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Wildly Colorful Infographics Show The Chemistry Behind Everyday Foods


Literally everything around us is made up of chemicals. That includes all foods. And the different kinds of chemicals they contain give the stuff we eat their flavors, colors, and smells.

On the blog Compound Interest, a chemist and teacher in the United Kingdom has illustrated the chemistry behind everyday foods through a series of colorful infographics. Check them all out below.

The taste of coffee partly comes from chlorogenic acids, which make up 8% of unroasted coffee beans.

The Chemistry of CoffeeAldehydes found in the leaves of coriander (also known as cilantro) that are similar to those found in soaps and lotions are what cause the herb to taste soapy to some people.

The Chemistry of CorianderA compound called myristicin could be one of several compounds responsible for nutmeg's hallucinogenic effect, produced when the spice is consumed in amounts larger than one tablespoon.

The Chemistry of Nutmeg Theobromine, a stimulant that produces a similar effect to caffeine, is what makes chocolate toxic to dogs.

The Chemistry of Chocolate Beetroot gets its deep red color from a class of compounds called betacyanins. When betacyanins aren't broken down by the digestive system, they can also turn our pee red.

The Chemistry of BeetrootThe breakdown of asparagusic acid, a chemical found only asparagus, might be what causes some people's pee to smell after eating the vegetable.

The Chemistry of AsparagusAn enzyme that's released when onions are chopped, breaking the cell walls, acts as an irritant that causes our eyes to water.

The Chemistry of an Onion Citric acid makes up around 6% of the lemon's juice and is what makes it taste sour.

The Chemistry of a Lemon A class of chemical compounds called furanocoumarins can interfere with how some prescription drugs are broken down by the body.

The Chemistry of a GrapefruitA family of compounds called capsaicinoids are what gives chillies their heat. A burning sensation is produced when the capsaicinoids bind to a receptor in the mouth.

The Chemistry of a ChilliPolyphenols give tea their taste and color.

The Chemistry of Tea Head over to the Compound Interest to see more educational graphics about chemical compounds »

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TED Speaker Explains What Porn Is Getting All Wrong About Sex

Someone Paid $36 Million For This Cup And They Don't Understand Why That's Weird


Meiyintang chicken cup wine cup

Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian paid a record-breaking $36 million for a rare Ming-era wine cup that's 500 years old.

People were amazed at the high price of the relic, but Yiqian didn't bat an eye, telling The Wall Street Journal, "Why do you all care so much about the price? I bought it only because I like it."

He said the price was reasonable.

The cup — known as the chicken cup because of its design — is one of only 16 like it. It is considered one of the most sought-after items in Chinese art, Reuters reported.

Yiqian made millions in finance and has been called China's biggest art collector.

(Via Shangaiist

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The Only 3 Accessories Men Can Get Away With




Tie bars, tie pins, and lapel pins are tricky for most men to pull off.

We visited Bergdorf Goodman's men's store to chat with Town & Country Magazine's style director, Stellene Volandes. When it comes to men's jewelry, her advice is "to proceed with caution."

She also gives us some tips on shirt studs and cuff links that pair well with formal wear.

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The Cronut Bakery Is Back After ‘Cruel And Sensationalized Attacks’


dominique ansel back open

The Dominique Ansel Bakery is out of purgatory and has been officially reopened this morning to New York City cronut lovers.

Last Friday, the Department of Health (DOH) shut down the much-beloved bakery after a video of a mouse running across the restaurant’s floor surfaced online. The DOH inspectors claimed the bakery had a “severe mouse infestation” and closed it down, though ultimately the DOH did not find any mice but instead “several hundred mouse droppings," according to a statement given to Gothamist. 

While shuttered, the restaurant staff upgraded the establishment by re-cementing and refurbishing the bakery's floors to better prevent against mice and to comply with DOH guidelines. After a re-opening inspection on Monday, the restaurant is now back in business and at the time of this post retains its 'A' grade health inspection rating.

In a response on Facebook, Dominique Ansel and his team write that they believe the shuttering of the bakery and subsequent media response were both “cruel and sensationalized attacks that are not framed in the proper context” and that “systems should not be abused to single-out any one business over another.”

