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People are furiously debating the correct placement of cheese in the burger emoji


Burgers Emoji

  • The internet is furiously debating the correct placement of cheese in the burger emoji.
  • Apple puts it above the burger patty — but Google has gone rogue and put it below.
  • Even Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, has chimed in on the issue.

Emojis have sparked fevered debate across the internet about the correct arrangement of fillings in a burger — and now even Google's CEO has gotten involved.

On Sunday, author Thomas Baakdel sent the tweet that started it all. Alongside a picture of Google and Apple's rival burger emojis, he wrote: "I think we need to have a discussion about how Google's burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top."

(Apple's complete arrangement is bun-tomato-cheese-patty-lettuce-bun, while Google goes for the more unconventional bun-lettuce-tomato-patty-cheese-bun.)

The discussion was clearly long-overdue: Almost 17,000 people have now retweeted his tweet, while there have been 1,500 replies.

"Obviously, cheese must be on top of meat. But lettuce must be insulated by the tomato - so both are in the wrong," one Twitter user wrote.

Another chimed in with a diagram, going from top-to-bottom: Bun, mayo, onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat, pickles, mustard, ketchup, and finally, more bun.

"I make my burgers completely upside down. The bottom bun gets soggy!" a third person said. "I use top as bottom. Bottom, tomato, cheese, meat, lettuce, top bun."

"Going to be controversial here and say that lettuce needs to stay out of burgers. Awful wet, limp stuff. Ruins the burger," another person added.

Why is there such wild divergence in how different tech companies display the burger emoji? Well, it's all down to how emojis work. They are created by the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organisation that creates standards to make sure that text is readable across multiple platforms (so a text sent on an iPhone still makes sense when read on a Windows Phone, for example).

It provides a little guidance on how emojis should look, but beyond that it's up to the individual companies to actually create their versions and put their spin on them. Hence why Microsoft opts for bun-lettuce-tomato-cheese-meat-bun, as does Facebook, but LG ditches the tomato altogether and HTC goes rogue with a bun-cheese-patty-lettuce-patty-bun mega-meal.

Emoji reference site Emojipedia has rounded up all of the major platforms' burger emojis, and you can see them below.

burger emoji platform comparison emojipedia

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, weighed in on the subject over the weekend. Google will "drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday," he joked.

But why do these companies opt for different arrangements? Ultimately, it all comes down to personal taste. There's no one definitive burger, and there's no one definitive way to arrange their contents.

In short: It's subjective — with just one exception. Cheese definitely goes on top of the burger patty. It's simply madness to suggest otherwise.

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You can get Shake Shack's chili on Monday before it officially hits the menu — here's how (SHAK)


Shake Shack

  • Shake Shack is adding chili to the menu. 
  • Chili will also be available as a side, even though it will not be on the official menu. 
  • You can order the chili-themed menu starting Monday using the chain's app. 


Shake Shack is adding chili to the menu. And, you can order it starting on Monday — three days prior to the new menu items' official launch. 

For a limited time, the chain is serving a chili cheeseburger, chili cheese dog, and chili cheese fries at locations across the US. The chili is made with slow-braised beef, as well as ancho and chile de arbol peppers. 

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is debuting the chili menu items on Thursday, November 2. However, the chili-themed menu will become available on the chain's app starting Monday, October 30. 

Chili on its own won't be on the official menu. However, customers can order a cup of chili as a side as a sort of "secret menu" item. 

An early taste test of Shake Shack's chili revealed a meaty, spicy dish. Instead of relying on a soupy mix of beans and beef that you'd find atop a bowling alley chili dog, the slow-braised beef is a hearty addition — especially when paired with the chain's exquisite cheese sauce.

The chili cheese dog in particular is a standout, with Shake Shack deftly combining crisp hot dog, indulgent cheese sauce, and meaty chili. 

