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A Men's Clothing Designer Is Making A Dress Shirt That Feels Like A T-Shirt



If a dress shirt feels like a t-shirt, but looks like a dress shirt, will you still feel like you're at work when you wear it?

Enter the Reworked shirt — a new piece from men's clothing line, W.R.K hitting stores in June that is meant to make your forget what a dress shirt used to feel like.

The Reworked shirt comes from a philosophy. W.R.K designer Matteo Gottardi creates clothes that are part wardrobe staple, part life hack. From jackets to pants, every item is meant to look good, feel good, and serve a purpose.

Gottardi explained: "The idea here is that they can get a great blazer, look good in it, and when their buddies say 'hey did you get a new blazer', they can say 'yeah, check out this sleeve, it doesn't have a seam. Or, check out this pocket, did you see there was a pocket there?'"

Here's Gottardi's design logic (take the dress shirt for example): When a man wears a dress shirt how does he actually wear it? If he's at work it's often with a blazer over it. Yes? Well then the sleeves can be softer, less starchy. A man, you see, needs to move his elbows freely. The fabric can be more structured around the wrist, and around the collar. The back (where a man sits) should be soft. The front — which the world sees — should be more structured. It makes a man look more structured.

And that's how a t-shirt that feels like a dress shirt is born.

Gottardi, 31, studied at NYU's Stern School of Business and started his own line shortly after that. Now, beyond designing for W.R.K, he is also what the Wall Street Journal called a "ghost designer." He is the secret force behind menswear brands like Vince Camuto and Joseph Abboud which he designs through his creative studio the WRKSHOP.

The guy basically doesn't sleep. He can't. He's got to work on the mission.

"We look at a world now where if a man goes into a store and sees a blazer that is... too 'fashionable' or too expressive, all the sudden they question their own masculinity," said Gottardi. "They question whether this really fits into their lifestyle."

That shouldn't be. An article of clothing should fit seamlessly on a man's body and into a man's life. To achieve that, W.R.K draws inspiration from the Italian military, the WWII British motor corp, naval officers — men that have done things.

"At the end of the day a man will never neglect a product that brings more of a purpose or functionality to his life," said Gottardi. "It relates back to our genetics... it's like when we look at a car. The car could be pink but if its got the right engine in there and it makes the right sound, it's our car. Hell, if we have to we'll spray paint it, at the end of the day we love that car.... In order to get men to start dressing up, we need to show them the purpose of the product. We need to show them that the product has value besides the price tag or the logo that's printed on it."

You can pick up the Reworked Shirt exclusively at Nordstrom (in stores and online) along with the full W.R.K collection which is also available at — Neiman Marcus (in stores and online), Saks Fifth Avenue (in stores and online),Scoop NYC (in stores and online) and Amazon.com.

And in case you need more of an example of how W.R.K works, check out the jacket below (The W.R.K Hyde Coat)  and then scroll down to see how the pockets multiply.


 Open it and BAM! All the pockets.

WRK Coat Hyde pocket details

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American Apparel CEO's Cousin Wrote A Play About Accusations Of Sexual Harassment That Sounds Oddly Familiar


Dov Charney

Playwright Oren Safdie, first cousin of American Apparel CEO Dov Charney  who's been accused of sexual assault in multiple lawsuits  wrote a play about sexual harassment taking place in the workplace of a clothing brand. Buzzfeed reporter Sapna Maheshwari first pointed out the connection.

The play, "Unseamly," is about a young female employee charging her former boss, "the CEO of an international clothing company known for its risqué billboards," with sexual harassment. It ran in Montreal from late February to early March of this year.

Both Charney and the American Apparel brand have had their fair share of legal troubles throughout the years. The controversies ranged from Charney being accused multiple times of sexual harassment to avid criticism of the brand's overt sexuality in its advertising. 

According to Buzzfeed, "The play paints an unflattering picture of all the characters, but especially Slatsky, who, like Charney, is also dark-haired and dresses in the kind of white short-sleeved polo favored by the real-life CEO."

