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Trump slams the Paris climate accord at the G20 Summit, saying it was 'designed to kill the American economy'

donald trump coronavirus white house
President Donald Trump.
  • President Donald Trump on Sunday slammed the Paris climate accord, telling world leaders at the G20 summit that the pact was detrimental to US citizens.
  • "To protect American workers, I withdrew the United States from the unfair and one-sided Paris climate accord, a very unfair act for the United States," he said.
  • The US formally left the accord on November 4, but President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to reverse the decision and rejoin the international environmental agreement on his first day in office.
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President Donald Trump on Sunday slammed the Paris climate accord, telling world leaders at the G20 summit that the pact was harmful to American citizens.

"To protect American workers, I withdrew the United States from the unfair and one-sided Paris climate accord, a very unfair act for the United States," he said. "The Paris accord was not designed to save the environment. It was designed to kill the American economy. I refuse to surrender millions of American jobs and send trillions of American dollars to the world's worst polluters and environmental offenders, and that's what would have happened."

Trump has been a longtime critic of the environmental pact, which was established in 2015 and the United States joined under then-President Barack Obama in August 2016.

In June 2017, a few months into his presidency, Trump withdrew from the accord, saying that the deal was "draconian," while disagreeing with the standards for carbon emission reductions.

After a complex winding-down process, the US formally left the Paris agreement on November 4.

However, President-elect Joe Biden has already pledged to rejoin the agreement on his first day in office.

In the video that was filmed for the summit in the White House, Trump said that the US "has reduced carbon emissions more than any nation," a claim that the Associated Press said was "not that remarkable."

"With its giant economy, the US has far more raw emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide to cut than any other country except China," the Associated Press reported. "A more telling measure of progress in various countries is to look at what percentage of emissions a county has cut. Since 2005, the United States hasn't been even in the top 10 in percentage of greenhouse gas emission reductions."

During the G20 climate session, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked the group to abide by the accord.

"Not long ago, I announced China's initiative to scale up its nationally determined contributions and strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060," Xi said. "China will honor its commitment and see the implementation through."

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Your pillowcase has more bacteria than your toilet seat if you don't wash your sheets often


Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: No one likes making their bed, let alone washing their sheets. Especially single men. In one survey, 55% of single men between 18 and 25 reported changing their sheets only four times a year. And to be clear, those are beds that you would not want to sleep in.

You shed about 15 million skin cells each night, but they don't just pile up in your sheets. Because something else is already there waiting to gobble them up: dust mites. And the longer you wait between washes, the more food these critters will have and the more they'll procreate and multiply. So if you don't wash your sheets, you'll be sleeping with hundreds of thousands of arachnids.

Now, for the estimated 20 million Americans with dust allergies, it gets worse. Dust mites and their feces produce proteins that cause red and itchy eyes, runny noses, and other cold-like symptoms in people who are allergic. And dust mites, well, they're actually not the only allergen in a dirty bed. If you never wash your pillow sheets, a community of fungus can also build up there. One study found that a typical pillow has as many as 16 different species of fungus and literally millions of fungal spores. And the most common among them, Aspergillus fumigatus, is potentially dangerous. In addition to allergic reactions, it can infect your lungs and other organs.

And it's not just fungi joining the party. You see, bacteria also love a good unwashed pillow case or sheet a lot. Another study found that unwashed pillow cases and sheets had up to 39 times more bacteria than pet-food bowls and several thousand times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Like Staphylococcus aureus, which in some rare cases can be deadly.

Now on a slightly less or perhaps more frightening note, dirty sheets can also give you acne. Each night, the oil, lotion, and other cosmetics on your skin transfer to your sheets and build up over time until eventually your bedding is basically a giant used makeup wipe. Then during the following nights, all that gunk transfers back onto your body, clogging your pores, and, voila, you've got acne.

Fortunately, there's a simple way to avoid all of these problems: Wash your sheets, and wash them often. Experts recommend about once a week using the hottest water possible. That'll kill a lot of bacteria and dust mites, get out stains, and remove oils.

Plus, as awful as making your bed might be, there's simply nothing better than slipping between clean, crisp sheets.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This video was originally published in May 2019.

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How car manufacturers measure torque and horsepower

  • Torque and horsepower are both ways of understanding force where torque measures the capacity of a force to twist an object and horsepower measures that capacity over time.
  • Dynamometers are instruments that measure torque. Once torque is obtained, you simply have to apply it to a formula to obtain horsepower. 
  • For a deeper dive into torque and horsepower, and how car manufacturers measure the two, watch the video below.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: This car is spinning up to a whopping 8,200 revolutions per minute. At 8,200 rpm, it screams. It's a Ford Mustang GT350, and though its wheels are spinning at what should carry the car to 140 mph, it's obviously not moving anywhere. But what you're seeing is an important test that helps us understand what the car is capable of and, in this case, could even help Ford decide how much they could sell it for.

It's impossible to watch a car commercial without seeing torque and horsepower numbers.

Commercial: Bred to deliver 412 horsepower and 390 foot-pounds of torque.

Narrator: Car manufacturers would have you believe higher horsepower and torque translate to "faster" and "stronger." That's not exactly true. What those two numbers do, more precisely, is give us an idea of what a car is capable of in different road situations without having to see the car in person.

Before we examine how horsepower and torque are measured, let's break down what they are.

Simply put, torque is the capacity of a force to twist something. Think of a torque wrench, where you fit the mouth of the wrench to a bolt and push down on the handle. The wrench's ability to turn the bolt is torque. The same exact twisting action is happening inside of a car engine, except, this time, instead of your hand and arm pushing down on the handle, tiny explosions happen inside each engine cylinder, pushing a piston down that causes the crankshaft to rotate. No hands required! Torque!

The harder this piston pushes on the crankshaft, the harder the crankshaft spins, the more total energy a car's engine puts out. So, to recap, in the case of our car, torque is how much force an engine produces. How does horsepower relate? Well, if torque is how much force an engine produces, horsepower is how quickly it can produce that force.

So, we have a bunch of horsepower. What can we do with it? If we have, say, 5 horsepower, we'll have enough to move a 2,750-pound car one foot in one second, given weight and power are the only two factors. If we had a heavier car, we would need more horsepower to move it one foot. So, how exactly does one measure torque and horsepower?

Well, engineers use a device called a dynamometer, of which there are a couple of types. This dynamometer, called a chassis dynamometer, is a treadmill of sorts for cars. Here, the car's wheels sit on a roller that lets the wheels spin without causing the car to go anywhere. Various amounts of weight, or load, are applied to the car using straps. With the car chained down, an engineer pushes on the gas pedal to see how the car interacts with each load at a different rpm. The dynamometer outputs a chart that looks like this. On it, two lines are plotted: a line for torque and another for horsepower. Peak torque is where the engine produced the most force. Peak horsepower is where the engine produced the most force the most quickly. The figures for torque and horsepower that are put on dealership stat sheets and in commercials are, generally, the numbers at the peak of each of these lines.

While big torque and horsepower numbers on a stat sheet surely are impressive, they only clue a new car buyer into a couple of many facets of a car's personality. Those numbers, though, are still the best ones we've got of telling how capable a car really is.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This video was originally published in November 2019.

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Young voters in the US turned out in record numbers in 2020, powering Biden's presidential victory

young voters college campus
At the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, students organized get-out-the-vote campaigns through signs, stickers, and text messages.
  • Over half of all voters under the age of 30 voted in the 2020 elections, a record figure, according to data from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University.
  • The surge in turnout greatly benefited President-elect Joe Biden, who won this demographic by 24 points (60%-36%) over President Donald Trump.
  • Hoping to avoid the voter enthusiasm pitfalls that plagued Democrats in 2016, Biden's campaign sought to engage with young voters throughout the presidential campaign.
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Over half of all voters under the age of 30 voted in the 2020 elections, a record figure, and the demographic powered President-elect Joe Biden's victory over President Donald Trump, according to data from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University.

The data revealed that 52% to 55% of registered voters under 30 cast ballots. In the 2016 presidential election between Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, roughly 42% to 44% of voters in this age group voted.

This year, the voters under 30 who cast ballots this year overwhelmingly supported Biden over Trump by a 60% to 36% margin, according to Edison Research. In 2016, many of these same voters supported Clinton over Trump by a narrower but still significant 55% to 36% margin.

Early data from Colorado, Georgia, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state showed a huge increase in youth turnout, according to The Hill.

Tom Bonier, chief executive officer at the Democratic data firm TargetSmart, told The Hill that "the increase in turnout among younger voters was greater than the increase overall."

While Biden was able to win the Democratic presidential primaries en route to his win in the general election, his early pathway was compromised by the popularity of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who had cultivated a huge following with younger voters from his 2016 campaign against Clinton.

With the Biden campaign aware that turnout dropped for Clinton in many major cities in 2016, Biden pushed to prioritize issues that many younger voters cared about, including student loan debt, health care reform, and environmental regulations.

"In the key battlegrounds, those younger voters likely netted Biden enough votes to carry the Electoral College," The Hill reported. "Based on turnout and exit poll data, the Tufts center estimates voters under 30 gave Biden enough net votes to carry Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan."

Biden did especially well with young Black voters, with 87% of them backing the president-elect, compared to 10% supporting Trump. Young Asian and Hispanic voters also overwhelmingly backed Biden, with 83% and 73%, respectively, while young white voters supported Biden overall with 51% of the vote.

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While the CDC recommended against travel, about 2 million people went through airport checkpoints this weekend. Here's what airports across the country look like right now.

People wait to speak to a United Airlines representative at a terminal at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago on Friday, Nov. 20

Last Thursday, the CDC recommended Americans do not travel for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as the US is undergoing a massive surge of coronavirus cases. 

But the following day, airports saw over 1 million travelers Friday, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). A little below 1 million traveled through TSA on Saturday.

