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7 ways to tell if someone is cheating on you

20 gorgeous photos of a $5 million California mansion claiming to have one of the longest pools in the world


19_Platinum Luxury Auctions_Escondido_Pool View with Sunset

Escondido Estate is secretly its own resort.

Sitting on over 18 acres of Escondido, California's Paint Mountain, the home boasts picturesque views of the Pacific Coast among its extensive list of amenities — including the 286-foot-long swimming pool that runs through the property.

The home's original owner was an inventor, investor, and physician. He custom-built the mega-mansion with materials imported from countries like Brazil, Scandinavia, Jamaica, Australia, Germany, Italy, and our northern neighbors the Canadians. 

Platinum Luxury Auctions is managing the sale in cooperation with listing agent K. Ann Brizolis of K. Ann Brizolis & Associates. The auction will take place September 19, and bidding starts at a mere $5 million for a resort-style pool, theater, fitness center, two living rooms, and a separate two-bedroom guest house.

Keep scrolling to check out the mountaintop estate. 

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Welcome to Escondido Estate. Feel free to leave your car in the 20-vehicle parking garage. Don't worry, there's a private security system that will keep it safe.

You are about to embark on over 23,000 interior square feet. Please enter through the unique 10-foot by 10-foot door that looks like a secret passageway.

The grand foyer is complete with twin staircases leading up to the second of three floors. All that's missing is a check-in counter and concierge.

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The world's 10 best castle hotels, according to TripAdvisor


Ashford Castle

Castle hotels allow us to experience ultra-luxurious getaways in places where kings and queens once laid their heads. For a look at the very best, TripAdvisor just announced the top 10 castle hotels in the world, based on reviews from castle-hopping travelers.

The incredible news: Some of these hotels can be experienced for as little as $124 per night. From Ireland's Ashford Castle to Italy's Castello di Petroia, keep scrolling to see these 10 castle hotels, ranked. 

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10. Castle Durrow, located in County Laois, Ireland, was built by Colonel William Flower in 1716 as his family home. Its pre-Palladian design and gardens were considered the height of fashion in their day. Today, many of its original 18th and 19th century architectural features remain.

Rooms start at around $195 per night >

9. Overlooking Ireland’s second largest lake, Ashford Castle, located in Cong, has hosted everyone from King George V to John Lennon. The presidential suite is named after one if its most illustrious guests, former President Ronald Reagan.

Rooms start at around $270 per night >

8. Built in the Vysočina region of the Czech Republic, the Chateau Heralec Boutique Hotel & Spa by L’Occitane is a 13th-century castle with 20 luxurious rooms. The largest by far is the King's Suite, named after the powerful Trčkové family of Lipa, and festooned with ornate wooden ceilings and mosaic flooring.

Rooms start at around $219 per night >

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This college student devised a brilliant plan to avoid spending money on rent


FacebookLeonie Müller is, for the most part, a typical college student. She does homework, visits her long-distance boyfriend, and regularly updates her blog.

But just over two months ago, 23-year-old Müller chose to leave conventionality behind and live exclusively on trains. 

The Washington Post reports that Müller, a German millennial, made the decision spontaneously after a spat with her landlord.

"I instantly decided I didn't want to live there anymore — and then I realized: Actually, I didn't want to live anywhere anymore," she explains to The Post's Rick Noack.

Müller purchased a train pass called the Bahn Card 100, which provides unlimited access to all German rail systems for 379 euros per month (about $440). Though this is less expensive than the rent Müller was paying  — 450€, or $522 USD — saving money isn't actually the point. 

"I want to inspire people to question their habits and the things they consider to be normal," Müller told The Post. "There are always more opportunities than one thinks there are. The next adventure is waiting just around the corner — provided that you want to find it." 

The nomadic train living will also serve Müller academically. She plans to use the observations of train life as part of her dissertation for college. 

Though American college students don't have access to the same great European train systems, there is plenty of inspiration to be drawn from Müller's spontaneity and resourcefulness as a millennial. 

Leonie Müller train nomad college student

Müller's alternative lifestyle is being documented on her travel blog, "Wherever You Go, There You Are!" and has picked up plenty of press attention around Europe.

She also has an Instagram and Twitter account.

A video posted by Leonie (@tya_travelblog) on

Her first post about voluntary homelessness included her simple plan: "A year. A BahnCard 100. No permanent accommodation. And me."

