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This Map Shows Our Ranking Of The Best Caribbean Islands


One of the most scenic destinations in the world, the Caribbean islands are a must-visit for any nature lover, romantic, or adventure seeker.

However, it's difficult to decide which island to visit, considering the beauty and appeal of each. We crunched the numbers and came up with a list of the 25 best countries, republics, and territories in the Western Hemisphere archipelago.

We evaluated the islands based on their flying time from New York City, the average hotel room cost, the number of attractions, and the Beach Density Index — a score that rewards an island for having a relatively large amount of potential beachfront for its size.

Learn more about each of the islands »

See how we ranked the 25 best Caribbean islands »

Best Caribbean Islands graphic

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Here's Proof That Humans Are Much Lazier Than Dogs

The Ultimate Guide To Office Gift-Giving Etiquette


wrapping giftsTo give or not to give? That's the question so many employees will ask themselves this holiday season. 

Deciding whether to get your boss or colleagues a holiday gift can be difficult. And choosing the right present can be even trickier. 

Here are some tips from experts Shawnice Meador and Jacqueline Whitmore:

1. Determine whether exchanging gifts is acceptable or discouraged in your workplace.

"If you are new to the company and are not sure if gifts are exchanged, my best advice would be to just ask around," says Meador, director of career and leadership services for working professionals at MBA@UNC

"If gifts are the norm, it will usually be openly discussed around the office, which can help you get more details about types of gifts and dollar amount," she says. "If gift-giving guidelines aren't as clear in your office, you can never go wrong with giving your boss or coworkers a card or treat to wish them a happy holidays."

2. Remember that office gift exchanges should be optional. 

Don't badger others for not wanting to participate in an office gift exchange, says Whitmore, an international etiquette expert and author of "Poised for Success: Mastering the Four Qualities That Distinguish Outstanding Professionals." "Some people may not want to participate for personal, financial, or religious reasons." 

3. Set a spending limit for gift exchanges. 

If you determine that giving gifts is standard in your workplace, suggest to your colleagues that a price limit be set. "Limits help participants select an appropriate gift at an affordable price," Whitmore says. Without guidelines, people may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed if their gifts cost a lot more or less than everyone else's.

"Whenever you overspend, you run the risk of looking like a show-off," Whitmore says. "On the other hand, if you spend considerably below the norm, you might come off looking stingy."

4. Don't overdo it.

Regardless of spending limits, don't overdo it. "Extravagant gifts in the office can make others feel uncomfortable or as though what they may have chosen is not good enough," Meador says. "Remember office holiday gifts are about showing appreciation, not being flashy."

5. Be appropriate and play it safe.

Never, ever buy anything for your boss or coworkers that could send the wrong message.

Even if you're besties with the boss or a coworker, avoid anything personal, offensive, or inappropriate — including gifts related to religion, politics, personal hygiene, or sex.

6. Go in on a group gift with coworkers.

If you want to get a gift for your boss, suggest pooling money to get a group gift. (And if someone else coordinates and asks you to participate, you should.) "Being involved with a group gift for your boss will mean less stress for not only yourself, but for everyone else in the office who may be worrying about what to get," Meador says. (Here are some great gift ideas.)

chocolate chip cookies baking

7. Think simple, but significant.

Tailor your gift to the taste and personality of the recipient, Whitmore says. If you know your colleague is passionate about baking, for instance, consider getting that person a cookbook.

"Just stay away from items that are too personal in nature, such as perfume, clothing, red roses, alcohol, or tobacco products," she advises.

Meador agrees, saying that even if you choose to tailor the gift to your colleagues' hobbies or interests, it's important to remember that office gifts are best when they are simple and useful. "A gift such as a nice coffee mug or a delicious holiday treat can be a thoughtful and simple way to show appreciation during the holiday season," she says.

8. Beware of humorous or gag gifts. 

This goes along with point No. 5 above. "Avoid giving a humorous gift if you don't know a person well," Whitmore says. "What you might think is cute or funny may be offensive or insulting to someone else and could quickly damage or even sabotage a business relationship."

9. When in doubt, treat with sweets.

Bringing baked goods for everyone is a great way to show your appreciation to your officemates. "Be sure to consider any office allergies so everyone can indulge," Meador says.

10. Don't feel pressure to give gifts. 

If someone in the office unexpectedly gives you a gift, it's not necessary to give one in return, Whitmore says. You can always send a handwritten thank-you note to show your appreciation.

