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Scammers Have Found A Way To Use Homeless People To Score New iPhones


apple store gif iphone 5s

There's an awful iPhone scam that involves getting homeless people to sign wireless contracts for new iPhones, according to 9News, a Denver news station, that caught the scheme on tape.

Stranger still, some Apple store employees were seemingly unaware of the situation going on in the store, according to the report.

The plan is this: someone cruises around homeless shelters, plasma donation clinics and other places where people desperate for money would be found. The scammer offers to pay someone around $200 to sign a wireless contract complete with new iPhone.

The person comes to the Apple store, signs the contract and immediately hands the phone over to the one running the scheme. The schemer unlocks the phone and can then sell it as an unlocked phone with no contract for $600 to $800.

The people being scammed are told they can cancel the contract at any time after signing. But of course, if they don't return the phone, they are on the hook to pay the contract. If they are unable to pay, it damages their credit, and the wireless company is ripped off, too.

The scam is called "credit muling," according to a Sprint spokesperson who told 9news, "Once we introduced the iPhone we were seeing rampant credit muling all over the country."

One of the most bizarre parts of this report was that Apple employees in this Denver store didn't seem to notice that a stream of people were filing into the store, signing contracts and handing the phones over to the same guy.

And the guy was caught on tape collecting phones from people multiple days in a row.

It's not clear what the Apple employees thought was going on. The reporter asked Apple PR about it and Apple declined comment.

The situation is not unique to this one store in Denver, either.

"Sprint has actually filed about 40 lawsuits all over the country trying to crack down on this type of behavior," the spokesperson told 9News.

So, if you find an unlocked iPhone bargain somewhere, beware. The phone may have come from some plan that targets the homeless and the poor.

Here's the video of the full news report:

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6 Word Puzzles That Only Finance Geeks Will Understand

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: 19 Iconic Photos Of Kate Middleton And Prince William


kate william prince georgeToday marks Prince William and Kate Middleton's third anniversary.

After three years together, the couple have adopted a dog, moved into their own home at Kensington Palace, and have welcomed their first child.

Though the couple shine at red carpet galas, fundraisers and tours, some of the best moments between the two are candid shots of them laughing and smiling.

Relive some of the couple's most memorable moments.

April 29 2011: Kate and William kiss on their wedding day.

May 24, 2011: The royals meet the Obamas at Buckingham Palace before attending a special lunch hosted by Queen Elizabeth.

(Source: People)

July 7, 2011: Kate and William show off matching cowboy get up while visiting Canada during their first joint overseas tour.

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7 Psychology Tricks To Influence People And Get Exactly What You Want




It's one of the great psychological mysteries: How do you get people to do what you want them to do? Scientists have been studying this topic for a long time, and they've found some tried-and-true tactics for getting people to do your bidding.

References below:

Compliments, repeating speech, asking for more,use names, listening, flattery, tiredness.

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The 25 Best Restaurants On The Planet


noma copenhagen denmark dinnerThis year's World's 50 Best Restaurant awards were presented last night in London, and Copenhagen's Noma is back on top after falling to second place in 2013.

Organized by Restaurant magazine and co-sponsored by Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, the World's 50 Best list is based on the votes of more than 900 international leaders in the restaurant industry.

Europe took home the majority of the prizes, with 28 spots going to restaurants in European countries. Spain had three restaurants in the top ten.

We rounded up the top 25, but you can view the full list here (or click here for a copy of the guide).

25. L'Arpège

Paris, France

Last year's ranking: 16

Years on list: 11

Diners around the world make a special trip to Paris just for Alain Passard's food at L'Arpège, especially his Oeuf à la Coque — a lightly cooked egg yolk with crème fraîche, maple syrup, vinegar, and spices.

The meal centers mainly around vegetables from his garden, and is worth its three-Michelin-star rating.

Source: World's 50 Best

24. Amber

Hong Kong

Last year's ranking: 36

Years on list: 4

Amber, at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Central, has two Michelin stars and serves modern French fare. The executive chef is Richard Ekkebus, who is known for his innovation preparations.

