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These supportive running sneakers will be perfect this spring [up to 47% off]

A GoFundMe campaign raised so much money for an Uber driver, he stopped taking donations


Ken Wayne Broskey and Roland Gainer

Five days ago, Roland Gainer launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to help Ken Wayne Broskey, a 70-year-old grandfather dying of cancer.

Broskey is an Uber driver who met Gainer when he picked him up for a ride. During that 12-minute drive Broskey shared his touching story. Broskey doesn't have long to live and his doctors advised him to go to a hospice.

But he wouldn't go. He wouldn't stop working, trying to bank up as much money as he could so his daughter and his two grandchildren could continue to live in the house they share with him.

His daughter is a single mother and waitress and he feared they would struggle to make ends meet when he was gone. He was doing everything in his power to help them, as long as he could.

Gainer had is own personal story with cancer. His mother was struck with it when he was in high school and, fortunately, she survived. He felt powerless at the time, sharing: "All I could do for my mom was to get good grades, which I hoped would make her feel better."

So he fired up the GoFundMe campaign, hoping to get people to donate $95,000 to pay off Broskey's house. The story gained national attention, featured on ABC News, and the donations came pouring in, hitting over $101,000 in a couple of days.

And this part is equally touching: With the house saved, Gainer and Broskey have told people not to donate to any more, but to find another outlet that needs their money more, writing (emphasis ours):

We have reached our goal (including the fee for Go Fund Me), and thank everyone for the generous outpouring of support. As a result, we will be able to save Ken's house for his daughter and grandchildren. Because we have achieved our goal, and there is such great need in all of our communities, we are declining further donations to allow other causes to be supported. We sincerely thank and appreciate everyone for their contributions. We ask that you keep Ken in your prayers, and we will keep you up-to-date!

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This viral video from Microsoft on how girls feel about science is fantastic


Girls Do Science

A YouTube video Microsoft released last month called "Girls Do Science" has gone viral, with over 2.1 million views.

In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History month, Microsoft talked to a bunch of girls about how they feel about science.

Short answer: they love it. They were building their own websites, robots or computers and one girl even built a gadget that opened her fridge door.

But then, they started feeling like science and tech was a boy's thing. The role models, the TV ads, lots of things seemed to show mostly boys doing it. Girls started quitting their robotics classes. And sometimes people would just outright tell them, "Isn't that for boys?"

If you want to understand what the problem is with the lack of women in tech (and the related issue: sexism in tech), this video explains it, from the girls themselves.

Hopefully, by the time they grow up and head to college, they'll no longer feel this way.

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The best souvenirs to bring home from 19 countries around the world

The best places to get coffee in Reykjavic

15 surreal pictures of Chinese 'nail houses' whose owners refused to cave to developers

These 6 luxury headphone sets are up to 73% off right now

These men are in love with their life-sized dolls


Men Living Dolls_12 1024x682In the 1990s, sculptor Matt McMullen designed a mannequin to give clothing stores something more flexible and attractive than your standard mall dummy. 

McMullen, who was documenting his progress on his website, started getting emails from people who weren't looking to use the dolls as retail accessories, but in their personal lives, asking if they were “anatomically correct.”

At the time, they weren’t. But McMullen recognized a growing market of customers and adjusted his mannequins to fit his new customers’ desires. The RealDoll was born. 

Today, McMullen’s company, Abyss Creation (NSFW), sells around 400 dolls per year. They're often referred to as "sex dolls," although they are not always used for sex.

Photographer Benita Marcussen recently met with a number of doll owners to understand the strange obsession. She found that doll owners tend to be extremely protective of their dolls, treating them with respect reserved for lovers, friends or cherished possessions. 

Marcussen's work was recently featured by Vocativ, but she has shared a number of the photos with us here.

The community of “real doll” enthusiasts is large and growing. DollForum.com, a network connecting aspiring and active doll owners, has over 40,000 users. The users can share experiences and pictures of their dolls or buy and sell new and used dolls.

Source: Doll Forum (NSFW)



Everard, shown here, owns a total of eight bodies, plus four extra faces. He has collected dolls for years. Like many doll owners, he is meticulous about his plastic friends, dressing them up with clothes, accessories, and makeup, and often treating them like “goddesses” and lovers.

Everard likes to take Rebekka and June to his backyard for photo shoots. His neighbors tend to go inside when he brings the dolls out. He has had only one relationship with a real woman and says that he has difficulties understanding them.

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Hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is selling his other waterfront Florida mansion for $14.5 million

We found out which type of coffee gives you the most energy

NOW HIRING: Business Insider is hiring an associate producer for BI Films


business insider video teamBI Films is seeking a passionate and innovative associate producer to work on shorts, documentaries and other multimedia content.

