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I tried the Kickstarter-funded 'toothbrush of the future,' and I loved it


The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.


Brushing your teeth is as much about dental health as it is about keeping your mouth clean. We've all heard the urban myth that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's, and most of us like to feel a measure of control over something as unappetizing as that. 

But more than a few of us have probably noticed the little flaw in logic to brushing our teeth with a brush, only to put it back in our cupboard until the next time we need it to clean our teeth. We wash our towels when they're dirty, but we keep putting the same thing into our mouths to clean it, and then put that and whatever is on it back into the cupboard? Something isn't quite right there.

In search of a more sanitary approach to dental hygiene, I came across Boie USA.

They started out on Kickstarter and have graduated to a full-fledged e-commerce marketplace. They make toothbrushes out of a rubber-like material that's less abrasive on your enamel and gums, is BPA and Phthalate-free, and best of all, has silver embedded into the bristles and toothbrush head so it will kill bacteria on contact and keep it out of your mouth.

Not surprisingly, the most sanitary approach to oral care isn't having a toothbrush where bacteria have been able to breed for months. For $10, Boie's brush is a no-brainer.

Depending on how you brush, the toothbrush you own right now probably won't (and shouldn't) last more than a few months. Every time you replace it, you add to the 50 million pounds of plastic that discarded brushes add to landfills each year. Instead of contributing however-many-more millions of pounds, Boie has designed their toothbrushes to have detachable heads, so instead of throwing the whole thing out, you can just replace the toothbrush head.

This means lower costs to replace and less waste on earth. And because the heads are made out of a rubber-like material, they won't break down and need to be replaced as often, so you'll save money there, too. As a part of their community-central business model, all of their materials and manufacturing happen within the US, too.

unnamed 1

Since first reading about them, I tried one out and subsequently gave one to a friend as well.

The brush heads may look like they'll be too harsh against your gums and teeth, but somehow it's the best and gentlest cleaning I've had.

My electric toothbrush can be a hassle I forget to charge or too harsh on my teeth and my traditional drugstore toothbrush doesn't do as good of a job. The Boie toothbrush has pretty much replaced both for me.

My gums have never bled while using it, despite the thicker, firmer bristles, and my teeth feel cleaner after using it. I'll keep my electric toothbrush around (those things are expensive), and I haven't gotten to try newer variations of that myself, admittedly, but I'm more than happy with my $10 fix. Plus, it's much nicer to know that when I want to brush my teeth, I won't be putting anything back in my mouth that I want to keep out.

Buy the Boie USA Antimicrobial Toothbrush for $10

This article was originally published on 5/31/2017.

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14 of the most anticipated skin-care product launches of 2019 you can buy now


The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Youth to the People mask

  • As a beauty editor, I've had the chance to test-drive some of 2019's most anticipated skin-care launches — and these are my favorites.
  • I've noticed a few consistent themes across the best of 2019: sleeping masks (to get you glowing in eight hours flat), accessible retinol (which no longer requires a prescription pad), and a focus on skin wellness (via vitamins and supplements).
  • Want to make 2019 the year of your best skin ever? These products can help.

If you've already broken your New Year's resolution (guilty), here's an easy one to keep: Treat your skin to a little extra care with the best new products of the year.

Many of 2019's most anticipated beauty launches — hinted at on social media for months on end and teased by your favorite influencers — are finally available for purchase. And yes, they were worth the wait…

As a beauty editor, I was lucky enough to have early access to a few of these new additions to the skin-care space to test. The trends I'm most excited about? Sleeping masks (to get you glowing in eight hours flat), accessible retinol (which no longer requires a prescription pad), and a focus on skin wellness (via vitamins and supplements).

"Typically, a sleeping mask features a specific special ingredient or group of ingredients that help skin while you sleep," Dr. Audrey Kunin, a board-certified dermatologist and the founder of DERMAdoctor, tells Business Insider. According to the dermatologist, regular face masks are often clay based and should be rinsed off after 15 to 20 minutes — but "sleeping masks are often more concentrated creams that are marketed for nighttime intensive use."

Two standouts are KORA Organics' Noni Glow Sleeping Mask, which features hydrating silver ear mushroom and coconut milk to nourish the skin while you sleep, and Youth to the People's Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask, a creamy vitamin C formula that brightens and helps even skin tone. The best part about this new skin-care category? It's hassle-free. Simply layer the sleeping mask over your usual product lineup before you go to bed, and that's it — you'll wake up looking totally refreshed and renewed (even if you don't necessarily feel it after hitting snooze one too many times).

In contrast, the star ingredient of 2019 — retinol — works hard. A member of the retinoid family, this potent ingredient is known for increasing cellular turnover to give you an acne-free, wrinkle-free face. Although it was onceonly available via prescription, these days, there are more over-the-counter options than ever. My personal favorite is Drunk Elephant's A-Passioni Retinol Cream, since it marries low-dose retinol with hydrating ingredients; if you have sensitive skin, this is the most foolproof way to work retinol into your regimen. Prefer a higher dosage? Check out Sunday Riley's much-hyped A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum, which has already racked up a handful of near-perfect reviews on Sephora.

Wellness buffs, rejoice: This the year of self-care as skin care. HUM Nutrition's recently released Hello Sunshine supplement set features ingestible morning and night capsules packed with skin-healthy vitamins that give a whole new meaning to the term "inner beauty;" while Josie Maran's Skin Dope oil soothes stressed skin with a hit of super trendy (but equally effective) hemp oil. Keep an eye out for more from Briogeo's new wellness line, B. Well, as the year goes on. The brand's initial offerings — Organic + Australian 100% Tea Tree Oil and Organic + Cold-Pressed 100% Castor Oil— feature pure ingredients that can be used alone or mixed and matched with your usual skin care and hair care, to give any product a boost of healthy oils.

Resolve to make 2019 the year of your best skin ever, thanks to the anticipated beauty launches ahead.

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Josie Maran Skin Dope

Former model Josie Maran's namesake skin-care brand is known for its signature ingredient — argan oil — but in 2019, the brand is branching out with the much-anticipated Skin Dope. The product blends argan oil with organic hemp seed oil, making it a must-have for anyone looking to simultaneously soften and strengthen their skin.

Here's how it works: The fatty acids and vitamin E that naturally occur in argan oil help to keep skin moisturized and plump, while hemp seed oil delivers amino acids — the building blocks of protein — to the skin's surface. The combo strengthens collagen and boosts the skin's barrier, keeping it protected from the elements (not to mention firm-looking).

Buy the Josie Maran Skin Dope Argan + Hemp Oil for $65 from Sephora


Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask

In my opinion, Youth to the People's Superberry Dream Mask couldn't be more appropriately named. It's the literal superhero of my skin-care routine, since it's targeted to treat all my personal skin concerns: dryness, dullness, and acne scarring. And boy, does it deliver.

This overnight mask, designed to be the last step in your regular nighttime regimen, features a slew of natural ingredients — most notably, maqui berry. As the most antioxidant-rich fruit in the entire world, it's a smart choice for helping skin fight the fine lines and discoloration that often result from pollution damage. On top of that, a skin-friendly version of vitamin C (THD Ascorbate, to be exact), boosts collagen production and evens skin tone, for skin that feels firm to the touch — and looks brighter, too. Finally, squalane oil fights dryness by sinking deep into pores without clogging them.

Buy the Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask for $48 from Sephora

Kora Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Masks

Are you a fan of fuss-free skin care? Then grab a tube of KORA Organics' Noni Glow Sleeping Mask. It's a multitasker that can be used a number of ways to achieve one major goal: hydrated skin that's glowy, not greasy.

Although this mask is intended to be worn overnight (it can be layered over your moisturizers and face oils, no problem — and won't mess up your pillow), busy women can also use it for a quick hit of hydration. "Because it dries as a translucent film, you can also pop out and do errands while it's working its magic…. I picked Flynn up from a play date the other day and no one knew I had the mask on," Miranda Kerr, a model and the founder of KORA, told The Zoe Report.

Noni Glow Sleeping Mask relies on three key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid delivers moisture deep into the pores, noni extract — the brand's key ingredient — is packed with antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage, and kakadu plum brightens thanks to a super-infusion of vitamin C.

Buy the Kora Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Mask for $48 from Sephora

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I drove a $119,000 Audi A8 L to see if the ultraluxurious sedan is worth the price. Here's the verdict.


Audi R8 34

  • The Audi A8 is in its fourth generation as the carmaker's flagship luxury sedan.
  • Our test car, an extended-wheelbase "L" version, came with many thousands of dollars' worth of premium and high-tech extras.
  • There's no doubt that this $100,000-plus private jet for the road is a niche vehicle. But we adored it.

It's been four years since I last sampled the A8, Audi's flagship sedan. Back then, I took an A8 L TDI diesel on a long road trip, with all three of my kids ensconced in the back seat.

My revisitation of this stylish Audi limo once again found me in an A8 L — the "L" signifies an extended-length frame — but this time the fuel was premium-grade petrol.

This is the fourth generation of the A8. It landed on US shores in 2018. Our test car was a 2019 model year example, well equipped and priced at almost $119,000. Before many thousands of dollars' worth of extras, the car was $83,800.

No road trip this time — just some driving in New York and New Jersey. As far as the business case for this ride goes, sales of the big sedan have been declining for years, as the four-door-vehicle market in the US has cooled. But the A8 remains a critical vehicle for Audi, in the sense that it's a classic luxury platform. If you want a limo, this is your car.

As it turns out, large sedans can also be excellent conveyors of advanced auto technology. On this front, the A8 is jam-packed with goodies. They cost a lot. Most of them are worth it.