Safdie also crafted the sexual harassment case as uncannily similar to the real-life case by Irene Morales against Charney, who accused him of making her his sex slave in 2011. The case was thrown out in 2012.

Has this caused any familial tension within the creative clan? “I’ve always drawn from my family, people that I know,” Safdie told the Montreal Gazette“When it’s your own family, it does ruffle some feathers, and I’ve had to deal with that over the years. But we’re a loving family and we all bounce back and hug each other.”

And it seems like Charney has taken it all in stride. “Dov loves his cousin and is looking forward to seeing the play soon,” a spokeswoman for American Apparel told Buzzfeed in an email.

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Apple's New Spaceship Headquarters Will Render Cars Invisible


Apple Campus 2

The designs for Apple's new "spaceship" campus in Cupertino have had the tech community excited since they were first released in 2011. 

Norman Foster, founder of Foster + Partners, the firm behind the futuristic design, sat down with Architectural Record to provide more details about the forthcoming building. 

According to Foster, the circular design of the building will keep employees from ever having to see a car, creating a kind of idyllic California landscape.

They decided on the design after studying enclosed urban spaces, like squares in London, that have small parks in the center. 

"These studies finally morphed into a circular building that would enclose the private space in the middle—essentially a park that would replicate the original California landscape, and parts of it would also recapture the orchards of the past," he said to Architectural Record. "The car would visually be banished, and tarmac would be replaced by greenery, and car parks by jogging and bicycle trails."

Putting the parking lots underground will help contribute to the feeling of being immersed in nature. 

"You won't look out of your window and see row after row of parked cars," Foster said. "And of course you have the benefit of jogging and cycling trails—more than a thousand bikes will be kept on the site—and also pathways and landscaping connections." 

Foster explained that Steve Jobs was inspired by the large open spaces at Stanford University.  

"The reference point for Steve [Jobs] was always the large space on the Stanford campus—the Main Quad—which Steve knew intimately," he said. "Also, he would reminisce about the time when he was young, and California was still the fruit bowl of the United States. It was still orchards."

The virtually car-less campus will certainly be a welcome break for the tech workers braving horrific Silicon Valley traffic every day. 

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Paul Allen Is Taking His 'Tatoosh' Yacht Off The Market After Failing To Sell It For $160 Million


tatoosh paul allen yacht"Tatoosh," a 303-foot yacht belonging to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is no longer for sale after it failed to find a buyer in almost four years on the market, the Daily Mail reports (via JustLuxe).

Allen first listed "Tatoosh" with Fraser Yachts for $160 million back in 2010.

In addition to accommodations for 20 guests and 30 crew members, the superyacht also boasts a cinema, swimming pool, basketball court, recording studio, gym, and two helipads. 

Allen has made an effort to draw interest to the yacht since it was first put up for sale in 2010. Shortly after it was listed, he let Paris and Nicky Hilton use it for a month-long vacation. Paris raved about it: "I'm in heaven on the water. Definitely the biggest and best yacht everywhere we go. Love it! Huge!"

tatoosh exterior

The yacht was also by far the largest to travel to Sochi for the Winter Olympics last month. 

Still, the publicity hasn't helped to get "Tatoosh" off Allen's hands. 

"‘The yacht has not been sold, and furthermore is not for sale," Stuart Larsen of Fraser Yachts said to the Daily Mail

Allen also owns another, much bigger yacht: the 414-foot "Octopus," which has played host to some wild New Years' parties and visits from recording artists like Mick Jagger and Damian Marley. 

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Barry Bonds Sells His Lavish 17,000-Square-Foot Compound For $22 Million


barry bonds selling house

Barry Bonds has sold his Beverly Hills estate for $22 million, according to Trulia.

The 17,000-square-foot compound has seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

It also has a movie theater, game room, gym, music room, sauna, and pool area with a cabana. It comes with "Smart House" technology that's controllable from an iPad.

It's on a whole different level than most athlete homes.