Source: World's 50 Best

23. Restaurant Frantzén

Stockholm, Sweden

Last year's ranking: 12

Years on list: 3

Formerly Frantzén/Lindeberg, the restaurant changed its name after pastry chef Daniel Lindeberg departed last year. Now, chef Björn Frantzén prepares modern Scandinavian food with Asian influences at Restaurant Frantzén.

95% of the ingredients they use are from Sweden, and many are plucked straight from the restaurant’s own garden.

Source: World's 50 Best

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The 20 Best US Cities For Cyclists


San Francisco Bicycles

According to a recently released report from the Alliance For Biking & Walking, the number of people biking to work in America has steadily grown for much of the last decade.

That growth can largely be attributed to the increased availability of bicycle facilities in the form of bicycle lanes, multi-use paths, and signed bicycle routes. 

The Alliance compiled a ranking of cities with the most miles of bicycle facilities per square mile using data submitted by the 52 largest municipalities in America. 

According to the report, San Francisco is the most bicycle friendly city in the country, with 7.8 miles of bicycle facilities per sq. mile. Austin and Long Beach came in second and third, with 4.6 and 4.5 miles of bike facilities per sq. mile, respectively. San Francisco's time at the top of the list may be short lived, as Austin plans to expand its facilities by an additional 1,100 miles over the next eight years. 

Interestingly, 16 of the top 20 cities in the Alliance's rankings are located west of the Mississippi, with 6 of those cities located in California. However, eastern cities like New York, Charlotte, and Memphis are expected to move up the rankings in the near future with construction of 3,100 miles of bicycle facilities planned over the next two decades.

Here are the 20 best cities in America for bicyclists:

  1. San Francisco (CA)
  2. Austin (TX)
  3. Long Beach (CA)
  4. Philadelphia (PA)
  5. Mesa (AZ)
  6. Albuquerque (NM)
  7. Seattle (WA)
  8. Minneapolis (MN)
  9. Boston (MA)
  10. Washington D.C.
  11. Sacramento (CA)
  12. Fresno (CA)
  13. Tucson (AZ)
  14. Denver (CO)
  15. Portland (OR)
  16. San Jose (CA)
  17. Honolulu (HI)
  18. New York (NY)
  19. Chicago (IL)
  20. San Diego (CA)

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This Brilliant Suitcase Handle Could Solve The Problem Of Overweight Bag Fees


Weighing handleA French designer may have solved the problem of overweight luggage at the airport.

Created by designer Selma Durand, the "Weighing handle" can determine if a bag is too heavy to check (via Designboom).

The handle contains a spring, which stretches a few millimeters when lifted and reads the weight of the suitcase.

The handle, while not currently for sale, can "adapt to any suitcase" if a luggage company wanted to incorporate it in its products, according to Durand's website. 

Durand designed the travel accessory for her master's project at ENSCI-Les Ateliers this March.

With airlines charging $100 and up for overweight bags now, the handle will undoubtedly come in handy.

Check out how it works below:

Weighing handle

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How Every Guy Can Look Dapper At His Kentucky Derby Party


kentucky derby

The 140th Kentucky Derby starts Friday, May 2, and that means it's time to whip up some mint juleps and dust off your sun hats.

While most of us won't be in Louisville to celebrate the great American tradition, that doesn't mean you can't throw your own Derby party — or dress for the occasion.

First, start with a classic linen suit or vest. The material is lightweight and casual, perfect for hot summer days spent in the sun drinking and watching the races. This Brooks Brothers linen sports coat ($448) or the J.Crew Ludlow vest ($108) both have the right relaxed-yet-tailored fit.

linen jacket vestPair your suit with a crisp button down shirt, like this pastel version from Hugo Boss ($95). If you're feeling more brazen, try Gucci's paisley print button down ($480) or a gingham-patterned shirt like the Hackett Oxford shirt ($180) for a Southern vibe. 

shirts mensAdd colorful and preppy accessories to tie the theme together. If your shirt is plain, go with a patterned tie like this Jos. A. Banks version ($60), and choose a brightly-colored solid tie if your shirt has a pattern. The same goes for pocket squares — these J.Z. Richards pocket squares ($40) have four tonally different blocks so you can choose to be plain or patterned, depending on your outfit.

accessories preppyA straw boater hat takes your style back to the 1920s when formal men's sunhats were all the rage. This Brooks Brother's straw boater hat ($60) will blend in with all of the women's huge fascinators. straw hats derby styleAnd finally lace up in some two-tone wing tips like the Allen Edmund's Strawfut wingtip oxfords ($197) or the AMI wingtip brogues ($595). Not only do they fit the theme, but you'll get a lot of wear out of these after the Derby, too.

shoes two tone wingtips

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Here's How These Epic Communication Charts Can Unlock The World


Communication Patterns Charts_03If you missed last month’s Business Insider article, These Diagrams Reveal How To Negotiate With People Around The World, and you do business with people from other countries, you owe it to yourself to go take a look.