Read on to find out whether everything else about this pricey saloon is worth the cost.

Photos by Hollis Johnson.

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Welcome to the mean streets of New York City, 2019 Audi A8 L Quattro!

I'm not sure the Audi design language finds its best expression on the A8 L's stretched wheelbase. However, there's no denying the A8 L is a handsome set of wheels, with substantial road presence.

To my eye, the A8L is back-heavy, with the extended rear seat and trunk area out of proportion with the hood. But the flow from front to back for a car this big is still elegant.

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13 startups that make daily rituals like brushing your teeth and taking vitamins more enjoyable


The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

dripkit coffee 2

  • The comfort and consistency of rituals bring us back down to earth. 
  • They take many different forms, from putting on a favorite record to shaving. 
  • Online startups are adept at selling the entire experience of these beloved rituals. At the center is a product that solves daily problems while providing a respite from the stresses of life. 
  • We took a look at startups you already know, like Casper, along with ones that may be unfamiliar, like Dripkit, to illustrate how companies are using the comfort of rituals as a selling point.

Rituals are an important part of daily life. In the midst of what can often feel like a rollercoaster of work and personal obligations, they allow you to hop off for a brief moment, take a breather, and regain a sense of stability. 

Even something as innocuous as making a cup of coffee or watering a house plant can improve your mental wellness. It may seem like you're simply going through the motions, but it's exactly those repetitive movements and consistent practices that provide the all-too-needed comforts of familiarity.

Everyone's rituals look different (mine include writing in my journal, winding down every night with music and a book, and going to my favorite bagel shop every Sunday) and take various forms, from skincare to cooking.

Online startups across a variety of categories are great at tapping into this love for consistency and comfort, selling not a product, but the entire experience of owning it, using it, and making it part of a recurring ritual. They hope to be there for you as one of the constants in your life. 

Learn how these 13 startups are selling the experience of a daily ritual:

Sleeping: Casper

Shop mattresses and more at Casper here

Getting ready for bed is a universal ritual enjoyed by all — we've met few people who don't look forward to climbing into bed each night. For the last few years, Casper has been making the process inviting with its supportive, comfortable mattresses, but a recent new product, the Glow Light ($89), is intended to get you to dreamland even faster. The adjustable light will help your body wind down at night and wake up gently in the morning, while the ambient light sensor turns it into a portable night light. 

Brushing your teeth: Quip

Shop electric toothbrushes at Quip here

We hope you're brushing your teeth twice a day. If the idea doesn't enthuse you, Quip is a startup that might inspire you to concentrate on and enjoy your teeth-brushing habit more. Its sleek, American Dental Association-approved brushes are easy to use, can mount to your wall or mirror, and have replaceable brush heads available through a subscription. They come in a variety of colors and sets so you can get your loved ones in on two minutes of blissful respite at a time. 

Washing your face: Panacea

Shop skin care at Panacea here

When you say "skin-care ritual," I imagine you must mean a routine that involves no less than eight products and perhaps a song and dance thrown in there, too. While I appreciate that these long rituals have their own pros, some might consider them excessive, and will more realistically be drawn to companies like Panacea. Panacea's three-step kit consisting of a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen will get you out the door in five minutes, but your skin will still feel nourished and pampered because they're made with clean, lightweight formulas. 

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I use Chewy to regularly save up to 10% on pet supplies — it's even known to send personalized pet portraits as a surprise


The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.


  • Chewy is an online pet retailer that carries over 1,000 preferred pet-related brands and delivers right to your front door.
  • A key feature is autoship, which allows you to create automatic recurring orders while saving 5-10% on select brands.
  • There is no membership fee or hidden fees related to your Chewy account. 
  • Its customer service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. On top of that, Chewy is known to send its customers personalized gifts like a portrait of their pet.
  • Free shipping is offered on orders over $49.

I know I speak on behalf of every pet owner when I say that our pets are members of the family. They have specialized food they eat, treats they snack on, and a bed (ok, ok — multiple beds) they sleep on at night. Having a pet is equivalent to caring for a child who has needs, likes, and dislikes that are specific to them.

Owning a pet came with a lot of responsibilities. That meant monthly, even weekly, trips to the pet store and lugging home a 20-pound bag of dry food, but that didn't mean caring for my pet had to be back-breaking and time-consuming. I needed to find an online market that specialized specifically in pet supplies. That's when I heard about Chewy.

What Chewy is:

Founded in 2011, Chewy is an online hub where you can purchase animal supplies for your furry friend from the comfort of your home. It's basically Amazon for pets where you can easily browse over 1,000 quality and highly-rated brands, making finding what your pet loves easier than ever.

They offer a buyer-friendly autoship service that saves you 30% on your first autoship order, and then 5-10% on select brands for subsequent recurring orders. Chewy has already congregated a list of brands for easy savings. On top of that, shipping is free for orders over $49, or just pay a flat rate of $4.95.

If you and your best friend are just looking to try something new, the site lists hundreds of shopper reviews so you'll always get an honest opinion. This feature was especially helpful when I was looking for a supplement to help my old boy's joints in his senior years. 

How it works:

When you go to Chewy's online site, there will be an account creation tab — which is 100% free — where you list not only your information, but your pet's as well.

It's important to do this first for a couple of reasons: You can't checkout without an account and Chewy uses this to customize your shopping experience. It will ask you a few simple questions like what is your pet's name, birthday, and breed, plus some optional questions regarding their weight, allergies, pre-existing conditions, and medications. It also gives you the option to upload your pet's photo — trust me you're going to want to do this. After that, you're free to shop!

The browsing tab on Chewy is first broken down by animal type, then by subcategories like food, toys, and supplies. Other than your basic pet needs, Chewy carries preventative care and prescription medications as well. The company isn't focused on just cat and dog owners either; it offers thousands of products for every type of pet like birds, fish, horses, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more! Just add your product to the cart, checkout, and wait one to two days for delivery.


Key site features:

As mentioned above, Chewy provides exclusive savings to customers who enable the autoship feature. Meaning, you can create a custom recurring order for products your pet uses frequently, like food and treats. Chewy offers a 30% discount when you set up autoship, and then 5-10% off recurring orders from 30 select brands like Blue Buffalo, Greenies, World's Best Cat Litter, the Honest Kitchen, and more.

In this day and age convenience is key. Just like us humans, our pets require a lot of food and supplies to live a fur-tastic life, so you'll always know that they're taken care of. Chewy understands that their needs change throughout their life, so altering and canceling autoship orders is as simple as one click. It just asks that you make the necessary changes at least 24 hours before your scheduled order date.

In addition to the convenient shopping and shipping features, Chewy has created a handful of "Watch and Learn" video tutorials that can be found at the bottom of the homepage. These videos cover topics like transitioning your pet from wet to dry food, how to prevent ticks and fleas, and how to keep your pet from getting bored of their food. These videos were helpful for me when my dog needed medication in his older years. It left me feeling comfortable and confident that I was taking care of him the best way possible.

Customer service:

The best aspect of Chewy hands down is its customer service. The creators of Chewy pride themselves on how they handle their two-legged and four-legged customers. Their website states: "Our success is measured by the happiness of the people and pets we serve, not simply by the amount of pet supplies we deliver." Standing true to its mission statement, Chewy offers 24/7 live support via phone, email, or chat all year round. 

It also boasts a 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee Policy on every order. Your pet doesn't love their new treats? You're not happy with the bed you ordered? No problem. Your money is returned to you, or customer service will figure out a way to fix the problem. 

Besides setting the standard in customer service for order-related issues, in my experience and from what I've also heard from friends and family, Chewy truly goes above and beyond to make sure their customers feel appreciated and valued.

Remember that photo I told you to upload? Well, Chewy uses that photo to create a custom painted portrait of your pet. My coworker had an issue with his food delivery, and a week later had a custom portrait of his cat was on his doorstep. While Chewy can't send everyone a custom portrait, they do use those photos to surprise their customer's pets at random, which is truly something special. 

I can't stress enough how A++ the customer service team is. Many of my family members also rely on Chewy for their pet supplies. When a family member of mine canceled their recurring order because their beloved dog crossed over the rainbow bridge, Chewy sent a fresh bouquet of flowers and a handwritten note to their house within days of the cancelation. If that doesn't show how deeply Chewy cares for all of its customers, then I don't know what does. 

People at Chewy


If I haven't already convinced you to give Chewy a try, here is an overview of the website's pros:

  • No membership fee 
  • 24/7 customer support, 365 days a year
  • Save 5-10% on brands you love when you enable autoship 
  • Honest reviews from real shoppers
  • Free shipping over $49
  • 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee Policy (meaning full refunds) 
  • Never have to remember to run to the pet store again


Not everything about Chewy is perfect, so here are some potential cons:

  • Cannot ship to a P.O. Box address
  • Cannot ship internationally
  • There are shipping costs on low-priced orders 
  • Maximum discount of $20 with 30% off your first autoship order 
  • Prescriptions are non-refundable (unless they are incorrect)

Bottom line:

Chewy is THE one-stop-shop for all of your pet supplies. It takes the ease and appeal of the online-shopping giant Amazon and translates it to something along the lines of Prime for Pets. With over 1,000 brands to choose from, it's worth your time to grab your laptop — and your pet — and check out Chewy.

