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MAP: The Top College Destinations In America


The American Institute of Economic Research just released its College Destinations Index, which ranked the best college towns in the country based on their academic environment, quality of life, and professional opportunity. 

The index separated the destinations by population size. 

Major metro areas were cities with more than 2.5 million residents, while mid-size metros had between 1 and 2.5 million residents, and small metros had between 250,000 and 1 million. The top college towns were defined as cities with less than 250,000 residents.

This map shows the top college destinations in America. You can read the full report over at the American Institute of Economic Research. 

Click here to learn more about the top 20 college towns.

College towns map

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I Barely Made My $8,000 Business Class Flight To Beijing — Here's What I Would Have Missed


Flight 52

Last Friday, I took a cab from my apartment in Manhattan to Newark Airport.

I arrived at Newark at noon, in plenty of time for a 3 p.m. flight to Beijing, where I was going to speak at a forum put on by Chinese Internet company Tencent.

I was excited, and not just for China.

The flight was going to be great.

Tencent had generously shelled out for business class tickets.

That meant there was going to be a lay-flat bed, movies, and lots of food.

Problem was, my United flight wasn't a 3 p.m. flight. It was a noon flight. And I missed it.

Oh, #&%*@!

I'd confused my departure time with my arrival time.

Fortunately, United has a partnership with Air China, which did have a 3:50 p.m. flight to Beijing that day – out of JFK. 

So the wonderful woman at the ticket counter booked me onto that flight and I raced to get a cab.

In the cab, I looked down at my new itinerary. It showed how much Tencent had paid for the whole trip.

It was over $8,000!

Want to see the flying experience that kind of money gets you?

I left my apartment at 11 a.m. – plenty of time to get to the airport for a 3 p.m. flight.

I took a car to Newark Airport. It's way faster than the train, and cheaper than long-term parking.

Looking out the window, I wondered how different China would look from New Jersey

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6 Simple Ways To Be An Awesome Best Man


shutterstock_127311110This post is sponsored by Chivas

So your friend asked you to be his best man, huh? Don’t worry. It’s not that hard. I’ve been one, so I know.

Since I graduated college in 2004, I have been to more than 30 weddings. I have been a groomsman five times. I've been the best man twice. I’ve held chuppahs, done readings, and even officiated. 

After being a part of and seeing so many weddings, I’ve realized there are a few simple rules to being a best man. Follow these and you'll not only be a terrific best man, but you'll also help give the groom the greatest gift possible: an amazing wedding.

1. Keep It Classy.

Don't forget that you are the de facto representative of all of your buddy’s friends. You basically represent the developmental years of little Matty. You will be judged, and so will he. So, at all of the public activities (engagement parties and wedding), behave accordingly.

2. Crowdsource The Bachelor Party.

Planning a bachelor party can be intimidating. But if you're professional about it, it's not that big of a deal. Just as in the workplace, manage expectations.

One thing to remember: You are not the laborer. You are management. How organized you are will directly affect how seriously the other groomsmen take you and this experience.

Create a document (I use a multi-tab Google Docs spreadsheet) that includes contact information, roles and responsibilities, and money tracking. It helps if you think of crowdsourcing as public shaming — everyone needs to lend a hand, and everyone will see who's trying to coast by. Highlight in red the cheapskates who are lagging, so when Justin doesn't get his money for the beer, you can direct him to Jeff, who still hasn't paid.

Remember, most attendees will just want to be herded, so plan accordingly and tell them exactly what needs to be done. And when someone inevitably asks a question that can easily be answered by the spreadsheet, just copy and paste the link.

Note: The Classy Rule does not necessarily apply to the bachelor party. It is directly determined by the personality of the groom.

3. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

You are not a cruise director. You don’t need to have a whirlwind of activities surrounding the bachelor party. Most people will want some down time. The way I think about bachelor parties is the same way I think about my weekend: I have a ton of ideas, and then I divide by three. Why yes, it would be epic to travel across the country to Tahoe for a weekend of skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, whitewater rafting, drinking, eating, and shopping. But it's too much.

People want to do things, but they don’t want to do all of the things. Anchor each day with one major activity — say, a football game, which lasts most of the day and includes eating and tailgating. Or go out to a dinner and a bar one night, but don’t plan an early-morning activity immediately following it. You don’t have to do football, skeet shooting, and the driving range all in one day (or, frankly, even one weekend).