Müller has successfully pared down her belongings, as she explains in a FAQ section, to "a backpack with a few things (clothes, laptop, confetti gun)...I think it's wonderful to limit my active ownership needed to the contents of a medium sized luggage."

A photo posted by Leonie (@tya_travelblog) on

Müller also revealed how she manages to get enough sleep. She stays the night at her boyfriend's apartment, or with other friends and family. Though "several times" she has slept on the train. Müller notes that a "few hotels, and Couchsurfing/Airbnb visits are also planned."

"Digital nomadism", as Müller identifies it, appeals to her because of  "the spatial and temporal separation between work and leisure." 

Though the adventure may grow stressful at times, Müller feels confident."Peace is in me and around me for me no matter of their own living space." However, she admitted to The Post"Possessing a headset that mutes most surrounding noises is crucial."

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The 24 best liberal-arts colleges in America


Harvey Mudd College_2

Despite being considered "soft" majors, liberal-arts students can still become just as successful as their math and science counterparts.

We pulled the top liberal-arts schools from our seventh annual list of the best colleges in America, where we asked over 1,000 Business Insider readers to choose the colleges that best prepare their students for success after graduation.

We then combined those results with each school's average SAT score from the college-data website College Board and the median starting salary from the employer-information website PayScale to come up with the final ranking. You can read the full methodology here.

Read on to see which schools are giving liberal arts a great name.

Check out our full list of the best colleges: The 50 best colleges in America

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24. Lafayette College

Average SAT score: 1935

Median starting salary: $57,000

Post-graduation, Lafayette students immediately begin to make their mark in the world: Within six months, 95% of grads are employed, enrolled in graduate school, completing internships, or volunteering. Students get real-world experience prior to graduation as well, as 78% complete internships by senior year. 

23. Carleton College

Average SAT score: 2115

Median starting salary: $43,700

Carleton's main focus is to give students a true liberal-arts education by teaching them to be lifelong learners. In this quest, the school, located in Northfield, Minnesota, offers courses across 37 departments, including everything from linguistics to sociology to economics. US News also named Carleton the No. 8 best liberal-arts college in the US. 

22. Haverford College

Average SAT score: 2115

Median starting salary: $38,600

With fewer than 2,000 students, Haverford's small size allows students to receive a highly personalized college experience. Students at the Haverford, Pennsylvania-based school don't officially declare a major until the end of sophomore year, and are required to take classes across three major academic divisions, resulting in a diverse and well-rounded education. 

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This is why doctors recommend that women drink less than men

Surprising ways that caffeine affects your body and brain


Coffee, tea, and cola are just three substances many of us look to for our daily caffeine fix. But what exactly is happening to our brain and body when we take in this colorless, odorless, tasteless drug?

From our bloodstream to our brain, caffeine affects multiple areas of our body in different ways that ultimately leads to more than just a boost in wake-fullness: Caffeine can also improve our mood, enhance focus, and reduce appetite.

Here's a graphic that shows what caffeine is doing in our bodies hours after consumption. 

What happens to your body when you drink caffeine

Kevin Loria also contributed to this article.

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Meet the 93-year-old 'rare bird' who models for Kate Spade and makes Kanye West blush


Iris Apfel

Iris Barrel Apfel is someone who dresses to impress.

Never one to follow trends, her eclectic style is a mix of high-end, low-end, and vintage duds. 

A darling of the fashion set for years, her appeal has officially gone mainstream, thanks to an early aughts museum exhibit, a recent documentary, and modeling gigs with fashion brand Kate Spade, accessories designer Alexis Bittar, and cosmetics juggernaut MAC. 

By marching to the beat of her own drum, the former interior designer and textiles importer has become, as she puts it, "a 93-year-old cover girl."

Earlier this spring, a documentary on her life, "Iris," let fans meet the woman behind those signature giant glasses, and audiences were enchanted, as was one Kanye West (more on that below). 

Keep scrolling to get to know fashion's latest blooming star. 


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Apfel was born in Astoria, Queens, on August 29, 1921. Her mother was a lawyer and her father was a fashion boutique owner. As a child, she delighted in styling store windows and going on design studio visits with her father.

Apfel studied fine arts at Wisconsin University and New York University. After working as a correspondent for Women's Wear Daily, she apprenticed for an interior designer and later stepped out on her own as a decorator and textiles importer.

She married Carl Apfel — who celebrates his 100th birthday in the film — in 1948 and started Old World Weavers, their design business that sourced and created unique textiles.