States across the country have tightened restrictions on social gatherings and travel and experts have warned that small indoor gatherings are driving an uptick in COVID-19 cases across the country. 

While some airports appear to be largely empty, photos and videos show some airports with alarming crowds of people at terminals and gates. Here is what airports looked like this weekend before the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

A video shows crowds of passengers waiting for their flights at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

3TV and CBS5 journalist Max Gorden posted a video on Friday, which showed packed crowds of people waiting at the gates of the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona has over 290,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

TSA crew and travelers wore masks at the security checkpoint at the Denver International Airport on Friday .
GettyImages 1286778664
Transportation Security Administration crews are checking baggages of travelers at the security checking point of Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado on Nov 20.

Colorado uses a "dial framework" that applies different levels of guidance and restrictions by county based on disease spread. Many counties, including Denver County, are currently in "Level Red: Severe Risk," where indoor gatherings and indoor dining at restaurants are prohibited.

One photo showed a number of people waiting in line at the Denver International Airport's food court.
GettyImages 1286779544
Travelers are waiting in the line at the food court of Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado on Friday.

Colorado has over 190,000 confirmed cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.

People line up at baggage drop kiosks at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois.
People walk through a terminal as other wait in line at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago on Friday, Nov. 20

On Friday, November 20, the state of Illinois went into Tier 3 resurgence mitigations. The new mitigations include restricting indoor gatherings to one household and outdoor gatherings to up to ten people. 

On Friday, Illinois carried out strong coronavirus restrictions in the wake of surging new cases.
Travelers talk in a terminal at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago on Friday, Nov. 20, 2020.

Illinois has over 640,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Boston Logan International Airport appeared to see very few people at the terminal.
An American flag hangs over the nearly empty Delta terminal at Logan Airport, Friday Nov. 20

Massachusetts requires all travelers, apart from those deemed to be from lower-risk states, must also fill out a Massachusetts Travel Form as well, according to the state's coronavirus travel order. As of Saturday afternoon, only Vermont, Massachusetts, and Hawaii are listed as "COVID-19 lower risk-states" according to the public health department. 

Massachusetts requires travelers to quarantine for two weeks or test negative for the coronavirus within three days of arriving in the state.
Travelers walk through the nearly empty JetBlue terminal at Logan Airport, Friday Nov. 20.

Massachusetts has over 200,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

A video of the terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport shows people waiting in line.

A video posted by NBC Correspondent Blayne Alexander showed some people in line at the terminal and baggage kiosks at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Georgia has over 440,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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People are waiting on long lines for coronavirus tests ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday

covid test us
People stand in line at a clinic in Long Beach, California offering quick coronavirus testing for a fee, on Monday, June 29, 2020.
  • Health officials are asking people to avoid large gatherings this week, but people are lining up to get tested in droves ahead of the holiday.
  • About 40% of people responding to a poll conducted by Ohio State University said they are planning to gather in person with 10 or more people this week. A third of respondents said they would not require people attending these gatherings to wear a mask.
  • Photos from cities across the US show some of those people waiting to get tested for the coronavirus ahead of the upcoming holiday.
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As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, people all over the country are waiting in lengthy lines to get tested for the coronavirus.

Normally, millions of Americans travel and gather with their extended family members and friends. But this year, health officials are urging citizens to do the opposite and avoid large gatherings.

Coronavirus cases have been surging in recent weeks across the US, and demand for tests has spiked as many Americans still plan to gather for the holiday. 

In an effort to limit movement and curb the spread of the virus, multiple states have enacted restrictions discouraging people from traveling out of state. But health officials fear those restrictions may not be enough. They're asking the public to downsize holiday plans. Among those sounding the alarms is the nation's top infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci.

"If you have people like elderly, or individuals who are compromised because of underlying conditions, you want to take a couple of steps back and say, is it worth it for this year to bring those people together when you don't know what the status of everybody in that pod that you've created is?" he said last month in conversation with the peer-reviewed JAMA.

Fauci emphasized that among current case counts, "many of the infections are in small family and friend gatherings, such as dinner parties and small social gatherings." 

His concerns are backed up by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has urged Americans to make alternative Thanksgiving plans like hosting a virtual gathering or delaying travels.

However, about 40% of people responding to a poll conducted by Ohio State University said they are planning to gather in person with 10 or more people this week. A third of respondents said they would not require people attending these gatherings to wear a mask.

These photos show some of those people waiting to get tested for the coronavirus in cities across the US ahead of the upcoming holiday.

New Yorkers waited in lines stretching around city blocks, like this one outside of a CityMD urgent care clinic.
People lined up at a walk-up COVID-19 testing site in Miami Beach, Florida, on November 17, 2020.
GettyImages 1229657637
A Covid-19 walk-up test site in Los Angeles, California, attracted lines on November 17, 2020.
GettyImages 1229658909
Those at the Judiciary Square Covid-19 testing site in Washington, DC, were met with workers in blue protective gear on November 18, 2020.
GettyImages 1229669328
People waited in long lines in Boston, despite temperatures in the 30s.
GettyImages 1229686411
Members of the Utah National Guard gave COVID-19 swab tests to people in their cars at the Utah County Health Department on November 20, 2020, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
GettyImages 1229702281
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Inside BuzzFeed and HuffPost's tie-up


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Today's news: Inside BuzzFeed and HuffPost's tie-up, Bain & Co.'s bet on marketing, and Sports Illustrated-branded CBD cream.

buzzfeed uk
UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage takes part in a BuzzFeed News and Facebook live EU referendum debate on June 10, 2016 in London, United Kingdom.

Staffers at BuzzFeed and HuffPost are worrying about layoffs and the future of their newsrooms as the two companies prepare to combine

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Bain & Co. is the latest consultancy to set its sights on advertising, and says its marketing practice is growing by double digits every year

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Sports Illustrated Mitchell and Ness collab

Sports Illustrated's new owners think there are big dollars to be had in branded supplements and swimsuits — but not so much in magazines

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More stories we're reading:

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Trump campaign purges conspiracy-theorist Sidney Powell from legal team

Sidney Powell, right, speaks next to former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, as members of President Donald Trump's legal team, during a news conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters, Thursday Nov. 19, 2020, in Washington.
  • The Trump campaign has purged attorney Sidney Powell from its legal team.
  • On Sunday, the campaign issued a statement asserting that Powell "is practicing law on her own."
  • But just last week the campaign and the Republican Party were promoting a press conference where Powell, along with Rudy Giuliani, alleged a vast conspiracy to steal the 2020 election.
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Just last week, President Trump's personal lawyer stood beside another attorney, Sidney Powell, as she baselessly alleged a far-reaching, international conspiracy to steal the 2020 election, one involving hacked voting machines and Venezuelan communists.

That dubious claim was then promoted on social media by the Republican Party.

By Sunday, however, the president's campaign team was backing away and claiming it had nothing to do with her.

"Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own," read a statement attributed to Jenna Ellis, a legal advisor to President Trump, and Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal attorney who cosigned Powell's allegations at last Thursday's fact-challenged press conference.

"She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team," the statement continued. "She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity."

It is not clear what led to the weekend purge, which comes on the heels of a federal judge throwing out the president's latest challenge to the results in Pennsylvania.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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Apple Black Friday deals on AirPods, Apple Watches, and more devices are available now ahead of November 27 — here are the best discounts


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Black Friday 2020 Apple deals 4x3
Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Black Friday is right around the corner, which means the official start to the holiday shopping season is almost here. Whether you're looking to upgrade your own iPad or are planning to gift a pair of AirPods this holiday season, there are plenty of deals worth paying attention to. 

Apple rarely drops its own prices, but retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart are offering some compelling discounts leading up to Black Friday.

Here are the best early Black Friday deals on Apple products that we've come across so far.

Updated on 11/23 by Lisa Eadicicco: Added new details on Apple's Black Friday gift card giveaways.

The best early Black Friday iPhone deals

If you've been holding off on upgrading to Apple's new iPhone in anticipation of Black Friday deals, you've made the right choice. All of Apple's new iPhones, from the iPhone 12 Mini to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, are available at a discounted monthly installment rate through Walmart compared to what the major carriers are charging. The iPhone 12's refreshed design and improved camera make it a notable leap forward, especially if you're upgrading from an older model that you've had for three years or longer. Every 2020 iPhone supports 5G, which will keep your phone relevant for years to come as 5G networks evolve.

iPhone 12 Mini (medium, Preferred: Walmart (AT&T))iPhone 12 Mini (medium, Preferred: Walmart (Verizon))

Read our review of the iPhone 12 Mini.

iPhone 12 (medium, Preferred: Walmart (AT&T))iPhone 12 (medium, Preferred: Walmart (Verizon))

Read our review of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Pro (medium, Preferred: Walmart (AT&T))iPhone 12 Pro (medium, Preferred: Walmart (Verizon))

Read our review of the iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 12 Pro Max (medium, Preferred: Walmart (AT&T))iPhone 12 Pro Max (medium, Preferred: Walmart (Verizon))

Read our review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Carriers have also been offering compelling deals on the iPhone 12 lineup since launch, just ahead of the Black Friday shopping season. Many of those deals require you to sign up for a new line or have other similar stipulations, like trading in your old device.

  • T-Mobile is offering a free iPhone 12 or 12  Mini when you join and trade in an eligible device.
  • Verizon is offering a buy one get one for $800 off deal on the whole iPhone 12 lineup when you buy one on a 24 month payment plan and add another line.
  • AT&T is offering a $700 discount on iPhones when you add a new line, upgrade an existing line, and trade-in a smartphone valued at $95 or more.  