If you’ve simplified away from a multi-night bachelor-extravaganza to just a one-night affair, congratulations! You are winning this category. Just be sure to reserve a limo or party bus. It simplifies transportation and allows everyone to enjoy themselves. Small group? If you're in a major city, think about using Uber, which has a fleet of SUVs at your disposal. 

4. Be MacGyver.

At the wedding, it is your job to make sure the groom gets there, to take care of whatever he needs, and not to lose the rings. Be prepared for anything. And have a handkerchief in your pocket in case the groom, one of the groomsmen, or you, are the kind of people who sweat. Nobody wants wedding photos with beads of sweat on your forehead, especially the bride. 

5. The Toast: Be Funny, But Forgettable.

Did you write The Simpsons? What about 30 Rock? No? OK, then let's not get carried away with the stand-up routine. Your role with the Best Man Toast is to demonstrate to the bride and groom that you care for them and are happy for them, and to lead the room in wishing them the best future possible.

The best supporting actors have a good line here and there, but fade off. No good story starts, “You’d never believe what the best man said at this wedding ...” I have four mainstays with regard to the speech: 1) memorize it, 2) keep it short — people want to eat, 3) leave the inside jokes to the maid of honor, and 4) leave the props to Carrot Top.

6. Enjoy Yourself — Just Not Too Much. 

Keep Frank the Tank bottled up until the after party. After all, you're still technically on the job. At the reception, I usually alternate between a gin and tonic and sparkling water with lime. If you're worried about standing out, just ask the bartender to pour your water in the same tumblers as the mixed drinks. No one will know the difference.

See? Totally simple. Remember this gauge: If you have to ask yourself if something is OK, it probably isn’t. Now straighten your tie. You’ll do just fine. 

- Written by Joe Callahan 

This post is part of "The Honor Code," a sponsor series about about modern men embracing success, honor, and brotherhood. "The Honor Code" is sponsored by Chivas.More in the series »

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This Widely Praised Film Takes A Brutal Look At Life In Modern China — But Chinese Citizens May Never See It


a touch of sin

In August, as his controversial film "A Touch Of Sin" was receiving plaudits from around the world, Chinese director Jia Zhangke seemed confident that his countrymen would see the film. “The film has been approved by the censor board and we hope it will be released in autumn," the celebrated filmmaker told the Globe and Mail.

Flash forward to today, however, and that doesn't seem to have materialized.

Writing in The New York Times, Edward Wong reports that though the film was due to appear in Chinese theatres from November 9, it has yet to be shown. Jia himself told Wong that the situation was “complicated” and “sensitive," and a leaked report from Communist Party’s Central Propaganda Bureau suggested Chinese journalists are being ordered to not write about the movie.

Why wouldn't China want people to see a film that won plaudits around the world, including best script at Cannes Film Festival (where it was also touted as a possible "Golden Palm" winner)? The touchy subject matter seems to be a problem. Watch the trailer below to understand:

The film seems to be based on a number of real events in recent Chinese history, such as a 2009 case where a pedicurist killed a local official after he reportedly slapped her in the face with a wad of cash when she refused to sleep with him, and a notorious 2011 high-speed train accident that killed 40 people. Other parts of the film make references to the suicides at Foxconn factories.

As John Defore describes it in the Washington Post, the films deals with the "skyrocketing wealth in China and the desperation ordinary people feel to get their share of it."

That's a touchy subject for Chinese authorities, but it may also be why the film received substantial buzz from the Chinese public after a trailer was uploaded to Youku in the Summer.

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The 25 Most Segregated Cities In America


racial dot mapRacial segregation in America is lasting longer than anyone expected. 

The average black person lives in a neighborhood that is 45 percent black, even though blacks represent only 13 percent of the population, according to professors John Logan and Brian Stults at Brown and Florida State.

Logan and Stults analyzed 2010 Census data with a dissimilarity index, which determines the percentage of one group that would have to move to a different neighborhood to eliminate segregation. A score above 60 shows very high segregation.

While the professors evaluated segregation for pairs of racial groups, we wanted to compare overall segregation. To create an approximate ranking of metropolitan statistical areas, we weighted white-black, white-Hispanic, and white-Asian dissimilarity scores by minority population.

We mapped these areas using the Racial Dot Map from the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia.

25. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, Florida

Blue = White; Green = Black; Yellow = Hispanic; Red = Asian; Brown = other

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area has dissimilarity scores of 64 for white-black, 57 for white-Hispanic, 33 for white-Asian, according to a study of 2010 Census data by professors John Logan and Brian Stults of Brown and Florida State University; and a score of 58.5 for overall dissimilarity, according to Business Insider's population-weighted index (scores over 60 show very high segregation).

24. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, California

Blue = White; Green = Black; Yellow = Hispanic; Red = Asian; Brown = other

The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana Metropolitan Statistical Area has dissimilarity scores of 65 for white-black, 62 for white-Hispanic, 45 for white-Asian, according to a study of 2010 Census data by professors John Logan and Brian Stults of Brown and Florida State University; and a score of 58.6 for overall dissimilarity, according to Business Insider's population-weighted index (scores over 60 show very high segregation).

23. Niles-Benton Harbor, Michigan

Blue = White; Green = Black; Yellow = Hispanic; Red = Asian; Brown = other

The Niles-Benton Harbor Metropolitan Statistical Area has dissimilarity scores of 69 for white-black, 31 for white-Hispanic, 42 for white-Asian, according to a study of 2010 Census data by professors John Logan and Brian Stults of Brown and Florida State University; and a score of 59.2 for overall dissimilarity, according to Business Insider's population-weighted index (scores over 60 show very high segregation).

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10 Awesome Ski Resorts In Unexpected Places



Thousands of people will take to the slopes this winter, but they may be missing out on the fun at these far-flung resorts. 

Ski resorts in Kazakhstan or Finland offer plenty of lengthy trails, off-road exploration opportunities, and a much more reasonable price tag than you would find at Vail or Aspen

Grab your passport — our friends at Find the Best have helped us round up some of the best ski resorts in unexpected places around the globe. To compile the list, they ranked ski resorts on factors including average snowfall, skiable acres, and overall ratings from PowderHounds.com. They then excluded resorts in countries that are known as popular ski destinations, such as the U.S., Canada, Austria, and Switzerland.

JASNA–CHOPOK, SLOVAKIA: Located in the country's Low Tatra mountain range, this huge resort has 30 chair lifts and nearly 40 runs.

Read more about Jasna-Chopok on FindTheBest >

BOVEC, SLOVENIA: This small resort may only have five lifts, but its 5,961-foot vertical drop is certainly impressive.

Read more about Bovec on FindTheBest >

LEVI, FINLAND: With 43 trails and 26 lifts, Levi is the largest ski resort in Finland. Guests can also rent snowmobiles, go ice fishing, or take a reindeer excursion.

Read more about Levi on FindTheBest >

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$16 Million Powerball Ticket In Florida Expired And Is Now Worthless


powerball lottery ticket

MIAMI (Reuters) - A Powerball ticket worth $16 million became worthless on Friday after a six-month deadline for the winner to claim the prize money expired, Florida lottery authorities said.

"It's only happened a few other times, so this is really, really unusual," said Florida Lottery spokeswoman Amy Bisceglia.

"It could have been anything, from somebody forgetting about it in the laundry, or just throwing it away. We have no idea what happened," Bisceglia said, when asked how the ticket holder could not have claimed the fortune.

The ticket became worthless when a 180-day deadline to claim the jackpot expired at 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday (0459 GMT Friday), Bisceglia said.

It was the largest unclaimed jackpot in Florida since 2003, when a $53.7 million jackpot expired.

The winning numbers were 2, 6, 19, 21, 27 and a Powerball number of 25.

The winning ticket was purchased in May at the Carollwood Market, a convenience store in Tampa.

(Reporting by Tom Brown; Editing by Jeffrey Benkoe)

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13 Fantastic Gifts For The World Traveler


LAX travelers airport

Whether it's for work or for pleasure, traveling frequently isn't easy.  

Long flights are exhausting, and it can be a challenge to pack all of your belongings into one bag. 

We've rounded up some fun solutions that also make great gifts for that person you know who's always racking up the frequent flier miles. 

The Royce Leather Deluxe Passport Case will hold all of your important documents and look good while doing it.

With space for your passport, six credit cards, cash and extra travel documents, this case will protect all of your important things as you go from place to place. The leather is sleek, and the shoulder strap is removable. 

Price: $90

Organize your clothes and keep them clean with the Pack-It Specter Cube from Eagle Creek.

Weighing in at only one ounce, this nylon cube is a lightweight packing solution. The translucent fabric lets you see what clothing is rolled inside, so you don't have to dig around to find what you need. 

Price: $17

The Columbia Global Adventure Roll-Up Shirt is the ultimate button-down for travelers.