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These pictures will make you want to visit Pompeii, which was covered under a layer of volcanic ash thousands of years ago


Pompeii with Vesuvius backdropOn August 24, 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius, a 4,000-foot volcano near the Bay of Naples in Italy, erupted, taking down an entire city.

Pompeii was buried under an almost 20-foot blanket of volcanic ash that flooded the city, killing 2,000 people.

It was one of the world's most famous and deadly volcanic eruptions.

The city was left untouched until explorers rediscovered it in 1748, finding that the ancient Roman city was virtually intact underneath the dust and dirt.

Here are 17 photos that show why Pompeii has been a popular tourist destination for over 250 years.

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Romans of the first century AD lived in Pompeii, and pretty much turned it into a vacation destination for the wealthy. The seaside city overlooked the Gulf of Naples.

As a resort for Rome's rich, elegant villas lined wide, paved streets.

Some of these villas have been restored and are open to visitors, like the Casa del Fauno and Casa del Menandro. These extravagant homes feature courtyards and atriums, and are filled with mosaics and marble floors. ​Casa del Menandro even has a private bathhouse.

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This graphic compares the best public transportation systems around the world


Taking public transportation in an unfamiliar city can be daunting.

But if the city you're in has an effective system, there's no need to waste money on cab fare when you could be saving money — and maybe even getting somewhere faster — with public transport.

We've rounded up some of the best public transport systems around the world, from Paris, France, to Seoul, South Korea.

Next time you're in one of these cities, hop on for a ride.

Public Transportation around the world

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Celebrity chef Katie Lee is selling her Hamptons mansion for $6.5 million


Katie Lee Home

Co-host of Food Network's "The Kitchen" Katie Lee listed her Southern-style home in Water Mill, New York for $6.5 million. 

Built in 2010 and decorated by famed interior designer Nate Berkus, the 6,325 square-foot mansion is homey yet elegant with a backyard made for entertaining. 

"The house feels both luxurious and casual, which was important for me for a country home," Lee told Architectural Digest

Lee makes regular appearances on shows like "Best. Ever." and "Beat Bobby Flay," and recently released her third cookbook, "Endless Summer Cookbook." 

Unfortunately for us, her cooking talents are not included in the contract. Cindy Shea of Sotheby's International Realty holds the listing.

Keep scrolling to see where the cooking magic happens. 

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Pastel-colored walls and bright accents greet guests in the foyer.

The living room features a custom bar where you can fix yourself a drink and coffered ceilings that add to the elegant country decor.

There's a library/den that boasts a handmade fieldstone fireplace and plenty of windows to brighten the room.

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A 5-year study points to something disappointing that happens to girls who have sex before age 17


10 things i hate about you

When it comes to having sex, girls who do it are often punished, whereas boys are congratulated for it.

And, according to a recent study, this double standard starts early in life: The study followed nearly 1,000 kids between the ages of 11 and 16, and found that girls who became sexually active lost friends, whereas boys of the same age who had sex actually gained them.

The opposite was true of making out: Girls who made out with their partners but did not have sex gained more friends, whereas boys who only made out lost friends.

"We see a really strong double standard when it comes to sex," study researcher Derek Kreager, a sociologist at Pennsylvania State University, told Business Insider.

In this double standard, women are punished by their social network for having sex too soon, whereas men are encouraged to have sex. And women are rewarded for more modest behavior like making out, while men who take it slow are looked down on, Kreager said.

Though the researchers found a correlation between having sex and the number of friends each gender had, the researchers preface that other factors, such as attractiveness or athleticism, could be at play and that having sex doesn't necessarily cause a loss or increase in friends.

Moreover, the study focused mainly on sexually precocious kids, so the findings do not apply to the general population — especially since studies show that the average person doesn't start having sex until around age 17.

The double standard starts early

A lot of previous research has documented how college students view men versus women who are having sex, but students at this age are generally more open to the idea of having sex and less quick to judge a person based on their sexual habits, Kreager said.

happy laughing friendsBy contrast, this study looked at the transition from not having sex to having it, when people are just starting to form an opinion about sexual behavior and can, therefore, judge others more harshly for an act they don't fully understand.

Kreager and his colleagues used data from the PROSPER longitudinal study (PROmoting School-community-university Partnerships to Enhance Resilience), which tracked two groups of kids from 28 rural communities in Iowa and Pennsylvania from 2003 to 2007, from sixth to ninth grade (11 to 16-years-old).