To celebrate this morning’s reopening, the team offered a special edition cronut inspired by the movie “Rocky” that is chocolate with a golden star, along with a quote from the movie:

cronut reopening rocky balboa dominique anselObviously, those early and long cronut lines were back in full-force as well:

Here’s their full Facebook response

Dear friends,

What you see in the photo is us — the less than 20 members of the Dominique Ansel Bakery team in our Soho bakery. This is all of us. In the past year, we have woken up daily knowing that our success has made us vulnerable to more malicious attacks than any small, one-shop business should ever have to suffer. But we refuse to believe that we live in a world where success turns people into targets of spite and contempt. We choose instead to believe that it has led us to so many of you, our adoring fans and customers whom have sent your support. Thank you for the hundreds of emails, calls, and personal letters we received.

Our dream is that we can encourage creativity and inspire those around the world to do the same. And this morning we wake to pursue this one simple dream harder than ever before. With your help, we know we will get there and develop a constructive and genuine way to improve every day.

We are deeply sorry for any disappointment that we may have caused you. Taking this opportunity, we have completely fortified our facilities with a full reconstruction and re-cementing, taking every issue seriously in an effort to provide an even more pristine environment for our guests. As you know, we cook in completely opened kitchens, so everything we do is in full view.

Looking forward, our hope is that honest, hard-working businesses should not have to face cruel and sensationalized attacks that are not framed in the proper context. And systems should not be abused to single-out any one business over another. We urge our customers to seek deeper details and answers before jumping to conclusions. And regardless of the hits, we will take every chance and criticism as a lesson learned and work harder to rise to the expectations you have of us and that we have of ourselves. 

On Tuesday morning, we open our doors at 8am as usual. We are excited to welcome you back and looking forward to greeting you all personally, as we do every day. In the words of Rocky Balboa — whose theme song has been playing on our radio all weekend long while we worked to deliver everything that was required of us and more — "getting hit and keep moving forward…that's how winning is done!"

With our very best,

The Dominique Ansel Bakery Team

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The 25 Most Popular Travel Destinations In The World


Dubai United Arab Emirates

TripAdvisor just announced the winners of its 2014 Travelers’ Choice awards for Destinations.

Millions of TripAdvisor users voted on their favorite destinations around the world — and Asia was the big winner this year.

Six of the top 25 spots on TripAdvisor's list of the World's Top Travel Destinations are in Asia, including new hotspots like Hanoi, Vietnam (#8); Siem Reap, Cambodia (#9); and Shanghai, China (#12). Of course perennial favorites like Rome and London made the list too, but the number one spot may surprise you.

Award winners were based on millions of TripAdvisor reviews of hotels, attractions and restaurants for different cities over a 12-month period.

#25 San Francisco, California

#24 Chiang Mai, Thailand

#23 Lisbon, Portugal

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Here's Why Istanbul Is The Most Popular Travel Destination In The World


Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey, was just ranked the most popular travel destination in the world by TripAdvisor.

Millions of TripAdvisor users voted on their favorite destinations around the world, and Istanbul took the top spot. This is surprising because the Middle Eastern city jumped 11 spots from the previous year, surpassing perennial favorites like London and Rome.

So why are travelers flocking to Istanbul? Perhaps it's because the vibrant city embodies both ancient and modern. It's chock-full of historic mosques and monuments, but it also has tons of hip boutiques, cool restaurants, and design-savvy boutique hotels that hipsters, foodies, artists and fashionistas love. The city feels decidedly chic — and travelers from all over the world are taking note.

Located in a former warehouse on the Bosphorus, the Istanbul Modern showcases cutting-edge contemporary art from Turkish artists.

The restaurant at the Istanbul Modern serves international cuisine in a sleek design-conscious setting.

Nearby, the neighborhood of Cihangir is quickly becoming one of the coolest areas in Istanbul, attracting hipsters and artists with its Bohemian chic vibe and its cafes, shops and galleries.

