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America's Most Expensive Hotel Room Costs $45,000 A Night — And It's Non-Negotiable



At $45,000 a night, the Ty Warner Penthouse in the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City is the most expensive hotel room in North America.

So, what do you get for this (non-negotiable) price? For starters, you're 700 feet above Manhattan and have a one-of-a-kind 360-degree view of the city. You also get a personal butler who will tend to your every need, a chauffeur who will drive you anywhere in a Rolls Royce, and a $65,000 bed with 22-karat gold woven throughout the bedspread.

Take our tour of the Ty Warner Penthouse to see why it's one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world.

Produced by Will Wei. Additional Camera by Justin Gmoser.

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CHART: Here's Where New York City's Non-Native Residents Come From


Mobile data has provided a great way to easily track where people are moving, and Spokeo has created a chart that shows the most common out-of-state cellphone numbers found in New York City.

Unsurprisingly, most of New York's transplants come from neighboring states New Jersey and Connecticut, with a sprinkling from large states across the country. 

Check it out:

New York City transplants chart

Spokeo also has a list of the top cities where people relocate from. It seems that most of the California transplants are coming from cities, whereas the starting points of non-native residents from New Jersey and Florida are more spread out:

New York City transplants chart

New York City is also a popular destination for immigrants, with more than 128,000 foreigners moving to the city between July 2012 and July 2013. 

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Circus Troupe Gives An Incredibly Mesmerizing Performance Inside An Abandoned Warehouse


Circus Lights

Circulus, a brand-new British circus company based in London, brings together the most promising circus and theatrical production talent in the UK.

But there's a catch — and it's not a safety net. They perform in forgotten spaces, like abandoned warehouses. This is not your average circus. 

According to their YouTube channel, Circulus aims "to transform a space, inviting our audiences to step from the mundane drudgery of the streets into a totally immersive, modern circus experience."

In their launch video, released this week, the Circulus team performs in a forgotten warehouse in London's east end, covered with dust, bricks, wood and metal scraps.

Hardly the definition of "safe," so don't try this at home.

The result is mesmerizing.

Circulus makes sure to leave everything in the performance space as-is. They bring in trampolines and mats, but they don't clear much out of the way:

circus 1

The range of talent is unbelievable:

circus 2

And there's something going on with every turn the camera makes. Because of the way the videos of their performances are shot, you feel like you're watching B-roll from Baz Luhrman's "Moulin Rouge" or "Romeo and Juliet." 

Circus 3

It's pretty incredible to see what these folks are capable of:

Circus Last

You can check out the full video below, and learn more about Circulus' performances here.

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Whisper Is Supposedly Moving Into Anjelica Huston's $11 Million Venice 'Fortress'


anjelica huston house

After sitting for more than three years on the market, the Venice, Calif., home of actress Anjelica Huston has finally sold, Curbed LA reported.

But the fortress-like home, which was originally listed for $18 million, and reportedly sold for $11.15 million, won't be housing another Hollywood celebrity.

Instead, it's been reported that the unnamed buyer will rent the space to Whisper, a startup that recently put its Santa Monica headquarters up for rent. 

Yesterday, a source confirmed the move to Valleywag

The house itself has an interesting past. Late last year, Megan Ellison was in escrow to purchase it, and in 2012 there were even talks of turning it into a "gourmet bathing club."

The home certainly commands your attention.

It's located at one of the busiest intersections in Venice and has some great views of the notoriously quirky beach community.

At first glance, the interior design seems just as industrial as the exterior.

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34 Things Every New Yorker Should Do This Spring


cherry blossom festival at brooklyn botanical garden

It's been a long and brutal winter in New York City, but it's officially spring and — hallelujah — the weather is finally turning.

With spring comes a whole new slew of cool cultural events, great food offerings, and classic New York activities.

Here are 34 great spring activities that all New Yorkers should do this season.

Save some cash and buy reasonably priced artwork at the Affordable Art Fair from April 3-6.