Moisture wicking technology will keep this shirt dry in any climate, but it's still nice enough to wear out to dinner. It even has a zippered chest pocket that would fit a passport perfectly. 

Price: $70

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University Of Phoenix Founder Is Selling His San Francisco Mansion With A Secret Bar For $27 Million


John Murphy san francisco mansion

John Murphy, one of the founders of  for-profit education company University of Phoenix, is selling his San Francisco mansion for $27 million.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Murphy and his wife Paula Key bought the Pacific Heights nine-bedroom house in 1997 after discovering it came with a secret hidden Prohibition-era bar.

They closed the deal on the 13,000-square-foot mansion for $6.3 million, and are now selling it through listing agent Coldwell Banker Previews International.

The home has gorgeous views of San Francisco, as well as five levels that are all easily accessible with an elevator. In addition to the hidden bar that first attracted Murphy and his wife to the property, it also has an Art Deco ballroom, staff quarters, and a library.

Originally built in 1905 by a member of the Spreckels family (of the Spreckels Sugar Company fortune), the home was sold in 1929 to the prominent San Francisco family the Schwabachers, who then added the Prohibition bar and 1,200-square-foot ballroom.

Welcome to John Murphy's Pacific Heights mansion in San Francisco.

Source: Coldwell Bankers Preview International

The gorgeous home was first built in 1905, and expanded in 1929.

Source: Coldwell Bankers Preview International

There are five levels in the mansion that are accessible either by elevator or by the grand staircase.

Source: Coldwell Bankers Preview International

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These 11 Innovative Condoms Just Got Grants From The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Bill GatesOut of 812 submissions to a contest intended to create the condom of the future, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation chose 11 winners.

The foundation said it wanted to create a new generation of condoms "that significantly preserve or enhance pleasure." That way, guys will actually want to wear condoms and, in theory, the global rates of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections will decrease.

Each winner received $100,000 to pursue their designs.

Check them out below: 

  • Heat conducting condom infused with antibacterial drugs: Graphene is a thin, crystalline form of carbon that's highly elastic and can conduct heat. Lakshminarayanan Ragupathy of HLL Lifecare Ltd. in India will produce condoms using graphene-based polymer composites. 
  • Elastic condom: Using a new composite of elastic materials, a team from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom proposes a condom that will feel more like skin-to-skin contact.
  • Self-tightening condom: Layering multiple polymers allows the condom to gently tighten during intercourse. The material will put less pressure on the skin and increase sensation at key moments.  A team from Cambridge Design Partnership in the United Kingdom is designing it.
  • Mucous condom: A team from Northwestern University will create a new polymeric material that mimics the properties of mucosal tissue, essentially what your bodily mucous membranes already feel like. Thus, a very natural feeling during intercourse.  
  • Break-resistant condom: A nanoparticle coating helps prevent condom breakage. The coating, developed by researchers at Boston University Medical Center, works by trapping a thin layer of water to reduce friction and tearing forces. 
  • Shape memory condom: Body heat will quickly fix the shape of the condom to the individual wearer. Researchers at the University of Oregon will tailor condoms with polyurethane linear and elastomeric materials, both of which will improve tactility and increase sensitivity.
  • Wrapping condom: The California Family Health Council will make condoms that wrap and cling around the wearer instead of squeezing him. The non-toxic and hypoallergenic polyethylene condoms will also come with enhanced lubrication through a collaboration with a Colombian condom manufacturer.
  • Superelastomer condom: Superelastomer technology allows condoms to be made ultra-thin, ultra-soft, strong and tear resistant. It also has a low-cost production method which will encourage use in developing countries. Researchers at the University of Tennessee will develop it.
  • Cow tendon condom: Collagen fibers from cows' Achilles tendons, and possibly fish skin, will give the wearer more of a skin-to-skin feel with his partner. The materials in the condom, developed by researchers at Apex Medical Technologies in San Diego, will enhance strength and sensitivity.
  • The Rapidom: A condom with applicators attached make putting it on possible with a single motion. Produced by Kimbranox Ltd. in South Africa, it makes application easier and, most importantly, helps get the condom on the right way. Putting the condom on inside-out, then reversing the direction, exposes a guy's partner to his pre-ejaculatory fluids and increases the risk for pregnancy and disease. 
  • Condom Applicator Pack: A team from House of Petite Pty. Ltd. in Australia will build an applicator separate from the condom but sold in the same package. It's meant to keep the condom away from the wearer's hands, which can spread disease, and ensure the condom is put on in the right direction.