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Airbus Reveals The Swanky Cabin In Its New Jetliner


Airbus A350 XWB business

Airbus has finally released photos of the interior of its new jetliner, and it looks pretty swanky.

The A350 XWB has been in the works for about a decade and represents the latest effort to improve passenger comfort, aerodynamics, and fuel efficiency. It's one of the first commercial jets to be made primarily of composite materials instead of metal, and it promises "comfort without compromise."

Economy class will feature rows of nine seats, with each seat measuring 18 inches wide. Here's a rendering:

Airbus A350 XWB economy

Airbus is offering a new generation of in-flight entertainment options. The electronics that back up the screens are set up so they don't take up space under the seat, leaving for passengers' feet.

Airbus A350 XWB

Business class looks like a nice place to spend a few hours:

Airbus A350 XWB business

Airbus A350 XWB business extra wide cabin

Airbus A350 XWB business

With LED lighting, airlines can choose from 16.7 million color options.

Airbus A350 XWB cabin Business

Airbus said it would offer airlines the choice of using a new lightweight seat from Recaro:

Airbus A350 XWB RECARO seat plane

Here's the A350:

Airbus A350 XWB MSN2 test takeoff

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This Incredible Map Shows Just How Gigantic Texas Really Is


Texans like to talk all the time about how big Texas is, and how if you're driving from the bottom of Texas to Canada, then you're spending half of your time just getting through the state itself.

So is that true? It's pretty close. Texas really is gigantic.

Redditor Armeleon put together a map that gives you a good idea of the massive size of Texas.

Texas spans about 800 miles from north to south. Everything seen in red on the map is closer than 791 miles to Texas (the longest straight-line distance in Texas from north to south is actually 801 miles, but Armeleon used 791 miles as a benchmark to create the map).

Check it out:

It's mind-boggling to think that, for example, Corpus Christi is closer to Cuba than it is to Denver

It's worth noting that the map above is slightly distorted because it is flat and the world is spherical. The size and shape of objects seen on a flat map aren't exact.

(via Yes To Texas)

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This Former Movie Stuntman Lives On An Island By Himself [PHOTOS]



After a high-flying career that saw movie stuntman Pascal Whelan work on some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, including "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "Live and Let Die," Whelan called it quits and headed off to virtually abandoned Omey Island off the coast of Ireland.

Whelan routinely hitchhikes off the island to a nearby pub on the mainland, and by chance, photographer Kevin Griffin picked him up one day. Griffin was intrigued by Whelan’s story, and it wasn’t long before Griffin decided he had to be the one to tell it.

Whelan and Griffin have since collaborated on "Omey Island: Last Man Standing," a new photo book. Griffin shared a number of the photos with us here, and you can check out the rest on his website.

Whalen grew up on Omey Island in the 1940s, when there were other families living there. The inhabitants lived self-sufficiently in cottages with thatched roofs, tending to small farms of vegetables and animals. When he became an adult, he moved to Australia, where he became a stuntman. He eventually started a "stunt show" and spent seven years touring Australia.

Bare_FeetAfter he grew tired of touring in Australia, Whelan moved back to Ireland, bought a mobile home, put it on the island, and started a stuntman school on the mainland.Eel_WatchingWhile Whelan was running the stuntman school, a friend of his was fatally injured during one of the shows. After that, Whelan abandoned his career and moved completely to the island.head_downWhelan told Business Insider he moved to the island because he spent his "happiest childhood moments" there. He calls it a spiritual "healing place." Everyone else on the island has long since moved away to more modern living situations, but Whelan loves the peaceful solitude. Kitchen_InteriorBecause the island is located only a mile off the shore, people can drive or walk to the island when the tide is low.

Omey_RacesTime the tide wrong and you could lose a car. He calls himself a "master tide-timer," but even he once lost two cars in one week.Jump_StartDuring the summer months, many people come for a day of relaxing or taking in the more gruesome sights on the island, like this beached whale.