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The history of Halloween spans 2,000 years and originates from keeping ghosts away


Samhain, a Celtic pagan festival, marked the beginning of winter and was believed to be a night on which spirits could roam among the living. Following is a transcript of the video.

Halloween is known for clever costumes and candy. But those customs are a callback to centuries of past traditions.

2,000 years ago, Celtic pagans held a Celtic festival for the new year. It was known as Samhain, which meant "summer's end," and marked the beginning of winter. Druids believed that the spirits of those who died the preceding year roamed on Samhain night.

They held a great fire to encourage the sun not to vanish, danced around in animal costumes, and even committed sacrifices to keep evil spirits away. But they left their doors open so that kind spirits would join them.

Around 43 A.D. the Romans conquered most of the Celtic territory, and they created two festivals similar to Samhain. Feralia: a celebration of the passing of the dead. And a festival honoring the Roman goddess of fruits and trees, Pomona.

As the years went on, more Romans were converting to Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church wanted to substitute Samhain. It created All Saints' Day, a festival on November 1 that celebrates Christian martyrs. And All Souls' Day, a celebration of the dead on November 2, which included many of Samhain's customs, like bonfires and costumes.

As the festivals spread throughout Europe, and later the US, the day before All Saints' Day was recognized as All Hallows' Eve, and eventually became what we know as the more secular celebration: Halloween.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This video was originally published on October 28, 2016.

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You can now rent a luxury yacht with bitcoin



  • Royal Yacht Brokers will now accept cryptocurrencies.
  • Company said it will lower fees for its  yacht charters and sales.

A luxury yacht company has announced that it will start accepting bitcoin as a method of payment, as a way to help attract more wealthy clients.

Royal Yacht Brokers, an agency based in Monaco, said it now considers a range of cryptocurrencies to be valid methods of payment.

It also said it will accept payment in precious metals, including lumps of gold and platinum.

The company said it will now take bitcoin and Ethereum as well as smaller cryptocurrencies like CryptoRuble.

The company added that as cryptocurrencies are increasingly being accepted in the real estate market, it expects this to soon expand to luxury and lifestyle markets.

It said it has hired Goldmoney to process its cryptocurrency and precious metal payments.

Bitcoin hit a record high at the weekend. The digital currency posted new high of $6,306 on Sunday evening, before dipping to around $6,111 on Monday morning. The cryptocurrency has rallied around 5,000% so far this year.

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We went to the most Instagrammed restaurant in America that has a sundae with 28 scoops of ice cream


Lost of restaurants these days have unique items that have customers whipping out their phones to take a pic and share it with their friends. But Sugar Factory takes the cake when it comes to Instagrammable food and drinks, with a broad range of colorful, and visually stunning items to choose from on its menu.  We spoke with Sugar Factory partner Tom Recine about some of their most popular items, what exactly makes them Instagrammable, and how Instagram has affected their business. Following is a transcript of the video.

Customers: "Sugar!"

Tom Recine: Pretty much every single table will have their camera out, because they see something they think is fantastic.

Sugar Factory is a restaurant, bar, retail, and many, many other things actually that's rolled into one.

In 2016, this was the number one Instagrammed restaurant in the country, if not the world.

It's a fantastic tool for us. I think it has definitely grown our business. When we create something, it's to create a "wow." And that turns into an Instagram moment. I think it's definitely the best marketing tool there is on the planet. There's no question about that.

We stay very, very relevant in everything that we do.

We have something that's called a Couture Pop. It's a blinged stem with a screw-on lollipop top. That is backed by stars like Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian and many, many others. That's one thing that helped brand Sugar Factory.

Many, many celebrities come in on their own. Some celebrities there licensee ti-ins. We do a really good job of taking care of them, making them feel comfortable here. They respond with a lot of Instagram and Tweets on their own.

One thing is it can't be kitschy or hokey. It has to be relevant. I think people obviously, they eat with her eyes first. It's appealing to the eyes. It's something that everybody associates with. And it's something that everyone just has to have.