Shop Chewy for all of your pet supplies

Learn what brands offer 5-10% in savings on autoship orders

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Save up to 50% at Patagonia, Brooks Brothers, and Madewell — and more of today's best deals from around the web


TheInsider Picksteam writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Since you don't have all day to scour the web for noteworthy sales and discounts, we rounded up the best bargains for you to shop in one convenient place. For even more deals and savings across the web, check out our coupons page.

patagonia sweater

1. Save up to 50% on sale styles at Patagonia

If you've been waiting for an excuse to splurge on new clothes from Patagonia, the time has come. Right now, you can save up to 50% on past-season styles including fan favorites like the Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover and the Classic Retro-X Vest. For more potentials savings at Patagonia, check out our coupons page here

Shop the Patagonia sale now.

Galaxy S10 lineup

2. Save up t0 $650 and get free Galaxy Buds when you pre-order new Samsung Galaxy phones

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled a new round of Galaxy smartphones, the S10e, S10, and s10+, which are set to release on March 8. If you already have plans to buy one of the new phones, Best Buy is running a great promotion on pre-orders. You can save up to $650 on your device of choice with activation and an eligible trade-in. You'll also get a free pair of Galaxy Buds, Samsung's $125 true wireless headphones. For more deals and potential savings at Best Buy, check out our coupons page here.

Shop the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ at Best Buy now.

Brooks Brothers

3. Save 50% on sport coats and merino sweaters at Brooks Brothers

As winter slowly comes to an end, guys can begin to put away their heavy-duty parkas in exchange for pieces like sport coats and merino wool sweaters. Good timing, because Brooks Brothers is having a huge sale on both. Now through February 25, you can automatically save 50% on a variety of sport coats, sweaters, cardigans, and more. For more deals and savings at Brooks Brothers, check out our coupons page here

Shop the Brooks Brothers sale now

The Container Store

4. Save 30% shelving and drawer systems at The Container Store

Spring will be here before you know it, and if you want a head start on cleaning up your home, The Container Store is a great resource for clever storage. Now through February 26, you can save 30% on all Elfa shelving and drawer systems to help you organize and tidy up any space. You can also save 30% on professional installation if you would rather not assemble it by yourself. To make the process as convenient as possible, you can buy online and pick up in-store or get free shipping on all orders over $75. For more deals and potential savings at The Container Store, check out our coupons page here

Shop The Container Store sale now.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

5.Save $40 on the Amazon Fire TV Cube

As the first hands-free 4K Ultra HD streaming media player, the Fire TV Cube makes it possible to control your entire TV-viewing experience with voice controls. Thanks to its Alexa integration, you can turn on the TV, adjust the volume, choose what to watch, and dim your lights without getting up from the couch or touching a remote. Additionally, the device has many other Alexa skills like setting timers, checking the weather, giving news updates, and more. For a limited time, you can save $40 on the device.

Amazon Fire TV Cube, $79.99 (Originally $119.99)[You save $40]


6. Save an extra 30% on sale styles at Madewell

J.Crew's popular sister site Madewell is a great place to find premium women's denim and other wardrobe basics. While fair prices are pretty standard at Madewell (and J.Crew), an ongoing sale makes them even better. Today, you can save an extra 30% on sale styles by using the promo code "BRAVO" at checkout. The sale includes denim, sweatshirts, outwear, handbags, and more. 

Shop the Madewell sale now

Microsoft Surface Laptop

7. Save $450 on the Microsoft Surface Laptop at Best Buy

With comparable hardware specs to a 13-inch MacBook Air, an added touchscreen display, and a luxurious Alacantra keyboard, the Microsoft Surface Laptop is impressive, even at full price. But today, Best Buy is dropping the price by $450 as a Deal of the Day. At $850, this is a really good deal for anyone in need of a powerful, compact, and versatile laptop. For more deals and potential savings at Best Buy, check out our coupons page.

Microsoft Surface 13.5-inch Touchscreen Laptop, $849 (Originally $1,299) [You save $450]


8. Save up to $200 on a custom Helix Sleep mattress

Instead of trying to make a mattress that's comfortable for everyone, Helix Sleep makes mattresses that are comfortable for you. The brand uses a comfort- and sleep-preference quiz to build personalized mattresses, and right now, the mattresses are on sale. During the extended Presidents' Day sale, you can save $100 on any mattress with the promo code "PREZ100", $150 on any order of $1,250 or more with the promo code "PREZ150", and $250 on any order of $1,750 or more with the promo code "PREZ200" at checkout. To learn more about the customization process, check out my review.

Shop all Helix Sleep mattresses now.

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How to change your Facebook password to help keep your account secure


facebook logo (smaller)

  • Change your Facebook password to help keep your account secure in the event of (or to prevent) hacking or a security breach.
  • Doing so only takes a few minutes, and the process is simple.
  • Two-factor authentication is also an option for those seeking additional security for their Facebook accounts.


Internet security isn't something to be taken lightly, and social media sites are some of the most heavily targeted sites by hackers who want to steal your logins and potentially lock you out of your account.

One of the ways you can prevent this from happening — or at least drastically reduce your chances — is by regularly changing your password, particularly on Facebook.

Thankfully, creating a new password is easy on both the Facebook website when opened in your web browser as well as on the Facebook mobile app. It only takes a few minutes and will help your account remain secure, giving you peace of mind.

Here's how to do it.

How to change your Facebook password on a web browser


  1. Navigate to https://www.facebook.com and in the upper right corner of your screen, locate the downward facing arrow, and click to reveal a drop down menu.
  2. At the bottom of the menu, locate the "Settings" option and click to go to your account settings page.

    browser3 (1)
  3. Look for the "Login" section, and next to the "Change password" option, click edit. A longer, more complex password can help keep your account more secure. 
  4. Confirm your current password, then choose a new one and enter it twice to confirm.
  5. Click save to confirm your new password. It's that simple!

How to change your Facebook password on the mobile app

facebook app

  1. After opening the Facebook app, locate the three horizontal lines in the lower right hand corner of your screen, and click to open a menu of navigation options.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the "Settings & Privacy" section, click, and then click again on "Settings."
  3. On the next screen, under "Security," click the "Security and login" option to be taken to the next screen which reveals your login preferences.

    security and login
  4. Under "Login" click "Change password."

  5. On the change password screen, enter your current password as well as your newly selected password twice, clicking "Save Changes" to save your preferences. Your Facebook password is now changed. Again, a longer, more complex password can help keep your account more secure. 

How to turn on two-factor authentication

It's worth noting that if you don't quite trust a simple password to protect your account, you do have the option to add two-factor authentication to your Facebook login.

What this means is that instead of simply entering your password to log in to Facebook, you'll also need to enter a special code texted to your confirmed phone number every time you attempt to access the site.

This can be turned on under the same "Security and login" section listed above, in the "Two-factor authentication" section (which comes just under the section where you change your password).

Facebook's two-factor authentication only kicks in when an active login expires or you log in from a different device. You will not need to enter a code if you are already logged into the site via the app or your computer.

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NOW WATCH: Netflix copycats are changing the streaming game and making viewers pay the price

A woman who sells 6-figure engagement rings explains how to choose a ring that suits your lifestyle — and what you should avoid if you're highly active


ring concierge nicole wegman

  • Nicole Wegman is the founder and CEO of Ring Concierge, a company that designs and sells customized engagement rings ranging from $10,000 to well into the six figures.
  • Wegman and her team say it's important to choose a ring style that matches your lifestyle, because some designs are more high maintenance than others.
  • If you tend to be hard on jewelry, you should avoid styles with micro pave set diamonds on the band and go for a more minimal style. 

When it comes to engagement rings, many people are obsessed with finding the perfect, colorless, flawless diamond

What they don't always consider is choosing a style that matches their lifestyle, according to Nicole Wegman, founder and CEO of Ring Concierge, a company that designs and sells customized engagement rings ranging from $10,000 to well into the six figures.

Read more: A jeweler who makes custom engagement rings took me behind the scenes in a diamond workshop — and it totally changed my opinion of people who spend 6 figures on rings

If you know you're hard on jewelry or you don't take your ring off at the gym, you should consider a lower maintenance setting, Wegman says.

"A zero maintenance setting is our Whisper Thin, as there are no micro pave set diamonds on the band," Wegman said. "It's easy to keep clean and goes with everything when it comes to stackable jewelry and wedding bands."

whisper thin ring concierge

The Whisper Thin is one of Ring Concierge's most popular signature ring settings.

What Wegman wouldn't recommend for certain lifestyles are rings with many tiny diamonds.

The setting on Ring Concierge's Devon ring, for example, has "three rows of diamonds, and if you think about the size of the prongs that hold each diamond, they're microscopic," Wegman said.

ring concierge

"We sell this all the time, and it's fine, but if you know you're the type of person that's never going to take your ring off when you're at the gym, the likelihood of you knocking one of these prongs is pretty high," she said. "We fix them [for free] — it's not a big deal — but it's just inconvenient for you to say, 'I knocked another one out.'"

And if you want something sturdy but still has plenty of sparkle?

"Let's say you travel quite a bit and want something you can wear comfortably without sacrificing that sparkle," Wegman said. "Eternity bands are an excellent go-to. They're easy to wear anywhere and every day, you truly never have to think twice about this style!" 

ring concierge

Ring Concierge previously told Business Insider that many people neglect to take off their engagement rings when they're exercising, which can lead to damage and potential stone loss.

Read more: A woman who sells 6-figure engagement rings says there's a common mistake people make all the time that can damage their rings

Another place you should never wear your engagement ring is in the ocean.

"You go swimming in the ocean, your fingers get cold, they shrink, the water acts as a lubricant, and your ring is gone," Wegman said. "When you say it out loud, it sounds like common sense. But people are just, they're packing up to go to the beach and they don't think to take it off, and then what are you going to do with it? Drop it in your beach bag?"