The article features author Richard D. Lewis’ series of “National Communication Patterns”. Each diagram in the series shows how people from a given country tend to communicate, including how they decide when to speak or stay silent, choose their words or emotions, or how to influence others.

Even the most experienced travelers will be surprised by how many different communication styles exist across the globe. Especially between countries they had thought were similar. For example, If you think Americans communicate just like the British, or at least like Canadians, you should think again.

It might just scare you when you recall the times you negotiated, managed, presented–or communicated anything–in any of these countries, but didn’t know what you didn’t know.

Well, you’re not alone. Since it was published on March 26th, the article has had over half a million views. That’s an impressive number. In part, it’s a testament to how important the right intercultural skills are in today’s global business environment.

Since many of you are seeing these diagrams for the first time, here’s an important cautionary note. You know how David Letterman will look into the camera before someone performs an outrageous stunt and say, “Please don’t try this at home, or without professional supervision”? Well, beware: For all though the diagrams are powerful tools when used correctly, failure to do so can cause problems – including mistrust, damaged relationships, and lost business.  

In this and future blogs, we’ll take a “deep dive” into many of these diagrams giving you the insights you need to get to more results with anyone, anywhere.

So let’s begin with a few big-ticket items that will start us on the right track: We’ll introduce you to your own skepticism, you’ll learn to recognize a trick your brain plays on you that I call the “I thought so!” Syndrome, you’ll see how the diagrams can help you understand the madness to someone’s method, and finally you’ll gain a new appreciation for the importance of context.


In a society such as the U.S. A. where advertising rules the day and false claims run rampant, being skeptical about something you’ve never heard before is a natural reaction. Add a bit of cultural superiority along with some occasional cynicism, and you have a distinctly American communication pattern. For example, when we say, “You must be kidding!” it’s often said with intensity, but seldom do we mean it literally. What we’re usually thinking is “How can that possibly be true? I don’t think it is, but if you can convince me, I’m willing to listen to what you have to say”.

It’s always difficult to accept information that challenges fundamental beliefs. But with the right mindset and a strong desire to always try to see things from someone else’s perspective, even the most skeptical American can become more adept at intercultural business.


Let’s say that you’ve had experience working with the French. While looking at the French diagram, you start nodding your head in agreement when you read, “Be prepared for vigorous logical debate”.

“No kidding!” you think to yourself.  “They always argue about everything!” 

Because you’re feeling vindicated, you forward this to your coworkers with the comment, “No wonder everybody hates the French!” And that’s where the “I thought so!” syndrome grabs hold.

You see, without realizing it you just experienced a phenomenon that cognitive scientists call confirmation bias. It’s when you encounter new information, but your mind filters out anything that doesn't support your existing belief.

But the real insidious part to a cognitive bias is that you actually begin to think your opinion was “validated” by an expert. As a result, you now have less tolerance for the French than before!


You’ll notice arrowheads on the diagram outlines. These show the various phases of the communication as the discussion progresses, including verbal and non-verbal behaviors, reactions, responses, justifications, etc.

The vertical height of each diagram is labeled the “Word Base” and has also been referred to as the “conversation range”. But these terms are vague and don’t convey what’s actually taking place.  So instead let’s think of the diagram’s height as the “Number of Words Spoken” at any given point in the discussion. 

Although individual personalities, preferences and experiences affect communication, the diagrams transcend those differences and instead highlight the behaviors common among those in the group. Culture after all is the very definition of shared collective wisdom. Its influence is so ingrained in our psyche that our conscious minds are seldom aware of any influence at all.

