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The 20 hardest colleges to get into in America


Harvard Yale University College Football Students NCAA Bulldogs Crimson Fans

  • The hardest US college to gain acceptance to is Harvard University.
  • More than 90% of applicants get rejected.
  • Academic review site Niche ranked American colleges based on acceptance rate and standardized test scores.

With an acceptance rate of just 5.2% and typical SAT scores between 1430 and 1600, Harvard University is America's hardest college to get into, according to a list from the academic review site Niche.com.

The rankings are based on 2017 acceptance rates and SAT and ACT scores reported to the US Department of Education. College acceptance rates received a weighted average of 60% in the ranking computation, and SAT/ACT scores received a weighted average of 40%. Niche rounds acceptance rates to the nearest whole percentage.

Acceptance rates are listed below, along with the mid 50% SAT scores, which indicate the range in which 50% of students score.

Take a look at the top 20 hardest colleges to get into in the US:

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20. Claremont McKenna College (Claremont, California)

Acceptance rate: 9%

Mid 50% SAT scores: 1320-1490

19. Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, Pennsylvania)

Acceptance rate: 13%

Mid 50% SAT scores: 1305-1530

18. Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland)

Acceptance rate: 13%

Mid 50% SAT scores: 1400-15670

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Netflix has an addictive new crime drama in 'Safe,' which stars 'Dexter' actor Michael C. Hall


safe netflix

  • Netflix has another addictive drama series in "Safe," a new coproduction with France's Canal+.
  • The series stars "Dexter" actor Michael C. Hall as a widowed father and surgeon whose daughter goes missing from their affluent neighborhood in England.
  • "Safe" currently stands at an 83% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The show's eight-episode first season is available now on Netflix.

Netflix has found yet another stellar coproduction in the drama series "Safe" from France's Canal+.

Created by crime writer Harlan Coben, the limited series stars "Dexter" and "Six Feet Under" actor Michael C. Hall as a widowed father and pediatric surgeon whose daughter goes missing from their affluent neighborhood in England. The show's eight-episode first season debuted Thursday on Netflix.

"Safe" earned positive reviews ahead of its release, and it currently stands at an 83% "Fresh" rating on the reviews-aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

"Almost everything about 'Safe,' from the acting to the dialogue, is pulpy with a vengeance," The Daily Telegraph's Ed Power wrote in a review.

Variety's Maureen Ryan wrote that show "delivers the kinds of well-paced twists that mystery fans are likely to enjoy."

The series is the latest critically acclaimed coproduction that Netflix has released with a foreign network. Early this year, the streaming service found a popular and universally praised series in the dark comedy "The End of the F---ing World," which was first released in 2017 by Britain's Channel 4.

After eight episodes, "Safe" wraps on a conclusive note that suggests it won't air a second season. Michael C. Hall said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter this week that the show appealed to him because it was a "close-ended, eight-episode commitment."

"I'm certainly open to collaborating with some or all of those people again, but there's no plan to do more. It answers all the fundamental questions it poses," Hall told THR.

Watch the trailer for "Safe" below, and find the series on Netflix.

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Fans are begging Netflix to save 'The Expanse,' an acclaimed show canceled by Syfy after 3 seasons


the expanse

  • Syfy cancelled its space-drama "The Expanse" on Thursday, but the show's production company is looking to shop the series around to other networks, according to Deadline.
  • The third season of "The Expanse" premiered in April to universal critical acclaim, but its ratings were steadily slipping. 
  • Many fans of the series took to Twitter on Friday to ask Netflix and its CEO Reed Hastings to consider picking up the series for renewal.

The cable network Syfy cancelled its critically acclaimed space-drama series "The Expanse" on Thursday, but the production company behind the show is planning to shop the series around to other networks for renewal, according to Deadline

The third season of "The Expanse" premiered in April to universal critical acclaim and a 100% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but its ratings steadily decreased in each of its seasons. The third season's last episode will air on Syfy on May 30. 

In a statement to Deadline on the show's cancellation, Chris McCumber, the president of entertainment networks for NBCUniversal Cable, said, "'The Expanse' transported us across the solar system for three brilliant seasons of television. Everyone at Syfy is a massive fan of the series, and this was an incredibly difficult decision."

The show, based on the series of novels by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (pen name James S.A. Corey), is set 200 years in the future when humanity has colonized the Solar System. The Solar System is divided and on the brink of war, and the series' conflicts deal with the rocky relationship between Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance (OPA).

Moving forward, Alcon Television Group, the show's producer, will look to find a new home for the series, the company told Deadline. 

"We are very disappointed the show will not be returning to Syfy," Alcon Entertainment cofounders and CEOs Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson told the outlet. "We respect Syfy’s decision to end this partnership but given the commercial and critical success of the show, we fully plan to pursue other opportunities for this terrific and original IP."

Although Alcon did not specify any potential suitors for the series, a number of the show's fans took to Twitter on Friday to ask that Netflix and its CEO, Reed Hastings, consider picking up "The Expanse" for renewal.

Netflix does already own the international streaming rights for "The Expanse," and it has commissioned continuations of a number of cancelled series in the past, including Channel 4's "Black Mirror." 