Learn more about the Affordable Art Fair »

For the ultimate wino: Taste hundreds of new wines from around the world at Wine Riot in Chelsea from April 4-5

Learn more about the Wine Riot »

Whack a stranger with a pillow on April 5, International Pillow Fight Day. Bring your own pillow to Washington Square Park and start brawling.

Learn more about International Pillow Fight Day »

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A High School In Georgia Held Its First Ever Racially Integrated Prom


Georgia Integrated Prom

The 2014 prom at Wilcox County High School in southern Georgia was the first racially integrated prom ever thrown by the school, according to the New York Daily News.

Although the rural district integrated in the 1970s, all dances were still segregated because the school left it up to the community to organize the events. An office worker at the high school told Business Insider a Military Ball was the only school-sponsored dance and it was open to any student in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. 

Last year, instead of settling for separate black and white proms, four senior girls organized an alternative prom for all students with the help of local parents. While some posters promoting the dance at school were torn down, the prom was ultimately a success: Facebook page for the 2013 prom garnered nearly 30,000 likes, donations poured in with some DJs offering their services for free, and about half of the 400-student school attended. 

For the 2014 prom, school officials decided to sponsor what they called the "inaugural prom," which was held last weekend. It was the first prom ever sanctioned by the school, but the label downplays the controversy surrounding this year's dance becoming the first official prom for black and white students.

"It went really well and was really well attended as any school event would be," Wilcox County Schools Superintendent Steve Smith told Business Insider. "We're a small community and word got out really well. We didn't do anything special to advertise it."

Smith said around 300 people from the community stopped by the prom at 10 p.m. to watch a "Senior Walk," where the upperclassmen were introduced with their dates. 

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24 Photos Of Floyd Mayweather Flaunting His Insane Wealth


floyd mayweather money counting

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the highest-earning athlete in the world.

With an undefeated record, he's good enough to back it up.

Unlike other super-rich athletes like Tiger Woods and Tom Brady, Floyd is not afraid to flaunt his wealth. He posts photos of himself and his money (literally, stacks of money) all the time, and they are unreal.

This feature is a part of our Most Dominant Athletes series.

He deposited a mountain of cash at the bank.

He sat in his hot tub and ate fruit and cheese with a fork.

His $6.4 million watch collection.

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Basic Options Cost A Huge Amount Of Money In McLaren's New Supercar


McLaren 650S Coupe

The coupe version of McLaren's latest supercar, the 650S, will start for $265,500 in the U.S., the high-end automaker has announced.

If that price doesn't seem too high, wait until you consider how much you'll have to spend to enjoy features that often come standard in much, much cheaper cars.

Want heated seats? Prepare to shell out $3,500. An electrically adjustable steering column? That's $1,870. A rearview parking camera — which by 2018 will be required on all new cars —  costs $1,400.

A first aid kid with a warning triangle in case you break down costs $70, but you can have an ashtray installed for free.

Charging huge prices for simple features is not unique to McLaren; it's pretty much how things work at this end of the market. Ferrari says customers who buy the $316,000 F12berlinetta usually add options that send the price up over $360,000.

After all, if you're paying over $250,000 for a car, what's another $50,000?

The convertible version of the 650S starts for $280,225. Here's the full options list for the coupe. Click to enlarge:

mclaren 650s options pricing sheet

WATCH NOW: How To Drive A $300,000 Ferrari

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We Did The Math: Is Juicing At Home Really Worth It?

These GIFs Of Earth's Natural Phenomena Will Blow Your Mind



The natural world is full of incredible scenes and events.

And often, still images don't do these phenomena justice. You can only understand their power, movement, and beauty through animation. 

From electric blue ocean waves to spiraling columns of fire, here are some of the planet's most amazing natural occurrences and land formations in GIFs.

Fire devils occur when intense heat brought on by drought combines with rotating air.

These menacing spirals of flame, also known as fire tornadoes, can grow to be more than 150 feet tall, spewing embers and debris into the air. Though typically only lasting a few minutes, the whirls of fire can contribute to the spread of wildfires. 


Source: NBC Today Show

Brinicles are underwater icicles.

When sea ice melts, it leaves behind brine that is so salty it sinks. A brinicle forms when sea water freezes around the descending salt.