If you tend to be hard on jewelry, a lower maintenance setting should be a top priority as you choose an engagement ring, Taylor Lanore, a diamond expert and Ring Concierge's PR director, told Business Insider. But of course, that shouldn't keep you from choosing your dream ring.

"In the end, the majority of our clients prefer to go with their very favorite looking setting design (after all, we want to make you your dream ring!) and then they adjust their habits and lifestyles every so slightly to accommodate the designs by removing their rings before heavy activities, cleaning and sleep," Lanore said.

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I flew 14 hours in business class on the soon-to-be extinct Emirates A380, the world's largest airliner — and it was more luxurious than I could have imagined


Airbus A380

  • The Airbus A380 superjumbo, the largest and most expensive commercial airliner in history, turned out to be a failure, and Airbus announced this month that it would stop producing the plane.
  • For my 14-hour flight from Dubai to New York, I decided to fly in business class for $5,400 on an A380 operated by Emirates, Airbus' biggest A380 customer.
  • The flight was my first time flying in business class. From the chauffeur service and extravagant preflight lounge to the inflight cocktail bar and spacious pod seat, the experience was unforgettable.
  • With business class far from full on my flight, it was clear why the A380 was not a success. As Business Insider's senior reporter Benjamin Zhang has written, the plane is "too big, expensive, and inefficient for most operators."

With tickets costing thousands of dollars, it's never made sense for me to fly in business class.

That is, until last week, when Airbus announced that in 2021 it will stop producing the A380, the largest and most expensive commercial airliner in history.

For most of the A380's decade in service, Airbus has struggled to find buyers — except for Emirates, the Middle East's largest airline and the world's fourth-largest, that has been ranked as the fourth-best in the world. Operating over 100 A380s, Emirates delivered on the $445.6 million plane's promise of unprecedented luxury in air travel.

The second deck of Emirates' A380 is dedicated for first- and business-class passengers, each of whom gets a pod with a flatbed seat, a minibar, a tablet, and a widescreen TV. There's even a lounge where flight attendants mix cocktails.

For many travel junkies, flying in business class on an A380 operated by Emirates is considered the crème de la crème of flight experiences.

With a 14-hour flight from Dubai International Airport to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on the A380 scheduled, I ditched my economy ticket and booked a $5,400 business-class ticket.

Here's what it was like.

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DON'T MISS: I tried economy class on Etihad, the airline famous for its $23,000 apartment-in-the-sky ticket, and I was surprised to find it wasn't anything special

Good morning! My journey last week started in Dubai. Though it's my first time flying in business class, I've been traveling for business for the past year, as evidenced by my very compact (if I do say so myself) luggage.

Read more:I'm taking a trip around the world with only a carry-on suitcase — here's everything I packed

I was staying at Zabeel House Mini by Jumeirah, a hotel chain based in the United Arab Emirates. Like the Emirates airline, Jumeirah is owned by the Dubai government. Since my flight wasn't until 2:35 a.m. (!) I had a lot of time to kill.

Source: Zabeel House Mini

Thankfully, Zabeel let me use its facilities until my flight. I spent a not insignificant amount of time studying this plane diagram to pick the absolute best seat. It's not every day you fly in business class, friends.

Source: SeatGuru

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32 of the most scientifically sound things you can do right now to reduce your risk of developing cancer


cancer microscope

  • There is no cure for cancer, but there are many ways we can reduce our risk of developing some types of the deadly class of diseases.
  • Some of the most powerful ways to reduce your cancer risk include staying active, not smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight, especially around your waistline.
  • Fortunately, many of the behaviors that help keep us trim, like eating plants, are also great cancer-fighters. 

Cancer is a dangerous and common class of diseases: it's the second-leading cause of death in the US, and you probably know at least a few people who have been diagnosed. More than 15.5 million Americans — nearly one in 20 — have had cancer in the past or currently do, according to the American Cancer Society.

Yet nearly half of US cancer cases and deaths are linked to preventable risk factors. Similarly, experts in the UK estimate that 4 in 10 cancer cases there are preventable with lifestyle changes. 

Cancer fundamentally messes with the way our bodies function, perversely changing the way cells grow and divide inside the body. All cases of cancer are the result of damage or changes in our DNA. Some cancers are genetic — there are certain genes that make it more likely people will develop cancers like breast and colon — but many aren't.

So a healthy diet and way of life can go a long way towards reducing your risk. Here is a rundown of some of the simplest and most effective ways that science suggests you can lower your risk of cancer right now.

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The number one thing you can do to reduce your risk of developing cancer is straightforward and well known: stop smoking, or don't start.

Smoking is the biggest cancer-causer around.

There's no debate that it causes lung cancer, which is the deadliest cancer in the world. Lung cancer kills more people every year than breast, colon, and prostate cancers combined.

In the UK, smoking causes 7 of every 10 lung cancer cases. Worldwide, it's is associated with 80% of lung cancer diagnoses.

The cancer risks associated with smoking don't stop at your lungs. Smoking can also cause cancers of the mouth, nose, sinus, voice box, esophagus, liver, pancreas, stomach, kidney, ovary, bladder, colon, and cervix, as well as some forms of leukemia. There's also some evidence that women who start smoking heavily in their teenage years dramatically increase their risk of developing breast cancer.

Less is known about the cancer risks associated with vaping, but early studies suggest it is not an ideal replacement for smokers.

E-cigarettes haven't been around long enough for scientists to say much conclusively yet about whether they have any associations with cancer risk. 

But high-voltage e-cigarette vapors can contain formaldehyde gas, a known carcinogen, as well as cancer-causing benzene.

Switching over from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes can reduce a smoker's exposure to toxins and some potentially cancer-causing compounds, but studies in animals suggest that long-term e-cigarette use might still increase cancer risk.

After curbing smoking, the second most important thing to do to prevent cancer is maintain a healthy weight.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing 11 different kinds of cancer: colon, throat, pancreatic, liver, kidney, breast (post-menopause), stomach, womb, ovarian, advanced prostate, and gallbladder.

One reason for this is that our fat cells release hormones like estrogen that can up your odds of developing certain cancers, like breast and womb cancer. 

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24 tech gadgets that are trending on Amazon right now


The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Amazon Movers and Shakers Technology

Amazon's Movers and Shakers page highlights some of the best-selling products over the last 24 hours, giving you an overview of the most popular goods on the site, all in one place. 

The section includes multiple categories, from pet supplies to appliances; but this time, we took a closer look at the tech products that sparked interest among Amazon buyers. 

Routers and home security cameras were definitely trending at the time we combed through various electronics and gadgets — though unique finds like spy cameras and sunrise alarm clocks also made the list.

Here are a few of our favorite tech Movers and Shakers:

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Sosun Video Camera Camcorder

Sosun Video Camera Camcorder, $63.99

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

This compact camcorder has a 1080p video resolution, allowing you to capture crisp footage with the click of a button. The 3-inch LCD screen can rotate, ensuring you won't miss out on features or capabilities like face detection, smile capture, playback, and sound recording. 

Lenrue Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Lenrue Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $11.99 (Originally $22.99)

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

This small, wireless Bluetooth speaker comes in eight colors and can last over five hours on one charge. It is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and has a built-in mic for hands-free calling. 

Apple Watch Series 3, 42mm

Apple Watch Series 3 42MM, GPS + Cellular (Certified Refurbished), $254

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

It's no wonder the refurbished 42mm Apple watch series 3 is trending right now, considering that it's a fraction of the original price but in like-new condition. The watch has a stainless steel exterior, GPS and cellular, and Bluetooth connectivity — plus it's water-resistant. 

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2 moms started an online kids clothing company that sells colorful, logo-free basics for less than $25


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primary kids clothes

  • Kids clothing startup Primary was founded by two moms who couldn't find a one-stop shop for affordable, high-quality clothing basics. 
  • Its assortment of baby and kids clothes are gender neutral and free of logos, slogans, and excessive patterns. The soft, premium fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified. 
  • Most of its simple, colorful, and durable styles cost under $25, making shopping for clothing stress-free for parents and getting dressed in the morning fun for kids. 

Looking back on my wardrobe as a kid, what I remember most was a rainbow explosion of patterns, textures, logos, and sassy slogans. It's what was cheap, trendy, and readily available. But if my mom wanted to buy me simple, long-lasting basics, it was surprisingly difficult to find among the mountains of sequined and character-emblazoned tees. 

Ready to make this search easier and more affordable, moms Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard, who met while working at the now-shuttered Quidsi (parent company of Diapers.com), created gender-neutral kids clothing brand Primary in 2015. 

Primary makes basics like bodysuits, tees, leggings, and dresses for babies and kids up to age 12. The majority costs under $25, and styles come in a variety of solid colors. If you're itching for some pattern, the most you'll find are stripes and hearts. 

primary kids clothes 1

In an interview with Bond Street, the founders said, "We're focused on selling perennial styles rather than chasing trends. A business that does trends is expensive."

A business that tries to enter retail the traditional way is also expensive, which is why Primary only sells online. The site is easy to browse by best sellers or category, and you can filter by an assortment of colors reminiscent of your coveted 32-pack of crayons — indeed, the founders have said they're inspired by the simplicity and fun of Crayola.

Another feature meant to last is fabric quality. Primary uses soft, Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified fabrics that feel comfortable on their skin and can stand up to the multiple washes required of kids clothing. Kids' bodies grow quickly, but Primary's philosophy is that you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality or affordability as they cycle through clothes. Since the same style, be it a long sleeve tunic ($16) or chino shorts ($13), is available in multiple sizes, parents don't have to go through the headache of shopping around, and kids get to continue wearing their favorite outfits. 