The view from above

The driveway

The garage

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The Internet Gave This Homeless Man $32,000 For Being Incredibly Selfless


Homeless Lottery winner

Over the weekend, a video featuring a homeless man winning $1,000 with a lottery ticket went viral. He was actually the subject of famous YouTube prankster Magic of Rahat.

Magic is best known for doing things like scaring fast-food workers by driving up to the window decked out like a headless person.

But this setup was a little different. He arranged for a fake lottery ticket to win $1,000 and then gave the ticket to a homeless man named Eric.

What he never expected was the man's selfless response. Eric immediately tried to share the money with Magic. The video is a tear-jerker, and racked up nearly 13 million views over the weekend.

What happened next is just as heartwarming. Magic was so moved, he set up a Fundly crowdsource account, trying to raise $20,000 to help Eric get back on his feet.

It quickly gained over 1,800 contributors and, as of this writing, raised more than $32,000.

During a Reddit AMA, Magic said that he has also put Eric up in a hotel for a couple of weeks and taken him out to dinner.

If you haven't seen this feel-good video yet, take a few minutes and watch it.

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My High School No Longer Holds Dances Because Students Would Rather Stay Home And Text Each Other



The Winter Ball, Homecoming, the Spring Fling. 

Your high school may have had different names for them, but you probably recognize what they are: school dances. A staple of American culture, the dramatic climax of countless high-school movies, and the background of so many of teenage memories.

The dances were something to look forward to. 

In 2001, more than 800 students gathered in clusters on the squeaky gym floors at John Jay High School in Westchester County, bopping up and down to Nelly songs.

In 2010, only 26 students showed up to the Homecoming dance in that same gym.

DanceYou can imagine my surprise when I returned home this past Christmas and asked my youngest sibling, a senior at the same high school I graduated from, if she was excited about the 2014 Winter Ball.

Those nights in the school gymnasium, transformed from sweaty dodge ball venue to magical glittery ballroom, held such promise.

She rolled her eyes at me.

"We haven't had a Winter Ball since I was a freshman," Lucy said. 

It turns out my alma mater in Cross River, N.Y., began to cancel school dances in 2010 when attendance started to drop. 

This year, they've stopped attempting to hold the dances all together. According to Assistant Principal Lisa Kor (formerly the Dean of Students when I was at John Jay), they only have the prom.

"It's sad," Kor told me. "We used to have this really nice dance, the Freshman Dinner Dance, and it was only for the ninth-graders and they all came dressed up, and it was adorable."

"Now we're lucky if the juniors stay through dinner at their prom," she sighed. "It's a thing of the past."

Lucy told me she thought the reason students didn't attend was because everyone would rather be home texting, Facebook messaging, or Snapchatting each other.

"Kids don't need to go to a dance to interact with each other when they can sit in their bed with their laptop and phone and text them," she said. "It's basically like being with that person. You don't have to show up to a dance hoping to see someone anymore. You can literally Snapchat them and see them on Snapchat."

But Kor said technology has always been a part of kids' lives, pointing out that when I was a student at John Jay, we used AOL Instant Messenger to communicate with each other while at home — the dominant method of virtual interaction in the late 90s and early 2000s. 

But being home on a Friday night in 2000 meant we had a limited dial-up connection to the outside world. We didn't have personal phones, and the family desktop computer was likely located out in the open. We didn't have laptops we could hide with in our bedrooms. By default, computer use was supervised by the adults who shared the machine.

This is no longer the case.

With the advent of the smartphone, Kor says she has an additional responsibility, noting that recently a student had been caught trying to watch the live stream of the USA vs. Canada Olympic Hockey game on her phone during class. "My parents wouldn't let me stay home and watch the game," the senior explained when she got caught.


"Technology definitely allows the kids to find easier and faster ways to interact with one another," Kor admitted, "so maybe they don't feel like going to a school dance is a necessary way to socialize. But it's disappointing to watch the tradition fade."

John Jay isn't the only school experiencing the fall of the school dance. Kor told me she had spoken with several administrators at surrounding school districts in Westchester.

