originator of the farm-to-table movement and "a haven for bicyclists, who train on its rural western roads and visit en masse for two major cycling events: the Amgen Tour of California and the Levi's GranFondo."

The job market in Santa Rosa is powered by tourism: 9% of residents work in the industry, mainly at local farms, wineries, and brewpubs.

19. Chicago, Illinois

Population: 9,516,448

Median annual salary: $50,410

Overall rank on best places to live list: 90

The Midwest's largest city may have a couple of drawbacks, including frigid winters and a high cost of living, but Chicago is also host to a bevy of corporations — 31 in the Fortune 500 — that can set residents up with a high-paying salary, including Boeing, United Airlines, Kraft, and Allstate.

Chicago also has a dynamic restaurant scene — far more than just the deep-dish pizza the city is famous for — as well as world-class museums, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Lollapalooza music festival.  

18. Portland, Oregon

Population: 2,288,796

Median annual salary: $50,710

Overall rank on best places to live list:20

Portland isn't for everybody — its slogan is "Keep Portland Weird," after all. But one local expert asserts that it's a "well-rounded city with more than just the offbeat shops and events" and a population that has "more academic degrees than the national average." An annual job-growth rate of 2.9% per year is attributed to roots in the technology sector, including major employer Intel Corp., as well as the 6,000-employee headquarters for Nike, about 7 miles outside Portland.

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These tiny horses have very big jobs to do

This makeup artist looks like she is straight out of a comic book

This startup grows trees from human remains

These startups have snagged millions to get Americans hooked on eating bugs


Legendary rapper Nas just invested in Exo, a startup that makes protein bars out of crickets. The Brooklyn-based company has snagged $5.6 million in total funding to change the way we think about eating bugs.

But it’s not the only one.

Tiny Farms, Bitty Foods, and Don Bugito are three startups in San Francisco betting big on bugs. Tiny Farms offers open-source farm kits encouraging individuals and businesses to raise their own insects, Bitty Foods makes baked goods using flour made of ground-up crickets, and Don Bugito sells flavorful cooked insects in snack-size packages.

Why are these startups obsessed with getting us to eat bugs?

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations makes a compelling case that insects are key to our future food security. Insects are chock-full of protein, good fats, calcium, iron, and zinc — making them viable alternatives to chicken, pig, and cow meat. Bugs are also much easier on the environment.

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25 pictures that take you inside the luxurious mansions of the super rich


Charleston mansions along water

We've given you a glimpse into the fabulous lives of the super rich— and noted some of the outrageous things they can buy with their billions — but perhaps more representative of their extravagant lives are their lavish homes.

Thanks to CNBC's show "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," which returns on March 30, anyone can take a peak behind the closed doors of the richest of the rich.

We sorted through CNBC's Instagram account, @cnbcsuperrich, and gathered pictures of some of the poshest homes out there.

Dare to dream!

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Their penthouses look like something from the future.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


There's no need to travel to the real Arc de Triomphe when your patio looks like this.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


If the infinity pool or jacuzzi get boring, the Atlantic is just a few strides away.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


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This artist recreates iconic Chinese architecture with Legos


It took Andy Hung, one of only 13 Lego Certified Professionals worldwide, three months to build the Forbidden City with Legos, and another two to make Studio City, a resort in Macau. Take a peek inside.

Story by Jacob Shamsian and editing by Jeremy Dreyfuss

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This woman does yoga with her pet goat

Budapest turns its ancient Roman baths into absolute ragers


They don’t call Budapest the “City of Baths” for nothing, as the the Hungarian capital is full of beautiful historic baths built by the Romans. Every weekend, these ancient thermal spas are transformed into absolute ragers — replete with lasers, light shows, live DJs and plenty of booze — thanks to events like Magic Bath and Cinetrip.

Story by Sophie-Claire Hoeller and editing by Stephen Parkhurst

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This is the best BBQ place in America, according to Yelp


joes BBQ

The debate over the best barbecue in the US can get heated quickly, encompassing not just quality, but also whether one regional styleis inherently better than another.

But according to Yelp, the best barbecue in America comes from a Kansas City joint called “Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que.” Yelp recently released its list of the highest-rated restaurants in America, and Joe’s snagged the top barbecue spot (and No. 4 restaurant overall).

The iconic restaurant, which is tucked away in a gas station, isn’t exactly an unknown in the barbecue world. It was named one of 13 places to eat before you die by Anthony Bourdain, and routinely appears in roundups of the best barbecue restaurants in America.

So what should you get to eat there?