Fans have also started a Change.org petition to get Netflix to pick the show up.

Below are a few fan reactions on Twitter:

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MoviePass owner has tumbled 98% since its high in October, as investors wonder if it will run out of cash (HMNY)


moviepass business insider

  • MoviePass owner Helios and Matheson Analytics was trading at around 60 cents on Friday midday.
  • That's an incredible 98% drop from its 52-week high of $38.86.
  • Many observers question the firm's long-term viability, including its independent auditor, which said in April it had "substantial doubt" about Helios and Matheson's ability to stay in business over the next year.

It’s been quite a roller-coaster ride for Helios and Matheson Analytics since acquiring MoviePass, and changing the startup's business model to offering a $9.95 monthly subscription to see one movie per day last August.

The stock’s 52-week high was $38.86 in October, as excitement built around the impressive subscription growth, and the potential disruption of the movie-theater business. But now it’s trading around 60 cents (as of midday on Friday). That’s a 98.5% drop.

The first recent tailspin for HMNY came in April when it filed its 10-K to the SEC and reported a loss of $150.8 million in 2017. The company's independent auditor also said it had “substantial doubt” that HMNY would be able to stay in business over the next year. That scared investors and the stock dropped 50% from its highest price the week before the 10-K filing.

The stock again crashed on Tuesday following HMNY’s update of its cash and losses to the SEC. 

HMNY said it had been losing about $21.7 million a month since September, and only had $15.5 million in available cash. The company did, however, note that recent tweaks to the service had led to a reduction of “more than 35%” in its cash deficit during the first week of May.

Investors clearly didn't think that reduction in losses was enough, and sent the stock zooming back down under $1. And HMNY has showed no sign of rebounding since.

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13 ways to hack your workspace for optimal productivity


Rolf Schrömgens's Desk


There are podcasts, morning routines, hobbies, and even procrastination techniques that can make you more productive.

But there's one thing that might be missing from your arsenal of time management hacks: optimizing your work desk and workspace for ultimate productivity. 

Office designers from Michigan, Colorado, and New York shared their tips for making your office space attuned to a productive workday. 

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Bring in some plants

Plants are an easy way to beautify your desk and improve your workplace air quality.

But research shows that employees in workspaces with plants are also 15% more productive.

Choose a plant that can thrive on however much sunlight your desk gets, Christine Everett, senior designer at New York-based interior design firm MKDA, told Business Insider.

Succulents are low-maintenance and widely-available, but they require lots of sun, she said.

Better low-light options include the snake plant, pothos, and peace lily. 

And if you don't have a green thumb, here's how to stop killing indoor plants.


If you work in a windowless office, take a walk outside

Workers in windowless environments reported significantly lower well-being compared to those in a sunny office, according to a 2014 study from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Try to get a few hours in the sun everyday. 

"Exposure to daylight is critical in order to maintain your body's circadian rhythm, which manages your cognition, serotonin production, and digestion," Everett told Business Insider. "We literally feel more awake and happy with exposure to daylight."

Replace super-long cables that are getting in your way or clip them to the side

You probably have cords for your computer, keyboard, mouse, phone, headphones, cell phone charger, and maybe even more.

Ensuring that those cords don't get in the way is important for your workflow, Judy Goldman, CEO and owner of Design Studio Interior Solutions, a Boulder-based design firm, told Business Insider.

Make sure your cords are the right length, she suggested, and wrap up or replace the ones that are too long. 

You could also try cord holders, cord clips, binder clips, and Velcro straps to group the necessities together, or you could tie up others with cable organizers. If you have even more cords, you can label them so you know what all the cables are. 

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People in America have stopped naming their babies Alexa, thanks to Amazon (AMZN)


Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

  • Amazon's AI personal assistant, Alexa, was first introduced with the release of the Amazon Echo smart speaker in 2015. 
  • Since then, the popularity of the name Alexa has dramatically decreased in the United States, according to data provided by the U.S. government.

Fewer Americansin fact, far fewerare naming their babies Alexa since the first release of the Amazon Echo in 2015, according to Social Security data.

The government keeps track of the popularity of all baby names in the U.S., and their data shows that the girls' name Alexa peaked in popularity in 2015, right before the introduction of Amazon's now famous AI personal assistant, which is most commonly activated by the wake word, "Alexa."

For example, most commands go something like this: "Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes."

The name experienced a dramatic drop off immediately after the release of the device, as shown on this graph:

number of girls named alexa, Alexa, Amazon Alexa, baby names, babies named Alexa

The steep drop in popularity was first noticed by sociologist and University of Maryland professor Philip Cohen, who shared the trend in a blog post Friday, and a series of corresponding tweets.

Cohen summarized the surprising decline by saying, "You have to feel for people who named their daughters Alexa, and the Alexas themselves, before Amazon sullied their names. Did they not think of the consequences for these people?"