Out of the six she heard from, five of them were on par with John Jay High School: The only dance they hold each year is prom.

Geoff Nelson, a 10th and 11th grade English and History teacher in Locust Valley, New York, says the school he works at, Friend Academy, no longer has a tradition of dances, but it's not for lack of interest in dancing as an activity. "[Dancing] is more popular than ever," he says, citing the popular EDM (electronic dance music) craze that's rapidly gained traction with teens over the last few years.

Nelson says each generation finds its own way to rebel, suggesting that skipping the school dance is the new "brand of being 'cool' that means you must divorce yourself from the sanctioning of institutions."

In affluent, safe communities, teenagers have an abundance of things they could be doing when not confined within the walls of their schools. It's no surprise that the school gym isn't the first place they want to be on a Friday night.

But at schools for at-risk youth, school dances are still a saving grace for parents who want their kids under the watchful eye of school administrators for as much time as possible.

One such school, Broome Street Academy, has a few dances a year, usually held in the hallways right after the last bell rings. Teacher Katie McEvoy says about half of the student body attends, usually at the urge of the parents (or in many cases, foster parents).

"They usually stay in uniform," she adds, remembering that her favorite part of going to her high school dances was dressing up and going out later in the evening.


The decline of the high school dance feels like an unwritten chapter from Robert Putnam's 2000 book "Bowling Alone," an in-depth look at the social change in America at the approach of the millennium.

Putnam argued that while communities built around social or religious activities thrived in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s, their bridge clubs and bowling leagues began to decline in the '90s, with no sign of a comeback. The statistic that haunts the book is Putnam's claim that in the 1990s, customers of bowling alleys were more likely to be bowling alone than in any decade prior.

"Kids today just aren't joiners," Putnam quotes Tom Kissell, the then-national membership director for the VFW, in 1999.

15 years later, it's the iconic school dance joining the list of things no longer rallied for.

What will be next? Football games? Movie premieres? 

Going to dances decked out in fancy dresses and body glitter was proof that we were on the fast track to adulthood. Hanging out and socializing (read: in the same room) as seniors who could drive and vote was an experience underclassman craved; school dances were the way to get it.

Technology has allowed teenagers to be more independent, with greater access to one another — unsupervised by adults — than the students of decades past ever had.

So it's no surprise teenagers are much more selective when it comes to their real-life interactions. Whether those activities be parties or movies or trips to the mall, they can quickly become adult-free, unlike the school gym. Which is why texting has become far more exciting than anything a school dance can offer.

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If You Are Not Using These Google Maps Hacks, You Are Totally Lost

The 21 Coolest Small Businesses In Boston


coffee trikeBoston is a culturally rich city, combining old and new influences for a thriving small business scene.

Walk the cobblestone streets of the North End, and you'll discover the most authentic cannolis outside of Italy. Slurp back a freshly shucked oyster at the oldest restaurant in America, just a few blocks from Faneuil Hall.

Or if you're looking to escape the frigid temperatures, stay inside and check out Beantown's up-and-coming online startups.

It's just a wicked cool place to be.

Allston Pudding

Online, based in Boston

What it is: A music blog that champions local artists

Why it's cool: Run by fans and musicians, Allston Pudding highlights local music. It supports artists who may not receive their proper radio play or publicity, but who definitely deserve your attention.

These trendy curators of all things awesome got creative in their fundraising efforts after the Boston Marathon tragedy by releasing a 130-track mixtape, which can be downloaded with a donation to The One Fund.

The Bacon Truck

Follow them on Twitter for Boston locations

What it is: A food truck that sells all things bacon

Why it's cool: Started by a couple of guys who've been friends since high school, the adorable, cartoon-illustrated Bacon Truck maintains its rights to "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Bacon."

The Bacon Truck's bacon is prepared and smoked right there in Boston, and the menu features a variety of delicious, bacon-laden sandwiches and bacon-starring desserts, including the simple-yet-decadent Nutella-covered bacon.