We sell a lot of drinks. We sell a lot of goblets. The Drake goblet is a new item on our menu that has just exploded. People are loving that. We have at something called a Lollipop Passion. I think the Lollipop Passion is the number one most instagrammed food or beverage item.

We also have an insane milkshake. The Sugar Daddy. And we have rainbow sliders with colored buns. Our King Kong Sundae is probably the number one dessert. It's a sundae that has 28 scoops of ice cream. And it's garnished with all kinds of candies and Unicorn Pops. And then two sparklers go in it. And the team celebrates a guest's birthday in a way that no other restaurant does.

Sometimes it's taking something that's tried and true, something that people really understand, and taking it to 2 or 3 levels higher. When that happens, you have a winner. 

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Why cheating doesn't always doom a marriage, according to a couples therapist


closer jude law julia roberts

  • Esther Perel is a couples therapist and the author of "The State of Affairs."
  • Perel says after the discovery of an affair, couples sometimes reconnect emotionally in a way they haven't in years.
  • That said, Perel would never recommend that you cheat on your partner in order to restore intimacy.


After more than 30 years in practice, couples therapist Esther Perel has seen firsthand the havoc that infidelity can wreak on a relationship. She's also witnessed the blossoming of new love and understanding between partners after the discovery of an affair.

Which is why, when people ask her whether she's "for" or "against" cheating, Perel answers, simply and frustratingly, "Yes."

In her new book, "The State of Affairs," Perel offers a nuanced perspective on infidelity — one that deliberately eschews labels and generalizations. In the book's first chapter, Perel writes:

"Because I believe that some good may come out of the crisis of infidelity, I have often been asked, 'So, would you recommend an affair to a struggling couple?' My response? A lot of people have positive, life-changing experiences that come along with terminal illness. But I would no more recommend having an affair than I would recommend getting cancer."

When she visited the Business Insider office in September, Perel described the paradoxical regrowth of affection and intimacy that often happens after someone is caught straying:

"It's a reevaluation of what happened: How did we become so estranged from each other? How did we lose our connection? How did we become so numb to each other? And the galvanizing of the fear of losing everything that we have built sometimes brings us back face-to-face, with a level of intensity that we haven't experienced in a long time. …

"In the aftermath of the revelation of an affair, some people stand to have a level of depth and honesty and openness in their conversations with each other that they haven't had in years. As well as a reconnecting of an erotic intimacy with each other that also had gone flat. Something about the fear of loss makes us take action about what we really want to hold onto."

In other words, the process of recovery in the wake of infidelity can be just the jolt a relationship needs. That said, no one should wish the devastation and emotional exhaustion that accompanies this process on themselves, or on anyone else.

Other therapists take a similar approach to cheating — despite Americans' generally Puritanical attitudes toward sexual immorality.

In a 2013 Slate article, Hanna Rosin describes therapist Emily Brown's work with one couple affected by infidelity. Specifically, "Brown has to quickly move the affair off center stage and get to the underlying issues." The husband learns that the wife (who strayed) has been lonely, but also that she doesn't want the marriage to end.

Here again, the effects of infidelity can transform a marriage in a positive way, bringing couples closer than they've been in years. But that doesn't negate the trauma they cause.

Perel likes to describe the post-affair recovery process with one particular image, which she shared with Business Insider: "Many of us are going to have two or three relationships in our adult life or marriages. Some of us will do it with the same person. Sometimes an affair means the end of the first marriage with each other and perhaps the beginning of a second one, with each other."

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This former radioactive-waste site off the coast of San Francisco is turning into a $5 billion housing development


treasure island tour san francisco 6382

Treasure Island, a man-made island off the coast of San Francisco, looks more like a postapocalyptic wasteland than a Bay Area suburb.

But as demand for housing in the area continues to climb, developers including Lennar — now the largest homebuilder in the US — turned to Treasure Island in hopes of creating the next big real-estate destination. The dilapidated land mass is getting an extreme home makeover.