The best early Black Friday iPad deals

Apple iPad 

Apple's least expensive iPad is even more affordable leading up to Black Friday. Walmart is selling the 8th-generation iPad, which Apple just announced in September, for $299 instead of its usual price of $329. It runs on the same A12 Bionic processor that powers the iPhone XS, which means it should be plenty powerful for casual tasks like web browsing and streaming Netflix as well as light productivity and gaming. This deal has been available at Walmart since September, and it's still a great option for those in need of a general-purpose tablet.

2020 iPad 10.2-inch (8th Gen) (medium, Preferred: Walmart)

Check out our iPad buyers guide.

Apple iPad Air

Apple's new iPad Air comes with the same powerful processor as the latest iPhones, a sleek and colorful new design, and a larger screen compared to its predecessor. If you want an iPad with speedy performance for doing light work in addition to watching movies and web browsing, the Air is an ideal choice. Apple's starting price is $599, but you can get it for $559 at Walmart.

iPad Air 2020 (4th-gen) (medium, Preferred: Walmart)

Apple iPad Pro

Apple's most powerful iPad is on sale for $50 off this holiday season. The iPad Pro's sleek look, long battery life, and excellent screen make it an ideal option for those who want a portable work device, especially now that iPads support mouse and trackpad input. Those savings are especially important for a device like the iPad Pro since you may want to put the extra cash towards the premium accessories Apple sells to make the most out of its super-sized tablet, like the $349 Magic Keyboard.

12.9-Inch iPad Pro - 128GB (medium, Preferred: Amazon)

Read our full review of the iPad Pro.

The best early Black Friday MacBook deals 

MacBook Air 

If you're shopping for a new laptop for schoolwork and light productivity, Amazon is offering a compelling deal on Apple's Intel-powered Macbook Air. This model comes with Apple's new and improved Magic keyboard that offers a more durable and comfortable design. It also has several of the other features Apple introduced on other recent MacBook models, like Touch ID for signing in with your fingerprint and True Tone, which enables the display's color temperature to adapt to the lighting in your surroundings. Since this model runs on an Intel Core i3 processor, it's best suited for casual work and web browsing rather than intense workflows.

2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen dual-core Core i3, 8GB RAM, 256GB) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen dual-core Core i3, 8GB RAM, 256GB) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy (Silver))2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen dual-core Core i3, 8GB RAM, 256GB) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy (Space Gray))2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen quad-core Core i5, 8GB RAM, 512GB) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy (Silver))2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen quad-core Core i5, 8GB RAM, 512GB) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy (Space Gray))

See our review of the 2020 Intel-based MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro 

13-inch MacBook Pro

If you want a machine that's speedier than the MacBook Air but nearly as portable, check out the 13-inch MacBook Pro.This model lacks the 16-inch version's booming speakers, but still comes with an Intel processor that packs more power than the Air. And yes, it has the same Magic Keyboard as the 16-inch Pro and MacBook Air. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a work laptop that isn't quite as big as the 16-inch model. 

MacBook Pro (2020, 13-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 4 ports) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)

Read our 13-inch MacBook Pro review

16-inch MacBook Pro

Looking for a laptop that's bigger and more powerful? With its massive screen, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is a great middle ground between the laptop and desktop experience. Not only does it pack powerful performance and a crisp, giant screen, but its six-speaker audio system is so boisterous it puts the sound system on many other laptops to shame. Like Apple's other newer laptops, it also comes with the much-improved Magic Keyboard for better comfort and durability.

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Macbook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB) (medium, Preferred: Walmart)

Read our 16-inch MacBook Pro review.

The best early Black Friday Apple Watch deals

Apple Watch Series 6 

Apple's top-of-the-line smartwatch is available at a $49 discount at both Amazon and Walmart. The Series 6 comes with improvements like a new blood oxygen sensor, faster charging, and a brighter always-on display. It's the Apple Watch to get if you really want everything Apple has to offer in terms of health and wellness tracking. However, if you're OK with just the basics, it's worth eyeing the cheaper Apple Watch SE or Series 3.

Series 6 (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Series 6 (medium, Preferred: Walmart)

Read our Apple Watch Series 6 review.

Apple Watch SE 

The Apple Watch SE is already a great deal, and it's even cheaper ahead of the holiday season. Apple's mid-tier watch still comes with many of the most important features found on the Series 6, like Apple's latest processor, a larger screen than the Series 3, and activity and fitness tracking features. If you don't mind sacrificing an always-on display, the ability to take an ECG from your wrist, and blood oxygen level measurements, the less expensive Apple Watch SE is the right model for you.

Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) (medium, Preferred: Target)Watch SE (GPS) (medium, Preferred: Target)

Read our Apple Watch SE review.

Apple Watch Series 3 

It may be a little old, but the Apple Watch Series 3 is still a perfectly capable smartwatch for those in search of a bargain. It runs the latest Apple Watch software, meaning you'll get many of the basic features available on the SE and Series 6. If you want a smartwatch for little else than tracking workouts and checking notifications from your phone on the wrist, check out the Series 3.

Watch Series 3 + LTE (42mm) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)Watch Series 3 (GPS + 38mm) (medium, Preferred: Walmart)Watch Series 3 (GPS + 38mm) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)

The best early Black Friday Apple AirPods deals

AirPods Pro 

With its noise cancellation, rich sound, and more customizable fit, the Airpods Pro are a great choice for iPhone owners looking for a pair of general purpose wireless earbuds. Even though they're a couple of dollars more expensive than their previous price of $194, the AirPods Pro are still a steal at $199. But, unless you need them right now, it might be best to wait until the AirPods Pro drop down to their all-time-low price of $169 at Walmart on November 25.

AirPods Pro (medium, Preferred: Amazon)AirPods Pro (medium, Preferred: Walmart)AirPods Pro (medium, Preferred: Target)

AirPods (second-generation)  

If you just want the basic AirPods experience, Apple's second-generation AirPods are available at a discount at Amazon, Best buy, and Target. This version offers some improvements over the original, like the ability to summon Siri hands-free, but lacks wireless charging and noise cancellation like its more expensive siblings. Regardless, it's a notable drop from the AirPods' original price of $159.

Those who want to splurge on the wireless charging version can do so for $159 at Amazon and Target, a drop from Apple's usual price of $199.

Airpods with Wired Charging Case (Newest model) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (medium, Preferred: Amazon)AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (medium, Preferred: Target)

The best early Black Friday Beats headphones deals

Beats Studio3

The Beats Studio3 are a worthwhile option for those who want the easy pairing functionality of AirPods in an over-the-ear design. Complete with noise cancellation and long battery life, these headphones are a compelling option at their discounted price of $174.99 this holiday season.

Studio 3 Wireless Headphones (medium, Preferred: Target)

Beats Solo Pro

Beats's popular on-ear Solo Pro headphones are also getting a massive discount this holiday season. Unlike the Studio3, the Solo Pro comes with Apple's newer H1 chip, which should offer faster switching between devices. Compared to their predecessor, the Solo Pro offers improvements when it comes to battery life, noise cancelling, and audio quality.

Solo Pro (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)

PowerBeats Pro

The PowerBeats Pro are the headphones to get if you want a pair of wireless earbuds that offer a more snug and secure fit than Apple's AirPods. The PowerBeats Pro wrap around your ears for a tighter grip and offer longer battery life than the AirPods Pro. They also come with similar features, like quick pairing with Apple products, since the earbuds have Apple's H1 chip. But, unlike the AirPods Pro, they offer noise isolation rather than noise cancellation, which means they use the ear tips to block out sound rather than actually canceling out surrounding noises.

Powerbeats Pro (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)Powerbeats Pro (medium, Preferred: Target)

Apple Black Friday FAQ

Does Apple offer deals on Black Friday?

Apple rarely discounts its own products on Black Friday. Instead, Apple usually offers gift cards along with certain eligible purchases. This year, the company is giving away gift cards of up to $150 from November 27 through November 30 on purchases that meet the following criteria: 

  • iPhone — Get a $50 gift card when you purchase an iPhone 11, iPhone SE, or iPhone XR

  • Apple Watch — Get a $25 gift card when you purchase an Apple Watch Series 3

  • AirPods — Get a $25 gift card when you purchase AirPods Pro, AirPods with wireless charging case, or AirPods with charging case

  • iPad — Get up to a $100 gift card when you buy an iPad Mini or iPad Pro

  • Mac — Get a $150 gift card when buying eligible MacBook Pro or iMac models

  • Apple TV and HomePod — Get up to a $100 gift card when buying an Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, or HomePod

  • Beats — Get a $50 gift card when buying Beats Studio3, Beats Solo Pro, Beats Solo3, Powerbeats Pro, or Powerbeats headphones

Should I buy from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, or Walmart?

Many of these retailers offer very similar deals on products like the AirPods and the Apple Watch, which means you'll have a couple of options should one retailer go out of stock. In instances where multiple retailers offer the same product at the same price, consider which retailer is most convenient for you in terms of shipping options. If you have an Amazon Prime membership and want to get the product as fast as possible, it might make more sense to purchase through Amazon. But, if you'd rather pick up the item at your nearby Target or Best Buy, you should consider ordering from your preferred brick-and-mortar retailer. 

Do these stores offer curbside pickup?

Yes, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart all offer curbside pickup. But, you should check with your local retailer since the rules may vary by location and items purchased. Walmart, for example, says that not all stores offer curbside pickup for Black Friday deals.

How do we choose the best Apple deals?

We select products that meet our high standard of coverage based on testing and research. This includes testing Apple's products as well similar devices from its main competitors.

We also research prices across retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy and compare them against Apple's prices to find the deals that are worth paying attention to.

