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New Yorkers are going crazy for this Nutella-stuffed pastry


In the battle of New York City's babka bread, there's a clear winner, as far as we're concerned.

Breads Bakery's chocolate babka is consistently named one of the best desserts in the city. With a gooey center and flaky outside, the bakery's famous babka is the perfect combination.

We visited the Breads kitchen in Union Square to see how the babka comes to be.

Story by Aly Weisman and editing by Chelsea Pineda.

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A new Instagram trend has men covering their beards with glitter


Men are seemingly fascinated with doing something new and different with the hair on their face. First beard ornaments, then beard contests, and now: glitter beards.

Yes, some men have taken to dousing their beards with glitter. The trend, if you can call it that, seems to have begun with social media pair known as "The Gay Beards." The pair frequently post their long and luxurious beards covered with everything from Cheetos to candles. One of their most popular, however, is the picture of the pair with their facial hair covered completely in glitter.

A photo posted by The Gay Beards (@thegaybeards) on

The pictures have been posted and shared around the 'net, leading many curious observers to ask the pair how exactly they did it. They've now posted a YouTube video tutorial to explain. (Hint: beard oil.)

Others are now joining in on the glittery fun, posting their own take on the social media grooming "trend" with #glitterbeard. And the results are a bit...colorful?


A photo posted by Kawando (@kawando_de) on

The pair warn those who want to try their method that the glitter does get everywhere. And if you've ever been glitter-bombed before, you know to take that statement quite literally. Take caution.

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Here's what it's like to sit down for a family meal in Cuba

These are the best watches you can buy for under $1,000

Here's what it was like to party in New York with The League, the 'Tinder for Elites'


the league party

The League— a selective dating app for elite, successful individuals — first launched in San Francisco in early 2015, and a few months later it launched in New York City.

Stanford graduate Amanda Bradford founded The League and raised $2.1 million with the ultimate goal of matching up highly motivated and interesting single professionals.

When The League launched in New York City, it held a prelaunch party at The Jane hotel exclusively for its selective group of New York users.

Not everyone who attended is on the app, though. Some attended as wingmen and wingwomen to support their League-worthy single friends.

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If you want to join The League, founder Amanda Bradford says, the most important trait you need is ambition.

The League's users often have advanced degrees from prestigious universities.

They tend to be in their late 20s.

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11 fitness 'truths' that are doing more harm than good



Whether you want to tone up, slim down, or give yourself a mood boost, you've likely taken a stab at tweaking your fitness routine.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of "fitness" advice out there that won't help you meet your goals and could actually be doing you more harm than good.

For example, which matters more for weight loss: exercise or diet?

Are marathons the best way to get fit?

The answers to these questions might surprise you.

Have some we missed? Send them along to science(at)businessinsider.com.

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Exercise is all that matters when it comes to losing weight fast.


In the short-term, the bulk of research shows us that diet is far more important than simply upping your workout regimen if you want to start shedding pounds.

"Studies tend to show that in terms of weight loss, diet plays a much bigger role than exercise," Philip Stanforth, an exercise scientist at the University of Texas and the executive director of the Fitness Institute of Texas, told us.

Over the long-term, though, research suggests that regular workouts do become more important for staying fit. "When you look at people who've lost weight and are also managing to keep it off, exercise is important," said Stanforth.

Weight training will turn fat into muscle.

Nope. Lifting weights won't magically make your flab lean. Unfortunately, body fat cannot become muscle. But weight training will help you build muscle tissue, which will thicken underneath any fat above it.

Early morning is the only time you should work out.

The afternoons or evenings are likely nearly as good for you as early-morning workouts, according to several studies.

But some research suggests that working out first thing each dayhelps speed weight loss and boost energy levels by priming the body for an all-day fat burn.

Plus, getting more daylight may play an important role in shedding pounds. By making sure we align our internal clocks, or circadian rhythms, with the natural world, we may help give our metabolisms a boost. One recent study showed that people who basked in bright sunlight within two hours after waking tended to be thinner and better able to manage their weight than people who didn't get any natural light, regardless of what they ate throughout the day.



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Make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers with these delicious smoothies

How men's hairstyles have evolved over the last 50 years, from the mullet to the man bun


Men's hair has come a long, long way.

Though many think men's preoccupation with hair is a recent trend — thanks to the new popularity of styles like man buns and undercuts — that's demonstrably not the case.

In fact, as Hairstyleonpoint's newest infographic spells out for us, men have been obsessed with their hair for at least the last 50 years.

From frosted tips to the slickback, see exactly how far men's hair has come.