You know all those things we take for granted and call common sense? Things like professionalism, courteousness, accountability, efficiency and candor? Can we assume that these are all universally accepted values?  Well as it turns out, not so much. The funny thing about common sense is that much of it isn’t as common as we’ve been lead to believe.

Take for instance the recent Malaysian Airlines Flight #370 tragedy. Many have criticized the Malaysian authorities for repeatedly giving ambiguous and noncommittal statements. How can the authorities behave like that when so many families are desperately waiting for updates on the situation?

But turn on CNN for a few hours and you’ll soon notice how often they need to correct something they reported earlier. In fact just last week on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart showed a CNN video clip where the anchorwoman corrected a news story…that was broadcast less than a minute earlier!

So why is it that we’ll tolerate behaviors that prize speed over accuracy, but we have no tolerance for someone who has values that place such a high priority on accurate reporting that they’d sooner evade answering questions now than have to admit they were wrong later on?

Or could it be this simple: We misjudge behaviors when we don't realize they incorporate values and beliefs that are different from our own?

And that’s precisely what’s at the heart of most intercultural miscommunications. You see, the best way to reduce any “madness to their method” is to understand the there is a method to their madness.


There’s an old Finnish joke about an American who flies to Helsinki to meet with his customer. After a long day of meetings, the American and the Finnish customer decide to go out for drinks. After about 20 minutes of drinking vodka in complete silence, the American finally speaks up and says, “So Jukka, Cheers!” At which point, Jukka argues, “Wait a moment. Did we come here to talk, or did we come here to drink?”

Now take a look at the Finnish diagram versus the American diagram, and you’ll see some remarkable differences. The Finns are very succinct (e.g., small diagram height) during all phases of the discussion, and get even more succinct when summarizing at the end of the discussion. On the other hand, Americans are not only more verbose throughout the discussion than the Finns, but will increase their use of words to stress a point, or responds to stress. And although Americans by their own standards finish the discussion more succinctly than any other time during the discussion, it’s still considerably more verbose than the Finns ever communicate.

---     ---    ----    ---

So the next time you overhear someone say that all Germans are rude, the British are wishy-washy, or that you can’t trust anyone from [insert nationality of your choice here], consider what George Carlin once said,

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”

George’s observation makes us chuckle because in some odd way, we relate to what he’s saying. Who hasn’t been convinced at one time that they were right and everyone else –faster or slower – was wrong?

Look at it this way:

-   Americans think Germans are rude because the Germans are always too blunt.

-   The Germans think Italians are rude because they waste everyone’s time with too much talking.

-   Italians think the Japanese are rude because the Japanese won’t make an effort to explain their position.

-    The Japanese think Americans are rude because Americans will say anything to anyone, in front of everyone.

 …And around and around it goes.

When it comes to communicating with people from other cultures that have very different beliefs, priorities and behaviors, it’s best to not think in terms of right and wrong. But to think in terms of how its’ different.

---     ---    ----    ---

As the CEO of Global Context since 2005, Stuart Friedman has partnered with Richard Lewis and taught his communication charts and other aspects of cross-cultural studies.

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Homes Are Selling Faster In The Bay Area And Silicon Valley Than Anywhere Else In The US


Northern California's housing market is red hot, and a new report by Trulia shows just how quickly homes are being sold there.  

In the study, Trulia's economists calculated the share of homes that were listed for sale on their site on February 14, 2014 and that were still on the market on April 14, 2014. Using that data, they were able to determine in which major U.S. metros homes have been selling the quickest.

The fastest-moving markets had a lower percentage of homes still listed after the two-month period, while the slowest-moving markets had a higher percentage. 

Trulia found that the top three markets were Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco — all major tech hubs where rising rents and gentrification have been hot topics as of late. In all three of these metros, only roughly a third of the homes that were listed in February were still for sale in April. Nationally, the rate was about 55%. 

They also found that the fastest-moving markets had the highest gains in prices, with year-over-year increases well over the national average of 10%.trulia fastest markets

This scatter plot shows that the markets with the biggest year-over-year price increases generally tend to move faster.  trulia fastest markets

While the fastest-moving markets were all located in the western U.S., those that moved the slowest tended to be concentrated in the Northeast and the South. trulia sloweset markets

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The 21 Best Fast Food Chains In America


chick fil a chicken sandwichOur readers voted and determined that Chick-fil-A is the best chain restaurant in America, according to our survey on the Best Fast Food In America

The fried chicken restaurant beat out heavyweights like Chipotle and McDonald's for the "best overall" fast food title. 