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Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says Biden should toss all of Trump's 'America First' policies

trump mattis
U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis listens as U.S. President Donald Trump answers questions during a meeting with military leaders in the Cabinet Room on October 23, 2018 in Washington, DC.
  • Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis rebuked President Donald Trump's "America First" policy in a Foreign Affairs article he co-authored with three other people.
  • The authors argued that the Trump administration is undermining an international order that is to America's advantage by devaluing the role allies and international institutions play in securing American interests.
  • They wrote that they hope that Biden's team "will quickly revise the national security strategy to eliminate 'America first' from its contents."
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Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said Monday that the incoming administration should "eliminate" all of President Donald Trump's "America First" agenda, which he and others argue "has damaged the country's ability to address problems before they reach US territory."

"In January, when President Joe Biden and his national security team begin to reevaluate US foreign policy, we hope they will quickly revise the national security strategy to eliminate 'America first' from its contents, restoring in its place the commitment to cooperative security that has served the United States so well for decades," Mattis wrote in Foreign Affairs.

The Foreign Affairs article was co-authored by Director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute Kori Schake, former STRATCOM commander and Hoover Institution fellow retired Adm. Jim Ellis, and Hoover fellow Joe Felter.

The four authors stressed that because the world is becoming less safe for the US and American interests, the US needs a "defense in depth" strategy. Such a strategy requires alliances, international partners who can help the US identify and deal "with global problems where they occur rather than waiting for threats to reach American shores."

They wrote that strengthening the US military, which Trump often touts as an achievement of his administration, is not enough. "Not even the United States is strong enough to protect itself on its own," they said.

"Enhancing national security must start with the fundamental truth that the United States cannot protect itself or its interests without the help of others," Mattis and the other authors wrote.

"As capable as the US military is, the United States' principal adversaries are more constrained by its network of alliances than by its military might," they said.

Arguing that "America First" is essentially "America alone" and is a threat to US interests, the authors said the US is currently "undermining the foundations of an international order manifestly advantageous to US interests, reflecting a basic ignorance of the extent to which both robust alliances and international institutions provide vital strategic depth."

Mattis and the other writers said that maintaining these critical relationships require the presence of diplomats and military forces overseas, among other investments.

The four authors wrote that the "principal external threat the United States faces today is an aggressive and revisionist China," who they said is "the only challenger that could potentially undermine the American way of life." To secure US interests, they write, the US will need a credible forward military strategy, as well as a robust network of strong alliances.

During his presidency, Trump has repeatedly bullied allies, from NATO partners in Europe to South Korea and Japan in the Pacific, while abandoning others.

Mattis resigned from his position as secretary of defense in December 2018 over disagreements with Trump, and his resignation letter, which stressed the importance of alliances and recognizing who US adversaries are, was seen as a clear rebuke of the president's America First policies.

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How to stop using filler words like ‘um' and 'uh' in your speech

Rivian's first batch of electric pickups and SUVs is already sold out as the Amazon-backed EV startup faces production constraints

Rivian R1T.
Rivian has already sold out of its Launch Edition vehicles, the only models it will deliver in 2021.
  • Rivian opened up the order pages for its R1T pickup and R1S SUV to the public Monday. 
  • The electric-vehicle startup expects manufacturing constraints through the next few years, meaning that most buyers won't receive their vehicles until 2022, Bloomberg reports
  • Rivian is accelerating its production ramp-up to meet demand, but launching the R1S, R1T, and an Amazon delivery vehicle in 2021 is a complex undertaking, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe told Bloomberg. 
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As of Monday morning, anyone can now configure and preorder a new pickup or SUV from electric-vehicle startup Rivian. But buyers will need to decide whether the much-anticipated R1T and R1S are worth the long wait before plunking down a $1,000 deposit. 

Whereas before only early buyers who had reserved a Launch Edition model could configure their new Rivian, now prospective EV owners can preorder a standard model and customize it to their liking, choosing from various exterior colors, battery sizes, interior layouts, and unique options like a $5,000 camp kitchen.

However, due to limited production capacity, it may be quite a while before customers get their hands on the vehicles, Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe said in a Bloomberg TV interview posted Monday.

"We [will be] supply-constrained for a very long time," he said. "Currently with the orders we have, people will be in queue far longer than we like. We originally planned on a ramp-up that had excess demand, massive supply constraints through 2023."

Rivian announced Friday that it had sold out of reservations for the Launch Edition R1T and R1S, which it plans to deliver starting in June 2021 and August 2021, respectively. The Adventure model and the less expensive Explore trim won't hit the streets until January 2022 at the earliest. 

Most buyers probably won't receive their R1S or R1T before the first quarter of 2022, Bloomberg reported, with factors like the buyer's location, where they are on the preorder list, and the model they chose all affecting when they can expect to take delivery.

Read more: 11 hot electric-vehicle startups that will revolutionize the car industry, according to VCs

Rivian is now accelerating its production ramp-up in order to get customers vehicles more quickly, Scaringe said. But launching three vehicles in 2021 — the R1S, R1T, and an electric delivery van for Amazon, which has a stake in the EV maker — is a complex undertaking, he said. Adding to the complexity is the fact that Rivian is developing its consumer vehicles in multiple trims and battery configurations, Bloomberg notes. 

After operating in stealth mode for several years, Rivian has emerged as one of the more promising challengers to Tesla in the EV space. The company has received more than $6 billion in funding to date from investors including BlackRock, T.Rowe Price, Amazon, and Ford. 

The battery-powered pickup segment is set to explode over the coming years, with Tesla, Ford, GM, and a handful of EV upstarts all planning electric trucks. And — even considering its reported production constraints — Rivian may very well beat all those other players to market when customers start taking deliveries of the R1T next summer. 

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Amazon is using union-busting Pinkerton spies to track warehouse workers and labor movements at the company, according to a new report

Jeff Bezos
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
  • Amazon has hired detectives with the infamous Pinkerton spy agency to monitor European workers' labor union organizing efforts, per a Motherboard report.
  • The outlet obtained leaked documents from Amazon's Global Security Operations Center, where data analysts can easily track workers' union organizing activities down to the date, time, and location.
  • Pinkerton spies have a history of busting up unions: Their involvement in a steelworker strike in 1892 eventually led to states prohibiting the use of third-party security in labor disputes.
  • The Motherboard report highlights Amazon's latest efforts to prevent its workers from unionizing — it has a long track record of being staunchly opposed to labor unions.
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Amazon is hiring detectives from the notorious Pinkerton agency to spy on warehouse workers and monitor them for labor unionization efforts, according to a Monday Motherboard report.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to the outlet that Amazon has indeed recruited operatives from Pinkerton, the spy agency that has a centuries-long history of upending worker union activities, among other services. 

Per Motherboard, Pinkerton spies were "inserted" into a warehouse in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2019 to look into an allegation that job candidates were being coached for job interviews.

Amazon spokesperson Lisa Levandowski told Business Insider that the firm partners with Pinkerton to "secure high-value shipments in transit," not to gather intelligence on warehouse workers, and that all activities are "fully in line with local laws."

Motherboard obtained internal emails written by members of Amazon's Global Security Operations Center in 2019. The leaked documents reportedly show Amazon analysts tracking union organizing activity of workers in Europe, with members having the ability to stay updated on labor organizing efforts conducted at warehouses, right down to the date, time, location, and the number of workers involved. 

The report also revealed that the data analysts used Facebook and Instagram to monitor the activity of social justice and environmental activist groups, including Greta Thunberg's Fridays4future and Greenpeace. Amazon said the company's analysts do not create social media accounts to track social movements.

Some of the documents suggest that the same monitoring tactics used in Europe could be being used in the Americas, according to the report.

Levandowski told Business Insider that "like any other responsible business, we maintain a level of security within our operations to help keep our employees, buildings, and inventory safe. That includes having an internal investigations team who work with law enforcement agencies as appropriate, and everything we do is in line with local laws and conducted with the full knowledge and support of local authorities."

The Pinkertons were used as a resource by 19th-century industrial bigwigs to spy on unions and to break up worker-held strikes. Steelworkers held a strike in 1892 that devolved into violence and the death of a dozen people when Carnegie Steel Company recruited 300 Pinkertons to act as armed guards, according to History.com. The event led to some states passing laws to prohibit the use of third-party security forces in labor disputes.

homestead mill strike
The Homestead Mill Strike of 1892 in Homestead, Pennsylvania.

As Christy Hoffman, the general secretary of UNI Global Union, told Motherboard, Amazon's deployment of Pinkerton spies to monitor workers' strikes echoes the same tactics used by 19th-century industry tycoons and comes as the company remains under the microscope of anti-trust investigators in the EU and in the US.

"For years people have been comparing big tech bosses to nineteenth-century robber barons, and now by using Pinkertons to do his dirty work, Bezos is making that connection even clearer," Hoffman told Motherboard.

The developments are the latest in a string of evidence that highlights Amazon's robust efforts to monitor and crackdown on its workers unionizing. The retail giant has been staunchly opposed to labor unions — the firm listed, but quickly removed, a job opening earlier this year for an analyst that would monitor employee's efforts to organize.

While CEO Jeff Bezos and his ecommerce giant have profited heavily from home-bound customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon workers have been advocating for better working conditions, staging strikes and protests. Christian Smalls, a former warehouse worker at Amazon's New York fulfillment center, was fired after the company said he ignored social distancing recommendations during a walkout in March. Leaked documents, obtained at the time by Motherboard, revealed an internal effort to mount a PR campaign against Smalls. The documents reportedly revealed that Amazon's top lawyer called Smalls "not smart or articulate" and said the company should "make him the face of the entire union/organizing movement."

A separate Motherboard report from September found that Amazon had been using a tool to monitor dozens of private and public social media groups to find drivers that were organizing strikes or protests.