Additionally, Business Insider checked on the popularity of names similar to Alexa, that might also wake an Amazon device. None experienced quite the dramatic decrease, although most are also experiencing a decline in popularity:

various alexes, Alexa, Amazon Alexa, baby names, babies named Alexa

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America's oldest living WWII veteran just turned 112 — and he smokes 12 cigars a day


Richard Overton

  • America's oldest World War II veteran, and the oldest man in America, turned 112 years old on Friday.
  • Richard Overton is an Army veteran who served in the South Pacific, including Guam and Iwo Jima. 
  • Overton still smokes 12 cigars, drinks multiple cups of coffee and even whiskey and coke every day. 

He smokes cigars, drinks coffee, whiskey, and even Dr. Pepper — and he just turned 112 years old. 

Richard Overton, America's oldest World War II veteran, as well as the oldest man in America, turned 112 years old on Friday, according to the Dallas Morning News. 

Born in Austin, Texas, in 1906, Overton is an Army veteran who served in the South Pacific from 1940-1945, including Guam and Iwo Jima, according to USA Today. 

After his discharge, he sold furniture in Austin, and later worked in the state Treasurer's Office.

"I feel fine every day," Overton said on Thursday, according to the KSN, the local NBC affiliate. "No pain and no aches."

Every day, he smokes 12 Tampa Sweet cigars, drinks multiple cups of coffee and Dr. Pepper, the Dallas Morning News reported. He also eats waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, ice cream, peach cobbler, and other sweet foods. 

He even drinks whiskey and coke. 

"I may drink a little in the evening too with some soda water, but that's it," Overton previously told Fox News. "Whiskey's a good medicine. It keeps your muscles tender."

In 2017, Overton's family set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his in-home care, which has raised more than $234,000.

When comedian Steve Harvey asked Overton in 2012 how he has lived so long, Overton said: "Just keep living, don’t die."

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The 17 richest young millionaire athletes in Britain


Anthony Joshua

The richest young athletes in Britain have been revealed by The Sunday Times Rich List.

The full annual Rich List, which will be published on Sunday May 13, analyses the "identifiable wealth" of the 1,000 richest people in Britain.

Part of the new edition is the Sunday Times Young Rich List — a ranking that focuses on the 50 individuals with the biggest fortunes aged 30 or under.

To put together the ranking, the newspaper looked at prize money won through sport as well as sponsorship deals.

Scroll down to see the 17 richest young athletes in Britain, ranked in ascending order by wealth.

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=16. Pedro (Chelsea FC soccer player) — £16 million / $21.7 million.

=16. Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City soccer player) — £16 million / $21.7 million.

15. Andy Carroll (West Ham United soccer player) — £17 million / $23.1 million.

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This is the best way to make a gin and tonic, according to an expert — and it doesn’t involve a lemon or lime


gin and tonic mint ginger

  • The best way to make a gin and tonic doesn't involve lemon or lime.
  • That's according to Bombay Sapphire's Senior Ambassador Sam Carter.
  • He says a gin and tonic should be served with ginger and mint and lots of ice from a balloon glass.
  • It should also be one part gin, two parts tonic.

There are a number of things people do wrong when buying, ordering, and drinking gin— especially when it comes to making the perfect gin and tonic.

Business Insider visited Bombay Sapphire's Senior Ambassador Sam Carter at the brand's Laverstoke Mill distillery just outside of London, where all of the Bombay Sapphire in the world is made.

With 22 years of experience in the drinks industry, Carter has been ambassador for Bombay Sapphire since 2009 — and over the years he has perfected the gin and tonic.

Choose the right glass

To make the most of a gin and tonic, you should be serving your drink in a balloon glass, according to Carter — and you shouldn't use a straw.

"In the UK, they're not the easiest thing to store in bars — under the shelves, they're quite big — so you can also use a burgundy red wine glass," he added.

Both glasses work because they channel the aroma towards the nose.

"90 to 95% of taste comes from what we smell," Carter said. "So much flavour comes from the aroma. That's why these glasses work so well — your nose is right in there."

Say no to lemon or lime — and go for mint and ginger


When you go to a bar and ask for a gin and tonic, they'll usually put a slice of lemon or lime in your drink — but more often than not, they've been sat around in water for some time, according to Carter.

"They're left for like a day and have gone brown on the edges and it just adds a real fusty, mustiness to it," he said. "What is that even adding?

"Just because we did it 10, 20, 30 years ago and our parents did it, doesn't mean we have to do it."

He said Bombay don't use lime or lemon in their gin and tonics. Instead, the drinks come with a fresh mint sprig and a ginger slice. "These two flavours pull on two of the botanicals in the gin," he said, adding that you should put the ginger in the glass first, then add the gin, then the tonic, then the ice followed by a mint sprig.

Last season, the company even used watercress in their gin and tonic.

"It's all about using local — it's what chefs have been doing for years and years, [so] there's no reason why we can't do it in the drinks industry."

One part gin, two parts tonic

This is the best way to make sure your drink is balanced, according to Carter.

Use loads of ice

"The mistake I see a lot, all day, every day, is that people don't put enough ice in their gin and tonic," Carter said. "There's a massive misconception that people don't want too much dilution, so they put one or two ice cubes in there, and they melt really quickly."