As the underwater icicle moves toward the sea floor, it kills nearly everything in its path by encasing it in ice. A film crew for the BBC was the first to capture this phenomenon on camera.


Source: Discovery

Bioluminescent red tide, which causes ocean waters in Southern California to glow neon blue at night, is created by single-celled organisms called dinoflagellates.

The organism forms algae blooms, or red tides, that emit electric blue light when disrupted. All it takes is the breaking of a wave or a surfer paddling for the chemical reaction to happen. Although many forms of red tide are toxic, this particular form is harmless to humans.

red tide.gif

 Source: Loghan Call/YouTube

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11 Surprising Words You're Probably Mispronouncing



With all its accents and dialects, the English language naturally includes variation in sound. But sometimes people just flat out mispronounce words. 

Take a look at these 11 examples. We bolded the emphasized syllable and included links for audio (click the word to listen).

While some words have multiple acceptable pronunciations, the audio links include the standard pronunciation.

The true pronunciations might surprise you.

1. comptroller

(noun): a person in charge of the financial accounts of a company or organization

The standard pronunciation is the same as "controller."

This word began as a variant of "controller," with influence from an unrelated French word, "compte," meaning "an account."

2. kibosh

(noun): something that serves as a check or stop; "put the kibosh on that"

The standard pronunciation is "ky-bosh," not "kih-bosh."

Charles Dickens' "Sketches by Boz" gave us the first written example in 1836. He spelled the word, possibly phonetically, as "kye-bosk."

3. sherbet

(noun): a frozen sweet dessert made from fruit or fruit juices

Many say "sher-bert," though there's no second "r" — not even a silent one. It's not to be confused with "sorbet" (sor-bay), which contains no milk. Sherbet does.

4. mischievous

(adjective): showing a playful desire to cause trouble

The standard pronunciation is "mis-chiv-us," not "mis-chee-vee-us."

This mispronunciation also lends itself to spelling errors. When people add the extra syllable, they often add an "i" and incorrectly write "michievious."

5. prestigious

(adjective): having prestige, honored

The preferred pronunciation is "pre-sti-jus," not "pre-stee-jus."

6. banal

(adjective): boring or ordinary, not interesting

Standard pronunciation is "buh-nal," not "bay-nul."

7. peremptory

(adjective): used to describe a command you must obey without question or excuse

It's pronounced "pe-remp-tory," not "pre-emp-tory."

When people pronounce "peremptory" as "preemptory," they're probably mistaking it for another adjective entirely: "preemptive," which means "done to stop an unwanted act from another group from happening." 

8. Realtor

(noun): used for a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors

It's pronounced "real-ter," not "real-a-tor."

Latin links "real" and "estate" together, but Realtor was created, capitalized, and trademarked to describe brokers who are members of the national association, according to Robert Willson, an English professor turned real estate agent.

Willson speculates that the mispronunciation comes from metathesis, or transposing certain letters within words. Saying "aks" for "ask" is another common example.

9. cache

(noun): a hiding place; a part of a computer's memory where information is kept

It's pronounced exactly the same as "cash." 

Some confuse "cache" with "cachet" ("cash-ay"), which means "carrying great prestige."

10. supposedly

(adverb): claimed to be true or real

This mispronunciation involves two words: "supposedly" and "supposably."

The first is usually the one most people want to use, while the second means "capable of being supposed." It's a slight distinction but an important one.

11. flaccid

(adjective): not firm, not hard or solid

The standard pronunciation is "flak-sed," not "flas-sid."

Most people pronounce "flaccid" to rhyme with "acid." But the first "c" should really sound like a hard "k." Until recently, most dictionaries listed only the first pronunciation. 

"Flaccid" stems from Latin, which contains both a hard and soft "c" sounds, potentially where the confusion originated. 

BONUS: niche

(noun): a job, activity, etc., that is suitable for someone

There are three acceptable pronunciations here: "nich," "neesh," and "nish." 

English borrows the word from French, in which the correct pronunciation is "neesh." Over time, we've Americanized the word to sound like "nich," now considered the preferred pronunciation.