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20 tech gifts for kids that make learning more fun


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Tech gifts for kids that will make learning fun 4x3
  • Technology is now deeply involved in every age of life, so luckily toy makers have wisened up to provide tech toys that promote learning as well as knowledge and skills building.
  • Tech toys offer up lots of fun and excitement, but more importantly they promote interest in and the development of life skills that will likely be essential in kids' adult lives, particularly logic, coding, and critical thinking.
  • Even tech toys for kids that don't involve any screens — yes, they do exist — help develop kids' aptitude for these life skills and knowledge bases.
  • Still hunting for holiday gifts? Read all our 2020 Holiday Gift Guides on Insider Picks.

Countless neuroscientists and development psychologists agree that play is essential to learning, and it's something we should encourage in our kids. Toys should obviously amuse and engage kids as pleasant pastimes, and learning is going to happen through playing with toys regardless. However, when it comes to tech toys specifically, that essential STEM-related knowledge and skill building are part of the fun.

Technology has made its way into toys for kids of all ages — even as young as newborn and infant stages. Tech toys start with the basics, introducing elementary coding skills without any screens, focused on the core concepts. From there, more advanced options arise for older kids in the single digits that allow them to build robots, followed by options that allow kids to build their own computers and get at the insides of machines and software.

What all the best tech toys for kids accomplish is that they inspire both fun and learning in equal measure. With that, here are our favorite tech toys for kids of 2019.

Teach kids to BYOR, or Build Your Own Robot
Jimu robot

UBTECH JIMU Robot Builderbots

These multi-award-winning robots involve skills ranging from fine motor to critical thinking. First, a young maker must physically build the robot for which they will soon be writing code. 

Then, with a paired app on a tablet or smartphone, they budding STEM enthusiast can use Blockly coding to execute dozens of preprogrammed maneuvers and can even create brand new custom actions using a PRP (pose, record, play) function.

A digital drawing pad for budding artists
leapfrog 2

VTech Write & Learn Creative Center

There's long been a campaign to bring the word "art" into the STEM acronym to make it "STEAM", and toys like the VTech Write & Learn Creative Center make a strong case for that. 

The arts are just as important to encourage in childhood development, and this drawing and writing pad gives kids from 2- to- 7- years-old lots of freedom to learn how they choose and at their pace.

Teach a kid the magic of magnetism
4M Kidz Labz

4M KidzLabs Anti Gravity Maglev Science Kit

This affordable and enjoyable kit packs an impressive number of activities. From creating a floating pencil to a perpetual pendulum to a kinetic sculpture, the experiments and projects will help teach children about magnets and motion. And, thanks to a detailed instruction book, most kids will be able to complete most projects without adult assistance.

An R2D2 droid that kids can build from scratch

littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

The main Skywalker Saga may be over, but Star Wars fever remains as hot as ever among the younglings. Mega fans will know that both Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke have dug deep into R2D2's robo guts for repairs, and now kids can live that fantasy albeit on a much smaller scale.

This robot building kit comes with a paired app download that instructs kids on how to build the R2D2 droid and then provides a bunch of coding tasks and interactive games involving their finished robotic buddy. The droid can even navigate by itself! Not bad considering the relatively affordable price.

A robot building kit with an augmented reality twist
Pai Technology toy

Pai Technologies Botzees AR Coding Robot

Botzees robots represent a perfect use of the technology of the day. Not only are these little bots fun to build and program on their own, but the paired app makes use of augmented reality that turns any open area into a virtual play scape for the robot. Using a smartphone or tablet screen, kids can create a digitally illustrated world that the very real Botzees bot will roam and explore.

The smartest Perler Beads kit ever
smART Pixelator

smART Pixelator

The smART Pixelator set is a quantum leap ahead of the classic Perler Beads you likely loved as a kid. Whether following a premade design or their own uploaded image, a kid can use a lighted grid to create intricate images using little colored beads which can then be heated and fused together to create a permanent piece of artwork. Or, by working in steps, kids can create the components of three-dimensional objects they can actually build and play with.

A game kit that turns screen time into STEAM time
Osmo Starter Kit

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

The mirror adapter included with this Osmo kit directs an iPad's camera down onto the open area below it, turning a tabletop or floor space area into an interactive world. The art, puzzles, and games kids engage with in the real world are enhanced by virtual scenes and objects on the iPad screen, creating hours of opportunity for learning and fun.

A next-generation Lego train set
lego duplo toy tech

Lego Duplo Steam Train Set

Even kids as young as two years old can get enamored with Lego, and this train set has captured the imagination of my own two-year-old son. How? Because it's a smart train set with a paired smartphone app that can control the train's direction and speed. The set also includes nifty smart panels that the train's sensor "reads" as it passes over them, causing it to turn its headlights on or off, stop, go in the opposite direction, or "fuel up" by stopping temporarily. It's a fun way of teaching young kids cause and effect, one of those foundational principles of so many fields of study later on in life.

A modern engineering toy with a cool retro look and feel
Tinkering Labs STEM kit

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst

This screen-free STEM kit comes with the parts and instructions needed for junior engineers to complete 10 different activities. But arguably the fun really starts when they go off script, using the included motor, wheels, axles, and other parts to add an engine to a LEGO creation, to automate an art project, or to build an entirely original robot.

A coding kit with a 'Frozen' twist
Frozen 2 coding kit

Kano Frozen II Coding Kit

Once the included motion sensor is created, kids can use their hands and their minds to create an interactive story set in the world of Disney's beloved Frozen franchise. Kids use their hands to make actual gestures above the device, such as raising a palm to raise mountains on an iPad screen. Of course, the brain exercise comes in by creating blocks of code that inform the sensor.

A literal computer that kids can build themselves
Piper Computer Kit

Piper Computer Kit

Competent computer use is critical for success in school, work, and life in general, and there's no better way for a child to learn how computers work than by building one themselves. This kit literally has kids connecting the wires and buttons and building the frame of a computer, a piece of hardware they can then use to create basic code strings and even play games.

An adorable caterpillar toy for toddler coders to be

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist

Here's an affordable gift for toddlers that both looks like it can take a bit of a beating but also teach them something about fundamental coding concepts. If the kid in your life is at the age of speaking but not yet in kindergarten, then this toy is ideal for them to learn cause and effect, which is essential for coding fundamentals as well as general curiosity.

The Code-a-pillar features more than 1,000 possible combinations of commands that dictate the toy's automated movement pattern. This gives young toddlers a toy with tons of variety, which should see them coming back for more again and again.

A smart toy for older kids that's all about circuits
Smart Circuits

SmartLab Toys Smart Circuits

As with many great STEM toys, this circuitry kit features a number of pre-designed activities young makers can complete but is at its best when they start creating their own original projects and experiments. The included components can be used to create all sorts of lights and sounds and can be controlled by buttons, sound, light, and motion.

A miniature, working wooden Ferris wheel that kids can build
Wooden Ferris wheel kit

SmartsToy Wooden Ferris Wheel Kit

This engaging toy incorporates art, design, architecture, and basic electrical engineering. First, kids build an intricate wooden Ferris Wheel. Then they can decorate it with included paints. And finally, they wire up and motorize their creation, making a functional miniature ride.

Teach kids how to code in JavaScript with this rolling robot
Sphero Mini

Sphero Mini Programmable Robot Ball

It's surprisingly enjoyable to watch a colorful little sphere execute deft maneuvers, whether racing about the room under furniture and around obstacles or navigating a maze your little programmer has created on a tabletop, thanks to the included JavaScript coding tools. Perhaps best of all is how portable the Sphero Robot Ball is. You can tuck the little orb into even the smallest purse or backpack and need only a smartphone to enjoy its full potential.

A model engine for the kid that's nuts about cars
Play Engine

Playz V8 Model Engine

The budding gearhead in your home will love this realistic scale model of a V8 engine. The process of constructing the engine will help a young engineer better understand the mechanics behind how machinery works, while the finished motor is simply fun to play with, what with its flashing lights and deep, growling noises.

A builder kit combining two of kids' favorite things: robots and Lego
LEGO robots

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Legos have already stood the test of time, but even the classics can always be improved. And by integrating mechanized components and the intelligence of a smartphone or tablet app, that's exactly what the Boost kit does for Legos. Kids can use the kit to build five different robots — including a cat and a bot named Vernie — who they then control with codes they create in the app.

A 3D printer that's actually a lot of fun
3D doodler pen

3Doodler Start 3D Pen

There are a lot of 3D printing products on the market these days, with many 3D pens among them. But this 3Doodler pen is one of the only options suitable for younger kids, as it gets nowhere near hot enough to cause injury or to pose a fire danger. Kids can use this printing pen to create dimensional artwork, make their own action figures or fashion accessories, and to fabricate components they'll use with other toys.

A circuit board that easily snaps together for fun and games
Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits Arcade

This highly hands-on kit comes with components and instructions for more than 200 projects, some two-dozen of which are engaging games kids design and then play. And once your little electrical engineer gains some competence with the kit, you'll be amazed to see all the original projects she creates on her own.

A gorgeous globe that teaches geography, too
smart globe tech toy

Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Talking Globe

Any accurate globe is a great teaching tool, but globes don't tend to be all that engaging for young kids. That is, except when they are interactive and come packed with facts, games, and trivia challenges engaged with by using an included smart stylus. This globe is colorful and detailed on the surface and packed with more than 1,000 facts that span geography, history, and the natural world.

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Amazon's early Black Friday deals are live now — here are the best tech discounts on the latest Echo devices and more


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Amazon Echo 4th gen

You don't have to wait until Black Friday to find worthwhile Amazon deals. . The online retail giant is already offering several discounts on tech gadgets like its newest Echo devices, Ring video doorbells, Bose noise cancelling headphones, and more. 

The deals began on November 20 and run through Black Friday, which takes place on November 27 this year.  

Amazon is already discounting its newest Echo products despite the fact that they just debuted in September. The new fourth-generation Echo, which comes with a new design and a faster chip made by Amazon, is $30 off as part of the promotion, dropping the price down from $99.99 to $69.99.

