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This 'Fitbit For Kids' Device Turns Outdoor Play Into An Actual Video Game



Sadly, one-third of U.S. children are overweight or obese, says the Center for Disease Control. Many kids need more exercise and less time watching television or playing video games.

But what if parents could turn playing outside into an actual video game?

Enter the iBitz wireless "activity tracker," a Fitbit-like device designed specifically for kids, made by a Boulder, Colo., company called GeoPalz.

With iBitz, as kids play outside, their steps turn into an iPhone/iPad video game (a rocket ship that explores the galaxy). 

Better still, as kids earn points in the iBitz game, it can lead to other rewards such as coins and special content from Disney's Club Penguin, an online activity site for kids. Or kids and parents can pick a gift from Amazon in a special section of the app, then establish how much activity is needed for parents to buy that item.Geopalz O'Leary Schmelzer

To use iBit, parents buy the device ($35) and download the iPhone app (free).

One thing that makes this different from an actual Fitbit is that the app is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act, meaning that the kid's activity info cannot be shared with anyone besides the parent, the company says.

There's also a $50 adult pedometer available, so a family can track its activity together.

The company was founded in 2010 by Rich and Sheri Schmelzer and Alexandra O'Leary, the creators of Jibbitz — a company that made dress-up accessories for Crocs shoes that was bought by Crocs in 2006 for $20 million.

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Singapore Is Now The World's Costliest City



The soaring cost of cars and utilities as well as a strong currency have made Singapore the world's most expensive city, toppling Tokyo from the top spot, according to a survey Tuesday.

Tokyo's weakening yen saw it slide to sixth place, the position previously occupied by Singapore, in the 2014 Worldwide Cost of Living survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

"Singapore's rising price prominence has been steady rather than spectacular," said a report accompanying the survey by the research firm.

It said a 40 percent rise in the Singapore dollar along with "solid price inflation" pushed the country to the top of the twice-yearly survey from 18th a decade ago.

The survey, which examines prices across 160 products and services in 140 cities, is aimed at helping companies calculate allowances for executives being sent overseas.

The report said Singapore's curbs on car ownership, which include a quota system and high taxes, made it "significantly more expensive than any other location when it comes to running a car".

A new Toyota Corolla Altis costs $110,000 in Singapore compared to around $35,000 in neighboring Malaysia.

Overall transport costs in Singapore are almost three times higher than those in New York, it said.

"In addition, as a city-state with very few natural resources to speak of, Singapore is reliant on other countries for energy and water supplies, making it the third most expensive destination for utility costs," the report said.

It also noted that Singapore is the priciest place in the world to buy clothes, as malls and boutiques in its popular Orchard Road retail hub import luxury European brands to "satisfy a wealthy and fashion-conscious consumer base".

Singapore has one of the world's highest concentrations of millionaires relative to its 5.4 million population. Its per capita income of more than $51,000 in 2012 masks a widening income gap between the richest and poorest.

In Europe, Paris rose six places to become the world's second most expensive city, a trend the EIU said was indicative of recovering European prices and currencies.

"Improving sentiment in structurally expensive European cities combined with the continued rise of Asian hubs means that these two regions continue to supply most of the world's most expensive cities," Jon Copestake, the editor of the report, said in a statement.

The report said European cities were among the priciest in the recreation and entertainment categories, reflecting "a greater premium on discretionary income".

New York, which serves as the base city for the survey, was ranked 26th, while Sydney and Melbourne came in at fifth and sixth respectively owing to a strong Australian dollar.

Caracas was tied at sixth with Melbourne, Geneva and Tokyo, but the EIU said the Venezuelan capital's position was largely due to the imposition of an artificially high official exchange rate.

"If alternative black market rates were applied Caracas would comfortably become the world's cheapest city in which to live," it said.

India's financial centre Mumbai was ranked the world's least expensive city, joining other South Asian cities including Karachi, New Delhi and Kathmandu in the bottom of the pile.

The five most expensive cities were judged to be Singapore, Paris, Oslo, Zurich and Sydney in descending order. Caracas, Geneva, Melbourne and Tokyo were tied at sixth place while Copenhagen was tenth.

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How To Land A Plane If The Pilot Has A Heart Attack

The Most Obese States In America [MAP]


gallup obesity 2

Americans are still gaining weight, with the average rate of obesity rising to 27.1% from 25.5% in 2008. At the same time, there is considerable variation among the states, a new analysis from Gallup shows.