The ideal candidate can do it all – identify and research great stories; shoot, edit and animate beautiful videos; record and edit clean, rich audio for podcasts and other uses; and write wonderful copy. The associate producer will work closely with the fast-expanding digital team to produce stories with a wide audience reach. The right candidate must:

  • Shoot with Canon DSLRs and/or C100 cameras (or equivalent equipment), along with GoPros and smartphone cameras
  • Edit in Final Cut X or Adobe Premiere
  • Design and animate text and motion graphics using After Effects
  • Be Fluent in Adobe Suite

The ideal candidate has a passion for digital video. Having a deep knowledge of HTML, CMS (i.e., WordPress), and social media is also a plus. Here's a look at BI's growing content catalogue, which will expand further into long form with the newly established BI Films team:

This Real-Life Cyborg Has An Antenna Implanted Into His Skull

This Drivable Car Was Just 3D Printed In 44 Hours

Peter Thiel Explains Why Mentorship Is Tricky For Tech Companies

It Took One Crazy Weekend To Appreciate The Skill, Intensity, And Beauty Of Sailing

Richard Branson Responds To Elon Musk's Criticism; 'We're About To Prove Him Wrong'

APPLY HERE with your resume and cover letter describing what excites you about non-fiction, longer form, interactive content for the web and pitch us your best story idea. In the cover letter please also include a link to your reel and videos  or multimedia projects you've worked on.

Business Insider offers competitive compensation packages complete with benefits. This is a full-time position based in our NYC office.

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These cool portable Bluetooth speakers are a whopping 83% off right now


Screen Shot 2015 04 17 at 12.15.05 PMThis is an incredible deal.

The stylish Photive CYREN portable Bluetooth speakers are only $19.99 right now, down from $120. That's 83% off.

These speakers connect wirelessly up to 33 feet away, and seamlessly stream and share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls anywhere.

The speakers come with bass enhancing technology that delivers a crisp, clean sound with deep bass.

The built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours of playtime.

The speakers come in black, blue, orange, purple and red.

Photive CYREN Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker: $119.95$19.99[83% off]


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DEAL OF THE DAY: The Jarv activity tracker and smart watch is 40% off today


jarv smart watchThis fitness tracker/smart watch is 40% off right now.

The Jarv fitness tracker and smart watch comes with a built-in G-sensor that tracks calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, hours slept and other personal goals.

Additionally, it keeps you updated on incoming calls, caller ID, texts, emails, your calendar, and social media alerts (from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more.)

"I am very pleased with the functionality of this activity tracker. It tracks sleep, steps and calories burned very well and gives great graphs for analysis," one reviewer wrote.

Jarv activity tracker and smart watch: $99.99$59.99[40% off]


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SEE ALSO: These 6 luxury headphone sets are up to 73% off right now

SEE ALSO: The 7 best headphones you can get this week for under $20

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Rupert Murdoch is flipping his Madison Square Park triplex for $72 million after purchasing it for $57 million last year


one madison penthouse exterior roof deck

Rupert Murdoch is moving.

After living at the very top of One Madison for a year, he's decided to move downtown – to a West Village townhouse for $25 million, Curbed reports.

That means his penthouse in the luxury high rise on the south side of Madison Square Park is on the market for $72 million. 

That's $14.75 million more than what he bought the triplex for in 2014. Curbed notes that this price could break the record for downtown Manhattan's most expensive sale.

The penthouse has 7,600 square feet of space spread through three floors, five bedrooms, five and a half baths, and a wraparound terrace featuring 360 degree views of Manhattan.

The next owner of this over-the-top penthouse will also have access to One Madison's 10,000 square feet of amenities, including a 50-foot lap pool, fitness center, yoga room, screening room, and playroom for children.

Dolly Lenz has the listing.

Spanning from the 58th floor to the 60th, the penthouse has full-height window walls that give a 360-degree view of Manhattan.

Source: One Madison Penthouse

There are five bedrooms, a living room, deluxe kitchen, and an internal elevator in the home.

Source: One Madison Penthouse

Here's a glimpse of what the uber-swanky dining room could look like if it's decorated by Yabu Pushelberg, the designer of the building's amenities.

Source: One Madison Penthouse

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Here's how we ranked our list of the best restaurants in America


Eleven Madison Park food

We recently released our 2015 list ofthe best restaurants in America.

We compiled this list by looking at five major restaurant rankings made by food critics, diners, and experts, and giving each restaurant a score based on how many times it appears on each list.

The rankings we used were The Daily Meal's 2015 list of the 101 Best Restaurants in America, OpenTable's 2015 Hottest 100 Restaurants in America, the 2014 World's 100 Best Restaurants, the James Beard Foundation's 2015 Restaurant and Chef Award Semifinalists, and TripAdvisor's Favorite Fine Dining Restaurants in the US.