Chick-fil-A, which is currently in the midst of a massive expansion, also earned high marks for service and cleanliness. 

Fans of Chick-fil-A praise the chain's famous chicken sandwich, waffle fries, milkshakes, and breakfast menu. 

Chipotle has skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade. Fans of the brand enjoy the simplistic, high-quality ingredients and ethical stance of the company.

Meanwhile, McDonald's maintained popularity thanks to its classic menu and popular new items like the Egg White Delight sandwich.  

We looked at QSR Magazine's list of top restaurants by location and chose 21 that are well represented nationally. 

Here are the top 21 restaurants, ranked. We've also included the percentage each restaurant received. 

1. Chick-fil-A (20%)

2. Chipotle Mexican Grill (19%)

3. McDonald's (14%)

4. Wendy's (9%)

5. Panera Bread (8%)

6. Starbucks (4%)

7. Burger King (4%)

8. Taco Bell (4%) 

9. Subway (3%) 

10. Whataburger (3%)

11. Sonic (2%)

12. Arby's (1%)

13. Dairy Queen (1%)

14. Jack In The Box (1%)

15. Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen (1%)

16. Dunkin' Donuts (1%)

17. Hardee's (1%)

18. Pizza Hut (1%)

19. KFC (1%)

20. Domino's (1%)

21. Papa John's (1%) 

You've seen the "best overall" category... Now check out the best fast food in America

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This Bizarre Mexican Park Simulates Illegal Border Crossings


Caminata Nocturna

Believe it or not, there is a park in Mexico where people can pay to participate in a simulation of an illegal U.S. border crossing.

Since 2004, Mexico’s Parque EcoAlberto has held the Caminata Nocturna, which translates to night hike, intended to simulate the struggles desperate illegal immigrants go through to cross from Mexico to America.

James Spring recently reported his experience participating in the event held hundreds of miles from the U.S. border, for the radio show This American Life. He spent hours simulating the nighttime border crossing alongside a group of middle-class Mexican salespeople who participated as a corporate team building exercise.

Although not always realistic, the simulation was stressful and frightening for its participants.

“This is the Mexican telenovela version of the border crossing, a dramatic reenactment,” Spring said on This American Life. “This is what sells tickets. That said, the sales people have fully suspended their disbelief. They look totally freaked out.”

The Caminata Nocturna is not a training activity, according to the Spanish language description on the park’s website. The attraction seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal border crossings and encourage young people to lead productive lives in Mexico, instead of risking their lives to leave. The Caminata Nocturna promotes the values of unity, solidarity, and trust to help participants overcome other barriers in their personal lives.

The El Alberto community which organizes the simulation knows the effects of mass emigration firsthand, since 70% of the community’s isolated and largely illiterate population has left for a better future in the U.S., according to the park’s website.

For those who participate in the simulated experience, there is plenty of running and walking along dark trails and rocky hills. Participants also evade fake border patrol agents, violent drug cartel members, and 19th century-inspired Native Americans with the help of human smugglers, known as coyotes.

Fake border patrol trucks with sirens captured some of the participants, and others were shot at with blank ammunition. Drug cartel members pretended to shoot one of the migrants, an actor, and throw the body off a cliff. In once instance, captured participants were only allowed to continue on their way after singing Mexico's national anthem.

Afterward, Spring and his fellow participants were brought to a bluff dotted with hundreds of lit torches, representing those who died while attempting to cross into the U.S. “The sales people are really moved by all of this,” Spring said. “Some look sort of misty-eyed. These stories are a big part of their national heritage, even though the reality of it is so far removed from their own lives.”

Spring reported that tickets for the Caminata Nocturna cost the equivalent of $16, and the village makes very little money from the simulation. It still relies on money sent from the many villagers who have emigrated to the U.S.

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People Waited For Hours To Get Inside New York City's First Cat Café [PHOTOS]


nyc cat cafe

New York's first "cat café" may have only stayed open for a weekend, but by all accounts it was a big success. 