However, he said it's actually the opposite if you want your drink to stay cold, because if there's more ice in the glass, it melts more slowly.

"The more ice the better," he said.

Laverstoke A208

Use good quality tonic

A good quality tonic can make all the difference to your drink.

Carter often uses Fever Tree, which he says is made with natural flavours, but he's also a fan of Schweppes Cucumber Tonic.

Another big tip on tonic from Carter? "The temptation is to go for a litre bottle for value for money," he said. "If you're serving a crowd, totally go for a litre bottle, but if it's just you and a partner drinking one gin and tonic per night, by the third night it's going to be flat.

"You're better off biting the bullet and going for smaller, more expensive cans," he said, adding that you'll be able to keep your tonic fresh by ony opening one per day.

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Ashley Madison's CTO says Facebook's dating app idea may not be popular with users because 'they are the product'


Facebook dating app F8 2018

  • At the beginning of May, Facebook announced it was launching a dating product.
  • The company has received criticism from other companies in the dating app scene like Happn and Match.com.
  • Ashley Madison's CTO says people should be aware that as Facebook generates revenue from adverts, you are essentially the product.
  • Users will have to weigh up whether they are happy about involving their dating lives in that, he said.

At the beginning of May, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was entering the dating app scene, wanting its users to create "the most meaningful relationship of all."

Zuckerberg's new venture drew a lot of attention from other leaders in the industry, including the CEO of Happn, Didier Rappaport, who said the announcement was just "trying to distract" from the recent data scandal. Executives at Match Group also hit out at the idea, saying it was great for US/Russia relationships, and the timing was surprising "given the amount of personal and sensitive data that comes with this territory."

Ashley Madison is arguably the polar opposite of what Facebook is thinking of creating. Users go to the adult dating service for discretion for affairs and polyamorous relationships.

According to Ashley Madison's CTO Ruben Buell, because of the size of its user base alone, Facebook is going to be pretty dominant in the online dating space. But, if Facebook is sticking with its traditional methods of making money, it will be pushing an ad based model. This, Buell said, may conjure up some concerns from users.

"It does make you ask, if you're not paying for the product, then you are the product," he told Business Insider.

"Companies like Ashley where we don't sell data, and we don't have any advertisers on the platform, we can focus on discretion and privacy, and protecting users data. Facebook will be focusing on building another ad platform, going after this primary market of 18-40 year olds, probing into our personal lives so they can grab insights, which they can sell to advertisers."

Facebook's goal has always been connecting the world, he added, but they are going a step further when they are connecting our personal data to the world when it concerns something all of us take very seriously — our dating lives.

In general, people are getting more savvy about how much of their information on Facebook is publicly available to view. So Buell said this may be a challenge for Facebook going forward.

However, although it's a little bit out of place for what Facebook is at the moment, the sheer scale and volume of users Facebook has mean it is likely to be a "disruptive force," Buell said.

Facebook also has an advantage of being one of the largest advertising networks on the planet. This means they can easily shut competitors out of their user base.

"As we were last September looking to advertise on the platform, they went through a somewhat faint approval process then came back and said 'at this time we're not accepting any dating advertisers.'" Buell said. "Which makes a lot of sense now."

The biggest pushback from potential users will be concerns about how much information Facebook has on them, and how much they're willing to share with potential suitors, Buell said.

"And how careful can you be with that data when you need to be able to mine it, and sell it for your ad platform?" he added. "You need to make it available to third party advertisers because that's the only way you monetise your product — and your product is your user."

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The 25 best countries to buy rental property and make money on the side


Airbnb business traveler

  • Buying a rental property is a good way to earn passive income and build wealth.
  • Some American real estate investors prefer to keep their portfolio local, but you can also earn money as a landlord if buy rental property abroad.
  • The three best countries to buy rental property outside the US are the Philippines, UAE, and Costa Rica.

Buying a rental property is a wise way to earn passive income.

As a landlord, you're getting paid to own something, rather than paying to own it. The mortgage is often covered by rental income from tenants, and if you play your cards right you'll profit after covering insurance, taxes, and maintenance costs.

But while some American real estate investors prefer to keep their portfolio local, others may want to take their business international.

For its latest study, GOBankingRates found the best countries to buy investment property based on the potential return on investment. GOBankingRates turned to Global Property Guide to source the following three data points for more than two dozen countries:

  • Average monthly rent for a 1,292 square-foot home.
  • Rental income tax rate, assuming a monthly rental income of $1,500.
  • Average rental yield, or the amount that a landlord can expect as return on an investment before taxes, maintenance fees, and other costs (expressed as a percentage).

Each metric was assigned a score, and the three scores were then combined for each country to form an overall score, which determined the final ranking. The higher the score, the higher the potential income for property owners.

The final list is dominated by several European and South American countries. Remember that before you decide to buy property in a foreign country, it's important to understand the laws and tax codes that go along with it. Or better yet, consult a professional.

Below, find out the best countries to buy rental property and make money as a landlord.

Are you a US resident who owns rental property in a foreign country and earns a profit? Would you like to share your story? Email tloudenback@businessinsider.com.