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25 Holiday Party Host Gifts For $25 Or Under


Host_Gift GuideNo guest wants to show up to dinner empty-handed, especially around the holidays.

But finding the perfect house gift can be tricky, even if you've known the host for years.

We've rounded up 25 unique gifts for $25 or less that are sure to bring a smile to your host or hostess' face.

Liz O'Connor contributed to this article.

For the beer lover: a proper set of glasses.

This set of six beer glasses comes with one shape for each type of brew: Classic pilsner, English pub, Belgian ale, craft pub glass, porter/stout, wheat beer.

Buy it: $21.90

For the grill master: a pair of bear claws.

Does your host like to work the grill all season long? These meat handlers will ensure he doesn't drop dinner. They're also great for making pulled pork and other shredded dishes.

Buy it:$13.95


For the gardener: a bonsai tree.

This little bonsai can survive indoors or outdoors and needs very little attention. And it won't take up much space: full grown, it stands around nine inches tall.

Buy it: $25.97

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We Spoke To The First Owner Of Tesla’s New Car — Here's What He Had To Say (TSLA)


kevin-babineau-teslaLast week, a Tesla investor posted on Reddit that he had spotted Tesla’s latest car — the dual-motor Model S — in a parking lot in Woodland Hills, Calif. It was the first time one of these new high-tech cars had been spotted in the wild. 

Kevin Babineau, a contractor in Southern California, is the owner of that new Tesla. Once we verified he was indeed the owner of that car, Babineau agreed to an interview. He tells us he is absolutely blown away by Tesla’s latest model.

Mind you, this man owns lots of cars, including models from Ferrari, Mercedes, Ford, and Chevy. He has Humvees and Hummers, an electric car, and a ’69 Chevrolet Impala, among others. He calls himself a hobbyist.

Babineau says he waited after Tesla unveiled the first Model S — he already owned the Roadster, which is the sportscar Tesla made before the Model S. But once the dual-motor Model S surfaced in October, Babineau says he felt “it was time."

“I’d been waiting for the year and a half or two years [after the first Model S came out], watching them go by. It was something I wanted to do in the beginning, but when I heard about the all-wheel drive and the new stuff they were doing, that made the difference for me,” Babineau says.

kevin-babineau-teslaOne of Babineau’s friends runs Tesla’s Topanga store in Woodland Hills, so he visited the dealership and ordered the car he’d been building on Tesla’s website weeks prior.

Babineau ordered all the car’s special features, including the tech package, the smart air suspension feature, the new premium seats, and more. Based on the features he ordered, that car costs about $130,000. He ordered it in "white pearl."

Just weeks later, on Dec. 5, Babineau received a call from Tesla: his car happened to be landing in San Jose and they wanted to know if Babineau wanted to pick it up if he was close by. He was able to get to the factory in 30 minutes.

Babineau can’t explain how he was able to get his dual-motor Model S before anyone else, but he insists his friend who owns the Tesla store didn’t give him special treatment. “I think it was just great timing, to be honest,” he says. “I got lucky. I got in early.”

This was the first time he'd driven the dual-motor version. Babinaue had driven the regular Model S, but he was quick to say the experience in the new car was “ridiculously different” and "night and day."

The acceleration, 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, according to Tesla, blew him away — and keep in mind that he's owned a Ferrari and a Roadster, Tesla's first sports car:

The speed, first of all, it’s so fast — you’re not used to experiencing that kind of speed. The first thing you do is smile and start laughing. The gentleman that was with me that came to pick it up with me, we were just laughing! The emotions that come out of that kind of speed, in that short a distance, your body’s not used to it. And it’s pulling so many G’s, it’s exciting —  it’s roller coaster stuff. It’s fascinating, absolutely fascinating. And it does this to everyone I’ve had in the car, everyone just starts smiling or laughing. It’s pretty cool.

He also said it was quieter thanks to some sound improvements, and there was “zero rattling” while driving.


Babineau has been doing plenty of driving in the short time he’s owned the new car. He drove it from San Francisco to Simi Valley, in southern California, and he’s driven it through Malibu and Topanga Canyon. 