The pop-up coffee shop in Manhattan's East Village hosted 21 adoptable cats alongside a coffee shop. By the time its doors shut Sunday, thousands of people had stopped in, and most of the cats had been adopted.

The cat café was sponsored by Purina ONE to promote cat health awareness, and veterinarians were on site to answer questions from cat owners and help organize cat adoptions. 

"We are thrilled to be able to bring this experience to North America for the first time and I'd say we definitely knew this event would work, but we never anticipated this sort of reception," Niky Roberts from Purina ONE said.

The event generated so much buzz that enthusiastic crowds had to wait in catastrophic lines in order to spend a half-hour inside with the cats. Brooklyn resident Julie Beierwaltes, 26, said she waited for four hours after hearing about the café on Facebook. 

"I heard about these cat coffee shops in Japan and I was hoping that this one in New York would be more like that, but, if this was a permanent café, I would totally hang out here," Beierwaltes said.

We stopped by this weekend to see what all the hype was about.

The Cat Café was easy to spot due to the massive line of people waiting to get in. There was no entry fee, just a 5-hour wait time. Only 45 people were allowed inside the café at a time.

Even though the space could hold more people, the staff tried to keep the crowd down so the cats wouldn't feel overwhelmed. Even so, things seemed a little hectic for the feline guests.

Cats were not actually allowed in the "café" potion of the venue. That's where patrons could pick up a complimentary drink, like the "catachino."

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You've Been Rolling Your Shirtsleeves Wrong Your Entire Life

A Woman Quit Her Job To Travel For Two Years And Took These Incredible Photos In Africa


Africa_Tania Payne 8

In 2009, Tania Payne had just been rejected for a promotion and was floundering in her quest for a new career.

So she left the UK and used her savings to travel around the world with her boyfriend, Alex.

"It wouldn’t have been unreasonable to suggest that my big trip was just an escape from the fact that I had no idea what I was going to do with my life," Payne told Business Insider.

"I was scared of coming home to the same question."

She had four continents, 24 countries, 42 beaches and several mountains to find an answer. On a budget of £20,000 (excluding flights), the couple set out for two years and a few months with plans to see Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and North, South, and Central America. She shared her photos from Africa with Business Insider, along with original captions.

Click to go straight to the photos >

They spent two months in Kenya, where they visited Kibera, the continent's biggest slum.

"I wouldn’t recommend it as a tourist destination exactly," Payne told Business Insider. "But it is an awe-inspiring example of the will of the human spirit to survive in difficult conditions."

Then came safari in the Masaai Mara National Reserve, a volcanic landscape with abundant wildlife. After that, they hiked Mount Kenya.

The remaining time in Africa was split between Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa. And while there were plenty of beautiful sights to behold, traveling had its annoyances.

"Alex and I drove each other nuts," Payne told Business Insider. "Photography is a solitary endeavor, and I have thousands of photos of him fuming."

In Africa and during most of her whole first year away from home, she couldn’t shake a huge nagging doubt that the trip was an extravagant and self-indulgent destruction of her employability and future prospects.

But when she returned to the UK, she felt a subtle but distinct difference.

"The personal profile in my CV had hardly changed but it didn’t feel like I was lying anymore," she told Business Insider. "I really am a passionate, committed, enthusiastic and hardworking professional, and at 35 years old, it was the first time I actually believed it."

Tania sent us photos from her trip, along with original captions, and we've republished them here. You can read more about her travels on her blog, Losing Luggage.

Have an amazing travel story and photos to share? Send an email to thelife@businessinsider.com and we could feature your adventure next.

Escape the bustle of city life in Nairobi National Park, an ecological reserve just a few miles outside of Nairobi, Kenya's capital city. The light is golden at sunrise.

Kibera, a division of Nairobi, is Africa’s biggest urban slum. People live in small shacks and hang their laundry outside on washing lines.

Streets in Kibera offers all the facilities of any busy street.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Here's What Anthony Bourdain Ate At Noma, The Best Restaurant In The World


Anthony Bourdain Noma asparagus

Copenhagen's Noma was just named the Best Restaurant In The World by the prestigious San Pellegrino's World's 50 Best awards.