Beached_WhaleDuring the winter, it can be dark on the island for 15 hours out of the day, because it is so stormy there. People rarely visit then.rainWhen Whelan was younger and healthier, he would spend the mornings on the island fishing for lobster or picking shellfish for dinner that night. These days, Whelan is far less active. Rowing_LessonWhelan used to maintain a robust vegetable garden. Now, he has a smaller one where he grows onions and carrots because they are "low maintenance."Tomato_PlantAround noon, Whelan drives or hitchhikes to a local pub on the mainland called Sweeney's. After a few pints of beer, Whelan heads back to the island.Orange_BicDespite his living situation, Whelan told the Independent he is "not a hermit, far from it." Omey Island is simply the only place that he wants to live.Scar

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The $79.5 Million Penthouse On Manhattan's Billionaire Row Will Have Six Bedrooms And A Private Elevator


432 Park Avenue penthouse floor plan big

The floor plan of one of the most desirable penthouses on Manhattan's famed Billionaire Row has finally been revealed, and it looks phenomenal.

Real estate firm Douglas Elliman released the sketch of the $79.5 million penthouse on the 92nd floor at 432 Park Avenue. The floor plan includes 8,255 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms (including separate "his" and "hers" for the master bedroom), a private elevator landing, an "entrance gallery," and a library. 

We've previously reported that Deborah Berke is designing the luxurious pad, which will have double-height ceilings, oak flooring, and huge square windows throughout for unparalleled views of the city.

The amenities in the building will also be incredible. 432 Park will have its own private restaurant, an outdoor garden to host events, a 75-foot indoor swimming pool, a fitness center and spa with massage rooms, a library, a billiards room, a screening/performance venue, and even a yoga studio. 

432 Park is just one in a series of super-tall buildings rising on the southern end of Central Park, an area known fondly as Billionaire's Row. And at 1,396 feet and 96 stories, 432 Park will not only be the tallest residential building in the neighborhood, but in the Western Hemisphere.

The tower is set to be completed in 2015. Here's a sneak peak of what the final place could look like:

432 park ave

432 park ave

432 park ave

432 park ave

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The Best New York Steakhouse For A Wall Street Power Lunch


Del Frisco's, salad

You can't talk about deals just anywhere.

Think anyone can take you seriously over a chopped salad with chickpeas and tuna? Well, they can't.

Serious conversation requires a serious meal, and on Wall Street there is no meal more serious than steak.

Last month Business Insider polled readers to find out which NYC steakhouses ruled them all. Naturally, on that survey we had to ask which restaurant was the best for a power lunch.

Del Frisco's won with 37% of the vote. Other contenders included Bobby Van's Steakhouse (21%), Delmonicos (19%), and Sparks Steak House (13%).

Del Frisco's is a massive Midtown space run by former bond trader Scott Gould — who has an eye for ambience — so its victory is no surprise. Gould knows who to seat at what power table (there are power tables), how you like your drink, and what everyone likes to order off the menu.

And perhaps more important than any of that (in many cases) Del Frisco's is a place to be seen.

"It's loud, it's boisterous, and you're going to bump into people you've worked with in the past," Gould once told Business Insider.

Think Cheers — but  if it were one of the highest grossing restaurant in America with $500+ bottles of wine on the list.

So better than Cheers.

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Yale Apologizes To 90-Pound Student After Allegedly Forcing Her To Gain Weight


Yale Sterling library

Health officials at Yale University apologized to junior Frances Chan for the "months of anguish" they put her through in forcing her to gain weight. 

According to her story on Huffington Post, "Yale University Thinks I Have an Eating Disorder," doctors told Chan that they needed to start monitoring her 90-lb weight after a breast exam.

They told her if she did not comply, they would put her on medical leave, with a clinician saying, "If it were up to the administration, school would already be out for you. I'm just trying to help."

Even though she insisted that she was healthy and naturally thin, they forced her to take weekly weigh-ins and urine tests, blood tests, and have meetings with mental health and nutritionist professionals due to her low BMI.

After gaining two pounds by gorging on ice cream, cookies, and Cheetos, she still didn't meet their 95-pound weight requirement. She reported that when she doubted she could pack on the pounds, a nurse told her, "If we don't tackle your low weight now, it will kill you." 