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Four Ways To Wear One Suit


This post originally appeared on Details.com.

Paired with a shirt and tie, the gray flannel two-piece is at once classic and thoroughly modern. But don't stop there. Worn separately, the pants and jacket offer some equally sharp looks.

1 four ways suit

1. Classic

If you never want to think about what to wear to the office again, invest in a single-button flannel suit like this one.

When expertly tailored (note the hem length on the pants and that the cuff of the shirt is showing), it's a workhorse in your wardrobe.

Suit ($1,195) by Calvin Klein Collection. Shirt ($325) by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Tie ($150) by Alexander Olch. Pocket square ($130) by Dunhill. Shoes ($570) by Church's. Socks ($7) by Gold Toe.








2 four ways suit

2. Casual

When you need to put yourself together and don't want to go the suit route, try pairing the jacket with navy slacks and swapping the button down for a fitted cashmere sweater that won't add bulk.

Blazer ($1,075) by Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers. Sweater ($560) by Dries Van Noten. Pants ($570) by Salvatore Ferragamo. Shoes ($775) by Church's. Socks ($7) by Gold Toe.

3 four ways suit

3. Sneaker combo

Elevating the sneaker-suit combo, this burgundy duffle is more modern than its Paddington Bear predecessors and solves the problem of what to throw over a jacket when temperature nose-dives. 

Coat ($1,330) by Marni. Blazer ($425) and pants ($225) by J. Crew. Sweatshirt ($129) by Reigning Champ. Sneakers ($495) by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane.

4 four ways suit

4. Mixed fabrics 

By mixing fabrics and textures — like this denim button-down and suede jacket — you can give your chinos a rest and wear suit pants on the weekend instead.

Jacket ($3,715) by Dunhill. Shirt ($65) by Banana Republic. Pants ($1,090) by Jil Sander. Belt ($460) and shoes ($880) by Bottega Veneta. Socks ($7) by Gold Toe.









dec jan 2013 baleMore from Details:

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Researchers Solve Longtime Mystery Of How Marijuana Causes Memory Loss


MarijuanaA new study suggests that over-the-counter painkillers like Ibuprofen could prevent two debilitating side effects of marijuana use — learning problems and memory loss — that currently limit the drug's medical value.

In a study published in the journal Cell, researchers say they have pinpointed the molecular pathways responsible for marijuana-induced memory problems.

The high you get from marijuana comes from a chemical called Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. The chemical works by interacting with receptors on brain cells called cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are concentrated in many different places in the brain. Their ubiquity is good and bad.

THC can bind with receptors that are responsible for regulating relaxation, relieving pain, or suppressing nausea, which is why the drug has been used to treat the symptoms of chemotherapy, epilepsy, anxiety, and countless other ailments.

There are also cannabinoid receptors located in the region of the brain involved in learning and memory, called the hippocampus. When THC binds with cannabinoid receptors in the hippocampus it alters the way information is processed and how memories are formed.

But in a study of mice, researchers were surprised to find that THC increased the levels of an enzyme called cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in the hippocampus. 

The COX-2 increase in the brain cells seems to turn down memory-making abilities by decreasing the cell's ability to make connections with other brain cells — and these connections are what underlay our memories.

By stopping this activation of COX-2 the researchers were able to restore the brain cells ability to connect with other cells. More connections mean more memories. 

Since over-the-counter pain relievers work by deactivating COX-2 (thus lowering pain signals sent to the body), scientists think they could be used to prevent the unwanted side effects of marijuana.

There are currently no FDA-approved effective medications for prevention and treatment of marijuana-induced symptoms. This discovery has the potential to broaden the use of medical marijuana for a wider range of conditions.

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29 Reasons Why Prospect Park Is The Best In New York


ParkP (19 of 27)

Prospect Park's 585-acres constitute the heart of Brooklyn. From the undulating greens of the Long Meadow to the parks' sculpted water features, it is the perfect place to get lost in the wilderness, right in the middle of New York City.

It was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux, who had just designed Central Park. While that park is revered around the world, Prospect Park is a considered by many landscape enthusiasts to be their masterpiece

Free from many of the geographical constraints and political interferences that hampered their design of Central Park, Olmstead and Vaux could design the park as they saw fit. 

We took a day trip to see how it fares in the fall. It turns out, even with the chilly weather, there isn't a better place to have a picnic and watch the leaves turn.