Some dictionaries, such as Merriam-Webster, even list the third pronunciation.

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Texas, Of All Places, Is Getting A Vegetarian Fast-Food Joint


Earth Burger burger

Is meat-loving Texas going vegan? One San Antonio chef sure hopes so. 

Mike Behrend, co-owner of Texas' Green Vegetarian Cuisine, created a Kickstarter for his upcoming Earth Burger, "Texas' first plant based fast food restaurant," slated to open early this summer.

Right now, the Kickstarter page has 92 backers with $8,429 of the pledged $40,000.

"We are entering the fast food market with tastier, fresher and healthier alternatives that also happen to be vegan and vegetarian," the Kickstarter site explains. "Our goal is to provide people with great healthy choices at a great value."

According to the restaurant's website, its $5 burgers will include choices such as the Nacho Burger and Spicy Chik-n Sandwich with $3 sides including a healthy kale salad and hummus with carrots. 

And while Behrend is proud that Earth Burger will officially be Texas' first all-vegetarian fast food joint, he knows it can be risky to open a plant-based restaurant in barbeque and brisket state. 

"San Antonio has a reputation for loving its meat and Tex-Mex food, and it also has the reputation of being one of the fattest cities in the U.S." he says on his Kickstarter page. "This was our same concern back in 2007 when we started Green Vegetarian Cuisine. The good news is that Texas has fully embraced Green, we've grown to three locations in San Antonio and Houston."

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A Quote At The 9/11 Memorial Museum 'Is More Applicable To The Aggressors' Than The Victims


9/11 memorial aenid quote

Between where the twin towers of the World Trade Center once stood, a concrete wall now exists. 

The wall, one of the most deeply personal aspects of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, separates the public area from a repository of nearly 8,000 unidentified human remains. Inscribed on it, visitors will read a line from Virgil's "Aeneid": "No day shall erase you from the memory of time."

The museum's creators, however, took the line out of context, according to The New York Times"You" doesn't mean thousands of civilians perishing tragically, as did the victims during the attacks in 2001. It refers to two soldiers — who may have deserved their fates.

Book IX of the Aeneid (translated here), where the quote originates, tells of two Trojans, Nisus and Euryalus. They had just ambushed enemy soldiers in their sleep, and for that, the enemy impaled their heads on spears.  

The Times asked half a dozen experts in classical literature about the quotations' use at the memorial site. All but one saw it as troubling. 

“If we take into account its original context, the quotation is more applicable to the aggressors in the 9/11 tragedy than to those honored by the memorial,” Helen Morales, a classics professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara, told the Times.

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center Foundation has known about objections to the inscription for years. The staff remains confident.

“In selecting this quote, our focus was not on the specific narrative of the classic story nor its characters. What resonated with us ... was the reference to a single day not being able to erase the memory of those we love," museum director Alice M. Greenwald told The Times. 

In an attempt to separate the quote from its original meaning, the foundation removed attribution to the Aeneid in some cases. For example, key chains sold in the shop will only show the quote, according the Times.

Regardless of the controversy, the National September 11 Memorial Museum will open on May 21 this year

Read the full Times article here.

What do you think of the quotation? Tell us in the comments section.

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A New Beauty Startup Sent Hair And Makeup Stylists To My Tiny New York Apartment — Here's How It Worked Out


thestylistedLast Friday evening, I got to try out TheStylisted, a new startup that helps women book appointments with professional hair and makeup artists. 

For many women, getting ready for a big event like a wedding or work function can be overwhelming. It's tough to budget enough time to visit a salon, and once you're there, you're basically trusting a complete stranger to achieve the look you want. 

With TheStylisted, the salon comes directly to you. Just before 6 p.m., a stylist showed up to my apartment to do my hair for me. Thirty minutes later, a makeup artist arrived. 

The entire experience was easy and relaxing, and I'd love to use it again next time I have to attend a big event. Read more about the company's founders and why they want to save women the hassle of visiting salons here.

Disclosure: TheStylisted covered our hair and makeup trial.

To book an appointment, first go to TheStylisted's home page.