50 years of mens hairstyles

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A couple traveled to 22 of the most remote places in the world — here are their stunning photos


Wolwedans Private Camp NamibRand Nature Reserve Namibia

In the year 2015, it's harder than ever to escape our technology-centered lives — but it is still possible.

Freelance travel writer Debbie Pappyn and her photographer husband David De Vleeschauwer began exploring remote corners of the world during a decade of almost non-stop travel. During their adventures on six continents, they stayed in more than 1,000 hotels. Their visual anthology, "Remote: Places to Stay,is nowavailable in hardcover and includes a look at 22 remarkable off-the-grid destinations.

Business Insider asked Debbie and David, who run the award-winning blog Classe Touriste, to share their favorite photos and stories from their travels.

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"We have always been unconsciously drawn to remote and off-the-map places," Debbie said in an email to Business Insider. The couple, who's based in Antwerp, Belgium, spend 80% of the year traveling.

Debbie contributes regularly to travel magazines in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong. She writes on the couple's blog that she caught the travel bug when she boarded her first plane back in the 1970s. From there, Debbie decided to go into tourism, "the biggest and most exciting service industry in the world."

Read more about skiing in Norway here »

David works as a freelance photographer for several international titles, including Travel + Leisure. He writes on their blog that some of his favorite photography experiences included shooting cities in North Korea, Sumo wrestlers in Tokyo, and gorillas in the Congo.

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The biggest security mistakes people make when buying things online

Here's how they make the best Nutella-filled bread in New York City


bread babka

In the battle of New York City's babka bread, there's a clear winner, as far as we're concerned.

Breads Bakery's chocolate-Nutella babka is consistently named one of the best desserts in the city. With a gooey center and flaky outside, the bakery's famous babka is the perfect combination.

We visited the Breads kitchen in Union Square to see how the babka comes to be.

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This is babka bread — a sweet bread that originated in Eastern Europe that Jews brought to the U.S. in the early 20th century.

Today, Breads Bakery in Manhattan is consistently named "The best babka in the city."

Thanks to its flaky crust and gooey center.

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17 gifts any beer geek would love to get


calendar gift guide

Nothing says "happy holidays" like a great beer-themed gift — well, to a beer aficionado, at least. So we rounded up a bunch of options for the hophead in your life.

Whether you're shopping for a homebrewing roommate or a craft beer-loving spouse, these 17 beer-related items will delight any beer connoisseur on Christmas.

Or Hanukkah. Or Kwanza. Or any other day, really.

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Protect, and beautifully display, your favorite six-pack.

This discreet, covert-operative-looking metal briefcase holds six 12-ounce bottles firmly in place with foam molding. Take it anywhere without fear of losing it to beer freeloaders: The briefcase is protected by a three-digit combination lock that keeps out the leeches.

Price: $39.99

Have your beer and eat it, too.

Italian-made Spreadable Beer is a sweet and malty viscous form of your favorite beverage with a pleasant, hoppy aroma. Made with 40% beer, but non-alcoholic, it's a delicious way to have a beer any time of day.

Price: $15.09

Unite your two loves.

What goes hand-in-hand better than beer and comic books? We dare you to find a better pair. "The Comic Book Story of Beer: The World's Favorite Beverage from 7000 BC to Today's Craft Brewing Revolution," by Jonathan Hennessey, Mike Smith, and Aaron McConnell, takes the reader on an illustrated journey through the history of beer, starting in Biblical times and going all the way to present-day.

Price: $13.27

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QUIZ: How to eat right during the holidays


BI Graphic_What Food to Eat This Thanksgiving_7

The holiday season is here, and from now through December you'll be tempted by many delicious foods. 

We know — this holiday is all about spending time with family and friends and not about counting calories.

But how much do you know about the food that's on your plate? What type of pie is the least bad for you? Which casserole dish has the fewest calories?

You might be surprised which one wins out above the rest.

Take this quiz and find out how you can indulge this holiday season without adding an inch, or two, to your waistline. 

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1) Which casserole has the fewest calories?

A) Yam casserole

B) Green-bean casserole

C) Sweet-potato casserole

D) Corn casserole

Answer: Green-bean casserole

Surprisingly, this classic clocks in at just 227 calories a serving. In comparison, starch-filled casseroles like ones made with sweet potatoes or yams are much higher in calorie count, especially if you pile on the marshmallows and brown sugar.

Fun fact to think about when planning your meal: Sweet potatoes have fewer calories than yams.

2) What type of bread should you serve for the big meal?

A) Whole wheat

B) Rye

C) Pumpernickel

D) Corn bread


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'I have the best job in the world': What it takes to be a master taster at the Jack Daniel distillery


Lynne Tolley jack daniels

When the great-grand niece of Jack Daniel, applied to be a whiskey taster at the Jack Daniel Distillery, she had to go through the same rigorous selection process as everyone else.