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25. Turkey

Rental yield: 3.62%

Effective rental income tax: 21.94%

Monthly rent: $1,128

24. Latvia

Rental yield: 3.8%

Effective rental income tax: 17.25%

Monthly rent: $1,074

23. Portugal

Rental yield: 5.45%

Effective rental income tax: 26.44%

Monthly rent: $1,939

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How much a night out will cost you in 50 of the most fun cities in the world, ranked from the most expensive to the least


how much it costs to go out

  • How much it costs to go out depends on what city you're in.
  • HomeToGo recently released a report on the best cities for nightlife around the world.
  • From Miami to Ibiza, they looked at the average cost of cover, one beer, one drink, and one shot.
  • Warsaw, Poland, has the most affordable nightlife in Europe, while Perth is the most affordable city in Australia to go out.


If you think your bank account looks a little sad after a night out, you're not alone.

The average event-goer spends $81 on a night out and goes out two nights a week, according to an Eventbrite report. That's $162 a week — more than the weekly median spending on food for American families.

Yet, how much it costs to go out depends on where you decide to hit the dance floor. That $81 can hike up real fast if you're in a notoriously expensive and popular party destination like Ibiza, Spain, but may become more wallet friendly if you're in a city with a lower cost of living, like São Paulo, Brazil.

It's best to do your research before you go out or plan your vacation based on a city's nightlife.

Luckily, HomeToGo recently released a report on the best cities for nightlife around the world. After narrowing it down to 50 cities based on the number of venues, number of events listed, and quality of events based on online ratings, they contacted the five top-rated clubs in each city to find out each clubs' cover charge and drink prices.

Based on that data, HomeToGo calculated each city's average for the cover charge on a Saturday night, price of a 12-ounce domestically produced beer, price of one regular gin and tonic, and price of a one-ounce shot of vodka.

Turns out, Warsaw, Poland, is the most affordable city in Europe to go out, Perth is the most affordable Australian city to party, and Calgary, Canada, has the most affordable nightlife in the Americas.

Scroll through below to find how much it costs to go out in the cities with the best nightlife, ranked from most expensive to most affordable.

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50. Ibiza, Spain

Total cost: $105.79

Cover charge: $61.52

Cost of beer: $14.76

Drink cost: $19.69

Cost of one shot: $9.82


49. Las Vegas, US

Total cost: $75

Cover charge: $45

Cost of beer: $8

Drink cost: $12

Cost of one shot: $10


48. New York City, US

Total cost: $61

Cover charge: $25

Cost of beer: $9

Drink cost: $15

Cost of one shot: $12


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San Francisco is so expensive that people are starting to look at these 10 US cities as the next tech hubs — here's how much local employees are making


Minneapolis Minnesota

Silicon Valley has long reigned as the tech capital of the US.

But as the cost of living continues to skyrocket, San Francisco Bay Area residents are fleeing the region in droves. In fact, San Francisco lost more residents than any other US city in the last quarter of 2017.

For many, it's time to start looking for other options — but where? 

Compensation monitoring site Comparably narrowed it down to the 10 cities that are emerging as new tech hubs. Comparably also compiled the local salaries of some of the most popular tech jobs by analyzing more than 8,000 anonymized salary records from employees at U.S. tech companies. 

Here are the 10 emerging tech hubs from around the country, along with what local employees make each year. 

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Atlanta, Georgia is home to Coca-Cola, UPS, and Home Depot, but it's also becoming a tech hot-spot.

Here are the average salaries in Atlanta:

Junior developer: $68,330

Developer: $86,214

Senior developer: $112,573

IT Manager: $120,695

Project Manager: $102,390

Sales representative: $113,576

According to Comparably, the median rent for a one-bedroom is $1,010 per month, while a two-bedroom will run you $1,160 per month

Baltimore, Maryland is surrounded by several universities, and its tech talent pool rose 42% between 2010 and 2013.

Here are the average salaries in Baltimore:

Junior developer: $70,925

Developer: $96,290

Senior developer: $124,201

IT Manager: $115,927

Project Manager: $104,853

Sales representative: $126,255

According to Comparably, the median rent for a one-bedroom is $940 per month, while a two-bedroom will run you $1,180 per month

Boulder, Colorado continues to attract tech talent and venture capital funding from major cities across the US.

Here are the average salaries in Boulder:

Junior developer: $69,013

Developer: $90,688

Senior developer: $123,027

IT Manager: $105,123

Project Manager: $102,168

Sales representative: $107,925

According to Comparably, the median rent for a one-bedroom is $1,140 per month, while a two-bedroom will run you $1,400 per month

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Here are the most popular baby names in the US


North Dakota national guard mom baby

  • Every year around Mother's Day, the Social Security Administration reveals the most popular baby names in the US from the previous year.
  • The most popular name for baby boys in 2017 was Liam, and for baby girls was Emma.

Trends in baby names come and go, and this year is no different.

Every year, around Mother's Day, the Social Security Administration releases data about the most common names given to babies in the US in the previous year.