You'll see a list of stylists available for appointments. TheStylisted is currently operating networks in both New York City and Chicago.

After looking through some of the reviews, I decided to book with Kailie Joe, who had received awesome five-star reviews from past clients.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

This Cornell Student Built A Rover To Help Colonize Mars


georgia crowther cornell mars rover

Three weeks ago, close to midnight, a group of fifteen students huddled at base station on the Engineering Quad at Cornell University. The Cornell Mars Rover team had been at work for 12 hours — de-bugging, testing, and prepping their project for competition — in 15-degree weather.

Nearby, a bulky shimmering contraption drove in the outdoors for the first time, leaving tire tracks in the snow. Felt hand warmers, the kind you bury in your mittens, lay on top of the rover's small microprocessor container.

"The computer doesn't work when it's below freezing," Georgia Crowther, a senior mechanical engineering major, tells Business Insider. "Our computer literally freezes when it's freezing out."

Crowther is Team Leader of the Cornell Mars Rover club, an interdisciplinary team of 40 engineering, science, and business undergraduates that designs and builds a mock rover, much like NASA's Spirit or Opportunity rovers that roam Mars. Recently named to BI's list of most impressive students at Cornell, Crowther takes innovation to a new frontier.

Rather than focusing on its individual sub-systems, Crowther is responsible for conceptualizing the rover's "big picture" design and investigating new methods of manufacturing, such as 3D printing. Last year, she co-founded the Rapid Prototyping Lab, Cornell's first open space for 3D printing and laser-cutting, which proved to be invaluable in the research and testing phases of building the rover.

cornell mars rover georgia crowther

Crowther, a Stanton, N.J. native, knew she wanted to have a career in science since she a kid. Her mother used to do science demos for her at home, keeping Crowther mindful of the endless possibilities in the field. She chose to study mechanical engineering at Cornell because it "leaves most doors open."

She had zero knowledge of rovers when she applied for a position on the Cornell Mars Rover project team, which consists of six sub-teams: drive systems, task systems, controls software, controls electrical, science, and business. "I honestly knew nothing when I first started," Crowther says. "I was a sophomore, so I had barely taken any real engineering classes."

Crowther says most students join the team blindly. They're assigned older mentors for instruction, and do independent research to come up with build ideas and to troubleshoot. Students present their designs for individual components to the sub-team leaders, who evaluate and offer suggestions. Once the component has been computer-animated, tested in a digital space, and prototyped in the 3D printing lab Crowther launched, they start "machining," or building the part in the lab.

The team relies on donations from alumni and corporate sponsors including Boeing, GoPro, and TE Connectivity.

Ares 2014 — the name of their rover — was assembled in full just last week. "And it's working exactly the way we want it to work," Crowther beams. She's in charge of making sure the sub-systems come together in cohesion.

cornell mars rover utah desertFortunately, the Cornell Mars Rover team won't have to put up with Ithaca's Narnia-like conditions when it competes at the seventh annual University Rover Challenge (URC) next month. 

Held in southern Utah, the competition challenges students from top schools around the world to build rovers that compete in field tasks that an actual Mars rover will face on future missions to the Red Planet. For example, this year, the rovers must traverse rough terrain with steep slopes and cliffs, collect and analyze field samples for signs of life, and perform maintenance on a series of pipes, hoses, and valves.

"The idea of the competition is that we're simulating an environment where there are astronauts [living] on Mars," Crowther says, "and there are rovers assisting those astronauts."

Crowther and Cornell's team will compete with over 31 student teams, who are all vying for the top prize: the chance to present their rover at the International Mars Society Convention and an undisclosed cash prize.

The URC is hosted by The Mars Society, a non-profit space advocacy group which aims to provide resources for a potential Mars colony. The students' rover designs will influence their research. 

cornell mars rover georgia crowther

After placing third in 2012 and falling off the podium last year, the Cornell Mars Rover team is looking to avoid past mistakes. Crowther says their downfall in 2013 was opting to disassemble the rover and ship sub-systems in separate crates to competition, forcing them to put it back together and test everything in a mad rush.