In 2013, the most obese state in the country was Mississippi, where 35.4% of residents were obese. Mississippi inched ahead of West Virginia, which had the highest rate of obesity between 2010 and 2012.

The least obese state was Montana, where 19.6% of residents were obese. Between 2010 and 2012, the least obese state was Colorado, which still has the second-lowest rate of obesity (20.4%).

Gallup also found that the rates of chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes were higher in the states where obesity was more prevalent. People in the least obese states, meanwhile, were more likely to report healthy eating and exercise habits.

Despite Gallup's discouraging report, recent news has suggested that obesity among very young children is declining. "Efforts to curb childhood obesity in America may positively affect adult obesity rates across all states in the years ahead," Jenna Levy noted in the Gallup analysis.

Here are the states that had the highest and lowest rates of obesity:

gallup obesity lists

Check out Gallup's full analysis for an interactive version of the map above >>

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10 Delicious Foods That You Can Only Eat In New Orleans


mardi gras king cake

New Orleans is known for its eclectic food — a mix of Cajun, French, Italian, African, Chinese and everything in between, the Louisiana city has cooked up some of the tastiest and most interesting foods around today.

And though Gumbo and Jambalaya have become popular across the US, some of New Orleans' favorite dishes are still just catching on.

From Mardi Gras King Cakes to a breakfast of cornmeal mush known as couche-couche, we rounded up 10 of the Big Easy foods that are still relatively unknown around the country.

Ya-Ka-Mein: A type of beef noodle soup with Cajun seasoning, chili powder or Old Bay Seasoning added to the broth. Commonly found in Creole and Chinese restaurants.


Doberge: A 17-layer cake with alternating layers of cake and custard. Pronounced Dough-bash.


Sazerac: The official cocktail of New Orleans, it combines cognac or rye whiskey, a sugar cube, and Pechaud's bitters in a glass swirled with absinthe or Herbsaint.


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How To Remember People's Names

These Vintage Photos Of Mardi Gras In New Orleans Show It's Always Been A Wild Party


Mardi Gras arrived in the United States in the late 1600s, thanks to the Le Moyne brothers, whom King Louis XIV sent to defend France's right to the territory of Louisiane.

Traditionally, Fat Tuesday ushered in the last chance to eat fatty foods and party through the night before the self-denial season of Lent began for Christians.  

But even after France decamped from the New World, their traditional spring hurrah stuck around. Check out these vintage photos of Mardi Gras from the early 20th century, which prove it's always been America's coolest party.  

The royal chariot with Rex, the King of the Carnival, starts the Mardi Gras procession in downtown New Orleans, La., in 1906.Mardi Gras 2

The Rex pageant began as a part of Mardi Gras in 1872. Mardi Gras 3

This Mardi Gras parade took place between 1890 and 1910.Mardi Gras 1

The procession winds down Canal Street in 1900.Mardi Gras 5

Rex passes by Camp Street on its typical route through downtown New Orleans between 1900 and 1906.Mardi Gras 6

This float is hoisted through the crowd of a 1907 Mardi Gras celebration.Mardi Gras 7

Here's a sign on a New Orleans storefront advertising what kind of costumes the masses should wear to a 1941 parade.Mardi Gras 8

Rex receives the key to city hall at the finale of the Mardi Gras parade in 1906.Mardi Gras 9

The night after the parade, downtown New Orleans is lit up for further celebration in 1903.Mardi Gras 10

Source: Library of Congress

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The 17 Coolest Small Businesses In New Orleans


mardi gras beads

With New Orleans in full celebration mode for Mardi Gras, the nonstop party that started as a purging of hedonistic behavior before the Christian season of Lent, it's a good time to celebrate the small businesses that have helped the Big Easy rebound.

The city's economy took a big hit after Hurricane Katrina devastated the cityscape in 2005, but it has since rebuilt and reinvented itself.

Whether it's an established restaurant or a budding tech startup, here are some of New Orlean's coolest small businesses.


Online, based in New Orleans

What it is: A transit advertising and media company

Why it's cool: AdverCar matches brands with regular drivers who are looking to make some extra cash. The brand pays a driver to put a decal on their car. When that person drives through different neighborhoods and regions, the brand is then broadcast to the area in a subtle yet effective way.

It is part of New Orleans Startup Fund's portfolio.

American Sector And National World War II Museum

945 Magazine St.

What it is: A 1940s themed restaurant and museum

Why it's cool: Besides being America's first museum devoted to World War II, this venue features restaurants and bars that are all 1940s themed. Everything from the seating to the cocktails to the styles of the performers oozes 1940s glamour. There are even live musical performances by Big Band orchestras and tributes to 1940s icons like The Rat Pack.