In 2017, the most popular name for baby boys was Liam, overtaking second-place Noah, which held the crown between 2013 and 2016. Meanwhile, Emma continued its four-year streak as the most common name for baby girls.

Here are the ten most popular names for boys from 2017, along with how common those names have been in the last ten years. Jacob, now in tenth place, was the most popular name for baby boys between 1999 and 2012. Meanwhile, Liam has steadily grown in popularity over time:

most popular baby names boys 2017

Here are the top ten names for girls. Fourth-place Isabella was the most popular name for girls in 2009 and 2010, right around the peak popularity of the "Twilight" saga and its protagonist Isabella Swan. While the top two names Emma and Olivia have been steadily popular over the last decade, several names in the lower half of the top ten like Charlotte, Amelia, and Evelyn have been increasingly common:

most popular baby names girls 2017

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's honeymoon could include a romantic stopover in another African country


meghan markle honeymoon prince harry

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will honeymoon in Namibia, reportedly. 
  • But the royal couple's honeymoon could include another African country: Botswana.
  • Botswana is meaningful to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — they celebrated Markle's birthday there, and the center stone of her engagement ring is also from Botswana. 


It's been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will honeymoon in Namibia— a country that offers incredible views and ultimate privacy.

The best time of year to visit Namibia is in May, according to Marisa Lassman, a travel expert and founder of Another Africa, a luxury travel agency that specializes in unique and tailored trips across the continent. But Lassman said the royal couple's honeymoon may also include one of their past vacation spots.

"A trip to this part of the world should always begin with Namibia and end in Botswana," Lassman said.

"Whilst Namibia is scenically astonishing, the level of camps and lodges cannot compete with the quality of what you'd find in Botswana. Far better to end the trip on a real high!"

Here's what the couple could do on their honeymoon in Namibia »

Not only is Botswana a favorite of Lassman's, it's also a favorite of Markle's and Prince Harry's, as the two have vacationed there together in the past, including a trip there for Markle's 36th birthday. While there, they visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Okavango Delta, and have noted that the trip truly cemented their relationship.

Markle's engagement ring is also from Botswana— with a center cushion-cut diamond that's estimated to be five carats, and sourced by Prince Harry himself.

If the couple does end up making a pit-stop in Botswana, Lassman suggests the two stay three nights at the Zarafa Dhow Suites, and three nights at Little Mombo.

Wherever the couple decides, it's sure to be romantic.

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I tried the new fat-burning workout where you're immersed in cold temperatures, and it was surprisingly tough



  • A new workout studio in New York claims to help people burn more calories and shed more fat by keeping temperatures cold.
  • Scientific studies suggest that exposure to cold temperatures can help people develop more brown fat tissue, which could help keep obesity at bay.
  • But it's not clear whether a 45-minute dip into a somewhat cold room makes your body a more efficient, fat-fueled machine.

My inner thighs have been killing me for the last four days.

Earlier this week, I tried out a new cold-temperature fitness routine that promises to burn more fat and make working out less of a stinky, sweat-soaked endeavor.

I'm not exactly a fitness junkie, but I'm no exercise newbie, either. I've tried marathons, flipped into the Japanese martial art of Aikido, taught yoga, and lifeguarded. So when I signed up for the 45-minute, 45-degree Fahrenheit interval training workout I thought, "Honestly, how hard can this be?"

Stepping out of my warm, climate-controlled cocoon.
Brrrn cold workout

The new Brrrn studio, which opened May 1st in Manhattan, is based on a concept called mild cold stress. The basic idea is that the body isn't designed to sit inside a thermostat-regulated, temperature-controlled room all day long. 

"Why are we always at 72 degrees?" Brrrn co-founder Johnny Adamic asked me. "We're in these perfect, thermal cocoons. We're addicted to comfort, we're chronically fed, we're also chronically warm."

At his new gym, that's not the case. Walking into class felt like diving into a walk-in fridge, complete with a big metal door at the front.

I zipped up my sweatshirt, and headed in. Since cold air is dry, the studio pipes in a little extra humidity, to keep the 45-to-60-degree Fahrenheit air more comfortable to breathe. Adamic said that I might even be able to see my own breath in the room, but when I exhaled, I didn't notice it. 

The studio has capacity for roughly 40 students, and it's equipped for three different kinds of workouts. I tried the 45-degree high-intensity class, where we used ropes tethered to the walls, dumbbells, and sandbags to get our heart rates going. The room also hosts a slightly warmer 55-degree conditioning class where people stand on slippery, ab-destabilizing boards, and an even warmer 60-degree strength session for the yoga-inclined. 

Once we were inside the cold chamber, the class was a lot like a typical interval training session (albeit, one in an overly-air-conditioned room.) Brrrn co-founders Jimmy Martin and Adamic both have backgrounds in personal training, and my 45-minute class included plenty of squats, hammer curls, lunges, planks, and burpees — all staples of a typical personal training session.

By the time we were 15 minutes into the class, and on our second (or was it third?) Beyoncé track, I was ready to take off my sweatshirt.