In 2011, the city of San Francisco approved a proposal to add 8,000 homes, 500 hotel rooms, 300 acres of parks, 140,000 square feet of retail, and 100,000 square feet of office space to the island over 15 years. The development project comes with a price tag of $5 billion.

With construction on infrastructure underway, we decided to spend the day exploring Treasure Island — and learned there's more to this former toxic-waste site than meets the eye.

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You can live in San Francisco your whole life and never set foot on Treasure Island.

Treasure Island sits in the San Francisco Bay between mainland San Francisco and Oakland.

It doesn't get many visitors outside its two major attractions: a flea market held on the last weekend of the month and a music festival that draws tens of thousands of fans. (The festival was postponed this year because of the massive development project underway.)

On a visit, I learned that Treasure Island is closer to downtown San Francisco than my San Francisco apartment is. I reached the island from SoMa in about 15 minutes by bus.

You can see the length of the island from the exit road off Interstate 80. It's small.

The island was built on a rocky bank just north of Yerba Buena Island. It served as the fairgrounds of the 1939 World's Fair, which celebrated the city's two new bridges.

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A strange law that forbids dancing in New York City clubs and bars may soon be history


tenjune nyc nightclub

  • A 91-year-old New York City law forbids dancing in clubs and bars without a cabaret license.
  • Most venues don't have the license, which is expensive and difficult to obtain.
  • A new bill introduced to City Council is expected to repeal the law.

If you've ever felt the urge to dance at a New York City club or bar, you may have unwittingly put the establishment at risk due to a strange law that has governed the city's nightlife for 91 years.

It's called the Cabaret Law, and it has forbidden dancing at clubs and bars that don't have a cabaret license. But, obtaining this license is expensive and difficult, and it's available only to venues that operate in areas where commercial manufacturing is permitted. Only 97 of about 25,000 businesses that serve food or alcohol in New York City have the license.

That may change soon, according to the New York Times, as Brooklyn city councilman Rafael Espinal has introduced a bill that would eliminate the Cabaret Law. He expects the bill to pass Tuesday.

The law was introduced in 1926 and forbade non-licensed venues to play or host music of any kind. Ten years later, they were permitted to play music without a license but were restricted in the kinds of music that they could play or book. Artists such as Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, and Frank Sinatra rarely performed in New York City as a result. 

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani increased enforcement of the Cabaret Law in the 1990s to combat the rising popularity of raves and electronic dance music. While Mayor Bill de Blasio has been less aggressive in punishing venues that violate the law, owners and activists launched a renewed effort to get it off the books once and for all, arguing that it drives people who seek out dance music to dangerous, unregulated venues that pose increased risks for fires and other disasters.

Opponents of the law have found an ally in de Blasio, who said through a spokesman that he "strongly supports" repealing it. 

If they have their way, you'll be able to dance if you want to, without leaving your favorite bars behind.

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Here's why we should just scrap daylight-saving time already


Every fall more than 70 countries around the world turn their clocks back an hour ahead for daylight-saving time. If billions of people are literally shifting time twice a year, there must be a pretty good reason why we're doing it, right? Not necessarily. 

Studies have found that adjusting our clocks doesn't really save us anything on energy use. What we save on lighting is negated by increasing the use of heat and air conditioning. When it's light out longer we also tend to drive more, which means using more gas. Daylight-saving extensions haven't been driven by energy costs they've been driven by retailers who want to give consumers more daylight to shop, eat out, and play golf.

The entire continental US has a reasonable sunset time for a majority of the year, but many places only see reasonable sunrise times for less than half of the year. If we were to abolish daylight-saving time we would still have roughly the same number of days with acceptable sunsets, plus we have way more days for the appropriate sunrise times.

Produced by Alex Kuzoian

EDITOR'S NOTE: This video was originally published March 11, 2016.