In addition to the deals listed below, Amazon is promising discounts on Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs, Sony Bravia OLED TVs, and a 25% discount on TVs that are 75 inches and larger. 

Here's a look at some of the best tech deals available on Amazon for Black Friday 2020 right now.

Updated on 11/23/20 by Lisa Eadiccico: Added all-new language reflecting launch of new discounts and updated prices and links for products with new deals that are available now.

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Best early Black Friday deals at Amazon starting November 20

The deals below are available on a rolling basis between November 20 and November 27. Some deals may only be available for a limited time.

Ring Video Doorbell Deals

Video Doorbell Pro (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Video Doorbell 3 with Echo Show 5 (medium, Preferred: Amazon)

Best Amazon Echo and devices deals 

Echo (4th Gen) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)All-New Echo Dot (4th Generation) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)All-New Echo Dot with Clock (4th Generation) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Fire TV Stick 4K (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Echo Show 5 with Blink Mini (medium, Preferred: Amazon)

Other upcoming Black Friday tech deals on Amazon

QuietComfort 35 II (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera (medium, Preferred: Amazon)MacBook Pro (2020, 13-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 4 ports) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Charge 4 (medium, Preferred: Amazon)65" X950H 4K TV (medium, Preferred: Amazon)

When does Amazon's Black Friday sale start?

Amazon's deals began on November 20 and will be running through November 27.  New deals will appear daily throughout the week, and some of them will only be available for 24 hours. The company is also extending its returns window so that customers can return products shipped now through December 31 by January 31, 2021 for free. 

Where can I find Amazon's Black Friday deals?

Amazon's Black Friday page will be the place to check if you want to browse the retailer's holiday shopping discounts. Just like years past, Amazon will also be offering Alexa-exclusive deals that can be discovered by asking, "Alexa, what are my deals?" These Alexa-only discounts also started on November 20. 

Do you need an Amazon Prime membership for the deals?

Unlike Amazon Prime Day, you don't need to be a Prime member to take advantage of Amazon's Black Friday deals. But you do get perks like faster delivery and exclusive deals if you sign up for Prime which costs $12.99 per month. It's a worthwhile option if you plan to do the bulk of your holiday shopping on Amazon and want the flexibility to order last-minute gifts. 

How do we select the best Black Friday deals at Amazon?

  • We select products that meet our high standards of coverage from brands we've tested.
  • We research prices across retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy and compare these against historical price drops to find the deals that are worth your time.
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17 of the most useful kitchen appliances and tools, as recommended by professional chefs


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Chef approved appliances and tools  4x3

With so many people cooking at home more often due to the pandemic — myself included — I was curious about how professional chefs and food experts make the most out of their time in the kitchen.  So I reached out to 12 chefs from around the country and asked them to share the home cooking tools and appliances that they find themselves using most often. 

While the list has its fair share of standbys (you can never go wrong with a KitchenAid mixer, or a high-quality set of sharp knives), there are also some curveball picks designed to upgrade your weekday meals to restaurant-quality (think specially-designed sauce spoons and breakfast sandwich-makers). 

Here are 17 most useful kitchen tools and appliances, as recommended by 12 professional chefs: 

A sharp and balanced chef's knife
chef kitchen appliances material knife

8-inch Knife

These knives came into my life through a subscription service and I am obsessed. They're gorgeous to look at but more importantly have a hand feel unlike anything else I've ever used.

They're light Japanese steel and have a full tang that's so well balanced the knife almost becomes a part of your hand. The handle is grippy in a pleasant way and is perfect for those of us with small hands. The real clincher though, is how durable these blades are. I am terrible at knife maintenance and these are still incredibly sharp after six months of constant use. —Tarran Hatton, Executive Pastry Chef at BlissBomb

Read our review of Material Kitchen here

An all-in-one sandwich maker
chef kitchen appliances sandwich maker

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

We use this device all the time now because, for some reason, mornings are extremely busy at our house. The Hamilton Beach sandwich maker is fast and easy to use, healthy, and very versatile. Plus, it is very easy to clean. The kids can even jump in and help, which is great, and it gets them learning in the kitchen.

In addition to making sandwiches, I love using this device to make waffle s'mores (Delysia vanilla marshmallows and s'mores chocolate bark are my kids' favorite combination) and chocolate molten lava cake. —Nicole Patel, Owner and Chef at Delysia Chocolatier

Read our review of the Hamilton Beach Single Breakfast Sandwich Maker here

A versatile cast iron pan
chef kitchen appliances lodge skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Handle Holder (12-inch) 

My cast iron skillet is by far my most utilized kitchen tool.  It gives me those caramelized flavors that I've become accustomed to in my restaurant.  It moves from the stovetop to the oven.  It's big enough for a one-pan meal for a few people. And, once your skillet is well seasoned, the clean up is fairly quick. —Robert Guimond, Chef at Public Display of Affection

Read our review of the Lodge cast iron skillet here


A high-tech sous vide machine
Anova precision cooker

Anova Precision Cooker

The immersion circulator is my absolute favorite kitchen gadget ever created. It's a great tool for infusions to impart the purest flavors into oils, spirits, and syrups in a surprisingly short amount of time. Also, nothing is better than sous vide rib eye. —Sharon Yeung, Bar Manager at The Roosevelt Room

Read our review of the Anova Precision Cooker Pro here

The classic KitchenAid stand mixer
chef kitchen appliances kitchenaid 2

KitchenAid Classic Plus Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer (4.5-quart)

My favorite and probably one of the most versatile appliances has to be the KitchenAid stand mixer. On its own, the stand mixer can be used to knead dough with the hook attachment and to emulsify aioli with the whisk attachment.

And with all of the other attachments you can purchase, such as the meat grinder or pasta extruder, it's easily my favorite tool and the appliance that is used the most in my kitchen. —Marco Arreguin, Executive Creative Chef at Puesto

Read our review of the KitchenAid stand mixer here

A powerful blender
chef kitchen appliances blender

KitchenAid Pro Line Series Blender with Thermal Control Jar

Lately, my blender has been in overdrive! I recently gave birth (surprise! 6 weeks early) to my daughter, and she's currently in the NICU. Every morning I make myself a big smoothie full of fresh fruits, frozen bananas, whatever greens I have on hand, a scoop of vegan protein powder, and almond milk and blend it all together to drink on the way to the hospital.

I love this blender because it makes smoothies perfectly smooth — no big chunks that get stuck in the straw. Plus, it's the same one we use to make our cookie dough milkshakes at the shop — I highly recommend it. —Kristen Tomlan, founder of DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

A sauce spoon that makes plating easy
chef kitchen appliances jb prince

J.B. Prince Chef Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon

My favorite kitchen tool is the Gray Kunz sauce spoon (regular size) — it's the number one tool I use. It's great for home cooks because it's bigger than a regular spoon so it helps you plate efficiently, and it's great for getting sauces out of pans and pouring them over your vegetables.  It has a simple, beautiful design and is the perfect shape and weight. —Donald Moore, Chief Culinary Officer at The Cheesecake Factory


A microplane
chef kitchen appliances microplane

Microplane Premium Classic Zester Grater

This is such a basic tool and an amazing one that everybody should have in their kitchen toolbox. When the pandemic started, I couldn't find lemons anywhere. Finally, I was able to source a big bag of them at Costco – 40 lemons!

I zested all the lemons right away using my microplane, drying the zest for future use. I use citrus zest often for cooking. It's a wonderful ingredient to include for added flavor when making things like lemon chicken, frozen lemonade, desserts, and even beverages. —Nicole Patel, Owner and Chef at Delysia Chocolatier

I'm pretty into my microplane.  It can add subtle flavors and finesse without any knife work.  You can make garlic paste for sauteed vegetables, grate cheese over a salad, finish a dish with some lime zest. It's versatile and efficient. —Robert Guimond, Chef at Public Display of Affection 

Chefs Sophia Roe and Richard Rea also recommended this microplane. 

A ceramic nonstick pan you can use to cook everything
our place kitchen cookware 5

Always Pan

I was just recently introduced to this pan, and it's truly incredible. It's the perfect pan for someone who cooks a lot but has a small NYC kitchen. It's so easy to clean, and everything I have cooked in it comes out effortlessly. —Sophia Roe, Chef

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A mini food processor to speed up tasks
chef kitchen appliances kitchenaid

KitchenAid Mini Food Chopper (3.5-cup)

Most of the time I hand cut all of my vegetables and aromatics, but because I have three young boys and we entertain a lot, sometimes I need a little help in getting things done faster. For instance, when you're making a Bolognese and have to cut a lot of onions, carrots, and celery all at once, this is the perfect solution for helping to get it done quickly and consistently.

A lot of people have large food processors and don't like to use them because they're hard to clean, but this is a great mini version for chopping everything from vegetables and nuts to making a great pesto. —Donald Moore, Chief Culinary Officer at The Cheesecake Factory

A traditional mortar and pestle
chef kitchen appliances mortar pestle

Medium Molcajete (8-inch)

I had the pleasure of working in Indonesia for many years and really fell in love with the granite mortar and pestle. I do a lot of curry pastes and sambals from scratch at home and there is no substitute to this to get the texture right.

From simply grinding spices on the fly to making herb pastes and curry pastes to crushing and chopping garlic, this does the lion's share of the work. Nothing beats a sambal or curry paste made from scratch, and this is the tool you need to do it right. —Jack Yoss, Chef and Director of Culinary Operations at Hai Hospitality

A blender that doesn't take up much space
chef kitchen appliances immersion blender

Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender

I cannot stand pulling out tons of equipment for small tasks and this immersion blender lives both in my professional and home kitchens.