With its colorful, timeless options, Primary isn't knocking on expressing individuality. Instead, it says there's a different way to go about it that doesn't involve excess or waste. 

See some of our favorites and Primary's bestsellers below and shop all kids clothing basics at Primary here

The Babysuit

The Babysuit, $8, available at Primary

Available in 24 colors and sizes 0-24


The Baseball Babysuit

The Baseball Babysuit, $10, available at Primary

Available in 8 colors and sizes 0-24 

The Baby Legging

The Baby Legging, $9, available at Primary

Available in 17 colors and sizes 0-24 

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The 10 best cars of 2019


2019 Ford F-150

  • Consumer Reports released its annual Top Picks list on Thursday. 
  • Ten cars all from different segments of the market were selected based on its performance in road testing, predicted reliability, safety, and owner satisfaction.
  • Toyota led the way with four cars on the list while Subarufollowed with two entries.
  • Ford, Hyundai, Audi, and BMW are all represented on the list.

On Thursday, Consumer Reports released its latest of the top cars on sale in the US for 2019. The non-profit consumer publication select 10 vehicles for of 2019 Top Picks, all representing different segments of the auto market.

In order to become a Consumer Reports Top Pick, a vehicle must prove to be outstanding all-around performers — living up to the publication's stringent road testing regime, exhibit stellar predicted reliability, safety, and consumer satisfaction.

The publication's road test regime features a series of tests to evaluate braking, handling, comfort, convenience, safety, and fuel economy over roughly 6,000 miles of driving on vehicles purchased anonymously from dealerships. 

Read more: These are the 10 best engines in the world.

Safety took top priority this year. In fact, only cars that come standard with automatic emergency braking were considered for the publication's top honors.

"Safety should always be standard, not a luxury reserved only for those who can afford it," Marta Tellado, president and CEO of Consumer Reports, said in a statement. "Automatic emergency braking has proven to reduce crashes and save lives. We believe it should be standard in all new cars, just as backup cameras are today."

Toyota led the way with four cars on the list while Subaru followed with two winners. Audi, BMW, Ford, and Hyundai all had models that made the Consumer Reports Top Picks list for 2019. 

The 10 vehicles featured on the latest list range in price from just under $18,000 to over $68,000. 

Here's a closer look at the 2019 Consumer Reports Top Picks in alphabetical order. 

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1. Compact luxury car: Audi A4.

Price as tested: $48,890

Why it's here: "The A4 is a thoroughly satisfying sports sedan with precise handling, the latest technology, and undeniable cachet," Consumer Reports said. "Its interior is quiet and decked out in high-quality materials."

"The balanced suspension provides secure handling and a taut ride that effectively smooths rough patches in the road," the publication added. "The turbocharged four-cylinder engine has superb response, with plenty of power when needed and a slick-shifting automatic transmission."

2. Luxury SUV: BMW X5

Price as tested: $68,730

Why it's here: "Redesigned for 2019, the midsized X5 is one of the best SUVs that CR has ever tested," the publication said. "It’s difficult to make an SUV both luxury-car comfortable and fun to drive, but here BMW strikes the perfect balance."

3. Full-sized pickup truck: Ford F-150

Price as tested: $52,535

Why it's here: "The F-150 continues to be King of Pickup Mountain, despite tough competition from the recently redesigned Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, and Ram 1500," CR said.  "The 2.7-liter V6 turbo version we tested delivered brisk acceleration, effortless towing ability, and impressive fuel economy."


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The best foam rollers for your back


The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

the best foam roller for your back

  • Foam rollers for the back are unique in that they are specifically designed to protect the spine and other sensitive areas without compromising the overall effectiveness of the roller.
  • The Muuvsport Stealth Align roller features a spine-protecting center channel and a taller design than most foam rollers for unmatched back support.

If you haven't used one yourself, you've probably at least seen a foam roller at your local gym, fitness center, or physical therapist's office. A standard foam roller is a dense piece of foam that ranges anywhere from soft and pliable to dense and rigid for muscle massage and trigger release therapy. Some foam rollers are uniform, while others come with ridges and grids to effectively work out knots, kinks, and general tightness.

Foam rollers for backs are a bit different. For starters, they're designed with the sensitive spine area in mind. Some rollers have a designated center channel that provides pressure to the surrounding area while keeping the spine protected. Other rollers are simply easier on the back with their grid-like design.

Foam rollers are generally safe for the upper back and shoulders, while others also cater to the lower back, and even the entire spine. If you're using a foam roller on your back for the first time, it's a good idea to start slow then gradually build up a level of pressure you can tolerate.

In addition to the level of spinal protection and support for the back, there are some other characteristics that helped us pick the best foam rollers for backs listed below. Some rollers stand out for their portability, which is a must for a busy lifestyle. You'll want a foam roller with sufficient coverage on the back and shoulders, yet is compact and light enough to take to the gym or stash in a suitcase. Other rollers are soft and gentle enough for beginners or even those with sensitive backs. If you're just starting out, it's a good idea to slowly build up your tolerance.

Here are the best foam rollers for your back:

Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

The best foam roller for your back overall

Why you'll love it: Between its contoured design and spine-protecting properties, the Muuvsport Stealth Align Foam Roller stands out as the best foam roller for backs.

If you're struggling with back pain and tightness and are eager to get some relief in the comfort of your own home, this foam roller is worth a close look. While it's not the cheapest out there, the Muuvsport Stealth Align Foam Roller efficient design, attention to detail and effective deep tissue back massage makes it a worthwhile investment.

When you first lay eyes on the foam roller, you'll probably be struck by its unusual appearance. Not only is it a bit taller than most other rollers, but it also has a distinctive center channel, which keeps the spine cradled and protected when rolling. This foam roller measures 24 inches long.

Stability is crucial, especially when rolling a delicate area such as the spine. According to Muuvsport, this roller is stable enough for isolating specific areas of the back without losing your balance. You can also safely place your elbows down on either side for even more control over the amount of pressure that's being applied.

The spinal channel supports the spine without compromising the deep tissue massage. Aside from the spine, the spinal channel can also be used on the calves and other areas. Despite the unique design, the roller still provides full contact with your shoulders if you need to roll them out.

Raised diamonds along the channel provide a deep tissue back massage, which is perhaps the biggest benefit among those who suffer from back pain. As one reviewer observes, the larger size of the roller makes it easy to roll out the whole back in a "simple, stable, straight roll without twisting my upper body." Some rollers are a bit awkward to use, but the larger wheels found on this roller allow you to maintain your natural form as you roll out your back.

Another shopper comments that after loosening up the muscles and tissue, "I place my spine between the center wheels and begin to roll and literally feel (and hear) my spine aligning."

While its larger size allows for full back coverage as you roll, it can also make it tough to carry the roller around when you travel. Many dedicated owners like this roller so much that they are eager for Muuvsport to make one that's smaller and more portable for traveling.

On the other hand, the larger size of the roller makes it easy to work in longer motions, according to one editor's review. Another advantage is that you can consistently apply deeper pressure for more effective relief. You can also modify the wheels to match the width of your spine for more effective rolling on the back, notes the same reviewer.

Pros: Protective spine channel, ideal for deep tissue spine massage, plenty of stability

Cons: Not compact enough for travel, a bit pricey, only available in one size

Buy the Muuvsport Stealth Align Foam Roller on Amazon for $44.95

The best budget foam roller for your back

Why you'll love it: Not only does the TriggerPoint CORE roller come in several sizes, it also offers moderate compression and a durable multi-density core.

You'll find the TriggerPoint CORE foam roller in three sizes. The smallest 12-inch one is just the right size for traveling and bringing to the gym. Despite its small size, even the 12-inch roller will work for most muscle groups. If you're looking for a larger roller with more stability for a home gym, the 36-inch roller is a safe bet. The 18-inch version falls somewhere in between.

Regardless of which size you select, you'll get the same amount of support and stability. The multi-density core tends to be more durable than rollers made with polypropylene, which may start to lose its shape and break down over time.

Some rollers are firm and rigid, while others are softer, making them best for beginners and those who prefer lighter foam rolling sessions. The CORE roller is dense enough to massage tight muscles and knots. You can even use it to work out kinks and improve soreness.

This roller "has just enough give to make you want to keep using it but enough bite to feel it work," according to one satisfied Amazon shopper. Another buyer found that the larger size is plenty if you want to work out your entire back in one rolling session.

The TriggerPoint CORE roller stands out as a value pick for its versatility and features for the price. Despite its rigid high density foam core, which keeps the roller from losing its shape over time, the CORE roller is designed for moderate compression.

According to TriggerPoint, this foam roller is soft enough for beginners as well as anyone who prefers mid-level compression. You can use the roller to manage a variety of aches and pains throughout the body. The manufacturer also states that the roller's multi-density pattern helps boost circulation and mobility.

Pros: Solid EVA foam core, maintains shape over time, offers moderate compression

Cons: Compression may be too light for those who want a deep tissue massage, some beginners find it too painful, largest roller can feel a bit bulky and awkward for certain parts of the body

Buy the TriggerPoint CORE Multi-Density Solid Foam Roller on Amazon for $17.99 (originally $19.99)

The best foam roller for beginners

Why you'll love it: Aside from the fact that it comes in half and full versions, the ProSource Flex Foam Roller is dense and supportive enough for beginner to intermediate users.

Foam rolling can be intimidating, especially if the first thing that comes to mind is a rigid roller with painful trigger points. The ProSource Flex Foam Roller provides a dense yet forgiving foam structure with moderate pressure.