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Here are the best restaurants in New York City, according to the Michelin Guide


le bernardin

  • The Michelin Guide was just released for New York City. 
  • New York now has five three-star restaurants and 56 restaurants with at least one star.
  • The venerated French restaurant Jean-Georges lost a star.

The 2018 Michelin Guide for New York City is here.

Seven restaurants got new stars in this year's guide, while one restaurant lost a star. Jean-Georges — the well-regarded French restaurant — now claims only two. Michelin's reviewers saw a "slow glide downward" at Jean-Georges, the guide's director, Michael Ellis, told Eater.

That means New York now has five three-star restaurants, while San Francisco has seven. New York still has more restaurants with stars overall, with 56.

See the full list of Michelin-starred restaurants in New York, below.

Three stars:

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

Eleven Madison Park

Le Bernardin


Per Se

Two stars:






Jean-Georges (three stars last year)

Jean Georges




The Modern

Ginza Onodera (one star last year)

One Star:


Ai Fiori




Bar Uchu (new)


Blue Hill

The Breslin

Cafe Boulud


Casa Enrique

Casa Mono

Caviar Russe

The Clocktower (new)

the clocktower nyc


Cote (new)

Del Posto

Delaware and Hudson



The Finch

Gabriel Kreuther

Gotham Bar and Grill

Gramercy Tavern

Gunter Seeger


Jewel Bako




Kyo Ya

L' Appart

La Sirena

La Vara


Minetta Tavern

Musket Room



Peter Luger


River Cafe

Rouge Tomate (new)

Satsuki (new)

Sushi Amane (new)

Sushi Inoue

Sushi Yasuda

Sushi Zo

Tempura Matsui

Tori Shin

Uncle Boons



ZZ's Clam Bar

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Michelle Obama's White House photographer reveals in a new book what being around the former first lady was like


Book Cover_Chasing_Light (Flat image)

Each administration since President John F. Kennedy has had an official photographer to document life in the White House.

While Pete Souza was busy documenting the life of President Barack Obama, the photographer Amanda Lucidon was following Michelle Obama, capturing her every move from 2013 until 2017.

Lucidon's new book, "Chasing Light," is more than 200 pages of the former first lady's time in the White House, along with personal accounts from Lucidon.

"It was a remarkable experience," Lucidon told Business Insider of her time documenting the first family.

Here's a look at some of the best photographs from the book.

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It was the White House photographer Pete Souza who called Lucidon to ask whether she was interested in the job.

"Before working at the White House, I had spent most of my career documenting stories that focused on civil rights and discrimination issues," Lucidon told Business Insider. "As a documentarian, I recognized the importance and responsibility of photographing our first African-American first family. For me, it transcended politics. I had the honor to witness and document history."

In her book, Lucidon describes feeling "shell shock" upon meeting the first lady. "It was quick, I have no idea what I said, and I could hardly see because I was smiling so big," Lucidon wrote.

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The world's largest legal marijuana producer operates out of a once-abandoned Hershey's factory


canopy growth marijuana 1

The marijuana industry's first $1 billion "unicorn" startup — now the world's largest publicly traded cannabis company— is joining forces with a beer industry giant.

On Monday, Constellation Brands, the owners of Corona and Modelo, announced it acquired a 9.9% stake in cannabis holding company Canopy Growth. The beer behemoth paid $191 million for its stake in Canopy Growth, Canada's biggest producer of medical marijuana.

Founded in 2014, Canopy Growth likens itself to the Procter & Gamble of pot. Several cannabis brands fall under its umbrella and cater to different user preferences. The company supplies the drug to about a third of the roughly 200,000 medical marijuana customers in Canada.

Canopy Growth grows, trims, processes, packages, and ships marijuana products out of several properties across the Great White North. Take a look inside the company's headquarters.

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Canopy Growth has greenhouses across Canada, but its headquarters are based in a once-abandoned Hershey chocolate factory in the small town of Smiths Falls, Ontario.