Ball & Buck

144B Newbury Street

What it is: A men's hunting-themed clothing store that takes the pain out of shopping

Why it's cool: It's a well-known fact that many men hate shopping, so Ball & Buck treat their customers to a stress-relieving shopping experience with no-frills, hunting-inspired products, and exceptional customer service. Customers can kill two birds with one stone by getting their hair cut at the barbershop at the back of the store.

Ball & Buck also hosts occasional partnership events with other local businesses, so try to plan your visit on a day where they might have meat, oysters, and beer available to customers.

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HOUSE OF THE DAY: Larry David Unloads His Los Angeles 'Fairytale Home' For $12 Million


larry david house for sale

Larry David of "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fame has sold his estate in Pacific Palisades for $12 million, significantly less than the initial $15 million asking price, according to Realtor.com.

The mansion, described as a "fairytale home" in the listing, has seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. There's a separate guesthouse and fantastic ocean views from the backyard.

For a guy with a curmudgeonly reputation, David's decor is sweet and homey.

The listing describes the house as a "fairytale home." It's not too far off.

Those views are unbeatable.

Plenty of places to enjoy them from.

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This Video Of 20 Strangers Kissing For The First Time Is Going Insanely Viral


first kiss tatia pilieva film

A new video by amateur filmmaker Tatia Pilieva called "First Kiss" is going viral online.

The short, 3-minute video shows 20 total strangers making out for the first time. The video, which was first found on Reddit and posted only yesterday on YouTube, already has over 2.5 million views.

It starts out about as awkward as one would expect, with plenty of giggling as the couples struggle to get to know each other in a few short seconds.

"It's actually pretty scary," one guy said.

But after paying each other compliments, asking the other person's name, and looking into each other's eyes, they all went for it — with mixed results (the kissing starts around the 1:30 second mark).

Also, that guy in the beret and the girl in the striped shirt totally got drinks after shooting this video.

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Here's A Solid Gold Flappy Bird For The Ultimate Fan Of The Game


golden flappy birdA Vietnamese goldsmith group called N3D has created the ultimate piece of Flappy Bird fan art: a figurine made out of 100% 14-karat gold.  The bird, which weighs 85.23 grams (~3 ounces) is now up for online auction.

Flappy Bird fans have until March 31 to put in their bid, with the current highest offer standing at $1,200. 

golden flappy birdAnd it's all for a good cause, too. According to the auction site, profits from the sale will be used "to support people with difficult situation in Vietnam," where the viral iPhone game originated. 

N3D added in an email to Business Insider that they hope to "bring the image of young dynamic Vietnam people to the world" with their piece of gold art.  

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Here's How Much Real Estate A Million Dollars Buys You In Every Major US City


How much housing you can buy with a million dollars very much depends on what city you are looking to buy in.

According to Knight Frank data cited by CNBC's Robert Frank, a million dollars goes a lot further in Cape Town than it would in Monaco.

But what about in the U.S.?

We looked at housing list price data from real estate brokerage Movoto.com and real estate marketplace Zillow.com. The diagram below shows the number of square feet of housing that you can buy for $1,000,000, based on the median price per square foot in each city:

city real estate chart corrected

With a median list price of $666 per square foot, San Francisco's real estate boom limits a million dollars to buying about 1,500 square feet. On the other end of the spectrum, the median list price in beleaguered Detroit is just $12 per square foot — 55 times cheaper than in San Francisco.

Considering all five boroughs, the median price per square foot in New York City is $424. Looking just at Manhattan however, that price jumps to an astronomical $1,538 per square foot, leading to $1,000,000 buying just 650 square feet.

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A Canadian Company Says It Has Developed A Post-Workout Beer


Lean Machine Ale

A Canadian beverage company is launching a beer called Lean Machine with a unique marketing campaign, billing it as "Recovery Ale."

"Lean Machine has been developed as a sport recovery, low calorie, FIT BEER," the company, Vampt, wrote on the Facebook page it created for the drink.

The gluten-free beer has only 77 calories and says its ingredients target muscle recovery while providing electrolytes, anti-oxidants and immune system boosters, similar to other sport drinks that replenish the body after a hard workout. According to a study published last December in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, beer can overcome its dehydrating effects by bumping up electrolyte content. 