While the ribs are excellent, and the fries are the best in Kansas, if you want a true Joe’s original, you should check out the Z-Man Sandwich. The sandwich features sliced smoked brisket, smoked provolone, a few onions rings, and a dab of barbecue sauce — all on a Kaiser roll.

new+Z Man+squareThat combination will eradicate your mouth my friend,” a Yelp commenter wrote.

The History

Joe’s originally emerged out of an award-winning barbecue team anchored by Jeff and Joy Stehney, called Slaughterhouse Five. The team began competing in the early 90s, and has won a ton of big contests, including Kansas City Barbecue Society’s team of the year in 1993.

“Pretty soon people began to tell us that we should open our own restaurant,” Joy Stehney said. “Of course that was flattering, but we were both employed in the restaurant industry at the time, and we knew firsthand how much effort and risk would be involved in opening our own place. It wasn’t something we rushed into.”

But since the late 90s, the three Joe's locations have been a runaway success. Due to an early partnership, the business was first called Oklahoma Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, but the Oklahoma was chopped off in 2014 to reflect that it had been a Kansas-owned company for 17 years.

As to the potential for expansion, don’t expect a bunch of Joe’s popping up all over the US.

“Three barbecue restaurants are enough for us,” Jeff said. “Our ambition has never been to be the biggest. Our goal has only ever been to be the best. I think we’ve achieved that … every morning when I arrive at the restaurant and smell that wonderful smoke coming out of our smokers. After all these years, it’s still magical.”

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This floating school could change everything for a poor African village


Students travel by canoe to attend class at the Makoko Floating School in Nigeria. Raised on stilts in the Lagos Lagoon, this aid-funded school could change everything for its poverty-stricken community.

Story and editing by Chelsea Pineda

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This panda-faced sushi is a work of art

Here's the salary you have to earn to buy a home in 19 major US cities


boston back bay

In the market for a home? Mortgage site HSH.com has updated its estimate of how much annual income a household would need to buy a home in major metropolitan areas in the US, according to fourth-quarter 2015 data.

Thanks to lower mortgage rates and home prices, houses were more affordable in nearly every metro area measured than they had been in the previous quarter. The National Association of Realtors told HSH.com that it doesn't expect this trend to continue. The site also calculated how it would change the salary needed to buy a home if a buyer were to put 10% down instead of the recommended 20%. No matter where you are, it's more expensive — you can visit HSH.com to see both numbers.

The site looked at median home prices from the National Association of Realtors. It took into account interest rates for common 30-year fixed-rate mortgages and property taxes and insurance costs to figure out how much money it would take to pay a median-priced home's mortgage, taxes, and insurance in each city, and how much you'd have to earn to afford it. Salaries listed are rounded to the nearest $500.

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19. San Antonio

Population: 1,409,000

Median Home Price: $192,100

Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,096

Salary Needed to Buy: $46,000

18. Orlando

Population: 255,483

Median Home Price: $205,000

Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,115

Salary Needed to Buy: $48,000

17. Minneapolis

Population: 407,207

Median Home Price: $223,700

Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,172

Salary Needed to Buy: $50,500

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This burn survivor has become a makeup star on YouTube


Shalom Nchom turned to makeup to hide the burn scars from a childhood accident that cover her face. Her latest Youtube video has gone viral with over 1 million views, and she talked to INSIDER about self-consciousness, suicidal thoughts, and self-acceptance.

Story and editing by A.C. Fowler

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This glass slide will wrap around the top of a skyscraper 1,000 feet above downtown Los Angeles

Salesforce put a meditation room on every floor of its new tower because of Buddhist monks (CRM)


Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff during the 2014 Dreamforce

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is a big fan of meditation and "mindfulness."

He's been meditating almost every day for the past two decades, and is one of the most vocal supporters of promoting inner peace and "mindfulness" at work.

Now, he's taking it up a notch by putting meditation rooms on every floor of one of the new Salesforce buildings that just opened in San Francisco on Monday.

The goal: to make it easy for employees to meditate, which he believes will bring more innovative ideas.

"There’s a 'mindfulness' zone where employees can put their phones into a basket or whatever, and go in to an area where there’s quietness," Benioff said at the Forbes CIO Summit held on Monday. "I think this is really important to cultivating innovation in your company."

The idea of having built-in meditation rooms didn't come Benioff himself — it actually came from the 30 Buddhist monks who were staying at his home in San Francisco recently, he says.

After the monks made a visit to Salesforce's office, they told Benioff, "Everywhere we go, everybody’s talking all the time, they’re working all the time, you got to stop this."