Aside from being the best consumer-level immersion blender on the market (I love the flat head, which allows for exceptional pureeing, and the adjustable speed knob), it also comes with a small food processor attachment which is a lifeline during recipe development. —Tarran Hatton, Executive Pastry Chef at BlissBomb

Read our review of the Breville immersion blender here

A knife that butchers love and rely on
chef kitchen appliances victorinox knife

Victorinox Butcher Knife, Granton Edge (10-inch)

I'm not impressed with the next cool knife design, I'm motivated by performance. I'm pitched countless "next best thing" knife designs, but that's all a waste if it doesn't work exactly how I want every time. If you want to buy a knife, ask a butcher. The stakes are too high in our work for even one false cut. —Pat LaFrieda, CEO of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors

A high-end vacuum sealer
chef kitchen appliances vacuum sealer

Polyscience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer

While this vacuum sealer is certainly not cheap, it is a bargain when you consider its quality and capabilities. You can:

  • Buy whole cuts of prime beef and break them down and freeze for later use
  • Make large batches of sauce or soups then freeze them
  • Use this to make quick pickles
  • Use the marinate function to infuse marinade into any protein or vegetable prior to cooking
  • Use it to ferment your own hot sauces or kimchi and to preserve vegetables
  • Vacuum vegetables and fruits for compressed salads while compressing the vinaigrette directly into it

This appliance is great for sealing anything you want to freeze to avoid the kind of freezer burn that can result from using Ziplock bags. Use this vacuum sealer if you do home sous vide cooking. It is an extremely versatile and professional piece of equipment. —Jack Yoss, Chef and Director of Culinary Operations at Hai Hospitality 

A spiralizer to create beautiful ribbons of vegetables
chef kitchen appliances oxo spiralizer

OXO Spiralizer

This is a great tool for sprucing up any veggie dish that might have been traditionally chopped. By turning your veggies into noodles or spirals, you can transform any meal into a new exciting dish. Whether it be a cold zucchini pesto pasta or a spiralized crispy potato, the spiralizer is a must-have in any home or professional kitchen. —Richard Rea, Executive Chef at The Butcher's Daughter

A baking mat you can use over and over again
chef kitchen appliances baking mat

Silpat Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat

I roast constantly, even in the summertime. I love to make a sheet pan of roasted veggies for on-the-go. I also make popcorn about twice a week and use a sheet pan to evenly season my popcorn. It's safe to say I am a high-volume sheet pan user.

Instead of going through endless rolls of parchment paper or aluminum foil, I find these nonstick mats to be perfect! They're the easiest thing in the world to clean, and they last forever. —Sophia Roe, Chef

Angled measuring cups that let you clearly read measurement markings
chef kitchen appliances oxo measuring cup

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set

This 3-piece liquid measuring cup set from OXO is a must-have in the kitchen. I use them nearly daily in my kitchen at home, and we use them (and abuse them) in the bakery when we're making batch after batch of cookie dough.

They are durable and easy to wash (which is huge!), and I love that they are slanted and easy to read. The three sizes mean you'll always have the perfect option on hard for whatever you're making, big or small. —Kristen Tomlan, founder of DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

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Election officials are facing death threats in key swing states where Trump is trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential race

GettyImages protest election results georgia
Protesters rally outside the Georgia State Capitol during a 'March for Trump' protest against the results of the 2020 Presidential election on November 21, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • State officials are sounding the alarm on an uptick in death threats that they've received since the presidential election.
  • They work in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada — key states where President Donald Trump's campaign is attempting to overturn the results.
  • Deadlines to certify election results are quickly approaching and each state will in the coming days declare President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of its Electoral College votes.
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President Donald Trump is fueling a wave of hatred and violent threats toward local officials in key swing states where he's challenging the 2020 election results.

"So this is fun...multiple attempted hacks of my emails, police protection around my home, the threats," Gabriel Sterling, the voting system implementation manager for Georgia's Secretary of State, wrote on Twitter on the weekend.

"But all is well," he continued, "following the the law, following the process...doing our jobs."

Sterling, a Republican, shared the social media post one day after Georgia officially certified President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of its 16 electoral votes. Trump's team immediately requested a recount, even though an audit that included a hand recount of more than 5 million ballots cast statewide put Biden in the lead by roughly 12,000 votes. 

A PBS "Frontline" investigation also showed that state officials in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada are facing death threats. Biden is projected to carry each state and the Trump campaign has launched multiple lawsuits to overturn those results, but hasn't won any so far. Still, Trump refuses to concede to Biden and continues to push unfounded claims that fraudulent ballots led to the election being stolen from him.

Local law enforcement officials are investigating the threats that come as poll workers tirelessly tally votes ahead of each state's certification deadline in the coming days. 


Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has voiced concerns about death threats directed at him and his wife. He is a Republican and certified the state's results on Friday.

"The Raffenspergers should be put on trial for treason and face execution," read a text message that his wife received after the election.

Judges previously rejected two of Trump's legal bids in Georgia since there is no evidence of electoral fraud or voting irregularities.


Republican City Commissioner of Philadelphia Al Schmidt disclosed earlier this month that his office got death threats for counting votes, while the Trump campaign was trying to halt the count.

"From the inside looking out, it feels all very deranged," Schmidt said in a "60 Minutes" interview.

Trump's lawyers alleged that Republicans weren't present to watch the vote-counting process. It was later revealed that GOP poll watchers were indeed present, prompting a judge to dismiss the case. The president's legal team has filed 11 lawsuits in the state, losing nine, with two pending.

Pennsylvania is expected to certify its election results on Monday.


Canvassers in Michigan, where Biden is ahead by more than 155,000 votes, are expected to certify the state's Electoral College votes on Monday. 

In the interim, local workers have fended off threats, including during a Zoom meeting when a person interrupted the call with threats of rape and violence, according to PBS

The Trump campaign has lost four lawsuits alleging improper counting of ballots and massive fraud in Michigan.


PBS reviewed a police report of a November 6 call to Nevada's Secretary of State Election Division, in which the person said: "You all are lucky there that I am an elderly man that is too old to fight and don't own any guns, but I'll tell you what, you're about to get bum rushed by a bunch of young, 20-year-old boys. You're worthless."

Trump's lawyers have lost two cases attempting to stop the ballot count in the state. Nevada officials are preparing to certify Biden as its election winner on Tuesday.

Read more: 'Threading a needle while riding a bike:' How Republicans with 2024 ambitions are navigating the prospect of another Trump White House campaign"


Arizona's Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, said last week that she has faced "ongoing and escalating" threats as did her family and staff. 

"Let's burn her house down and kill her family and teach these fraudsters a lesson," said one social media post aimed at Hobbs, according to the Associated Press

Two lawsuits by the Trump campaign have been rejected in Arizona due to baseless assertions that Republican votes were being thrown out and invalidated. Biden's win in the state will be certified next week.

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Several Best Buy Black Friday deals are live — here's what's discounted right now, plus what to expect on November 27


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Black Friday 2020 Best Buy Deals 4x3
Best Buy is offering many Black Friday discounts right now during its Black Friday Ad Deals sale event.

Black Friday shopping will look very different this year compared to past ones. Instead of camping out in front of stores and braving the crowds and lines, it will probably be more convenient (and a bit safer) if you stayed at home to shop. Luckily, you can still count on finding deep discounts on tech, smart home gadgets, and more from large retailers like Best Buy.

Best Buy is offering many Black Friday discounts right now during its Black Friday Ad Deals sale well before the actual day on November 27. To help you get the best discounts this holiday season, we'll be highlighting the best deals both before and during Thanksgiving week.

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Best early Black Friday 2020 deals

Galaxy Tab A (8-inch) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)

Best early Black Friday 2020 TV deals

55-inch 4 Series 4K TV (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)

Best early Black Friday 2020 gaming deals

Best early Black Friday 2020 smart home deals

Smart Clock (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)SmartThermostat with Voice Control (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)White and Color Ambiance A19 Smart Bulbs (3-Pack) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)Protect Home Security System (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)

How do we select the best deals at Best Buy?

  • We only choose products that meet our high standard of coverage, from brands we've tested and trust.
  • We compare the prices against other retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart and only include the deals that are the same or better (not including promotional discounts that come from using certain credit cards).
  • We research price history thoroughly, to ensure that every deal we list is actually worth your time.

When does Best Buy's Black Friday sale start?

Black Friday 2020 is November 27 and Cyber Monday is November 30, but sales from many retailers, not just Best Buy, are starting now. Best Buy's deals have already begun though — right now it's running a Black Friday Ad Deals sale through November 17. 

Should I become a My Best Buy member?

My Best Buy membership is free to join and can get you some exclusive discounts and perks — like the Black Friday price guarantee held during earlier sales. My Best Buy members also get access to early access to Black Friday discounts, for instance, members receive an additional $50 discount on this already marked down TCL 55-inch Class 4 Series 4K TV.

If you're planning to shop from Best Buy at any time of year, we recommend becoming a member.

What is the Black Friday price guarantee?

Best Buy's Black Friday price guarantee assures that if you buy something before November 27 and the price drops lower later, you can receive a refund for the difference. However, there are two major caveats: this guarantee only applies to the Prep for the Holidays sale, and it excludes Cyber Monday, November 30. If you buy something that drops to a lower price on Cyber Monday, you won't receive a refund for the difference. 

While these exclusions may sound like deal-breakers, don't worry. If you see one of our posts about a deeply discounted item over Black Friday, chances are, Cyber Monday won't bring any significant price drops. Additional price drops tend to be less than 15% of the item's total value — an extra $10 off an Instant Pot, $5 saved on a Bluetooth speaker. Just don't buy anything at full price this Black Friday, and you should be safe from any significant buyer's remorse. 

What should I buy from Best Buy this Black Friday?

Year after year, Best Buy brings a ton of great discounts on every category it sells, and you can expect to find excellent deals on tech, smart home, gaming, and small home appliances.