Although Lean Machine only contains 0.5% alcohol by volume, only slightly higher than nonalcoholic beers like O'Doul's and Beck's, Vampt founder Ian Toews said he hopes the drink appeals to beer lovers who take fitness seriously.

"We just thought that maybe we could do something that would support a drinker, make it still socially fun, and help them accomplish what needs to be accomplished after an aggressive workout," Toews told NPR's The Salt blog  

The beer will be produced in Calgary, Alberta, in western Canada. The first batch comes out later this spring.

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3 Hardcore Exercises To Build Muscle Fast

CHART: How Women Spend Their Time Vs. How Men Spend Their Time


Although we have made great strides toward women's equality over the last few decades, men and women still spend their time in different ways.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics runs an annual survey of Americans asking how they use their time. The survey results are broken down into a number of different demographic groups.

Women still spend more time doing household activities — a little more than two hours a day, versus about an hour and fifteen minutes for men — and taking care of family members — 40 minutes for women, against 20 minutes for men.

Men spend about an hour and fifteen minutes per day more than women at work and work-related activities, and men have about fifty minutes more daily leisure time than women.

This divide is even more noticeable when one looks at the subcategories of household activities. Women spend almost an hour per day on housework and about forty-five minutes on food preparation and cleanup. Men spend only about seventeen minutes per day on each of these activities.

While things have gotten more egalitarian, these data still show echoes of 50s-style gender roles.

BLS made this chart showing how men and women vary in their time use, based on the 2012 survey results. 

chart time

 (Via Derek Thompson)

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Late Seagram Heir Edgar Bronfman's Fifth Avenue Penthouse Is On Sale For $65 Million


After Seagram billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr. passed away, the family listed his penthouse at 960 Fifth Avenue for $65 million in February, The Wall Street Journal reported

But it wasn't until recently that Brown Harris Stevens, the firm handling the sale, released interior photos of the 16-room property, according to Curbed NY. Bronfman, who sold his family's spirits empire for $34 billion in 2000, had lived in the prewar co-op for the past 40 years. The full-floor residence has five bedrooms, eight and a half baths, a library and a wrap-around terrace.   

The official listing comes on the heels of Bronfman's younger brother Charles selling his own Fifth Avenue apartment a few blocks south.

The decor in Bronfman's penthouse is somewhat outdated.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 1

He and his family had lived there for 40 years.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 3

The color palette in the 16-room apartment is reminiscent of the 1970s.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 4

But the penthouse still maintains the architectural details common in a prewar building.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 2

The formal dining room has a classical layout.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 5

The apartment offers sprawling views of Central Park.Edgar Bronfman Penthouse 6

The wrap-around terrace got a lot of praise when the floor plan was released ahead of the interior photos.Bronfman Penthouse Floorplan

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10 Awesome Marathons To Sign Up For Right Now


Portland Marathon

Marathon season kicks into high gear in the fall, making right now a good time to start training for the 26.2-mile race you've always wanted to run. 

But every event is different, and before committing to a race you'll want to learn about your options, whether you're an avid runner looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon or just interested in general wellness and a scenic route.

We turned to the experts at FindTheBest to help us narrow down the 10 best marathons in the United States.

FindTheBest ranked the marathons based on data from course certifications, USA Track and Field eligibility, overall championship times and rankings from Active.com, Forbes and Men's Health.

10. Metro PCS Dallas Marathon in Dallas, Tex.

When: Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014

Size: 20,000 finishers on average

Fee: $150

Established in 1971, the Dallas Marathon begins and ends in downtown Dallas. The route follows the West Dallas Loop over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, through the Dallas Design District and the historical district along Swiss Avenue. The men's record is 2:12:04 and the women's record is 2:29:55.