After "being forced to meet a standard that I could never meet," Chan eventually broke down and enlisted help.

She switched doctors and had her parents to speak with the health department. She reported on her Facebook Friday that Yale officials have apologized and the saga has ended.

Her Facebook post from April 4, 2014:

Just visited Yale Health with my parents and met with a new doctor. She apologized repeatedly for the "months of anguish" I went through and admitted that BMI is not the end all be all. She also looked at my medical records since freshman year (which the previous clinician had not done) and noted that she saw that my weight had remained around the same. So she trusts that I do not have an eating disorder and admitted that "we made a mistake." She also does not want me to feel uncomfortable coming to Yale Health if I get a flu or something. I do still have to see them, but at most once a semester. And I'll be away for the coming year, so....LET TIME BE A MIGHTY RIVER!!!

When reached for comment, University Press Secretary Tom Conroy told Business Insider, "Federal health regulations (HIPPA) prohibit Yale from discussing the health care of any individual, whether it's a student or an employee, so we are unable to comment on Frances's care. Yale provides exceptional health care services, and the health and welfare of all of our students is our primary concern."

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A British Charity Is Raising Money For The Poor By Insulting Them


A new charity ad suggests that the only way to get people to pay attention to the poor is to insult them. 

In something of an unorthodox move, the United Kingdom's Pilion Trust sent a man into a busy London street wearing a sign around his neck that said "F*** THE POOR," and filmed how people reacted.

F the poor pixelated

The response, as you might imagine, was hostile, with passersby stopping either to express their anger or to more politely explain how good people can become poor due to circumstances beyond their control.Man being upset with F the Poor guy

The purpose of the ad doesn't become clear until about 45 seconds in, when the video shows what happens when the man returns to the street wearing a sign reading "HELP THE POOR."

Instead of stopping to insult the man, fellow Londoners merely walk by as if he isn't even there. At the end, the video fades to black and a written message that says "PLEASE CARE ENOUGH TO GIVE."

Guy with help the poor sign

According to Pilion Trust's website, the charity provides basic services like food, temporary shelter, and counseling to homeless people in the London area.

In a blog post, Pilion Trust said it has recently endured government funding cuts of 60%, and made the ad as a means of reminding people they need to care enough to donate money in order to make a difference.

"We understand that some may be shocked by this footage," Pilion Trust chief executive Savvas Panas wrote. "We are more offended however, that people across the United Kingdom are living in adverse poverty."

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Vintage Photos Show How Idyllic Italy Was In The 1980s



Photographer Charles Traub has been documenting the world through his all-seeing lens for the better part of fifty years, but no place has made more of an impression on him than Italy.

Though he has visited countless times since, Traub's trips to Italy during the 1980s — the period when he first visited — remains a critical points of his career. During that time, Traub traveled to various parts of Italy each year, staying for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, to photograph what he called La Dolce Via, or the Sweet Way, a reference to the exuberant street life that has long been a hallmark of Italian culture.

The street culture and leisurely pace that Traub documented is now mostly gone, he says, as Italy struggles to keep up with the competitive global economy. Traub calls his work from this period “a time capsule” to an Italy that no longer exists.

Though Traub has shared a number of his photos with us here, the entire collection forms the basis of his new book, aptly titled, Dolce Via: Italy In the 1980's

PG 41 Agrigento 81

PG 23 Venice 81

PG 5 Rome 80

PG 9 five kide Naples 81

PG 1 watermelon Naples 81

PG 47 Rome 81

PG 27 Milan 81

PG 39 Florence 81

PG 3 trevi fountain Rome 81

PG 8 woman on vespa Amalfi 82 (Dolce_Via_9)

PG 16 kids Rome 82

PG 19 hallway Naples 82

PG 97 three nuns Rome 82

PG 67 Naples 82

PG 31 Florence 82

PG 57 Reggio Emlia

PG 83 Naples 85

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6 Scientifically Proven Things Men Can Do To Be More Attractive




Every man wants to know what will make him irresistible to women — especially when it comes to things he can change and control.