"What I'd like to do this year instead is put it in a big van and drive it down, so we don't have to take anything apart," Crowther says.

This option would save time, frustration, and costs — the lithium ion batteries that the rover uses can't be mailed, so the team would have to make special shipping arrangements. Freeing up these funds allows the team to send more members to the competition.

So far, only Crowther is signed on to drive the 30 hours from Cornell to Utah. It is her baby, after all.

"I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it yet," she laughs. She's scared of road bumps. "But it's a little cozier [than shipping]."

The University Rover Challenge kicks off May 29.

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Don't Be Afraid To Cancel Cable — Here's How To Get All The Programs You Love




Cord-cutting is a game-changing trend. More and more people are ditching their longtime cable subscriptions and going to a streaming-only operation.

And it's changing the entire entertainment landscape.

Two years ago I made the choice to cancel my cable service, and I've never looked back. I stream all my content now. Watch the video to see how I do it.

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Stunning Aerial Photos Reveal The Beauty Of Planet Earth From Above


aerial photography Alex MacLean

For nearly 40 years, American photographer Alex S. MacLean has been taking pictures from the sky.

In 1975, the photographer started the Landslides Aerial Photography project to provide illustrative aerial photography for architects, landscape designers, urban planners, and environmentalists. Photographing American and European landscapes from 5,000 feet and above, MacLean’s pictures reveal the hidden geometry and gorgeous patterns of the world around us.

MacLean is a fully-licensed pilot, and flies in a fuel-efficient carbon-fiber Cessna 182 plane, all the while recording nature, agriculture, architecture, and humanity from a bird's-eye view.

His photos not only reveal the incredible scale of our natural and man-made surroundings, but show the environmental impact of human intervention on farming, the ocean, and the American landscape as a whole.

Massachusetts-based MacLean estimates he has spent over 6,000 hours in the sky photographing America. He has won numerous awards, and written 11 books filled with his photography. Maclean’s photos were also recently exhibited at the Beetles + Huxley gallery throughout March 2014 in London.

See more of his incredible aerial photography below, as well as at the artist’s website, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Directionless lobster boats float in the waters near Tremont, Maine.aerial photography Alex MacLean

Tracks of tomatoes in the fields of North Central Ohio.aerial photography Alex MacLean

Bathers swim in wave pool in Orlando, Florida.ls_6900_25

A boneyard of old military equipment and planes in Tucson, Arizona.aerial photography Alex MacLean

Surfers behind breaking waves at sunset beach in Oahu, Hawaii.aerial photography Alex MacLean

Colorful shipping containers in Portsmouth, Virginia.aerial photography Alex MacLean

People tanning poolside in Cambridge, Massachusetts.aerial photography Alex MacLean

A golf oasis in the arid Desert Hills of Las Vegas, Nevada.aerial photography Alex MacLean

A housing development (that looks like pieces in the game of LIFE) in Beaverton, Oregon.aerial photography Alex MacLean

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Seagram Heir's Manhattan Penthouse In Contract For A Record $70 Million


The Fifth Avenue penthouse of late Seagram billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr. was on the market for 27 days before a mystery buyer swooped with a $70 million bid this week, according to the New York Post.

That's $5 million more than the original list price, and $5 million more than another well-to-do-buyer was already offering.

The property is currently under contract with Brown Harris Stevens and if the sale is completed, it will be the most expensive co-op ever purchased in New York City, edging out the current record: the $54 million Fifth Avenue penthouse bought by music mogul David Geffen in 2012.

Bronfman, who sold his family's spirits empire for $34 billion in 2000, had lived in the prewar building for the past 40 years until he passed away in December. The full-floor residence has a major selling point in its wrap-around terrace, but the layout of its five bedrooms, eight and a half baths and library seem outdated.

One real estate source told the New York Post the new owner will likely gut the place. Take a look at the photos of the most expensive co-op as it currently stands. 