The main entrance to Prospect Park faces the stunning Grand Army Plaza's Soldiers' And Sailors' Arch. It is adjacent to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the flagship Brooklyn Public Library, and the Brooklyn Museum.

When you walk past the entrance, you come onto the Long Meadow, a 90-acre field of rolling meadows that disappear into the horizon.

The Long Meadow is the perfect place to escape the city and go for a run. Many school sports teams come to Prospect Park to practice or warm up.

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Study: Most Accept Workplace Facial Hair, But There's A 'Mustache Ceiling'


man in suit with a mustache

The American Mustache Institute (AMI), the national chapter of a global organization dedicated to battling discrimination against the mustached community, yesterday released the first major study on facial hair in the workplace since 1991.

The online survey of 1,109 Americans ran from October 2013 to November 2013. The results show an overwhelming number of people support facial hair in the workplace, but those who sport 'staches still face some hurdles.

Some 71% of Americans surveyed said they work with a "Mustached American male or female" at least once per week, and more than 45% work daily with someone who has general facial hair.

Respondents viewed their mustached colleagues as those that word hard, play hard, and drink hard. And 41% witnessed these co-workers exhibiting "vast displays of upper body strength."

Most importantly, 92% of Americans surveyed believe mustaches are appropriate for the workplace.

Mustached Americans survey

“The finding defies current facially hairless social ideals and signals a tipping point for the current shaving-normative culture," AMI CEO Adam Paul Causgrove said.

Interestingly, only 30% of respondents said they reported to a supervisor with facial hair at work, which Causgrove sites as evidence of a "mustache ceiling." Despite growing tolerance of — and even support for — facial hair in the workplace, many leaders around the world still have smooth faces. 

The gap between the amount of unshaven employees and those higher in companies remains unclear, but AMI hypothesizes that the phenomenon may be related to what researchers call the "ESPN factor." The network's on-air talent is typically clean-shaven, and ESPN continues to be one of "the most rabidly consumed information sources of today’s male ages 21 to 48," according to the report.

AMI is the world’s only facial hair advocacy and research organization with more than 800 global chapters. It claims to be "the bravest organization in the history of mankind behind only the U.S. Military and the post-Jim Henson Muppets."

“Our job is far from over,” Causgrove said. “We will fight this issue, and we believe it is only a matter of time before a sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle proliferate popular culture as it did in the ‘70s and ‘80s."

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5 Signs You're Working Out Too Hard


water bottle

details logo

This post originally appeared on Details.com.

Differentiating between the usual, "I just worked out really hard" pains, and the more worrisome, "I think I might've hurt myself" ones can be difficult, especially when you're trying to push yourself towards progress. "There's a pain of injury and a pain of adaptation—one is bad, and the other is good," says Equinox Advisory Board Member Justin Mager, Ph.D., a San Francisco Bay Area-based exercise physiologist and physician. Here's how to know the difference.

The Good Kind:

1. The comeback aches. "You might be doing an activity perfectly, but if you haven't done something like high-intensity cardio in a while, it's normal for your body to ache a bit during and after your session," he says.

2. The immediate aftershock. When you perform an activity pain-free, and then feel really sore afterwards, that's a good sign. "Pain after properly executed exercise means that your body is adapting to become more fit," says Mager.
Note: Taking ibuprofren or other anti-inflammatories might slow down those fitness adaptations.

3. (Perfectly normal) soreness. Your soreness could last anywhere from two to four days post-workout. Rather than stopping all movement and letting the pain take over during that time, you should work through it and keep your muscles moving instead, says Mager.

The Bad Kind:

1. Biomechanical error. "I had really bad left knee pain, and then an Olympic weightlifting coach taught me how to do squats differently. Now my knee feels better than ever," says Mager. "If you don't have any pain prior to your activity, and then you experience pain while you're performing a particular movement, you should take a step back and have a trainer evaluate your biomechanics."

2. Interconnected injuries. Any chronic, pre-existing pain in your back, hips, or knees might rear its ugly head in other parts of your body, says Mager. "For example, an ankle issue will probably create knee issues. It's important to make those connections so that you can avoid misdiagnosis and focus your treatment appropriately."

3. Localized pain. "A repetition should not feel painful," says Mager. "Take a bench press, for example. If you're doing it right, both arms and chest are going to burn out together. But if you have discomfort in one area, it's muscular failure and a sign that something's off," says Mager. "If you're experiencing localized pain during or after strength training, it's a red flag."