The restaurant, the American Sector, serves dishes that put a creative spin on traditional American food, like mini cheeseburgers with bacon-onion marmalade and Wagyu short ribs.

Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel

739 Canal St. at Bourbon

What it is: A sustainable hotel

Why it's cool: This is a luxury hotel that has a ton of green initiatives. It recycles all cardboard, paper, plastic, and aluminum products.

About 90% of the hotel's lighting is energy efficient, and it has a grease recycling program.

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15 Books That Will Make You Want To Visit Thailand


5 thailand honeymoon

Thailand evokes a sense of mystery like few countries in the Eastern hemisphere do.

From its celestial beaches on the gulf to the bustling capital of Bangkok, the country gives new meaning to the word "exotic."

Whether you're planning a trip or just looking for some guilty pleasure literature, these are the Thai-set books you have to read.

"Anna and the King Of Siam" by Margaret Landon

The book follows Anna Leonowens, a young English widow and mother who comes to work under King Mongkut of Siam in the 1860s. She joins his staff to help him communicate with foreign governments, and tutor his favored concubines and children. One of the sons soaks up her Western teachings and years later becomes Siam's most progressive king.

The inspiration for the hit musical and movie, "Anna and the Kind of Siam" will transport you to a lush landscape of mystic faiths and curious people while sneaking in a history lesson.

Buy the book here »

"Bangkok 8" by John Burdett

Bangkok is not a city for the faint of heart. This dark comedy thriller peels the curtain back on the capital's illicit drug scene, infinite corruption, and fast-paced lifestyle, while also giving way to a deeper understanding of Thai Buddhism.

When his partner is killed off-duty, Sonchai Jitpleecheep — a police officer and devout Buddhist — is hellbent on seeking revenge. He teams up with a beautiful FBI agent to track down his partner's murderer, traversing the shady underworld of one of the world's most exotic cities.

Buy the book here »

"Bangkok Days" by Lawrence Osborne

Not your typical tourist, Osborne frequents Thailand for the cheap dentistry. Discovering he can live for a few dollars a day there, this English-born journalist extends his trip indefinitely and begins the most visceral chapter in his chapter. 

In a city where illicit pleasure is easily found and bought, he restores his faith in adventure and the world: dining on insects at a roadside stall, eating at a restaurant where his waitress feeds him like a baby, and launching a career as a gigolo. All the while his twisted sexual mores mix with ancient Buddhist practices for a culturally enriching experience.

Buy the book here »

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HOUSE OF THE DAY: Rent Whisper's Santa Monica Bungalow For $16,000 A Month


whisper HOTD Secret-sharing app Whisper is outgrowing the small Santa Monica bungalow that has served as their headquarters since they launched in 2012. According to Curbed LA, the house can now be rented for $16,000 a month. 

The three-bedroom house is not quite what you'd expect from a startup. It's simple yet charming, and there's a pool in the backyard. The beach happens to be only a few minutes' walk away. 

But neighbors in the laid-back southern California neighborhood reportedly haven't been crazy about living next to a fast-growing tech company.

"They're renting a house, pretending to live there, but they're running a business instead," a neighbor said to CNET in January.

Whisper and its 32 employees will be moving to a larger space in Venice Beach later this month. 

The bungalow is located in the laid-back but pricey neighborhood of Santa Monica, Calif.

It was built in 1947 in the typical California ranch-house style.

Here's the living room as shown in the listing, though it will surely look better when furnished.

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Mardi Gras 2014: 18 Photos From The Wildest Outdoor Party In The US


Mardi Gras girl AP

Mardi Gras 2014 is wrapping up with a bang in New Orleans with today's Fat Tuesday celebrations.

The party's been as wild as ever this year, before the self-denial season of Lent begins. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flocked to the city decked out in beads and feathers to watch dozens of over-the-top parades. They spent a little over a week drinking, eating and dancing in the streets.  

Some estimates say the biggest free party in the country brings in more than $500 million for New Orleans.

Streets in downtown New Orleans are so packed for Mardi Gras, revelers can reach up and grab beads right off the floats.

The Krewe of Zulu kicked off Fat Tuesday, ready with painted coconuts to give parade-goers in New Orleans.

The King of the Krewe of Zulu leads his section in the Mardi Gras Day parade.

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How To Pay Less For A Bottle Of Wine


Rowan Gormley NakedWines

Most of the time, you're paying too much money for wine, says Rowan Gormley, CEO of Internet wine retailer NakedWines .