The decor in Bronfman's penthouse is somewhat outdated.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 1

He and his family had lived there for 40 years.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 3

The color palette in the 16-room apartment is reminiscent of the 1970s.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 4

But the penthouse still maintains the architectural details common in a prewar building.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 2

The formal dining room has a classical layout.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 5

The apartment offers sprawling views of Central Park.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 6

The wrap-around terrace got a lot of praise when the floor plan was released ahead of the interior photos.Bronfman Penthouse Floorplan

SEE ALSO: Seagram Billionaire Charles Bronfman Sells His Fifth Avenue Flat For $19.9 Million

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The 22 Best US Military Photos Of The Year


military photographer of the year

Tech Sergeant Russ Scalif of the US Air Force was named the 2013 Military Photographer of the Year for his striking photos of life around Arkansas's Little Rock Air Force Base and more.

Along with winners in distinct categories, his work was selected from among hundreds submitted by military photographers. The Pentagon's annual competition is decided by a panel of judges at the Defense Information School in Fort Meade, Md.

"Cape North 2013" First Place: Portrait/Personality

"All Alone" First Place: Combat Documentation (Operational)

"Air Assault" First Place: Combat Documentation

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

2 Business School Pals Want To Spare Women The Hassle Of Visiting Hair Salons


stylistedFor many women, getting ready for a big event like a wedding or work function can be pretty overwhelming. It's tough to budget enough time to visit a salon, and once you're there, you're basically trusting a complete stranger to achieve the look you want. 

Julia Carmona and Lauren Katzberg, who were classmates at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, wanted to create a business that would solve that problem. 

"Something that kind of boggles us is when you, as a client, are on a tight time frame, and you have to make time to go to the salon and wait around," Carmona said to Business Insider. "It just didn't really make sense, and we wanted to streamline that."

Enter TheStylisted, a networking website Carmona and Katzberg created to help women book appointments directly with professional stylists. 

Click here to see what it's like to use TheStylisted »

And the best part? The stylists will come right to your home, office, hotel, or wherever you happen to need them, either before your big event or for everyday styling. 

"We're targeting busy, professional women in major cities," Carmona said. "It's girls very much like us, with very full social calendars but who are sometimes working beyond 9-5." 

thestylistedLast Friday evening, I got to try TheStylisted before a night out with friends, and I've never felt so spoiled. My stylists made my hair and makeup look way better than I would ever be able to make it look myself, and I never even had to leave my apartment.

From the customer's perspective, that convenience really can't be beat. Still, the network that's built into the site can be incredibly valuable to stylists as well.

Both Carmona and Katzberg had previously worked in the beauty industry before founding TheStylisted. By using their contacts, in addition to performing targeted online searches, they were able to recruit an army of stylists to their business, which currently operates in both New York and Chicago. 

"We've really created a free market for these men and women who are essentially their own small business owners," Carmona said. "Compared to competitors, we have a real advantage because we're not limiting quality onto the network. If you're providing a cookie-cutter service at $40 a blowout, you're not providing the same quality that we have available."

There are plenty of places you can go to get a blowout, which is basically a fancy name for having someone blow-dry your hair for you.

But unlike traditional salons or businesses like Drybar that specialize in blowouts, TheStylisted allows the stylists to set their own prices, giving them a great deal more freedom than they would otherwise have. Blowouts will cost you anywhere from $45 to $100, while basic makeup ranges from $50 to $295, depending on which stylist you book. 

thestylisted"It keeps it competitive, but we always want every stylist to feel each appointment has been worth their while," Carmona said. "We don’t want them to feel that they have to change or lower their prices."

When I tried out TheStylisted, my hair stylist, Kailie Joe, said she had been connected with the company while looking for opportunities to freelance outside of her regular work at Drybar. Soon, thanks to TheStylisted, she was working with big-time clients like style bloggers attending New York Fashion Week. The makeup artist I used, Adriana, said she also found TheStylisted while searching for freelance jobs online. 

And since the stylists have to be accepted by Carmona and Katzberg on to the network, users know they can trust that the people showing up to your home will know what they're doing. 

"It’s definitely a carefully vetted network," Carmona said. "We’ve worked with a lot of them at events before, or even had them come to our own homes." 

Disclosure: TheStylisted covered our hair and makeup trial.

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