If you're just starting out foam rolling, you can go as slowly and gently as you want. Once you're able to build up confidence, you can apply a bit more pressure. Half-round rollers are available for the gentlest foam rolling sessions. The half-round rollers come in 12-inch and 36-inch varieties. Full rollers are also available, in sizes ranging from 12 to 36 inches.

Both the half and full-size rollers are useful for self-massage, including myofascial release. The rollers work by boosting blood circulation, which in turn leads to a greater range of motion. You can also use the roller to boost coordination, as well as improve your core strength and balance.

Many fans of this foam roller tout its benefits when it comes to relieving muscle tightness and even rehab. "I'm amazed at how a simple foam roller allows me to work out muscle tightness and knots that previously required the skills of a neuromuscular therapist," comments one reviewer. Some gym-goers use their roller before and after a workout for maximum results.

As a beginner, you might find that the half roller is the right initial investment. However, as you progress, you may need more pressure. The full rollers are ideal for intermediate users, down to their firm EPE foam construction. While it's not quite as rigid as some of the other rollers, this ProsourceFit foam roller is firm enough for a variety of stretches, as well as physical therapy, Pilates, core stabilization, muscle massage and more.

According to Prosource, you can use one or two rollers for various seated and standing exercises, and to improve balance.

Pros: Ideal for beginners, affordable, comes in several sizes and variations

Cons: May not be firm enough for more advanced users, some say it starts to sag after many uses, can slide on some floor surfaces

Buy the ProSource Flex Foam Roller on Amazon for $9.99

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The 2 reasons why Paul Manafort would lie to prosecutors and risk life in prison


Paul Manafort

  • The biggest question on many legal scholars' minds is why Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Donald Trump's campaign, would violate his plea deal with the special counsel Robert Mueller and risk life in prison.
  • To most Justice Department veterans, only two reasons came to mind.
  • Manafort could be angling for a presidential pardon. But it may not be that simple; with the 2020 election coming up and a newly empowered Democratic-led House of Representatives, pardoning Manafort could be politically fatal for Trump.
  • One criminal defense attorney who is actively involved in the Mueller probe floated a second theory behind Manafort's actions. "Maybe Manafort was lying because telling the truth would reveal something more sinister," they told INSIDER. "Who else would risk doing something this stupid without a guarantee of freedom?"

Of all the people ensnared in the FBI's Russia investigation so far, no one has confounded legal scholars more than Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Donald Trump's campaign.

Manafort has been charged twice in the Mueller probe for offenses related to his years of work lobbying for a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party in the US. Following his first trial, he was convicted on eight counts of tax and bank fraud. Manafort was scheduled to go to trial again in September, but he instead struck a deal with the special counsel's office to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy and one count of obstruction of justice in exchange for his cooperation.

Given Manafort's elevated position on the Trump campaign, as well as his close ties to several people in the president's inner circle, legal experts told INSIDER there was a good chance he could have gotten a significantly reduced prison sentence if he cooperated fully and expressed remorse for his crimes.

So when news broke that Manafort's lawyers were briefing Trump's legal team about everything prosecutors were asking Manafort, and later that Manafort was accused of lying to prosecutors, Justice Department veterans were flummoxed. Some said there were only two reasons Manafort would risk his plea deal and his freedom.

"Manafort is, at his core, a con man," said one former senior Justice Department official who worked closely with Mueller. "It's very possible he looked at the option before him — the plea deal — and figured he would have a better chance of getting off scot-free, without having to serve time, with a pardon."

"The way Manafort gets a pardon is to show Trump the one thing he wants most: loyalty," the former official told INSIDER. "And we saw that with Manafort's lawyers keeping Trump's team in the loop about what he was being asked. Let's not forget Trump has also publicly expressed sympathy toward Manafort and praised him for not breaking."

Read more: We might get the Mueller report as early as next week, but the Russia probe is nowhere near finished

donald trump

'Maybe Manafort was lying because telling the truth would reveal something more sinister'

Manafort and the former US national security adviser Michael Flynn are the only two people in Trump's inner circle embroiled in the Russia probe who have not been public targets of his anger. Last year, The New York Times reported that Trump's former defense lawyer, John Dowd, floated potential pardons to both men in summer 2017 in what appeared to be a quid pro quo offer in exchange for their silence.

One criminal defense attorney, who requested anonymity because they are actively involved in the Mueller probe, offered a second explanation for Manafort's actions: "Maybe Manafort was lying because telling the truth would reveal something more sinister," they told INSIDER. "Who else would risk doing something this stupid without a guarantee of freedom?"

Of everyone in Trump's orbit, Manafort has the murkiest ties to Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainian interests.

Prosecutors are said to be investigating, in particular, his links to the former Russian intelligence operative Konstantin Kilimnik, the Russian-Ukrainian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, and the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Manafort is known to have offered Deripaska "private briefings" on the 2016 campaign in what intelligence veterans said was an effort to resolve his longstanding financial disputes with Deripaska. Prosecutors also said Manafort shared confidential Trump campaign polling data with Kilimnik, who is in frequent contact with Deripaska, during the election.

SEE ALSO: We might get the Mueller report as early as next week, but the Russia probe is nowhere near finished

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Photos show how big tech is turning Seattle into 'San Francisco North'


amazon spheres seattle

  • San Francisco is usually thought of as being the center of the West Coast tech boom.
  • And while the Bay Area is more established, Seattle to the north has also evolved into an attractive tech hub thanks to a blossoming tech pool led by giants like Amazon and Microsoft.
  • But like San Francisco, Seattle has also experienced the downsides of a booming tech industry.
  • Congested traffic, rising housing and rent costs, an exacerbated homelessness crisis, and a cultural shift within the city are just some of the symptoms.
  • These photos show how Seattle is turning into "San Francisco North."

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Seattle has consistently been one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country for nine consecutive years now.

Source: Smart Asset

That largely has to do with the burgeoning tech presence in The Emerald City.

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Before Seattle became synonymous with Amazon, it was a "Boeing city" dominated largely by the aircraft maker. The company's 80,000 current employees still make it Seattle's largest employer.

Source: The Seattle Times and Trip Savvy

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The best men's athleisure brands to shop online


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best mens athleisure brands

  • The best athleisure brands in the business are saving men the world over from wearing sweatpants every day of their lives.
  • With the right shirts and pants from our favorite men's athleisure purveyors, being comfortable and looking presentable no longer have to be mutually exclusive.
  • Vuori makes our favorite men's athleisure clothing with its effortlessly cool California aesthetic and great materials.

It is a common misconception that being comfortable must be synonymous with looking unkempt when it comes to the male wardrobe. From college-year stained sweatpants to shirts so worn that they're translucent, your so-called weekend wardrobe or gym clothes really shouldn't see the light of day. And while you may turn up your nose at the thought of athleisure because you a) hate portmanteaus and b) think that athletic leisurewear is comprised of the aforementioned relics of your closet, I urge you to keep an open mind.

Think of athleisure as the best thing that has ever happened to your sense of style. No longer will your significant other or family or friends be able to berate you for wearing your workout clothes all the livelong day. No longer will you have to choose between form and function when it comes to your clothes. No — athleisure is here to free you from the painful process that is dressing yourself, and help you live, as they say, your best life.

When looking for great athleisure clothes, there are just a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the hallmark of great athleisure is comfort. If you don't want to sleep in these clothes, then they're not worth your time.

Second, you'll want to keep the athletic abilities of these clothes top of mind. Some of my favorite athleisure brands for men are, first and foremost, athletic wear companies. That means that their apparel is performance-ready, capable of wicking sweat, drying quickly, all while keeping you looking sharp. The combination of form and function is what you ought to be looking for from a great athleisure brand.

Of course, you'll also want to be sure that these clothes look good. As it turns out, there are sweatpants and there are sweatpants, and you want to be buying clothes that fit into the latter category.

Finally, you should consider price points. Athleisure wear should not cost you as much as a custom suit (even if you will get much more wear out of it). Luckily, most of our favorite brands are quite affordable — so much so that you may consider replacing your whole closet.

No matter which of our favorite athleisure brands you choose, we're sure that you'll be comfortable and look great while you're at it.

Here are the best athleisure brands for men:

  • Best athleisure brand for men overall: Vuori
  • Best traditional athleisure brand for men: Adidas
  • Best athleisure brand for long days: Rhone
  • Best cold weather athleisure brand for men: Olivers

Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

The best athleisure brand for men overall

Why you'll love it: Vuori's clothing is both lightweight and comfortable, which makes it a breeze to both live in and work out in.

It's obvious that Vuori takes its inspiration from the beach that's just a stone's throw away from its headquarters in Encinitas, California. And that means that its clothes maintain an easy, laidback California aesthetic that is effortlessly cool without looking sloppy.

My proxy product tester (otherwise known as my boyfriend) has often remarked on just how lightweight his Vuori clothes are, and while he's rarely one to even notice what he's wearing, even he is aware that Vuori levels up when it comes to staying comfortable and looking presentable.

If you're looking for a great shirt, I would recommend the Tradewind Performance shirt. The Tradewind Tee is the company's "most technical" in the lineup, featuring micro perforation for ventilation, flatlock seams, and a front chest pocket. The shirt promises to wick moisture and dry quickly, making it perfect for a run, a hot yoga session, and any errands you may need to run in between.

Delta Grade noted that the fit is "flattering" without being too "form-fitting," and calls it a "very comfortable and subtle activewear shirt that can be worn to the gym or on any casual day."

I also love the brand's perennially popular joggers, which are also available for women. They're almost absurdly comfortable, what with their soft yet lightweight construction and flattering shape. And they certainly look a whole lot better than your average pair of sweats.