He explained the economics of this unfortunate upcharge to Business Insider.

The price difference on the production side between a fantastic bottle of wine and an average one is a measly $2 or $3, he said.

The best wines are made with grapes that are left on the vine longer, cut with comparatively expensive wild yeast, and take longer to age. All those things lead to a more expensive bottle.

But spread over hundreds of bottles from a harvest, a grower only needs to pass on a few extra dollars to the consumer for a superior drink.

The way wine is sold adds to the cost.

Wine goes from the grower to a wholesaler to a distributor and then to a retailer. Each one increases the price along the way, making wine very expensive by the time it gets to the customer. Vineyards also put a lot of money into marketing and building a reputation for their brand, which has to be recouped in the final sale.

Buying a bottle at a store or a restaurant passes similar price hikes to the consumer, while buying wine by the glass increases the price even more. Wines by the glass are easier for servers to sell, and restaurants generally charge the wholesale price of one bottle for one glass of wine. Alcohol sales provide an easy way for a restaurant to add to its profit margin.

Gormley's rule of thumb for buying wine: "If you recognize the place your wine's from, like Napa, you're paying double what another wine from the same type of grape would cost."

Wine drinkers can alleviate the problem by knowing what they like based on grapes and age, instead of name brands like Lafite Rothschild Bordeaux, which Gormley said have rigged the market to create a scarcity of wine from endorsed plots of soil.

He added that going outside of the established market and buying directly from the grower will help oenophiles get a deal. Don't be afraid to purchase young wines from hyper-local vintners and try new grapes, he said. A grape that hasn't been recognized as the best may still suit your taste, but come with a smaller price tag.

NakedWines commissions wine using crowdfunded money from its users. Pairing buyers and growers directly limits the need for spending on marketing and advertising. Other sites operate with similar wisdom. They include Plonk Wine Merchants, Half Wit Wines and Accidental Wine Company.

"Wine is still new in America," Gormley said. "When people are less confident with it, they want what they know, and they have this feeling that it's cool to spend $100 on a bottle of wine, when what's cool is to have a good wine experience for an un-inflated price."

He estimates a good bottle of wine can be made for $15, which would mean no bottle of wine should cost more than $30 to sell.

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Best Job Ever? Wait Until You See How Good The NYT Crossword Puzzle Editor Has It




There are plenty of instances that show that some people are just as successful by working from home, than going into the office everyday.

Will Shortz has spent the last twenty years working from his home office in Pleasantville, NY as The New York Times crossword puzzle editor. He wouldn't have it any other way. 

Produced by Justin Gmoser

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This New Jersey Mom Is Instagram's Hottest Yoga Star


Laura Yoga

When Laura Kasperzak began an Instagram account to document her yoga practice, she had hoped to get 100 followers. 

Now, more than 600,000 people look for her daily updates, either photos or videos of her in insanely difficult yoga poses, while donning funky patterned leggings.

The New Jersey resident and mother of two has been doing yoga for 16 years, usually really early in the morning, before anyone in her house is awake. 

She started her Instagram account about two years ago, when her niece asked her to "follow her" on the platform. 

So how does she get those perfect shots every single time?

There's a lot more to it than you think.

After she finishes practicing yoga, Kasperzak sets the timer on her Nikon camera to photograph herself working on what she practiced on that morning.

Then the camera takes one photo every 2 seconds, and she chooses the best frame to upload to Instagram.

The photos that earned Laura Kasperzak 600,000 followers

Here's just a sampling (some of the photos feature her adorable toddler, whom Kasperzak refers to as her "mini."):


Here she is doing a handstand split. Oh sure, easy.

From Instagram to full-blown business owner

Thanks to a massive following, she was able to join up with her high school friend Masumi Goldman to create TwoFitMoms, a business that focuses on health, nutrition, and, of course, yoga.

The two 36-year-olds currently offer weekly, affordable classes (just $5!) and occasional workshops in New Jersey, and the friends have started leveraging their following to help build the brand. 

Masumi also has a wildly popular Instagram account:

Masumi told Business Insider that the dream of TwoFitMoms began when Kasperzak and Goldman began hosting monthly Instagram yoga challenges together a year and provided step-by-step instructions, photos and tips for each yoga pose they presented.

"These monthly challenges were a huge hit with the growing Instagram community, and our followers seemed to appreciate the detailed instructions and commitment to teaching," Goldman said. "Laura suggested we attend a yoga teacher training program to become certified yoga instructors. That was the first step in making our Instagram hobby a more serious endeavor and, ultimately, a business."