“It’s like a slot car, it’s scary how quick and how it sticks going around corners — you’re almost afraid to push it any more because you don’t know what the limit is anymore. It really is amazing for a four-door sedan, the way it slots around corners, and brakes, and takes off, it’s racecar stuff.”

kevin-babineau-teslaHe’s also been using Tesla’s Supercharger stations, which he calls “a whole unique experience by itself,” since you can pull in, leave your car for a half hour while you go get a drink, “and then you’re good for another 250 miles.”

I asked Babineau about the Autopilot feature, which is the most talked-about aspect of the dual-motor Model S. Autopilot uses 12 forward-looking long-range ultrasonic sensors to offer a “protective cocoon” around the car that can “see anything,” from traffic signs to small moving objects like children and dogs. It can even park itself while you’re out of the car, and summon the car to arrive at your location with your favorite music playing, or the A/C running.

Unfortunately, Babineau says the Autopilot feature was not yet activated in his car, but he expected that.

Still, he says some of the features central to the Autopilot experience are running already: “It reads the signs as you’re going down the highway, as far as speed, and flashes that — if you’re in a 55mph zone and you’re doing 75mph — and it has the lane assist thing that I think most cars have, but the Autopilot thing hasn’t been activated yet. I think it’s coming out shortly.”


To learn more about Tesla’s futuristic sedan, check out our breakdown of the car’s features.

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A Custom Car Exhaust Company Just Built The Craziest Motorcycle Concept Ever


Full Moon (6)

This is not your typical custom chopper.

Akrapovič, a Slovenian company that makes custom car exhausts, just unveiled their new concept bike called the Full Moon at the Custombike Show in Bad Salzuflen, Germany. And boy, is it a doozy!

It was created in partnership with Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles, and it's proportions are unlike any custom bike you've seen before. The huge front wheel that gives the concept bike its name measures a whopping 30 inches in diameter and is made out of aluminium and carbon fiber.

As Autoblog notes, that's "13 inches wider than the front wheel on a Ducati 1299 Panigale, 11 inches wider than the front wheel on a Harley Davidson Road Glide."

It's also 14 inches larger than a Big Wheel, the toy tricycle that this concept bike's shape can't help but call to memory.Full Moon (4)

That huge backend of the bike makes up the exhaust. Yeah, the whole thing. According to the company, all the sculptural bodywork is made out of sheet metal, which forms an extension of the two custom-made exhaust systems.

"The bike itself is essentially an exhaust," Akrapovič says.  

We can only imagine what it sounds like.

Add to that a heap of technology — automated steering, LED taillights, and a hydraulic suspension that enables the bike to be parked upright — and you end up with quite an impressive piece of machinery.

Check out more pictures of the out-this-world design below.

Full Moon (7)

Full Moon (1)

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Researchers 'Averaged' The Faces Of 400 CEOs — And The Results Say A Lot About Race In Business


What happens when you combine the faces of 400 CEOs? 

A startling picture of just how similar, and pale, our modern leaders are.

SumoCoupon, the money-saving coupon company, used the face-manipulation software Psychomorph to "average" the faces of 400 executives in 10 different industries, from nonprofits to entertainment to transportation. They also averaged the age and income of CEOs in each industry. 

Some of the results are to be expected (e.g., startup CEOs are about 15 years younger than the rest), while others are more surprising (female leaders in politics seem to have shorter hair than the other women).

See the images below.

average face of a ceo


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Something Amazing Is Happening Inside This Gigantic Former Army Base In New York City


Atrium brooklyn army terminal

Sitting just off the coast of Upper New York Harbor, the Brooklyn Army Terminal was first commissioned in 1918 to serve as a major military depot, carrying troops and supplies to bases and battles in Europe. More than three million troops passed through the terminal before it was decommissioned in the 1960s. 

In the 1980s, it was purchased by the New York City and transformed into what it is today: a four-million-square-foot manufacturing hub that is bringing high-paying manufacturing jobs back to NYC.

Andrew Gustafson of Turnstile Tours and members of the NYC Economic Development Corporation recently took us around for a tour of the facility to see the building's storied past and its bright future.

The Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It is owned by the city and run by the NYC Economic Development Corporation, which has renovated it to house more than 100 businesses, including light manufacturing, medical labs, warehouse distribution, and artists' studios.

The Terminal is approximately four million square feet. The city has spent $185 million to retrofit 3.2 million square feet of that space with new electric, elevators, plumbing, and other amenities.

The complex was first commissioned in 1918 to help move supplies and soldiers for the US war effort in Europe. It wasn't finished until 1919, 10 months after the war ended. At the time, it was the largest reinforced concrete building in the world. Here's what it looked like then.