How much time should he spend at the gym? What colors look best? Should he shave? We turned to science for answers.


Color, facial hair, posture,smile, muscles, sweat.

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What Accents From Across The UK Actually Sound Like


Even though the United Kingdom and Ireland are roughly the size of the Great Lakes, the area's regional accents are just as varied as those across the United States.

Dialect coach Andrew Jack recently explained and demonstrated different accents on BBC Radio 4For people less familiar with the geography, however, we recommend a video from YouTube user Philip Barker that pairs Jack's audio with an animation using Google Maps.

Received Pronunciation (RP) and Cockney, the first two accents Jack covers, will probably sound most familiar to American ears because of their frequent use in movies and television. RP is the "standard" British accent, while Cockney is associated with London's East End neighborhood. 

The farther southwest you go, the more the British accents pick up the strong "r" that's characteristic of the Irish brogue. The northern English accents are almost Scottish, with more pronounced glottal stops. Scottish Highland accents have a "poetic" quality that almost sounds Scandinavian.

Check it out:

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Here's The Best Perk Hotels Can Offer Travelers


Plush bedding, fancy lobbies, and extras like pools and gyms are all great, but it turns out that the number one thing travelers care about when staying in a hotel is free breakfast. 

Hotels.com surveyed thousands of travelers, and found that the most important hotel amenity travelers want is complimentary breakfast. A hotel restaurant was ranked as the second-most important amenity, showing that there is a growing emphasis on hotel dining.

“Popular hotel amenities like parking, non-smoking rooms and pools have become more standardized, and we’re seeing that travelers are placing more value on quality food options than ever before which is good news for foodies!” said Taylor L. Cole, APR travel expert for Hotels.com.

Wi-Fi, which has been the most sought-after hotel amenity for the past two years, is now #3. But staying connected in room is very important to travelers: free Wi-Fi ranked as the #1 in-room amenity.

Here's the full list of the 10 Most Important Hotel Property Amenities:


Hotel Amenity


Complimentary Breakfast




Internet / Free Wi-Fi




24 hours Front Desk Service


Smoke Free Hotel


Swimming Pool




Air Conditioning


Coffee/Tea in Lobby


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Bentley Is Making An Electric SUV


bentley suv teaser sand

Bentley is building a plug-in hybrid electric SUV, it announced today.

The move isn't a surprise. The ultra-luxury arm of Volkswagen confirmed its plans to build an SUV in July, and the automaker has expressed interest in plug-in hybrid technology before.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) combine the ability to run on electricity stored in a battery with an internal combustion engine. They usually offer an EV mode range of less than 40 miles, with the capability to drive more than 200 more miles on traditional gas power.

Research shows that customers would be interested, Bentley Sales and Marketing Director Kevin Rose told Business Insider at the Detroit Auto Show in January. The key is making it easy to use, "which is what we're working on," he said at the time.

In a press release, Bentley said at least 90% of its production will be available as a PHEV by the end of the decade.

Bentley will show a concept version of the PHEV SUV at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition later this month.

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Chinese Consumers Are Completely Obsessed With Pizza


Pizza Hut in China

China is going through a pizza renaissance. 

Because Chinese consumers see pizza as an iconic part of the American diet, demand for the food is expected to continue surging, writes David Stringer at Bloomberg. 

China's biggest cheese supplier, Fonterra, predicts demand for mozzarella cheese will surge 20% in the next two years because of the trend, according to Bloomberg.

In addition to increasing their output from their home base of New Zealand, Fonterra is also planning on doubling locations in China. Fonterra supplies cheese to Domino's Pizza. 

Pizza Hut parent company Yum Brands estimates that China's consuming class will double to 600 million people by 2020, meaning that demand for fast food and pizza will continue to grow. 

“The growth of fast food and processed food throughout Asia is leading to higher demand for processed cheese and mozzarella,” Mark Topy, an analyst at Canaccord Genuity Group, told Bloomberg. “There’s going to be some opportunities in that space for companies that can provide a long term supply of mozzarella.”

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