Being cold can help your body warm up

The studio may stand out in a city of sweaty spin classes and dripping-hot yoga rooms, but in other spots around the world, getting a workout in the frigid cold isn’t unusual.

Humans have two basic kinds of fat: the more common white fat, which gets stored up as pudge; and brown fat, which is more like the human body's furnace. Brown fat turns food we eat into warmth, naturally ramping up the metabolism while also keeping us toasty in the cold. There's even some evidence that having more brown fat in the body can make people less prone to developing obesity. 

Being cold could be one way to wake up those beneficial brown fat stores. One study of hundreds of Finnish workers in the 1980s found that lumberjacks, painters, farmers, and other men who worked and lived outside in frigid Northern Finland — where the average winter temperatures are always below freezing — carried more protective brown fat around their necks and hearts than indoor workers did. A smaller study of seven men who worked out in 14 degree Fahrenheit cold found they expended more energy and burned more fat than they did when exercising at room temperature. 

It's still an open question for scientists whether working out for short stints at moderately cold temperatures can really boost your fat-burning furnace. What we know so far seems promising, but more research (particularly on women) is needed to know for sure.

One small-scale study of six men from 2015 seems to suggest that just a few hours of cold exposure a week could do the trick. Researchers in that study put participants into a liquid cold suit (at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit) for two hours a day, five days a week, and found that after one month of suit time, the men significantly increased their brown fat tissue activity. A follow-up study confirmed that the men shivered less when they got used to the cold suits.

That doesn't explain why I'm so sore after a single cold workout session. It turns out that my soreness may have more to do with how comfortable my body is working out in the cold than with my brown fat kicking into gear.

"In the cold, your body can regulate its temperature a little better, meaning you can often exercise farther or longer, so you can burn more calories," Michael Joyner, an endurance athlete and expert in human performance at the Mayo Clinic, told Men’s Journal.

brrrn cold workout

I probably felt like I could push myself to the limit for longer in a cold room than I might in a warmer setting.

But I wouldn't recommend this kind of workout for any pros looking to gain a competitive edge.

Research suggests hotter workouts are best if you want to boost your performance in a competition. Much like training at altitude, training in hot conditions can help athletes win once they jump back into more temperate climates for a race. 

At $34 a class, I'm not sure I'd try the cool-temp workout again. But if I really want to push myself — and it's particularly sticky outside — Brrrn wouldn't be my last-choice destination for a little exercise-fueled endorphin kick.

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A scientist who's worked at Tinder and Bumble says too many people make the same mistake in their dating profile photo


woman smiling happy work

  • After working at Tinder and now at Bumble, Dr. Jess Carbino has found that smiling boosts your chances of matching with someone.
  • But too many people try to look like a model in their profile photos, "grimacing" or not emoting at all.
  • Carbino said smiling makes people look kinder and more approachable.

Models are sexy. Models generally don't smile in magazine photos. You want to look sexy. So you shouldn't smile in your dating profile photos.

Brilliant logic, except that it isn't. Why? No offense to you, dear reader, but you probably don't have the model thing down yet. If you want to appeal to potential mates, you'd do better to cheer up.

That's according to Dr. Jess Carbino, the in-house sociologist at Bumble (she previously worked at Tinder). Carbino said her research suggests that "smiling makes such a significant difference" in whether someone gets swiped right on.

And yet too many people fall into the pose-like-a-model trap and post photos where they're not smiling at all.

"We've been so socialized to believe that this sexy, smoldering look is theoretically appealing because we've watched people in movies and in Calvin Klein ads presenting themselves in this way," Carbino said. "But the vast majority of people don't look like people in Calvin Klein ads."

What's more, Carbino said, not smiling "doesn't give off the type of sentiment that you want to be projected toward a potential match." She added, "You want to come off as kind and approachable, which is what smiling projects."

That's in contrast to "seeming cold and distant, which is what a more grimacing or a less emotive look would project."

Some research suggests faces are perceived as more attractive when the person is smiling

Research beyond the online-dating world backs up Carbino's assertion.

In two experiments published 2014 in the journal Cognition and Emotion, researchers in Switzerland examined the relationship between attractiveness and smiling. They found that the stronger the smile, the more attractive a face looked.

In fact, they found, a happy facial expression appeared to compensate for relative unattractiveness.

Interestingly, a 2011 study published in the journal Emotion found that certain facial expressions are more attractive than others, depending on your gender.

According to the study, men appear most attractive to women when they display pride and least attractive when they display happiness; women appear most attractive to men when they display happiness and least attractive when they display pride. (Looks of shame increased attractiveness for both genders.)

Still, Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and author of "The Anatomy of Love," is in the Carbino Camp when it comes to facial expressions.

As Fisher previously told Business Insider: "When you smile, those who see your smile, smile back, even if very briefly. And as they smile, they use facial muscles which trigger the release of neurochemicals in their brain associated with feelings of pleasure — and they are thus likely to feel happy in your company."

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15 movie sequels that are better than the originals


Godfather Part II

Let’s start off by getting this out of the way: All of the original movies to the sequels in this list are amazing.

If they weren’t, there would never have been a sequel (or sometimes, three, four, or even seven more movies).