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Silicon Valley Billionaire Is Ignoring A Judge's Order To Open The Beach He Blocked


vinod khosla

One week after San Mateo County Court Judge Barbara Mallach issued an order for billionaire Vinod Khosla to open access to Martin's Beach, a gate leading down to the shore remains closed. 

The Surfrider Foundation first filed suit against Khosla in March 2013, claiming that the billionaire was in violation of the California Coastal Act when he failed to obtain a permit before locking a gate leading down to the beach and posting signs forbidding entry. 

Khosla, a prominent venture capitalist and cofounder of Sun Microsystems, purchased a 53-acre parcel adjacent to the northern California beach for $37.5 million in 2008.

Judge Mallach ruled against Khosla in September, saying that he changed the nature of public access at the beach without obtaining the necessary permits from the California Coastal Commission.

Last week, the judge issued a final order stating that Khosla must immediately restore public access to the beach as it was when he first purchased the property.

According to testimony at this summer's trial, the family that previously owned the property kept the parking lot open every day of the year, unless there was inclement weather or a private event was taking place. The family charged $2 to park at the beach, which also once had a restaurant and convenience store that catered to visitors.

martin's beachStill, one week after Judge Mallach's final order, the gate outside Martin's Beach hasn't been opened, and none of the forbidding signs has been taken down. 

"Judge Mallach very clearly said Friday that this gate needs to be open. Saturday through Wednesday — that gate has been closed every day," Eric Buescher, a lawyer representing Surfrider in the case, said to Business Insider. California was hit by a powerful storm that left thousands without power Thursday. "Yesterday and today, given the storm, that I understand."

martin's beach

Khosla and his legal team appealed Judge Mallach's initial ruling, saying that as long as they don't arrest anyone who walks around the gate, it's not a violation of the California Coastal Act. Mallach rejected this claim because the gate had been left open under previous owners. 

"In the history of Martin's Beach, as described by visitors who have come here for years and as described by guidebooks, it's always been a place you could go even if you were elderly, or handicapped, or not very mobile. That's not really the case if the gate is closed," Buescher said. "It also deters people who might not know it's their right to go there even though there's a gate. It's not fair to the public." 

If Khosla doesn't open the gate within the next few days, one of two things could happen. In a letter sent to Khosla's property manager on Monday, the California Coastal Commission said that if the gate is not opened within two weeks, it can exercise its right to issue fines. If he applies for a permit, Khosla could negotiate terms with the commission. 

"Issues such as the maintenance of parking at Martins Beach, the upkeep of public restrooms and other facilities, or liability issues are exactly the issues that can be addressed by working with the Commission on a long-term solution, in consultation with other applicable agencies and public access groups," commission enforcement analyst Peter Allen wrote in the letter. "We remain ready and willing to craft such terms for a solution to resolve your Coastal Act violations, and restore public access to Martins Beach similar to the form in which it has historically existed." 

The Surfrider legal team could also go back to Judge Mallach, point out that the gate is still locked, and see what action she thinks is appropriate.

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Watch This Hilarious Vine Star Narrate The Lives Of Ordinary People In Public

STOCKING STUFFER: Google's Cardboard Joke Has Turned Into A Real Thing


Google Cardboard

Google's developer conference, Google I/O, is famous for its swag: phones, tablets, other gadgets. Last summer,  Google Android boss Sundar Pichai gave out a box called Cardboard.

Cardboard turns any smartphone into a "virtual reality headset." Fold the box. Slip the phone in at the end. Peer through the darkened box to a 3D app on your phone. Voila! Virtual Reality.

The conference was held shortly after Facebook bought Oculus VR for an astounding $2 billion. Oculus is building a virtual reality headset that renders 3D graphics so realistic, you feel like you've stepped into a Star Trek holodeck.

Cardboard was clearly a Google joke, a techie gesture that said, "Hey Facebook, we've got a VR headset, too, and ours didn't cost $2 billion."

Flash forward to now and the funny thing is, Cardboard is no longer a joke, as spotted by blogger Steve Parker on Utah People's Post.

Instead of the do-it-yourself instructions for making your own Cardboard, you can now buy Cardboard from four manufacturers. ($15 - $35). Some of these devices come with fancy features like I Am Cardboard's Eva ($35), which includes a NFC (near field communication) tag to launch apps. Another, Unofficial Cardboard, says it has already sold 50,000 units, and growing.