If you're looking for something a tad less casual, you could also check out the Performance Pant. Heralded as Vuori's softest and lightest technical pant, this pair features front pockets, a back zip pocket, and is made with moisture-wicking material. When paired with a nice shirt, you can hardly tell that these are really just glorified sweatpants that would also work well for a winter run, a few sun salutations, or a HIIT workout.

Ultimately, it's the easy styling of Vuori that ultimately sets the brand apart. While its clothes are meant to sweat in, they're also meant to easily transition into the rest of your life as well.

As founder and former Dolce & Gabanna model Joe Kudia told Apparel News, "In coastal California, people are going to yoga in the morning, surfing in the afternoon and then meeting friends. [Vuori] is aspirational coastal California performance clothing."

Pros: Fantastic in and out of the gym, extremely comfortable, sweat-wicking material, great fit

Cons: If you're not a fan of the California vibe, Vuori may not be for you  

Shop the Vuori collection here

The best traditional athleisure brand for men

Why you'll love it: If you’re a fan of the classics, then look no further than Adidas to supply you with great performance gear that looks good, too.

Even with the emergence of what seems like an endless supply of athleisure brands focused more on the leisure than the athlete component of their names, one company has maintained its position at the top of the mountain. And that company is Adidas. Whether you’re looking for great athletic wear or just great clothes to wear, Adidas has you covered.

Adidas remains one of the most sought-after brands around the world. That’s likely thanks to its expert combinations of quality and style that are often on the cutting edge of both fashion and performance — plus, its pieces easily transition across a variety of environments with just a few small adjustments.

Thanks to a wide range of activations with style icons, Adidas can match just about any aesthetic. While many of its best sellers are the brand's trademark sneakers, you can also find a great selection of performance tops and bottoms that work well at the gym and at post-gym drinks.

I love the Tiro 19 Training Pants— meant for the soccer field, they can do much more than help you win a match. Thanks to quick-drying, breathable fabric, they’re comfortable all day whether you’re working out or jetting around. Plus, small details like ankle zips allow you to stand out from the millions of other dudes wearing sweatpants around.

I’m also a big fan of the brand’s graphic tees. While you may not want to sport large logos on every piece of clothing you wear, the company’s familiar, sleek design makes each shirt look more like a statement than a shrug. Plus, they’re super comfortable and extremely affordable to boot.  

Pros: Classic, familiar name; great selection, transitions to and from the gym, easy to care for

Cons: May be a bit too casual for some

Shop the Adidas men's collection here

The best athleisure brand for long days

Why you'll love it: Rhone's athleisure clothing is made with its special GoldFusion technology, which keeps odors at bay no matter how long your day drags on so you stay comfortable.

Back in 2016, Rhone managed to raise nearly $113,000 to bring its GoldFusion technology to its line of activewear. And now, that proprietary formula can be found in a wide range of activewear and athleisure clothing.

While that technology makes it particularly useful for long and sweaty workouts, I've found that it's also great for my boyfriend when we've been on a plane for hours on end. In fact, during our long travel days in the summer in a car sans AC (otherwise known as the seventh circle of hell), it was his Rhone apparel that kept him smelling (if not feeling) fresh all day.  

GoldFusion technology is Rhone's proprietary, eco-friendly fabric treatment that leverages real gold particles to help fabrics dry up to three times faster. In addition, it's UV protective, and looks great, too.

Forbes previously lauded Rhone workout gear for combining "classic cuts and designs with elevated technology," while happy customers note that they wear Rhone gear "more than any...I have."

I absolutely love Rhone's Commuter Pant, a great pair of trousers that you would actually feel comfortable wearing to an office. Well-tailored and sharply cut, these pants prove that looking good and feeling good can be two sides of the same coin. Similarly, I love the Reign Long Sleeve Shirt. When paired with a pair of shorts, you'll be ready for a workout, but if paired with a nice pair of slacks, you could be ready to go on a date.

If you're more interested in Rhone's athletic gear, you might check out the 7-inch Swift Lined short. Perfect for running, these shorts feature a perforated venting system for cooling, as well as two side zipper pockets to hold essentials during a jog. Plus, a soft performance liner promises exceptional fit.

Pros: Stink-free technology, comfortable fabric, and great fit

Cons: Some reviewers note that the shirts can be a bit longer than anticipated

Shop Rhone's collection here

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Amazon's best-selling mattresses are nearly all under $250 — here's what you should know about them


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  • You can find a lot of great mattresses on Amazon for a good price, and if you're a Prime member, you can get free two-day shipping.
  • We've rounded up Amazon's best-selling mattresses, and all but one of them cost less than $300.

When it comes to convenience, it’s hard to beat shopping at Amazon— especially if you’re a Prime member and get free two-day shipping on hundreds of thousands of items.

This perk, as nice as it is when it applies to laundry detergent, is even nicer when applied to cumbersome or otherwise time-consuming buys like mattresses. Thankfully there are lots of great online mattress startups you can pick and choose from, but if you want a mid-range option that will provide lots of comfort, a great warranty, and plenty of customer feedback to parse through in order to make an online purchase more reliable, you’ve got some great options on Amazon — with most best-selling mattresses not exceeding $250.

To make shopping for your next mattress easier, we’ve rounded up the six best-selling mattresses on Amazon (excluding repeats due to different sizes bought) below, plus a short résumé on each for your consideration.

Below are the 6 best-selling mattresses that you can buy on Amazon, plus what to expect from each:

LinenSpa Eight-Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

The LinenSpa Eight-Inch mattress combines memory foam and the traditional support of an innerspring mattress for a medium-firm feel. The one-and-a-half-inch layer of foam beneath the quilted top layer helps to minimize pressure points. It will also be shipped in a box to your door.

Makeup: Memory foam and innerspring hybrid.

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King.

Warranty: 10-year warranty.

Ratings: 5,500+ customer reviews, 4.4 stars overall.

Zinus Memory Foam 12-Inch Green Tea Mattress

Shipped in a box to your door, the Zinus 12-Inch Memory Foam mattress is infused with natural green tea extract to maintain freshness for longer. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified for durability and performance and made for comfort and pressure relief.

The Zinus 12-Inch features three inches of Memory Foam, two inches of Comfort Foam, three and a half inches Airflow High-Density Base Support Foam. 

Makeup: Three different kinds of foam.

Sizes: Narrow Twin, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Short Queen, Queen, King, California King.

Warranty: 10-year warranty.

Ratings: 21,500+ customer reviews, 4.2 stars overall. 

Fun fact:Zinus 12-Inch Memory Foam ranks in three of the top five best-selling mattress spots on Amazon when you don't account for different mattress sizes (Twin, Queen, and King).

LinenSpa Six-Inch Innerspring Mattress

The LinenSpa Six-Inch mattress is made up of heavy-gauge tempered steel coils for support and durability. The quilted foam fabric cover and foam layer above the coils provide cushioning at the surface for more comfort, and the supportive felt pad creates a consistent feel across the springs. The mattress is marketed as "perfect for daybeds, trundle beds, and bunk beds." It also has a fire resistant barrier that's tested to meet safety standards. 

The LinenSpa Six-Inch will also come shipped in a box to your door. 

Makeup: Innerspring with foam layer above coils for cushioning.

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King.

Warranty: 10-year warranty.

Ratings: 2,900+ customer reviews, 3.9 stars overall.

LinenSpa Six-Inch Innerspring Mattress, Queen, $109.34 (originally $129.99)

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Cuyana's new bodysuits can be worn with jeans for the weekend or under a blazer at work — we asked 4 women to try them


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6dfbee38 4893 4ff1 aaf4 7a80edaec052 look_063_0050

  • Cuyana, a women's clothing startup, bucks the fashion industry's template of short-term trends by only making "fewer, better" staples that are built to last.
  • The company first gained fanfare for its affordable, high-end leather bags
  • Now, the startup has released a "Body" collection ($65-$95) of seamless, super-soft wardrobe essentials: bodysuits and bodywear pieces built to go from the office to the weekend and anywhere in between.
  • The line includes leggings ($95), long shorts ($65), and both tank ($75) and long sleeve ($85) bodysuits. Below, we review Cuyana Body collection in real life. You can also shop it directly here.
  • If you'd like to give back, select "Lean Closet" at checkout. Cuyana will send you a linen bag to fill with donations for victims of abuse and mail back with the included shipping label. For every donation you make, you get $10 credit towards your next Cuyana purchase.

If you've heard of — or shopped at — the startup Cuyana, odds are good that you're familiar with the company's mission statement of "fewer, better." It's the same clean, preened idea that's urging Americans to "KonMari" their apartments (which has subsequently overwhelmed the nation's thrift stores). In the Marie Kondo methodology, if it doesn't spark joy, you donate it. In the Cuyana way, if it's not a precise, beautifully made wardrobe staple you'll be sad to replace one day, you don't buy it. It's that simple. (Unsurprisingly, Cuyana has partnered with Kondo on capsules in the past).

Cuyana has made its name doing exactly this: manufacturing an entire line of the best basics you'll ever own — or so they hope. The staples are timeless, but sleek silhouettes, carefully chosen fabrics, and minute attention to detail make them all feel modern. 

Now, the company is adding soft, seamless bodywear to its lineup. The "Body" collection includes leggings ($95), long shorts ($65), and bodysuits in a classic scoop tank ($75), cross-back tank ($75), and long sleeve ($85).

It may seem like an unusual move for those who know Cuyana exclusively for their affordable, high-end leather bags, but, under the lean closet ethos, it's a perfect extension. 

Cuyana's Co-Founder and CXO, Shilpa Shah, elaborated.