"I tried that card and they turned me down because they put me through tests for a whole year," Tolley said. "Then they finally said, 'Yeah, you can taste.' I must have great taste buds because I was selected to taste our premium Single Barrel Whiskey."

single barrel jack danielsThus for the last 20 years, Tolley has held the title of Master Whiskey Taster, one of five people tasked with tasting the distillery's premium whiskey.

She is one of around 50 tasters in total. 

"I have the best job in the world. I get paid to taste Jack Daniel's every week," Tolley said. 

Tolley also runs Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House down the street from the Jack Daniel Distillery. For more than 100 years, Miss Mary Bobo was paid to house and feed guests visiting the distillery. When she died in 1983, the distillery bought the property to preserve it. 

"People forget that we are in a dry county here in Lynchburg and that you can't buy alcohol. The first thing they do when they come to Miss Mary Bobo's is order a cocktail. Every day we have one or two [foods] on the menu that has Jack Daniel's whiskey," Tolley said.

Business Insider asked Tolley a few questions about getting paid to taste Jack Daniel's:

How does the testing process work?

Tolley: "Every Friday we go into a room and there will be three glasses on a table. Each glass has a little cover over so you slide that off and smell the aroma of the whiskey. You have to pick out the whiskey that is unlike the other two. See, one whiskey sample is taken from a different barrel. We are tasting to make sure that our product is consistent year-to-year. So we taste for consistency and quality control."

"Now, if you are tasting Single Barrel like I do it's a little different. You'll go in a room and there may be 50 glasses on the table. It always starts with the aroma of the whiskey. If you smell something that you think is a little different then you are allowed to taste it. Now after it sits on your pallet you are supposed to spit it out and then you have to drink water and move to the next sample. We don't mess around with eating Saltine crackers or anything like that."

Do the samples smell the same after a while?

Tolley:"You know how when you go to perfume counters at department stores and they'll give you coffee beans to sniff after you've tried different perfumes? The same thing happens with whiskey. My trick is I smell the back of my hand. If you smell your skin, like the skin on the back of your hand, it clears out your nose. So that's my little trick."

As a relative of Jack did you have to go through the same testing process as other candidates? 

jack danielsTolley:"It was about 20 years ago when I said to the guys at the distillery, 'Guys, I wanna become a taster.' I thought I could maybe get an easier time becoming one because I am a descendant of Jack. It's in my blood. They said to me, 'No, no, no we gotta check you to see if you can be a taster.'

So, I tried that card and they turned me down because they put me through tests for a whole year. Then they finally said, 'Yeah, you can taste.' I must have great taste buds because I was selected to taste our premium Single Barrel Whiskey."

What do you taste?

Tolley:"I think all the tasters look for something different. I always look for caramel, vanilla and sort of a toasted oak. There is this nuttiness. It's like the smell if you were cooking with roasted pecans. I always look for vanilla. Did you know you can substitute vanilla for Jack Daniel's when you're cooking? I do that at Miss Mary Bobo's." 

Is there anything special you do before you go in to taste the whiskey?

Tolley:"I like to go and taste when im hungry because I feel like I can taste the whiskey better. I also don't wear any perfume that day. I think women are the best tasters because we have the best noses. That's just my personal opinion though. At the distillery it's about 50/50 men and women," Tolley said.

What was it like growing up as a descendant of Jack Daniel?

Tolley:"You know, I have one brother and we grew up here and we never thought anything about it. The distillery wasn't as well known as it was now. It's a big deal now. I went to college in Georgia and I never mentioned my famous uncle. I just thought, 'well who wants to hear about any of that?"

Do you get any perks for being a Jack Daniel's taste-tester?

Tolley:"We do. The first Friday of every month every employee gets a bottle of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7. We also get a commemorative bottle during the holiday season and on 4th of July. Since I am a taster, I usually get a gift that says 'Master Whiskey Taster Jack Daniel's Distillery' on it. Those gifts are quite the conversation starter when we go to conventions."

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28 fast-food items that failed


McDonald's Mighty WingsNot every item on a fast-food menu can be a hit.

We've highlighted items from top fast-food chains like McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Burger King that just didn't resonate with customers. 

From unappetizing to flavorless, here are some of the biggest fails. 


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McDonald's Mighty Wings

The McDonald's chicken wings were too spicy, too expensive, and too unappetizing for the average customer. Before taking mighty wings off the market in November 2013, McDonald's put the remaining product on sale for 60 cents each instead of $1.

McDonald's McHot Dog

Customers weren't particularly thrilled by this new menu offering, and the item was later pulled.

Since the disappearance of the McHotdog from the McDonald's menu, the hot dog has reappeared in Japan as a breakfast item.