They first suggested turning one whole floor dedicated to just silence, so people could go up and meditate whenever they wanted to. But Benioff didn't see how that could work, and so they "negotiated" and compromised on the idea of putting it on every floor instead. And given a lot of the "super innovative" people, like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Elon Musk are all big "meditation" fans, Benioff believes this is an important decision.

"You can go there and not have kind of a chit-chat going on in your mind for a few moments. That’s more important today because we’re in this always-on economy," he said.

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How luxury shoppers are changing the face of retail


bii luxury

Luxury shoppers are highly coveted customers for brands and retailers. The top 10% of US household earners (those taking home $120,000 or more annually) account for approximately half of all consumer expenditures.

This demographic’s growing preference for online shopping is changing the face of luxury retail, and it has significant implications for how brands target luxury consumers.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we profile the luxury shopper and take a close look at the spending habits and preferences of high-income earners — including how and where they shop.


Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Discretionary spending among the wealthy is growing faster than for the average US consumer. Discretionary spending among those earning $120,000 a year or more is expected to increase 6.6% in 2016, reaching $406 billion, according to YouGov. Among the top 1%, it's expected to rise 10%. By contrast, discretionary spending for the average US consumer dropped 1% between 2014 and 2015.
  • Wealthy consumers are expected to spend the most next year on fashion, travel, and dining. Among these categories, spending on fashion (specifically, apparel, accessories, and handbags) will grow the most, increasing 6.9% to $37.4 billion (roughly 9% of total discretionary spending). 
  • Luxury brands are over-allocating ad spend to print media. The seven largest US luxury brands collectively spent $133 million last year on holiday ad spending, 57% of which was allocated to magazine ads, according to the Shullman Research Center. But among luxury shoppers, recall rates are higher for digital ads.
  • There are signs that luxury shopping is less brand- and status-oriented than it once was. Luxury shoppers, like the average consumer, enjoy the convenience and low prices of online retailers like Amazon vs. shopping via official brand sites. Luxury shopping may become even more price-sensitive as millennials age. 


In full, the report:

  • Sizes the market for personal luxury goods, by country.
  • Measures the effectiveness of luxury marketing channels.
  • Breaks down ad spend among luxury brands.
  • Identifies where luxury consumers shop online and in-store.


Interested in getting the full report? Here are two ways to access it:

  1. Subscribe to an All-Access pass to BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report and over 100 other expertly researched reports. As an added bonus, you'll also gain access to all future reports and daily newsletters to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and benefit personally and professionally. >>Learn More Now
  2. Purchase & download the full report from our research store. >> Purchase & Download Now



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This is the biggest mistake guys make when growing a beard



Beards are hot. There's no debating it anymore.

So with such a healthy trend still in full swing, it makes sense that more and more men are jumping on the bandwagon. (This may lead to the inevitable "peak beard," but I digress).

Well, we're here to tell you that it isn't as simple as just waiting for your beard hair to grow until it is long enough.

The most important mistake that all men make when growing their beard is that they don't trim or take care of  it at all, letting it grow wild and free.

There are meaningful steps all men must take to ensure that their quest for hirsute glory is pursued intelligently. And, based on your facial hair patterns, you must do at least one of three things.

Here they are, as evidenced by the beard stylings of "Game of Thrones" actor Michiel Huisman (sorry, Michiel):

  • Clean up around the edges.  One of the easiest tell-tale signs your beard isn't being properly groomed is that there are rogue cheek hairs roaming free all over your face. Get rid of those, and make sure there's a nice, clean, natural-looking line down from your sideburns to your mustache. Huisman doesn't have it too badly, but he could still use a trim in that area. 
  • Shave your neck beard. The same goes for underneath your beard as well as your cheeks. This time, however, it's going to take a little longer to get rid off (and Huisman is a gross offender). To get rid of it, just follow our handy guide:
    • First, imagine a line that extends from the bottom of your ear down, following the imaginary crook between your jaw and your under-chin, and your neck. That line should be about an inch and a half above your Adam's apple, but of course it's different for everyone based on your proportions.
    • Then, simply shave off everything below the line, using shaving cream and going against the grain. Try to keep that line as neat as possible, as it is the new "edge" of your beard. (If you're using an electric shaver, use the edging attachment.
  • Trim for uniformity. One of the biggest issues guys have with trying to grow out their beards is the fact that beard hair often grows in very patchy clumps, in some regions very dense and others very sparse. The way to combat this is to shave the beard to a uniform length. If your ultimate goal is length, this is a vital step to take in the awkward in-between stage. This won't actually solve the issue of patchiness, but it can make it less apparent as you're trying to grow a nice, uniform beard. A beard trimmer will help with this.

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