"We designed the collection with the same 'fewer, better' philosophy that’s behind everything we do ... Our bodysuits are durable, yet streamlined and soft, and designed for maximum comfort. It was important that [they] be forgiving and contour the body to enhance a woman’s natural curves. They’re incredibly versatile and can easily be worn from day to night whether under a blazer for work or with jeans for a casual weekend look ... Each Cuyana piece is designed to create confidence and ease for women." 

In other words, they're meant to be the soft, supportive, shape-shifting workhorses of the modern woman's wardrobe. They likely won't receive fanfare from others unless they're put underneath a microscope at happy hour, but they'll probably win your own private fanfare as the staple you're happy to default to.

To see how they held up in person (especially for $65-$95), we tested out a few bodysuits from the collection in our own lives. Altogether, we appreciated the super soft stretch polyamide material, the feminine but classic cuts, and the versatility. The non-adjustable straps weren't perfect for everyone on the team, but the material and precision were worth noting.

Shop the Cuyana Body Collection directly here. Read on for personal reviews of the bodysuits:

Seamless Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Seamless Long Sleeve Bodysuit, $85

I love the way bodysuits look, but I don’t always love the way they feel. Get one that’s too tight and you might feel constrained, but get one that’s too big  and you might feel like you’re wearing a giant diaper. And then, of course, there’s the common fear that you’ll go through an entire day with the dreaded bodysuit wedgie. Given these concerns, I tend to shy away from buying bodysuits, though I know they look much better than my half-tucked T-shirts. I recently tried Cuyana’s seamless long sleeve bodysuit and I have to say, it’s changing my mind.

The bodysuit is thin and lightweight, made with a super soft micromodal blend. It’s form-fitting, but thanks to the seamless construction, it’s not too tight in any one place. It clips together with a simple button closure that’s not annoying or obtrusive — another common bodysuit problem solved. It looks great tucked into a pair of jeans or as a thin layer under a dress or sweater - making it a simple piece that I know will soon be a staple in my wardrobe. — Remi Rosmarin, Insider Picks reporter

Seamless Cross Back Tank Bodysuit

Seamless Cross Back Tank Bodysuit, $75

For the longest time, I thought bodysuits just weren’t for me. They never had a flattering fit, and were either too thick (causing me to overheat) or too thin (thus exposing every one of my insecurities). Cuyana’s far exceeded my expectations with its soft, stretchy comfort, flattering fit, and breathable fabric. It’s on the thicker side, but hugged my body without being bulky, and I surprisingly didn’t sweat through it as I usually do with bodysuits. The V-neck is classic and attractive, but the back, with its cross straps, shakes things up a little and makes it more playful. I plan on taking advantage of this rare breed of stylish comfort often when the weather warms up. — Connie Chen, Insider Picks reporter

Seamless Tank Bodysuit

Seamless Tank Bodysuit, $75

I love bodysuits. They're everything I'd like my wardrobe to be: sleek, comfortable, convenient, and versatile. Cuyana's Seamless Tank Bodysuit is a great option. It's soft, thin enough to breathe, and the stretch polyamide material has the stretchiness to streamline and contour without becoming heavy or restrictive. I love the classic ballerina scoop neckline that's both sensual and understated, and I found myself wearing this to both the office and weekend dinners. It's also a good (and not always common) design hack to have two rows of snap closures at the bottom to cater to a greater variety of shapes. My only complaints are that I wish it came in a thong version for versatility and peace of mind, and that $75 isn't ideal for a bodysuit. Having said that, if you're going to wear it often, the softness and fit are worth it if it's in your budget. — Mara Leighton, Insider Picks reporter

As a short person with a large chest, I find that it’s really tough to get proportions right on tight-fitting clothing unless petite sizing is available. Straps tend to be just slightly too long on me, and I have the same issue with torso length.

Though Cuyana’s bodysuit was incredibly comfortable, the straps and body were both just a little long for me, which meant the button closure in the crotch area felt a little baggy, even on its smaller snap. For reference, I got the medium/large size thinking it would fit my DD chest better, but it was just a little too long for my 5-foot-1 frame. Next time, I'll size down. 

The stretchy material was silky and comfy, it wasn’t quite tight enough to support my chest without a bra. That said, I’ll definitely still wear it with a bra! It’s slightly less comfy that way, but will solve the issue of too-long straps. If you’re very short, I recommend sizing down for the right fit. — Sally Kaplan, Insider Picks editor

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Patagonia has its own little-known line of prepared foods that can be eaten while camping or at home — and it's surprisingly delicious


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  • Patagonia's lesser-known food line, Patagonia Provisions, is full of delicious, responsibly sourced food perfect for at-home cooking or the backcountry.
  • Patagonia Provisions is a concerted effort to reshape our food chain using organic, regenerative farming practices, so the foods we consume are better for us, the people making it, and the environment.
  • I tried some of Patagonia Provisions' food and, while the mission is great, the food is also surprisingly delicious, affordable, and only takes minutes to prepare.
  • Right now, you can save 20% sitewide through February 25 when you use the promo code "EATWELL" at checkout.

Patagonia is more often associated with ingenious, feather-light puffers that roll up to fit inside their own front pockets than they are with sustainable salmon harvesting. 

However, that may be changing.

Patagonia's lesser-known line, Patagonia Provisions, hosts the company's burgeoning food offerings – fish, meat, snack-friendly fruit bars, soups, chilis, savory grains and more– all made to be affordably priced, easy to buy and make at home or at a campsite, and the end result of a long, thoughtful approach to sustainable agriculture.

If "why food?" is the first question that came to mind, let me break it down.

Tom Waits once said "the way you do anything is the way you do everything," and Patagonia's "way" is a methodical, inventive reimagining of how things are in order to push the needle closer to how things should be. It's no surprise that the company that has been using recycled polyester from plastic soda bottles since 1993 – and donated the entirety of their Black Friday profits to environmental grassroots nonprofits – is looking to expand their scope of impact. And for that, they've turned their attention to agriculture.

Food is a precious thing – in a fundamental manner, it sustains us. It makes our outdoor adventures possible. And when we're in the outdoors, we remember where food comes from – the rivers, fields, and trees – rather than fluorescent-lit supermarkets and endless aisles of colorful boxes.

But modern technology, chemistry, and transportation have combined to remove us ever-further from where our food is coming from. This distance has created opportunities for irresponsible farming, and to the detriment of our environment and our public health, those opportunities have been exploited. We harvest salmon indiscriminately or farm them in open-water feedlots, jeopardizing wild salmon, oceanic food chains, and breeding parasites and illness. We overgraze prairies, pump livestock with antibiotics and steroids, and drain aquifers to water unsustainable crops. We rely heavily on chemicals to maximize production and preservation, and we're still unsure about the impact of genetically modified organisms. We use finite resources like fossil fuel and soil as if they are unlimited, and we ignore the agricultural industry's inseparable affect on climate change – which may later decimate said crops with droughts and floods

In other words, we farm the land like we will be the last people to use it – and, hoping that we are not, companies like Patagonia are seeking ways to repair the food chain. The end result is affordable and tasty food you can feel good about eating – without having to forgo the convenience of modern shopping or commit to subsisting off of whatever you can grow in the backyard. 


I tried the Taste of Patagonia Provisions Box ($65) to get a sense of the food in real life, and it was all surprisingly delicious, low-maintenance, and relatively affordable — characteristics that are usually seen as deficits to organic or "clean" eating. The box includes Wild Sockeye Salmon, Wild Pink Salmon, Red Bean Chili, Organic Breakfast Grains, Fruit + Almond bars, Mussels, and Buffalo Jerky — and I enjoyed each one. I am a notoriously impatient cook, and the Patagonia Provisions food couldn't have been easier to make, or better-tasting despite the lack of necessary intervention. Its Savory Grains take as little as 10 minutes to cook in boiling water, and salmon is ready to eat upon opening. It's surprisingly just as great for at-home cooking as it would be for heading out on the trail – and its practices are transparent and eco-focused. 

Patagonia Provisions' wild sockeye salmon comes from a community-based, in-river fishery on the Situk River, and wild pink salmon is caught in reef nets off Lummi Island – a practice that has come from years of research in partnership with prominent fish conservation organizations. The site has designated pools of information for those curious about its conservation and sourcing, including videos


Buffalo Jerky ($10) is 100% grass-fed, free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free. Fruit bars (12 pack for $27) contain zero sweeteners, corn syrup, preservatives, MSG or GMO ingredients (and they're really tasty). 

Patagonia even makes its own beer in conjunction with Hopworks Urban Brewery. It's called Long Root Ale, and it's the first ever made from Kernza, a long root, perennial grain grown using regenerative agriculture practices. In simpler terms, that means it ultimately restores soil biodiversity and nutrients, stores carbon, and doesn't require fertilizers or pesticides. 

In the coming years, Patagonia will continue to offer more foods that address environmental issues and encourage support of local food producers – but the company already has a substantial range. Prices are low, the organic foods are tasty and responsibly made, and you can put a healthy meal together in minutes. And if you want to know more about the incentive, you can watch Patagonia Provisions' film "Unbroken Ground" for free online, explaining the critical role food will play in "the next frontier of our efforts to solve the environmental crisis."

If you're looking for a convenient, affordable way to eat better foods for you and the environment – and hopefully contribute to better agricultural practices at large – you should check out Patagonia Provisions. Taste, convenience, and price are not likely to disappoint, and the mission is worth throwing money behind. If you're looking for a good introduction, I recommend starting with the Taste of Patagonia Provisions Box ($65) – it runs the gamut, and you get free shipping on orders over $49. 

Check out and shop Patagonia Provisions here.

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