4. Acute, out-of-nowhere aches. Any sharp, stabbing, traumatic, and/or sudden pains during any kind of workout should be checked out immediately.

5. The overdoing-it variety. If the pain lingers into your next attempted exercise session after your two-to-four day recovery period, you might be overtraining or not recovering adequately enough between workouts. "If you're doing maximal work, you need maximal recovery," says Mager.

dec jan 2013 bale

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This Change To Airplane Seats Would Make Every Cross-Country Flight So Much Better


united airlines screens and powerI took a direct flight from New York to San Francisco last week, and like most people about to board, I was ready for the inevitable boredom and discomfort of being stuck in an airplane for six hours.

But it took less than 30 seconds after finding my economy seat to realize that this wouldn’t be your average flight.

Every single seat on United flight 257 — a Boeing 757-200 — had a USB outlet, a full-size power outlet, and a personal "Entertainment on Demand" touchscreen for movies, television shows, and music.

In an age of “let’s just jam everyone on an airplane and sell the tickets cheap," the extras are a nice change of pace.

So I plugged in my iPhone to the USB port and had a full battery upon landing. I could have pulled out my laptop and worked without having constantly to look at my battery percentage.

But the screen was the best part: United had this thing loaded with new and old television shows and movies — from action to comedy to drama (If you're wondering, I watched "Dr. Strangelove" and then "Grumpy Old Men" — sticking to the classics) — and it made the hours go by extremely fast. The kid next to me was playing games, and the man in front of me often checked where the flight was on the GPS.

Will your next flight have them? Thankfully in-flight entertainment (IFE) and power outlet access is expanding, according to aerospace analyst Heath Lockett of IHS Research.

“It’s part of the natural course of upgrading and moving with the times," Lockett told Business Insider.

While these perks started exclusively in first and business class, they are increasingly being offered to all passengers.

"Economy is 85% of seats on aircraft, so it’s inevitable that it becomes more common in economy," Lockett said. " … It’s moving more predominately into wide-body aircraft. It makes sense given the longer flight times and need for power over that period."

While some airlines offer screens built into the seatback, others are adopting a cheaper alternative: wireless IFE, an entertainment system beamed from a central server on the plane to your iPad or other tablet.

"There are definitely advantages to push people down the wireless IFE route, certainly in the next three to five years," said Lockett. "I’d expect to see that more in the narrow body [planes] as opposed to wide body."

Lockett's research shows only about 7% of the global airline fleet currently equipped with some version of in-flight entertainment, but that's expected to rise to 29% by 2022. Growth of power outlets for passengers looks much more rapid, hitting roughly 62% of global seats by 2022, up from 18% currently.

“I think passengers will expect airlines to fly with in-flight power," Lockett said. "Once one [airline] does it, pretty much everyone else needs to follow. It’s such a competitive industry — you can’t afford to be left behind."

Here's what it all looked like:

united airlines screen usb cord

united airlines screens and power

united airlines screens and power

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Here's What's Happening To Your Thanksgiving Turkey Right Now


happy turkey

It's almost turkey time.

Millions of Americans will soon be diving into the big bird, smothering it with gravy or cranberry sauce or both.

Many will also face the scornful stare of their vegetarian cousin, silently asking, "do you know how that turkey got here?"

We can assure you: You don't want to know.

From conception to carcass, here's the short, hellish life-cycle of some industry-produced turkeys.

Not the most romantic beginning...

Domestic turkeys aren't interested in sex, and even if they were, the size of their breasts would make it impossible.

To get around this problem, major turkey breeders rely on artificial breeding, which often takes place at separate artificial insemination facilities.

According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, the process involves "stimulating the copulatory organ by massaging the abdomen and the back over the testes... pushing the tail forward with one hand and, at the same time, using the thumb and forefinger of the same hand to 'milk' semen from the ducts of the organ."

Subsequently, the turkey semen is propelled into the oviduct via syringe. The semen produced by one male bird — a "tom" — can usually inseminate several hens.

Photo: Farm Sanctuary

Next, keep knocking up the same hen again and again...

As soon as a hen lays an egg — within one or two days — the breeders inseminate her again. She can keep this up for around 25 weeks, at which point she is "spent," says the National Turkey Federation.

Some breeders then ship off these hens to be processed for meat. Others take time to recondition the hen for another round of breeding.

The so-called "molting" (rehabilitation) of a turkey hen takes a leisurely 90 days, according to the NFT. Force-molting is much faster, however, and involves a 72-hour trauma in a completely dark room with no food or water, according to the Humane Society. This resets the hen, and she is ready to be knocked up again.