The students completed a series of five surveys which asked about whether they were sexually active. The surveys also asked students to nominate up to seven best or close friends in their grade, as well as how many close friends they had outside of their grade or school.

Kreager and colleagues then compared the number of friends students had with the age at which the students started making out and/or having sex.

The pattern the researchers saw was pretty striking: Girls had 45% fewer friends after they reported having sex as before, whereas when boys had 88% more friends than before they started having sex.

But the opposite was true for students who reported making out only. When girls started making out but not having sex, they gained 25% more friends, whereas when boys made out but did not have sex, they lost 29% of their friends.

Of the students in the study, only about 15% of girls and 10% of boys were having sex by the ninth grade. Still, the apparent consequences that having sex has on friendships "are long-lasting, even for people who don't have sex early," Kreager said.

The findings, which have not yet been published in a scientific journal, will be presented this week at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA).

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This man takes WWII relics and turns them into baby carriages and bathtubs


Estonian artist Mati Karmin uses sea mines created during World War II to create one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. 

Marinemine Furniture bedThe frames used for the pieces, which include everything from a bed to a bathtub, are constructed using historical deep-sea mines that were made in Russia in 1942.  

Marinemine Furniture bathtubBuilt and used in the Baltic Sea and in the Gulf of Finland during the war, sea mines continued to be produced well into the 1950s.

Marinemine Furniture chandelierThousands of these sea mines were held in warehouses on the Gulf of Finland in destinations like the island of Naissaar, which was classified as a secret military facility during the Soviet occupation.

Marinemine Furniture grillIn the 1990s, the Soviet army burned the explosives out of the mines that were still in working order, leaving their cases on the island. 

Marinemine baby carriageKarmin, who has always had a passion for working with unusual materials, was having his car fixed at an auto shop in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, when he came across one of the empty marinemine shells more than 10 years ago.

In need of a new fireplace, he was immediately fascinated by the shape and decided to transform the mine into something new. 

Marinemine furniture fireplaceSoon, his friends began to ask if he could make the same type of furniture for them. And that's when Marinemine Furniture was born. 

Marinemine retro chairUsing the mine shells, which are basically spheres with holes, spikes, and shackles, the artist adds hand-treated copper details, metal mesh, leather upholstery, and glass surfaces to build these unique yet functional works of art. 

Marinemine furniture deskAlthough Karmin's pieces are custom made and prices vary depending on design, items typically range from approximately $3,000 to $20,000.

Marinemine Furniture coffee table

Attracted to the fact that these mines still bear the stamp of their destructive purpose, Karmin has taken what was once a deadly weapon and turned it into something to be admired. 


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The 10 best countries to live abroad


Malta Harbor

InterNations.org just released its Expat Insider Survey for 2015, which ranks the best countries for expats to live in.

In order to complete the survey, InterNations asked a total of 14,000 participants from 195 countries a series of questions relating to their abroad experience.

The resulting list of top destinations for expats is based off factors such as job opportunities, salary considerations, quality of life, and safety.

Ecuador, Mexico, and Malta were ranked the top three destinations for expats.

Ecuador took the top spot due to its low cost of living and high quality of life. Expats in Mexico agree that settling in the country and adjusting to its culture is easy, and those in Malta experience high job satisfaction and good work-life balance.

The top 10 countries — listed below — span the globe. For the complete survey results, scroll down to the graphic.

1. Ecuador

2. Mexico

3. Malta

4. Singapore

5. Luxembourg

6. New Zealand

7. Thailand

8. Panama

9. Canada

10. Australia

2015 Top Expats Destinations Graphic

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A photographer returned to New Orleans a decade after Hurricane Katrina to see what's changed


Hurricane Katrina 10 yearsTen years ago this week, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast and forever changed the landscape and its people.

Considered the costliest natural disaster in US history and the deadliest hurricane to hit the nation since 1928, Hurricane Katrina's storm surge inundated the city of New Orleans, Louisiana and killed over 1,500 people as flood walls broke and levees failed. 

Reuters photographer Carlos Barria documented the immediate aftermath of the hurricane a decade ago, and decided to return to the places he found.

Using photographs shot in 2005, Barria contrasts the devastation then with the city now as it grapples with the aftereffects of Katrina even ten years later.

See the haunting images of New Orleans' desolation and its slow renewal below, with caption info by Reuters.  

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In the photograph, Joshua Creek sits on the porch of his house and takes in the damage on September 13, 2005, after Hurricane Katrina struck.

Ten years ago, Creek was looking at the height that the flood waters from Hurricane Katrina reached at his house.