Haters to the left

With 600,000 followers and images that focus mainly on Kasperzak's body in yoga poses, we wondered if she ever avoids the comments, as one typically does on the Internet. But to the contrary, she reads every one.

"I usually just delete and ignore the rude and insensitive comments. Sometimes I will respond if I feel as if they just don’t know about yoga or what I am doing," Kasperzak said, adding, "but there are so many positive comments that outweigh the negative."

What's next?

The women are looking forward to traveling over the next year and growing their business.

"We can't wait to meet more of our followers [on Instagram]," Kasperzak said. "We're excited."

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8 Bizarrely Expensive Items From Urban Outfitters' New Fitness Brand


Urban Outfitters is diving into the ultra-competitive market for fitness apparel with a new brand called "Without Walls."

The brand brings Urban's eccentric style to workout gear, with a plethora of crop tops, patterned running tights, and odd novelties.

The price range is slightly lower than Lululemon's and roughly in line with Gap's Athleta, with leggings and running tights going for between $58 and $88, shorts for $34 to $54 and windbreakers for $124 to $154. Buzzfeed's Sapna Maheshwari first reported on the new brand.

While Urban Outfitters is smart to get into the rapidly expanding market for active apparel, some of its products appear to be more fashion-focused than functional, and the prices appear to be pretty steep. 

For example, this "Performance Romper" is going for $88. 

Urban OutfittersThis space-age backpack is going for $308:

Urban OutfittersThis rain poncho is one of Without Walls' cheapest jackets, and it's selling for $124:

Urban OutfittersThese men's pants are going for nearly $200 and they are described as "comfy enough to sleep in and awesome enough to wear all day," making us question why they are included in the active wear line. 

Urban OutfittersHere's another $198 pair from the same designer with "drawstrings at [the] ankle in case you hit high waters" and "front, side, and back pockets for whatever you need on the trail."

Urban OutfittersThere's a wide range of crop tops, like this $54 one, that Urban Outfitters recommends for hot yoga sessions.

Urban OutfittersWe can't figure out why this cotton and polyester sweatshirt is $84.

Urban OutfittersAnd finally, a $64 leather holster to carry a six-pack of beer on your bicycle. The brand is also selling a wine holder and Frisbee holder. 

Urban Outfitters

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The Most Popular Spring Break Destinations For College Kids


spring break beach partyWe've reached that time of the year again when the college students of America escape their grueling study schedules to indulge in a week of rest, relaxation, and belligerent day drinking. Spring Break '14 has arrived.

Priceline.com put together a list of the most popular spring break destinations for college students based on hotel bookings scheduled by .edu email addresses in March 2014, and found that Vegas is the king of breaks, with New Orleans right behind.

San Diego was listed as the most popular beach destination and Cancun (shocker) as the top international choice. 

Here's the list of places for you to either completely avoid, or book ASAP: 

#1           LAS VEGAS        

#2           NEW ORLEANS      

#3           DENVER           

#4           NEW YORK         

#5           SAN DIEGO        

#6           CHICAGO          

#7           PANAMA CITY BEACH

#8           ORLANDO          

#9           DALLAS           

#10         NASHVILLE         

#11         SAN ANTONIO      

#12         SEATTLE          

#13         FORT LAUDERDALE  


#15         CANCUN           

#16         BOSTON           

#17         WASHINGTON       

#18         BALTIMORE        

#19         INDIANAPOLIS     

#20         MIAMI            

#21         ARLINGTON (VA)         

#22         HONOLULU         

#23         MIAMI BEACH      

#24         PHOENIX          

#25         MYRTLE BEACH     

#26         LOS ANGELES      

#27         ATLANTA          

#28         PARIS            

#29         SAN JUAN         

#30         PHILADELPHIA     

#31         CHARLOTTE        

#32         SCOTTSDALE        

#33         KISSIMMEE        

#34         SAINT LOUIS      

#35         AUSTIN           

#36         RIO GRANDE       

#37         CHARLESTON       

#38         PORTLAND         

#39         SAN FRANCISCO    

#40         MILWAUKEE        

#41         DUBLIN           

#42         MIAMI SPRINGS    

#43         LAKE BUENA VISTA 

#44         MINNEAPOLIS      

#45         SALT LAKE CITY   

#46         KEARNEY (NE)          

#47         LOS CABOS        

#48         ANCHORAGE        

#49         MOBILE           

#50         TUCSON

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The 10 Most Expensive Cities In The World


singapore trees

Singapore is the most expensive city in the world for expatriates, according to new data from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

It takes the title from Tokyo, thanks in part to inflation, high transportation costs, high utility costs, and an excess of luxury retailers.