Google CardboardThere are now over 2 dozen apps available for Cardboard on the Google Play store such as Tilt Brush gallery, where you can view 3D art creations plus various games, tours, and so on.

While there are more apps for Android than iPhone, there are a few Cardboard-capable iPhone apps on the App store, too.

And earlier this week Google released an updated software development kit for Cardboard, to encourage developers to write even more apps.

And Google even has a product manager for Cardbard, Andrew Nartker, who blogged about its soaring popularity. He says Cardboard has now been given away, downloaded or sold 500,000 times. "For the future: watch this space, and we’re hiring," his post says.

This isn't just a joke, it's now a real thing.

Cardboard could be the perfect stocking stuffer for the tech gadget lover in you life.

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Here's How The National Guard Would Respond To A Major Terrorist Attack On A US Stadium


NationalGuardDemo (24 of 37)

The National Guard is the US military's reserve force, offering manpower, equipment, and expertise for missions abroad but also providing America’s first line of defense at home.

When there's a natural disaster or a threat to public safety that law enforcement alone can't handle, the Guard kicks into action. It is constantly preparing itself for new and emerging threats, be they nuclear, chemical, biological, or a natural disaster.

We recently watched the New Jersey National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 113th Infantry participate in a drill to practice how they would respond to a possible nuclear or chemical emergency without warning and with no immediate explanation of what was happening. The snap exercise aimed to duplicate the conditions of an actual unfolding threat and showed how the Guard keeps itself prepared for even a worst-case scenario.

The National Guard team arrives early in the morning on a frigid November day. The drill is as much a test of endurance as a test of skills, with the team working out in the cold for eight hours or more.

Arm & Hammer Park, home of the minor league Trenton Thunder baseball team, was the site of the drill. The military chooses locations for tests like these by picking “high-value targets” that would be likely to be hit by an attack, like sporting venues and theaters.

The New Jersey team, and every other National Guard team, is tested every 18 months in high-pressure, high-stakes role plays like this one.

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This Flying Car Is Real And It Can Fly 430 Miles On A Full Tank


AeroMobil 3.0, the flying car, is the core product of the Slovakia based company AeroMobil. It has been in development since 1989.

In flight, it can reach 124 miles per hour and fly for 430 miles on a full tank of gas. Owners could park it in normal parking spots and fill up its gas at normal gas stations. It gets 29 miles per gallon in driving mode.

Produced by Devan Joseph. Video courtesy of AeroMobil.

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Here's How Much Mark Cuban Sleeps To Be On Top Of His Game

Photographers Reveal The Stories Behind 2014's Most Powerful Pictures

HOUSE OF THE DAY: The Mansion Of A Houston Socialite With A 3-Story Closet Hits The Market For $12.9 Million


House Of The Day: Mansion In Texas

Theresa Roemer first made headlines last summer when her 3,000-square-foot three-story closet was featured in Neiman Marcus blog

But all of that publicity might not have been a good thing for Roemer since she was robbed of a reported $1 million dollars of luxury good shortly after. 

So the Houston socialite, entrepreneur, and former Mrs. Houston Texas has decided to put her mansion and beloved closet (that she spent half a million dollars building by the way) on the market for $12.9 million, reports the Houston Chronicle

In addition to having the “largest closet in America,” the Woodland’s home has 10-bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, two kitchens, a wine tasting room, and a in-home spa and movie theater. All of these amenities are spread across 17,315 square feet. 

Roemer already has plans for her next closet to be twice as big, according to Curbed. 

Welcome to 47 Grand Regency Circle.

Guests are immediately greeted by a towering entryway, complete with a Swarovski Crystal chandelier.

The home is covered in 25-foot, floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

The New Most Expensive Apartment In New York City Will Cost $130 Million — See Inside


520 park avenue building new york

Back in September, it was revealed that New York City’s new most expensive condo will be a $130 million triplex penthouse in the yet-to-be-completed 520 Park Avenue building.

And though the city’s real-estate community was all abuzz, there were no renderings available of what the aforementioned penthouse will look like.

Until now. BuzzBuzzHome reports that the 520 Park Avenue website is now live, giving all of us regular people a look at how the world’s billionaires will live.