Food and travel guru Anthony Bourdain is so enamored by the restaurant that he devoted a whole episode of his CNN show, Parts Unknown, to it.

In addition to enjoying an incredible meal at the restaurant, Bourdain spent time with its head chef, René Redzepi, foraging for ingredients at a local beach, harvesting crops at a local farm, and sampling dishes in the restaurant's experimentation lab.

This is the third year Noma has won the top title, and from Bourdain's reactions, it's easy to see why.

Bourdain traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark, where Noma is located.

His sole purpose was to go to Noma and meet executive chef René Redzepi.

Diners wait for months to eat at this 45-seat restaurant. It's famous for its creativity and its emphasis on local and foraged ingredients.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

The Least Healthy Burger At Every Big Fast Food Chain


Everyone knows that fast food burger joints aren’t the healthiest choice on the block, yet millions of Americans still dine at them for that glorious combination of salt, sugar, and fat that our tastebuds just can't resist. 

And in a supersized age where bigger is better, the temptation to indulge is more dangerous than ever. 

To find the fattiest, saltiest, and most nutritionally offensive (but oh-so tasty) fast food burgers in the nation, FindTheBest studied the nutritional facts at America’s top 10 fast food burger chains.

See the most calorie heavy burger at each chain in ascending order, from least to most calories, below. 

McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese

mcdonalds Double Quarter Pounder with CheeseCalories: 750
Total Fat: 43 g
Sodium: 1,280 mg

As the largest fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s has come under huge criticism for obesity in the U.S. and unhealthy diets worldwide.

But the most calorie-heavy burger available at McDonald’s, the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, is only 10th in our list of the worst burgers at the largest fast food burger restaurants in the U.S.

Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger

Calories: 920
Serving Size: 317 g
Total Fat: 62 g
Sodium: 1,310 mg

The Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger may have 120 more calories than the Double Quarter Pounder, but weighing in at 317 grams, compared to the Double Quarter Pounder’s 283 grams, you can expect a few extra bites.

Dairy Queen FlameThrower GrillBurger

dairy queen burgerCalories: 1,010
Serving Size: 321 g
Total Fat: 71 g
Sodium: 1,670 mg

At 321 grams, the FlameThrower GrillBurger from Dairy Queen packs more calories than the Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger, into almost the same sized meal.

And be prepared to eat more than half a pound.

When all is said and done, the GrillBurger weighs about .7 pounds.

Burger King Triple Whopper Sandwich 

burger kingCalories: 1,020
Serving Size: 417 g
Total Fat: 65 g
Sodium: 1,090 mg

The daily recommended intake of fat is 65 grams, which is exactly the amount that's packed into the Triple Whopper Sandwich from Burger King.

And with 23 grams of saturated fat, the burger exceeds that daily recommended intake by 3 grams.

Jack In The Box Sirloin Cheeseburger with Bacon

sirloin cheeseburgerCalories: 1,030
Serving Size: 379 g
Total Fat: 70 g
Sodium: 2,310 mg

Jack in the Box’s Sirloin Cheeseburger with Bacon packs more calories than Burger King’s Triple Whopper into a smaller portion.

And with 70 grams of fat and 23 grams of saturated fat, it exceeds the daily recommended intake for both (65 and 20 grams).

Carl’s Jr. Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger

carls jr burgerCalories: 1,060
Serving Size: 342 g
Total Fat: 59 g
Sodium: 2,012 mg

Just as the Sirloin Cheeseburger was unhealthier, yet smaller than the Triple Whopper, Carl’s Jr.’s Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger is unhealthier, yet smaller than the Sirloin Cheeseburger.

However, it only has 59 grams of fat, which is one gram less than the daily recommended intake. 

Wendy’s Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy ¾ lb. Triple

sirloin cheeseburgerCalories: 1,090
Total Fat: 66 g
Sodium: 1,990 mg

The Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy ¾ Triple has more of everything compared to its Triple Whopper equivalent at Burger King.

There's more calories, more calories from fat (620 vs 580), more saturated fat (29 vs 23 grams), and more sodium (1,090 vs. 1,990 milligrams).