Tokyo remains the priciest location for everyday food items, while European cities tend to be priciest for recreation and entertainment.

New York City ranked #26 in EIU's ranking, a jump of only one spot from 2013. In comparison, it rose 19 spots the previous year.

The survey calculates cost of living based on prices for 160 products and services, including food, clothing, rent, and transportation. Each cost of living index is set in relation to New York's, which is fixed at a base of 100. We've selected a few price points to highlight costs in the world's most expensive cities.

#10 Copenhagen

Copenhagen ranked #15 last year. The current cost of living index is 117.

Loaf of white bread:

  • Today: $4.82
  • Last year: $4.47
  • 5 years ago: $3.82

Bottle of table wine:

  • Today: $13.70
  • Last year: $12.03
  • 5 years ago: $10.79

1 liter unleaded petrol:

  • Today: $2.18
  • Last year: $2.07
  • 5 years ago: $2.05

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#6 (tie) Tokyo

Tokyo ranked #1 last year. The current cost of living index is 118.

Loaf of white bread:

  • Today: $7.12
  • Last year: $9.06
  • 5 years ago: $7.55

Bottle of table wine:

  • Today: $12.53
  • Last year: $15.95
  • 5 years ago: $12.13

1 liter unleaded petrol:

  • Today: $1.73
  • Last year: $1.97
  • 5 years ago: $1.69

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#6 (tie) Melbourne

Melbourne ranked #4 (tie) last year. The current cost of living index is 118.

Loaf of white bread:

  • Today: $4.43
  • Last year: $4.87
  • 5 years ago: $3.77

Bottle of table wine:

  • Today: $22.28
  • Last year: $25.03
  • 5 years ago: $17.45

1 liter unleaded petrol:

  • Today: $1.35
  • Last year: $1.49
  • 5 years ago: $1.28

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

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The 32 Most Spectacular New Images Of Earth



NASA has selected 32 of the best Earth images from 2013 and is asking readers to help select one winner.

Each week, through April 4, voters can choose their favorite image in a tournament that pit two different photos against each other.

The photo that gets the most votes in the match-up moves onto the next round.

You can even download a bracket to fill out online.

Check out all the candidates here, then head over to the Earth Observatory's website to vote for your favorite photographs.

The is map estimates the average number of deaths per 1,000 square kilometers (386 square miles) per year due to air pollution. Dark brown areas have more premature deaths than light brown areas and blue areas have shown a decline in early deaths since 1850.


This map shows how much chlorophyll was in the ocean near the Aleutian Islands after a 2008 volcanic eruption, a natural fertilizer for the water. The levels rose above (green) or dipped below (brown) their normal levels due to an increase in phytoplankton — a plant-like microorganism that can soak up carbon dioxide from the air.

In this map of temperature anomalies, reds and blues show how much warmer or cooler each region of the globe was was in 2012 compared to an averaged base period between 1951 and 1980.


See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Gorgeous Images Of Partially Frozen Niagara Falls

The 15 Coolest Airbnb Rentals In New York City


nyc airbnb

Airbnb rentals offer a great alternative to hotels for travelers around the world. 

But nowhere is the apartment-sharing service more popular than in New York City — according to a study released by Airbnb last October, the company generated $632 million in economic activity in one year and supported 4,580 jobs across the city's five boroughs. 

We've picked out some of our favorite listings in the Big Apple. They all have something unique to offer, from wide-open lofts with incredible views to cozy, artistic walk-up apartments. 

Live like a celebrity in this huge apartment in SoHo.

This two-bedroom Crosby Street loft is enormous by NYC standards, and its modern decor makes it a stunning place to spend the night. The second bedroom comes with its own separate living and dining area. 

Cost: $650/night 

Accommodates: 4

Neighborhood: SoHo

Stay close to all of the East Village hot spots.

A wide collection of antiques gives this one-bedroom apartment a good deal of rustic charm, plus all of the East Village's popular bars and restaurants are nearby. 

Cost: $165/night

Accommodates: 2

Neighborhood: Alphabet City

Rent out a private room in this gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone.

Airbnb users can rent a room in either the basement or upper floor of this Moroccan-inspired home. They can also make use of green space in the backyard. 

Cost: $85/night

Accommodates: 3

Neighborhood: Fort Greene

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