For The Daily Meal's list, which was ranked 1 to 101, we calculated the score by using the following formula: 101-X (restaurant ranking) / 101. With this formula, the highest possible score is 0.99 and the lowest score is 0.

Each time a restaurant appeared on the OpenTable list, we gave it a score of 0.25, since the 100 restaurants on that list were not ranked.

Because the World's 100 Best Restaurants looked at restaurants around the world and only 16 American restaurants made the list, we valued that list higher and gave each US restaurant on the list a score of 0.75.

We also valued the James Beard Awards higher since they are considered the most prestigious awards in the food world, and there were fewer semifinalists. We gave the 25 semifinalists who were nominated for "Best New Restaurant" in 2015 a score of 0.60. We gave the 20 semifinalists who were nominated for "Outstanding Restaurant" a score of 0.75, since those restaurants must have been open for at least 10 consecutive least years and have attained a high level of excellence throughout their tenure.

For the TripAdvisor list, which was ranked 1 to 25, we calculated the score by using the following formula: 25-X (restaurant ranking) / 25. With this formula, the highest possible score is 0.96 and the lowest score is 0.

We then tallied up the scores to create the final ranking. Based on these calculations, the highest possible score would be 3.7 — a nearly impossible feat, as even the number one restaurant (Eleven Madison Park) scored just 2.85.

Take a look at the spreadsheet below to see our calculations (click to enlarge):

2015 best restaurants data graphic

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The 44 best restaurants in America



With new restaurants opening left and right, it can be hard to break through the noise and find the ones that are truly the best of the best.

We combined five noteworthy lists compiled by food critics, experts, and diners to come up with a definitive ranking of the best restaurants in the country.

We gave each restaurant a numerical rating based on how many lists the restaurant appeared on and how high it appeared on lists that were ranked. Restaurants that appeared on multiple lists ranked higher on our list, while restaurants that ranked on only one of these lists ended up closer to the bottom. You can read our complete methodology and see numerical scores here.

The lists we used were The Daily Meal's 101 Best Restaurants in America 2015, OpenTable's 2015 Top 100 Hot Spot Restaurants in America, The World's 50 Best Restaurants, the James Beard Foundation's 2015 Restaurant and Chef Award Semifinalists, and TripAdvisor's Travelers' Favorite Fine Dining Restaurants

44. The Bazaar – Los Angeles, California

Chef: José Andrés

The Bazaar is known for its contemporary renditions of classic Spanish dishes — like the Spanish tortilla with potato foam or the fried farm egg and jamón Ibérico with egg truffle butter — which are artistically executed by chef de cuisine Holly Jivin.

The Bazaar slipped a couple of spots from last year's list, from 42 to 44, but it made No. 24 on The Daily Meal's list.

43. Masa – New York, New York

Chef: Masayoshi Takayama

New to the list, Chef Masayoshi "Masa" Takayama's eponymous restaurant Masa provides a sushi counter experience that's as cultural as it is sensory.

Guests dine on high-grade fish and the freshest of ingredients, but quality comes at a premium: Expect to pay close to $600 a head for the meal.

42. Jean-Georges – New York, New York

Chef: Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Located in The Trump Hotel on Central Park West, Jean-Georges blends French, American, and Asian influences to craft an ever-changing menu. It has four stars from the New York Times, three Michelin stars, and it landed on the World's Best restaurant list.

Executive chef Mark Lapico offers a few different prix fixe menus, depending on the season, but the cost per person typically averages about $166.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Watch New York City age 500 years in 60 seconds in this time-lapse video


The New York Times has posted a video of what you can expect to see when you take an elevator to the observatory atop One World Trade Center — and, spoiler: it's really cool.

Animated time-lapse videos in all 5 elevators shows the development of the city's skyline from the 1500s to the present day from the exact spot where visitors are standing inside One World Trade.

This is made possible through immersive, floor to ceiling LED technology that lines the entire elevator. To travel 500 years will take about 60 seconds, which is the amount of time it takes the elevator to climb 1,250 feet to the observatory. The observatory is scheduled to open May 29, 2015.



Here is the video from The New York Times: 

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This map shows the best tourist attraction in every state


The US isn't called "America the Beautiful" for nothing.

Each year, millions of tourists come from home and abroad to see the country's majestic landscape and iconic sites, from the Grand Canyon to Mount Rushmore. But there are also cool, quirky attractions, like Vermont's Ben & Jerry's Factory and Tennessee's Graceland, the former home of Rock and Roll King Elvis Presley.

From California to New York and everywhere in between, we've found the best tourist attraction in every state. 

See the infographic below for an in-depth look at the best attractions the US has to offer.

Tourist Attractions Infographic

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