520 park avenue building new yorkThis mansion in the sky will have over 12,000 square feet, a 1,257-square-foot terrace, and gorgeous views of Central Park. It will go on sale with other units beginning early next year, according to Bloomberg, and will be completed with the rest of the building in 2017.

The 54-story tower is being designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects (RAMSA) and developed by Zeckendorf Development Co., the same firms behind the celebrity haven 15 Central Park West and 18 Gramercy Park.

520 park avenue building new yorkIt will be nearby other luxury high-rises on the so-called Billionaires' Row, sitting between 60th and 61st Street. That makes it close to all of the things wealthy New Yorkers love to visit, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Barney's.

520 park avenue building new yorkThere will be a total of seven duplexes in 520 Park Avenue, with over 9,000 square feet each and starting at $67 million. Twenty-three single-floor units will make up the rest of the building's condos and will be priced at a more modest $16.2 million with 4,600 square feet, according to the company press release.

520 park avenue building new yorkNeedless to say, the residences will have only the finest marble, wood, and appliances.

520 park avenue building new yorkAnd the view will be incredible.

520 park avenue building new york

The building itself will also have plenty of amenities, including a swimming pool, bi-level health and fitness center, sauna, children’s playroom, and screening room.

520 park avenue building new yorkThere will also be an airy "salon" for residents to relax in, and a garden area.

520 park avenue building new yorkBoth locations will be perfect for socializing with your wealthy neighbors.

520 park avenue building new york

The $130 million triplex will join the Woolworth Building’s $110 million penthouse and the $118 million trio of penthouse apartments at Battery Park City’s Ritz-Carlton Residences as some of the most expensive homes ever listed in New York City.

Looks like 520 Park Avenue will fit right in.

520 park avenue building new york

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This Photographer's Pictures Of Her Tinder Dates Say A Lot About Modern Dating

22 Great Gifts To Buy For Your Employees


Employees_Gift Guide

'Tis the season for gift giving...and stressing out over what to get for your employees.

We know that shopping for people in the office can be difficult, so we've put together a list of 22 great gifts for bosses to get their employees.

If you have an employee who always works with headphones on, they might appreciate a subscription to Spotify Premium.

The service, which Spotify sells in 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions, allows people to stream music from most popular artists on their mobile phones and without interruption from advertisers.

Price: $10.00 per month

Spruce up your employee’s desk with this cute dinosaur memo holder.

The plastic dinosaur holds post-it notes and has storage space for pencils and pens.

Price: $9.56

Show your employees you care by hosting them at your house for dinner one night.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy (think pasta or pizza). Bringing the team together for an evening of casual conversation can be a great way of helping everyone bond.

Price: The cost of supplies.


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18 Companies That Are Extremely Religious


george foreman grill

Lots of companies have a deeply religious background, even if you don't realize it. 

Forever 21 and George Foreman Cooking are just the start. Read on to see other big companies that are extremely religious.

This is an update of an article written by Kim Bhasin.

Marriott International Hotels

Bill Marriott was CEO of Marriott International Hotels for 40 years, stepping down from the CEO role in 2012.

Throughout that time, he was an active member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. 

Thus the need to balance his beliefs with his guests' desires.

"I've always been concerned about (pornographic) movies in rooms," he told the Associated Press in 2012. "In the next three or four years, we won't have any more of those. That's something we've had a real problem with because the Church is very, very opposed to pornography, as it should be, and we are for families. But the owners of our hotels were making a lot of money. In fact, the only movies that make any money are pornography."


ServiceMaster owns domestic brands like Terminix, American Home Shield, and Merry Maids. 

It was founded in 1929 by Marion E. Wade.

"Wade had a strong personal faith and a desire to honor God in all he did," the company's website reads. "Translating this into the marketplace, he viewed each individual employee and customer as being made in God's image — worthy of dignity and respect." 

Theodore Malloch, author of "Spiritual Enterprise: Doing Virtuous Business," says that ServiceMaster is an example of "servant leadership." 

What does that mean? "Think of the picture of Christ washing the feet of his disciples," he tells CNN.

George Foreman Cooking

After leaving behind a successful boxing career, George Foreman gained new-found fame as the boisterous hawker of low-fat cooking grills.

Foreman discussed his own religious reawakening in an interview with Success Magazine, and said that his personal integrity guides his business decisions. For example, he won't invest in products or sellers that promote alcohol consumption. 

Foreman also spent years as a Christian preacher— developing the charisma he'd use to sell grills.

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