Shopping for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other tech is never more affordable than on Black Friday. Especially great deals we saw last year included price drops like the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 down to $600 (from $960), the 2019 Macbook Air down to $900 (from $1,100), and $400 off the Google Pixel 4. It's likely we'll see discounts this year from these brands and other major players in the category, like HP, Samsung, and Lenovo. 

Smart home deals also thrive during Black Friday, and 2020 will probably be the same. Of the many deals we saw last year, the ones that really stood out from Best Buy were $20 off the Google Home Mini, $50 off the Amazon Echo Show 8, and $30 off the Lenovo Smart Clock. Whether you prefer Amazon Alexa or Google, you can look forward to deeply discounted smart speakers and smart-assistant compatible tech, like smart bulbs and switches, throughout the event.   

Not only can you bank on finding game titles for every console on sale over Black Friday, but older generation consoles tend to drop in price too — usually when bundled with controllers and games. Don't get your hopes up if you're looking for discounts on new consoles like the upcoming PS5 and the Xbox Series X, but older and budget models are typically on sale. 

If you're going to buy a stick vacuum, electric pressure cooker, or other small appliance, Black Friday is the time to do it. Last year we saw $200 off the Dyson V10 Animal, $270 off the Kitchenaid Professional Stand Mixer, and $40 off the Instant Pot Duo Nova 6-quart. Countertop appliances and vacuums of every type (upright, stick, and robot) drop to the best prices we see all year over Black Friday, so if you've been waiting for a sign to buy a waffle maker this year, this is it. 

Can I shop in the Best Buy near me?

Black Friday shoppers can visit Best Buy locations to take advantage of these early Black Friday deals — a stark contrast to Amazon. The retailer also has extensive safety protocols for shopping in stores, including requiring customers and employees to wear face masks and limiting the number of visitors.

Better still, Best Buy offers contactless curbside pickup, store pickup, in addition to same-day and next-day delivery options. This means that if the product you want is in-stock at a location near you, you can just pick it up instead of waiting for it to ship.

How does Best Buy stand up to the competition on Black Friday?

Compared to other major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, Best Buy is sure to offer solid, competitively priced deals for Black Friday. You can expect a lot of overlap between these stores, and oftentimes if something is out of stock from one retailer, it's still in stock at another. 

Shopping at Best Buy may be the best option for you if you live close to one for curbside pickup or if you're a My Best Buy member with an exclusive discount. Following the trend of past years, Best Buy will most likely bring strong tech and gaming deals — and you may be surprised at its home and kitchen deals as well.

Deals by store

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The best early and upcoming Black Friday TV deals from LG, Samsung, Sony, and more


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Black Friday 2020 TV Deals 4x3
Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Black Friday 2020 is right around the corner, and stores are running major deals on all sorts of electronics. Some of the best tech deals you'll find will be on TVs, at all price points, from brands across the board. 

We've compiled all the best Black Friday TV deals that are active and those that are coming up as well. Read on for the best Black Friday TV deals that major retailers are running, including Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and more. And don't worry about lugging your new TV from store to home: Many retailers are also offering free shipping.

The best early Black Friday TV deals

Though Black Friday doesn't officially kick off until later this week, several stores have already launched sales on many TVs, including big deals on flagship and midrange models from LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio. 

Some of the best early Black Friday TV deals available right now include discounts on several OLED models. The 65-inch Sony A8H, Vizio OLED, and LG CX are all on sale for all-time low prices, though the LG CX is currently sold out at Best Buy and Amazon. All three TVs provide pixel-level contrast, perfect black levels, and wide viewing angles. 

The LG CX can get a little brighter than the competition and it includes HDMI 2.1 ports for next-gen gaming features. Meanwhile, the Sony A8H costs $100 less than the LG, and it offers the most accurate color of the bunch. On the downside, the Sony doesn't include HDMI 2.1. Finally, the Vizio OLED is the cheapest 65-inch OLED on the market right now, and the 55-inch model is just $900. For that low price, however, you lose out on built-in voice control.

I'm actually testing the Vizio OLED right now, and though I've been blown away by the image quality, I've run into some compatibility issues with my Onkyo receiver and the TV's HDMI ARC port. I've reached out to Vizio about the issue and I'll update this article once I hear more. For now, buyers with Onkyo AV receivers may want to avoid this particular model.

Of course, OLEDs aren't the only worthwhile TVs currently benefiting from early holiday discounts. Check out all of the best early Black Friday TV deals below.

The best Black Friday TV deals coming soon

While there are plenty of early TV deals available right now, some stores are saving a few big discounts for November 27 when Black Friday fully kicks into gear. Details on specific deals from some retailers are still pending, but Best Buy has already posted its Black Friday TV ad with a preview of what shoppers can expect.

One of the best upcoming deals includes a big discount on the entry-level Hisense H65 Series TV. Though its picture quality is nothing special, the 4K TV offers decent performance for casual viewing, basic HDR capabilities, and Android TV streaming. Best of all, the 65-inch model will be on sale for just $250 on November 28. 

Smaller TVs will also see big discounts, including Insignia's 50-inch 4K Fire TV which will be available for only $150. You can find a rundown of all the best upcoming Black Friday TV deals below.

When is Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday 2020 will officially begin on November 27, which is the Friday after Thanksgiving. 

That said, many retailers have already launched early Black Friday promotions, extending the sales event throughout the month of November and beyond. Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and Target all have early Black Friday discounts available across many product categories, including tech and TVs.

Following Black Friday, more deals will continue to roll out through Cyber Monday 2020 on November 30. 

How to shop for a TV

Finding the right TV for your needs can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Price can vary a lot depending on the features and size you want. On the low-end, you can find smaller HDTVs for as little as $100 or less. When it comes to flagship 65-inch 4K models, prices can rise to $1,500 or more. Depending on how big the display is, the best 8K TVs can even cost in excess of $10,000.

Thankfully, there are a few simple guidelines you can follow to help narrow down your selection.

If you prioritize genuine home theater performance for the best movie-watching experience, you'll want to opt for a 4K display with at least a 65-inch screen. The best 4K TVs use an OLED panel, or an advanced LED screen (often branded as QLED) with local dimming and quantum dots. These display types enable the highest contrast, deepest black levels, and brightest images for a gorgeous high dynamic range (HDR) picture.  

For people who just want a no-fuss display that's suited for casual viewing, a smaller TV with a more budget-friendly LED panel should be more than fine. Though image performance won't be as impressive as more expensive models, there are plenty of cheap LED TVs with solid performance, including budget models that still manage to pack in 4K, HDR, and integrated smart TV streaming.

If you're looking for detailed TV buying advice, be sure to check out our various TV buying guides:

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Biden will pick former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to head the Treasury Department

Janet Yellen
Janet Yellen.
  • President-elect Joe Biden is planning to nominate Janet Yellen to head the Treasury Department, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.
  • If confirmed by the Senate, Yellen would be the first woman to hold the job.
  • Yellen would also become the first person to hold the three most influential economic positions in government: chair of the Federal Reserve, head of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, and treasury secretary.
  • Earlier this year she signaled a willingness to increase the national debt in pursuit of education and climate-change programs that could boost economic growth.
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President-elect Joe Biden has picked Janet Yellen to head the Treasury Department, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. If confirmed by the Senate, Yellen would be the first woman to be the treasury secretary.

Yellen would also be the first person to have led the Federal Reserve, the White House Council of Economic Advisers, and the Treasury Department.

Biden announced last week that he had chosen a treasury secretary, saying it would be "someone who will be accepted by all elements of the Democratic Party, from the progressive to the moderate coalitions."

The Biden transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jen Psaki, a Biden representative, said on Twitter on Monday afternoon that Biden "looks forward to announcing some members of his economic team early next week who will work with him to build the economy back better."

Yellen chaired the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2017, during President Barack Obama's second term. President Donald Trump replaced her with Jerome Powell. Trump's move broke with precedent, as the previous three Fed chairs had their terms renewed by presidents of the opposite party.

Yellen would face an immense set of challenges. Congress hasn't approved a new economic aid package, with both parties fiercely divided over its size and reach. Biden has recently pressed for an expansive Democratic relief plan, which Republicans have long dismissed. As treasury secretary, Yellen would be plunged into the fraught negotiations with a gridlocked Congress.

Read more: Joe Biden's Cabinet-in-waiting: Meet the people in play for a new administration, and Biden's picks for key roles like Secretary of State and national security advisor

Coronavirus cases also continue to surge, causing states to reinstate restrictions to thwart the virus' rapid spread. Many economists have said these factors could derail the already shaky recovery.

Democrats lauded the pick on Monday. "Janet Yellen would be an outstanding choice for Treasury Secretary. She is smart, tough, and principled," Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said on Twitter. "As one of the most successful Fed Chairs ever, she has stood up to Wall Street banks, including holding Wells Fargo accountable for cheating working families."

As the Fed chair, Yellen was a strong advocate of reducing unemployment through Fed policies. "I'm very interested in the job market, and a lot of my career has been spent studying unemployment and trying to understand how we can lower it," she said at a New York University event in early 2017, per The New York Times.

Yellen is also set to play a central role in the Biden administration's economic policymaking. Biden campaigned on increasing taxes for the richest Americans and corporations, an agenda at stake pending the outcome of two Senate runoff elections in Georgia on January 5.

Earlier this year, she signaled a willingness to support deficit spending in pursuit of education and climate-change programs that could juice growth.

"In a world of low real rates, there's also a strong case for programs to invest in infrastructure, education, research and development, climate-change mitigation — namely investments that would elevate potential growth," Yellen said at the annual American Economic Association meeting in January.

Read more: Wall Street experts are calling the Fed the single most important driver of stock market returns after all the election chaos. Here's why they're bullish and how they recommend exploiting the gains to come.

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