Then it's on to the hatchery

As soon as an egg hits the hay, inseminators ship it off to a separate facility for hatching.

At the hatchery, thousands of eggs are put in large incubators, set for high speed with bright lights and optimal heat and humidity, according to the Humane Society.

Turkey eggs hatch in less than a month.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Judge Considers Closing Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory


srirachaJudge to review request to close California Sriracha factory over smell

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A judge has declined to act immediately on a request to close a factory that residents say is stinking up their Southern California city with spicy smells produced by the manufacture of the popular hot sauce Sriracha.

City News Service reports that Judge Robert O'Brien did agree Friday to take Irwindale's request for a preliminary injunction to close the plant under consideration. The judge didn't indicate when he might rule.

Huy Fong Foods says there is no reason to close the plant now because harvest season for red-hot Jalapeno peppers, the sauce's key ingredient, has passed.

Residents say when the peppers are ground into sauce during summer months their eyes water, they have trouble breathing and they must stay indoors.

The issue could eventually be resolved with a trial.

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Wikipedia Could Degenerate If It Can't Fix One Big Problem [CHART]


Considered a crowning achievement of open information on the Internet, Wikipedia needs to pick up its act to avoid getting worse, according to a recent exposè by the MIT Technology Review.

In recent years, the number of active editors has steadily declined, since reaching a peak in 2007. You can see trend in the chart below:


The volunteer workforce has shrunk by more than a third since 2007 and continues to decline. The composition and size of Wikipedia’s pro-bono editors is important because they create and maintain the quality on the site. Without dedicated and diverse editors, the content could become mediocre and the coverage skewed. 

The declining number of editors is not due to the site’s inability to keep longtime editors contributing. Instead, according to a report from the University of Minnesota, it can't keep new editors from sticking around, due to an abrasive collective of editors and a system that is crushingly bureaucratic.   

Around when Wikipedia first gained widespread popularity in late 2005, the number of new contributors went way up. Along with it came troublesome contributors, who inserted jokes or vandalized what was meant to be a serious enterprise.

Because of that, the most active editors introduced a host of new editing tools, bureaucratic procedures, and automated “bots” to combat the vandalism. The measures worked at keeping out vandals, but the effect was that it alienated newcomers. The problem has never been solved and it has slowly eroded the number of Wikipedia's editors.

“I categorize from 2007 until now as the decline phase of Wikipedia,” Aaron Halfaker, a grad student at the University of Minnesota who has worked for the Wikimedia Foundation as a contractor and this year published the study behind the chart. “It looks like Wikipedia is strangling itself for this resource of new editors.”

Now, the number of editors has shrunk from more than 51,000 in 2007 to 31,000 this past summer. Ninety percent of those editors are male and coverage is skewed toward articles that appeal towards techy men.

“[Wikipedia’s] entries on Pokemon and female porn stars are comprehensive, but its pages on female novelists or places in sub-Saharan Africa are sketchy. Authoritative entries remain elusive,” writes Tom Simonite for MIT Technology Review. 

The Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that pays for Wikipedia’s infrastructure, is attempting to rectify the situation by tweaking Wikipedia’s website and software. Wikipedia is scheduled to undergo a facelift in the coming year, but that will only make the site more aesthetically pleasing.

Without the culture of Wikipedia’s volunteer editors changing, it's unlikely that more new editors will stick around.

SEE ALSO: 9 wonderful facts about Wikipedia

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Swimmer Bear Hugs A Shark In Bora Bora [Video]


shark swim hug

A swimmer on vacation to Bora Bora has posted a video of himself hugging a shark, and many are criticizing the stunt as "idiotic," The Daily Mail reports.

Grant Murdoch was filmed by other snorkelers wrapping his arms around a lemon shark, and hitching a ride underneath — his face only inches from the shark's mouth.

"The sharks were so gentle and accepting of our advances," Murdoch told 9 News Australia"They didn't seem to mind at all that we were riding for free. It was as close to an out of body experience that I have ever felt."

Despite the swimmer coming out unscathed, a number of fans following Shark Attack News criticized Murdoch — with some calling him "idiotic" and "bloody stupid."

While the Florida Museum of Natural History notes the lemon shark as being a "minimal threat to humans," a Canadian tourist was seriously injured by one earlier this year while scuba diving off Bora Bora, according to The Daily Mail.

Here's the video:

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