But in some cases, the sequels that push forward what's explored in the origin story are better. That doesn’t lessen the quality of the original, but we love these franchises even more because these subsequent movies were made.

Here we look at 15 sequels that did just that:

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“Aliens” (1986)

James Cameron expands Ridley Scott’s original movie while also giving it a jolt of insane thrills. Taking us from a ship infected by aliens in the first movie to a whole planet in the sequel, the idea of a franchise that can go on for decades is realized. And the Marines getting attacked by the aliens in the beginning of the movie is one of the top anxiety experiences I’ve ever had watching a movie.

“Avengers: Infinity War” (2018)

It’s only been out for a few weeks, but you can tell instantly that this movie is special. The original Avengers movie was a thrill because we got to see all of our childhood heroes on the screen at the same time. But “Infinity War” uses that to give us a punch in the gut that we won’t forget for a while.

“The Dark Knight” (2008)

It’s the high point of Christopher Nolan’s fantastic Batman trilogy. There’s the greatness of Nolan at the helm, but also the Oscar-winning performance by Heath Ledger as the Joker. With a talent like Christian Bale as Batman, putting him up against an equal talent like Ledger resulted in one of the best acted comic book movies of all time.

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Inside one of the only American resorts Trump has stayed at as president that he doesn't own


phxrst omni scottsdale resort montelucia pool 4 hero_jpg__1170×660_

For one night in August 2017, President Donald Trump broke his streak of staying exclusively at hotels he owns, and stayed at Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia.

The AAA Four Diamond Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona was one of only two non-Trump properties he has stayed at in the United States while in office, according to Politico. The other was The Ritz-Carlton in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

Perhaps part of the reason was because no Trump properties are nearby. Trump tried to build a high-rise hotel and condo tower in the early 2000s, but Phoenix residents petitioned against the proposed 190-foot tower and the City Council killed the plan.

See inside the lavish Omni resort, which has not one but two presidential suites:

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DON'T MISS: Inside Number One Observatory Circle, the often overlooked but stunning vice president's residence where the Pences live

Trump traveled to Phoenix for a "Make America Great Again" campaign rally on August 22. It was a raucous event at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Source: Business Insider

It was his first rally since he faced enormous backlash for his comments following the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia. The city braced for demonstrations, and pro- and anti-Trump protesters clashed in a violent showdown.

Sources: Associated Press, Business Insider

It was also the first time Trump visited Arizona since the election. He left the crowds, and headed for the hotel around 9 p.m.

Source: White House pool report

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We traveled through the biggest airports in New York City and London too see which one was better — and the winner was clear



  • In the American Society of Civil Engineers' 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, the US infrastructure received a D+ grade, which equates to it being "in poor to fair condition and mostly below standard."
  • US airports were highlighted as one of the areas in need. Despite this, when Trump laid out his much-anticipated infrastructure plan in February, airports barely got a mention. 
  • Local governors are taking matters into their own hands. In 2017, New York's Governor Cuomo proposed a $10 billion renovation of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. This is currently being negotiated.
  • We compared the experience of flying in and out of New York's JFK airport and London's Heathrow airport and found that Heathrow was the clear winner.

The US has an infrastructure problem. 

In the American Society of Civil Engineers' 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, which is published every four years, the US infrastructure received a D+ grade, which equates to it being "in poor to fair condition and mostly below standard, with many elements approaching the end of their service life," according to its guide online.

In the study, the ASCE estimated that the country needs to spend around $4.5 trillion improving the state of its infrastructure, including airports. Despite this, when Trump laid out his much-anticipated infrastructure plan in February, airports barely got a mention. 

As one of the US's most important business hubs, New York's airports frequently come under scrutiny for not cutting it.

In 2017, New York's Governor Cuomo and the Port Authority proposed a $10 billion plan to completely overhaul the city's main airport, John F. Kennedy, this is currently being negotiated. The Port Authority has budgeted $1 billion towards this airport expansion and is banking on the fact that the private sector will provide the remaining $9 billion.

"This is a race, my friends," Cuomo said in 2017, comparing New York to other international cities such as London and Dubai, who have launched major infrastructure developments in the past few years. "We sat on our laurels for too long."

With this in mind, we decided to compare the experience of flying and landing at JFK versus London Heathrow.

Here's how they stack up:

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One of the biggest downsides of flying out of New York on British Airways is having to go to terminal 7 at JFK. On this occasion, we got lucky and flew with one of its partners – American Airlines, which departs from the more glitzy terminal 8 at JFK.

British Airways is currently refurbishing terminal 7 at JFK and has put $65 million towards this. 

We can expect to see a complete overhaul of this terminal with a new food court, seating areas, and a slicker check-in and security area to reduce the amount of queues.

Terminal 8 is the largest passenger terminal in the airport. It is twice the size of Madison Square Garden.

Source: Non-official airport website

The check-in area was massive and there were no queues. Self-check-in machines were there to take the pressure off the main desks at busier times. 

The experience of queuing for security was hassle free, there was a ton of space and lots of staff to help.

The queuing area was large. 

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