Dallas Marathon

9. Big Sur International Marathon in Carmel, Calif.

When: Sunday, April 27, 2014 

Size: 8,228 finishers on average

Fee: $160

The Big Sur International Marathon started in 1986 with a course that traces the Pacific coast and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and ocean. The men's record is 2:16:39 and the women's record is 2:41:45.   

Big Sur International Marathon

8. Anthem Richmond Marathon in Richmond, Va.

When: Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014

Size: 4,716 finishers on average

Fee: $130

The Richmond Marathon, which started in 1978, runs along the residential streets and through wooded parks surrounding the James River on the west side of Richmond, Va. The men's record is 2:14:32 and the women's record is 2:31:25.

Richmond Marathon

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Why Pit Bulls Could Be The Next Yellow Lab




The American Kennel Club has long ranked the Labrador Retriever as the most popular dog in the country with Chihuahuas coming in a close second. 

Recently, third place was filled by the American Pit Bull Terrier, which even took the #1 slot in Rhode Island. 

According to a National Geographic survey, 30% of dogs in shelters are labeled as pit bulls and 86.7% of those dogs end up being euthanized.

The Animal Farm Foundation in Bangall, NY is taking a different approach to pit bull adoption by treating every dog on a case by case basis and using training methods that bring out their family-friendly charm. 

Produced by Alana Kakoyiannis. Additional camera by Justin Gmoser.

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Here's What You Should Really Be Eating For A Snack


urban snacking

There's a perception that snacking is bad for us. A nibble here and a nosh there can quickly add up in calories and make us gain weight.

"We need to change our mindset," says Kim Larson, RDN, CD, CSSD, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. "Snacking has been traditionally viewed as eating junk food or sweets."

The problem is that cookies and chips are not "snacks" — they're treats. Eat too much of them, and you're going to put on pounds.

"Snacks should contain a protein source and at least one other food group such as a complex carbohydrate or fruit," says Marjorie Nolan Cohn, MS, RD, CDN, ACSM-HFS, author of "Belly Fat Fix." A yogurt and an apple, or a cheese stick and whole wheat crackers are good examples, she says.

In terms of calories, a healthy snack ranges from 200 to 300 calories for a man and 150 to 200 calories for a woman, says Cohn.

When we stick to high-quality foods, snacking helps to stabilize our blood sugar so we don't crash during the day and should preventing overeating at lunch or dinner.

"In general, if meals are longer than four hours apart you should plan on having a snack between them," says Cohn.

Feeling hungry but don't know what to munch on? Some healthy snack options are below.

Low-fat plain Greek yogurt and high-fiber cereal.

Greek yogurtThis combination of protein and fiber slows down digestion, which "fills you up longer, and prevents sugar cravings," says Cohn.

Greek yogurt tends to be thicker and creamier than its non-Greek counterparts, while containing more protein and less sugar than fruit-flavored yogurt.

Fiber-rich cereals include Post Grape-Nuts, Post Shredded Wheat, or Kellogg's All-Bran, which all have at least 6 grams of fiber per serving. The daily recommended amount of fiber is 25 grams for women and 38 for men.

Granola tends to be fiber-heavy too, but may contain more sugar and fat than other types of cereals so check the nutrition label. 

Raw nuts and fruit.

Nuts are a great source of healthy unsaturated fats. Here, portion size is important since nuts are rich in calories. "A serving of nuts is one ounce and generally fills up an Altoids container," says Cohn. 

An apple with low-fat mozzarella cheese.

applesA medium-sized apple is it's very own 100-calorie pack — without all the refined sugar and other processed ingredients in most pre-packaged snacks.

"Eating whole fresh fruit satisfies the sweet tooth and cuts the cravings for sugary desserts," says Larson.

Low-fat cottage cheese with berries.

Sprinkle berries on half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese to add natural sweetness to this good source of protein. If the curds in cottage cheese freak you out, try the whipped variety, which has a smoother texture.

Carrots with hummus.

Hummus spread, made from ground-up chickpeas, is high in fiber and protein. A 3-ounce serving of baby carrots (around 10 pieces) is low in calories and a good way to help squeeze in the five servings of vegetables the average person should be hitting each day.

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