A decade ago this convention center acted as a collection point for victims of the hurricane, including this woman and her dog.

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Take a tour of the hottest new neighborhood in Berlin


Café Pförtner BerlinFor years, Berliners have been saying that Wedding, a 3.5-square-mile working class neighborhood in Berlin, is on the verge of exploding, perched on the precipice of becoming Berlin's hot new neighborhood.

Now it seems like Wedding's time is actually coming, as cool new bars, shops, and restaurants are sprouting up, and the neighborhood is rife with bearded and bunned locals. 

Indeed, Wedding is gentrifying rapidly, but manages to retain its authentic, multicultural vibe. While there are still some rough spots in the area, generally, upscale mingles with rundown, new rubs shoulders with old, and rent is still affordable for the many artists and students who call it home.

Let's take a tour.

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Located in Berlin Mitte, Wedding was combined with the Tiergarten neighborhood in 2001, while its eastern half became the new neighborhood of Gesundbrunnen.

The neighborhood is named after a 13th-century nobleman, Rudolf de Weddinge, who lived in the area.

In the mid-18th century, Wedding was somewhat of a red light district. Ironically, most of it was also a "red" neighborhood in WWII, meaning it was part of East Germany when the Berlin Wall was still standing.

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Here's what it was like at banker-turned-rocker Ivan Wilzig's summer bash at the 'Playboy Mansion of the Hamptons'


Sir Ivan 4407

Each year, Ivan Wilzig, aka Sir Ivan, hosts a lavish summer party at his castle in the Hamptons. Known as the "Playboy Mansion of the Hamptons," Ivan's annual bash never fails to impress.

This year, the ex-bank executive, who is now a singer and musician, was celebrating his newest song, the anti-bullying anthem: "Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye."

Wilzig, a New Jersey native and the son of an Auschwitz survivor, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and earned a law degree at Cardozo. After graduating he helped his father and brother run the Trust Company of New Jersey, but he never totally lost his childhood passion for music. In 2000, after 25 years in banking, he left the industry to become a rocker.

All proceeds from the weekend event, as well as Wilzig's record sales, go to the Peaceman Foundation, a non-profit he founded to combat hate crimes and bullying.

Business Insider received a special invite to the party the weekend of August 22, and documented the night. There was endless amazing costumes, special celebrity guests, and even a special performance by Sir Ivan himself. 

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Guests arrived to find Sir Ivan's castle lit up rainbow-style. The Peaceman Foundation, which was founded by Wilzig, focuses on supporting LGBT youth who have been affected by bullying, as well as veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Upon arrival, people were already getting into the groove, dancing in gazebos on the lawn, and on the inside stage.

Food was served, and guests chowed down on the beautiful lawn.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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America is in the middle of a sexual revolution — in one chart


Whether you're aware of it or not, America is going through a sexual revolution.

Simply put, young people are less likely than older generations to say that they're exclusively heterosexual.

According to a study of 1,000 people from YouGov, only 64% of respondents aged 18 to 29 identify themselves as completely heterosexual. For all adults, 78% identify as wholly heterosexual. 

Here's how the data breaks down along the Kinsey scale, which measures sexuality from "completely heterosexual" to "completely homosexual": 

kinsey scale

For the study, YouGov interviewed 1,000 adults between August 12 and 13 — you can see the questions here.

As editor Peter Moore notes on YouGov, sexual fluidity depends strongly on age group:

• 29% of respondents under age 30 identified as bisexual or homosexual

• 24% of respondents from age 30 to 44 identified as bisexual or homosexual

• 8% of respondents age 45 or older identified as bisexual or homosexual

The Kinsey scale was developed in 1948 by zoologist Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin. After interviewing thousands of people about their sexual histories, Kinsey's team discovered that people didn't exclusively stick to partners of the same or opposite sex. 

As Kinsey argued in his 1948 book "Sexual Behavior of the Human Male," humans don't really fit into a sexual binary. 

“Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual," he wrote. "The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects."

And now the self-identification data is really beginning to show it.

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The insanely successful and unorthodox life of Google founder Sergey Brin

8 things to always have in your wallet


It's easy to let your wallet become a catch-all.

But there's really no need to be carrying around months-old receipts and every single loyalty card you own. If your wallet is bulging at the seams, it might be time to give it a good clean out.

Take a look at the infographic below to see just the essentials you should keep.

BI Graphic Here are the Only Things You Should Have in Your Wallet

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