Whataburger Chop House Cheddar Burger

Calories: 1,160
Serving Size: 378 g
Total Fat: 75 g
Sodium: 1,490 mg

Whataburger’s Chop house Cheddar Burger accounts for 58 percent of a 2,000 calorie diet, and surpasses the daily recommended intake for fat and saturated fat by 15 and 9 grams.

Sonic SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger 

sirloin cheeseburgerCalories: 1,240
Serving Size: 396 g
Total Fat: 87 g
Sodium: 1,690 mg

At 396 grams, the SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger pushes a pound (.87 pounds.), and with 87 grams of fat and 35 grams of saturated fat, the burger blows the daily recommended intake for each (65 and 20 grams) out of the water.

It’s also pushing the boundaries on sodium, containing 70 percent of the 2,400 milligrams recommended daily.  

Hardee's ⅔ lb. Monster Thickburger 

lllllCalories: 1,290
Serving Size: 379 g
Total Fat: 92 g
Sodium: 2,840 mg

The Hardee’s ⅔ lb. Monster Thickburger doesn’t weigh as much as the Sonic Burger, but with a whopping 2,840 milligrams of sodium, it has managed to pack in a lot more salt.

So much salt, that this one burger accounts for 118 percent of the daily recommended intake.

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This Viral YouTube Video Shows You How To See Without Glasses


trying on glasses model

Ever forget your glasses and need to see something, like read a menu or a text on your phone? Here's an awesome trick posted on YouTube from Minutephysics.

First you make a fist. Then open your fist just enough to create a tiny hole. Then peer through the hole at the object. Voila! You can see. You can even read. You don't look like the coolest person in the room reading through your fist, but it works.

It works because limiting light to the eyeball increases focus, Minutephysics explains. Looking through pinholes is not a practical way to correct your vision full-time, as it also  limits peripheral vision, which is why we invented glasses and contacts.

Still, it works in a pinch. And that's why this video has gotten so popular on YouTube.

Take a peek for yourself:

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It Took 12 Hours And 500 Photos To Get This Perfect Shot Of A Gull In Front Of The Capitol Building


Ringes Bill Gull in front of the Capitol building

It took 4 trips, 12 hours, and more than 500 photos for photographer Don Chernoff to get the photo of the gull above, with the U.S. Capitol building perfectly sandwiched between the bird's wings.

The incredible shot appears as the cover photo of Chernoff's book, "Wild Washington."

In an email, Chernoff told us how he was able to get the money photo: "I had to bribe the gulls with food to get one to land about a foot in front of my lens. Most animals would never come that close but gulls are different, especially the ones that hang around tourist spots and get used to people. I set up the camera to get the capitol building in frame and then tried to get a gull to land with its wings spread to show the building between the wings."

Chernoff, who runs a luggage company called Skyroll, says photography is just his hobby.

Below is a sample of some of the photos published in his book, which were all taken over a 4-year period.

A white tailed deer buck is seen in front of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

White Tailed Deer buck in front of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

A ruddy turnstone on the eastern shore.

Ruddy Turnstone on the eastern shoreA painted turtle catching some rays. Painted Turtle catching some raysAn osprey nesting on a buoy next to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

Osprey nesting on a buoy next to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

An osprey building a nest on the Potomac river.Osprey building a nest on the PotomacA marsh wren singing on the eastern shore. Marsh Wren singing on the eastern shoreA green heron hunting on the Potomac river.

Green Heron hunting on the PotomacA great egret near Chincoteague National Wildlife Reserve. Great Egret near Chincoteague NWR.JPGA flying squirrel. Flying SquirrelAn Eastern screech owl.

Eastern Screech owl

Damsleflies mating on the Potomac.Damsleflies mating on the Potomac

A chickadee fledgling begging for lunch from mom and dad.Chickadee fledgling begging for lunch from mom & dadA Canadian Goose dad with his chicks. Canada Goose dad with chicksA barn swallow with mud for building a nest.

Barn Swallow with mud for building a nest

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How To Make The Quintessential New York City Bagel




New York City bagels are so renown that people on the West Coast are willing to stand in line for two hours in the rain to get a taste of day-old versions of authentic city bagels.

We visited top New York City bagel shop Ess-a-Bagel to see how these doughy breakfast staples are made.

Produced by Will Wei

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