McDonald's Pizza & McPizza

McDonald's offered pizza in the late 1980s and in the early 1990s.

This made-to-order pizza didn't go over too well with customers, who weren't fond of the long wait times and who preferred to purchase their pizzas somewhere else.

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A Food Network star and top chef shares her favorite diners in America


ty pennington amanda freitag

Back in the '50s and '60s, when you wanted to hang with friends you'd head not to the local watering hole, but to a diner or soda shop. There you might enjoy a milkshake with a plate of fries or a delicious slice of pie.

But many of these small, locally owned diners have struggled to survive in a modern market that's increasingly crowded by national chain restaurants. That's where Ty Pennington and Amanda Freitag come in. 

In their Food Network show, "American Diner Revival," Pennington and Freitag travel across the country to find small-town diners whose menu and design could use a little boost. The show's second season premieres Friday night. 

"Diners are the quintessential small business," Freitag, who most recently served as the executive chef at Empire Diner in Manhattan, told Business Insider. "They're the hub of the community. They're usually family-owned and passed down from generation to generation." 

Freitag, who is also a judge on "Chopped," shared her favorite American diners with Business Insider. 

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Pilgrim Diner — Cedar Grove, New Jersey

82 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove

Freitag grew up in New Jersey, the diner capital of the US, and Pilgrim Diner is her hometown spot. It's a popular late-night joint that's known for its disco fries.

"We went there as kids, we went there as teens, we see senior citizens go there to get a cup of coffee and a slice of pie," Freitag said. "It's your typical, wonderful diner." 

Silver Diner

Multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey

Silver Diner may look like an old-school chrome diner from the outside, but its chefs are actually approaching classic dishes, in a fresh, modern way. 

"A lot of diners use frozen products because they're so busy and have so many customers," Freitag said. "But Silver Diner makes an effort to use fresh, local ingredients. It's a very good example of why diners are making a comeback." 

Little Goat — Chicago, Illinois

820 West Randolph Street, Chicago

Little Goat is run by Chef Stephanie Izard, a close friend of Freitag. Izard puts a modern, playful twist on classic diner food — like a dish she calls a "kimchee & bacon & eggs & pancakes & Asian style breakfast tasty thing," for example. 

"This is a great example of a chef-driven diner," Freitag said. "It's just a fun place to be — and the food is outstanding." 

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The best late-night food joints in 40 major US college towns



In college there's a seductive fourth meal that happens usually sometime between 10 p.m. and dawn.

We've put together a list of 40 late-night food joints that have become college favorites, pulling suggestions from students to make our selections.

From sandwiches stuffed with mozzarella sticks to fresh Mexican grub you can get at 2 a.m., here are 40 spots to satisfy your appetite.

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Fat Sal's Deli—Los Angeles, California

972 Gayley Ave

Popular with: University of California Los Angeles

Fat Sal’s is known for its over-the-top late-night bites. Their sandwiches are stuffed with everything from roast beef and mozzarella sticks to cheeseburgers. Even their fries make for a hearty bite, with toppings that include chopped bacon, melted mozzarella, and ranch.

Koronet Pizza – New York City, New York

2848 Broadway

Popular with: Columbia University

An average piece of pizza from Koronet Pizza is about the size of a human face, which is one of the things that makes this late-night slicery so great. And for a pie-size slice, you're spending $4.50— less than an actual pie, and perfect for a college budget.

Freebirds World Burrito—Isla Vista, California

879 Embarcadero Del Norte

Popular with: University of California, Santa Barbara 

With fresh options like chicken quesadillas stuffed with cheese, beans, and pico de gallo to crispy loaded nachos, Freebirds is the go-to spot after a night of long partying on Isla Vista. The best part is it’s open until 3a.m so you can get your late-night fix.

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19 vintage photos that show what New York City looked like in the 1980s


NYC in the 1980'sThe New York City of the 1980s is quite different from the city we know today. Homicides were at near-record highs, the crack epidemic was raging, and the city had not yet experienced the wave of gentrification that has marked the city in modern times.

Janet Delaney grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles but always wanted to experience the city life. Though she never officially made the move to the Big Apple, she took several trips and ended up taking some beautiful photos there.

Below are some of her photos that depict what New York City was like decades ago.

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Delaney started taking one-week trips to New York in the mid-1980s.

"When I visited New York during these years, 1984 to 1987, I was happily taking photographs because I was in love with the place," she said to Business Insider.

One trip, while she was staying at a friend's loft, she came back at 3 in the morning and realized she had forgotten the key.

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Belgium found a great way to welcome back tourists after last week's terrorist raids

How to grill the perfect steak

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