The company supplies the drug to about a third of Canada's 200,000 medical marijuana patients. It is the world's largest publicly traded cannabis company.

Source: Reuters and CNBC

Bruce Linton, CEO of Canopy Growth, founded the company because he thought a vertically integrated company — one that grows marijuana in addition to processing it for oils and other products and packaging it for shipment — would give him better control over quality.

Vertically integrated companies are also able to offer their products more cheaply, since they cut out the middle men in growing and distribution.

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Spotify won't work with Siri on Apple's HomePod (AAPL)


Apple HomePod white and black

  • Apple's smart speaker, HomePod, will go on sale in December for $349. People will use it by talking to it. 
  • Apple wants developers to make Siri apps for the HomePod, but only in a few categories — messaging, lists, and notes.
  • This means that users won't be able to tell the HomePod to play music from Spotify, although Apple's streaming service, Apple Music, is supported. 


Apple encouraged developers on Monday to make apps for HomePod, Apple's new smart speaker that will go on sale before the end of the year. 

Because the HomePod does not have a screen, users are expected to interact with it primarily by talking to it and to Apple's voice assistant, Siri. 

But the third-party apps that Apple is opening the doors for on the HomePod are fairly limited — Apple says that only apps that revolve around messaging, lists, and notes can integrate with Siri on the HomePod and will use a nearby iPhone or iPad to process commands. 

The lack of music app support means that users won't be able to play Spotify on the HomePod the way it was intended — by using your voice to tell it to play a song. (Users also won't be able to order an Uber or Lyft by speaking to the HomePod, or make a call on Skype, based on the limited app categories.) 

Apple Music users, of course, can call up their favorite tracks or albums by speaking to the smart speaker. 

"We are always working to have Spotify available across all platforms, but we don't have any further information to share at this time," a Spotify representative told Business Insider, pointing out that users will be able to play Spotify on the HomePod speaker by using the AirPlay feature from an iPhone or iPad. Users will control the music by tapping around the Spotify smartphone app, rather than by using verbal commands.

"Third party apps like Spotify would just play music on HomePod using AirPlay 2, as we said back in June," an Apple representative told Business Insider. AirPlay enables HomePod to be used like other wireless speakers. 

When Apple first opened up Siri to third-party developers it took a similar approach. At first, Apple limited Siri access to apps only in a few categories, such as ride-hailing and fitness, although it expanded the number of categories earlier this summer.

However, Siri still does not support music apps on the iPhone and Spotify has no Siri features. 

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An iconic French restaurant in a New York City Trump Hotel just lost a Michelin star for the first time


Jean Georges

  • Jean-Georges is a vaunted French restaurant in New York City.
  • The restaurant lost a star in the latest version of the Michelin Guide. 
  • The guide's reviewers said the restaurant had experienced  "a slow glide downward."

Jean-Georges is no longer a three-star restaurant, according to the newest edition of the Michelin Guide for New York City. 

The annual guide has stripped a star from the famous French restaurant, downgrading it to two stars from three.

"It was a difficult decision for us to make," Michelin guide director Michael Ellis told Eater. "Unfortunately, we saw a slow glide downward. It started off with small things ... and it didn’t get any better. It was kind of on cruise control."

This marks the first time that Jean-Georges has been downgraded since Michelin started publishing New York-centric guides in 2006. Jean-Georges is frequently hailed as one of the best restaurants in the US, which makes the downgrade surprising. 

Michelin stars aren't guaranteed forever, though, and each restaurant is re-evaluated by the guide's reviewers every year. If a revisited restaurant is not found to be up to par, it gets docked.

Jean-Georges is housed in Trump International Hotel & Tower off of Columbus Circle, and it was the site of an infamous dinner between then-President-elect Donald Trump, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and then-Chief of Staff Reince Priebus in November 2016.

Because of its location, the restaurant has also been the site of at least one protest by anti-Trump activists. 

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Paul Manafort's wife Kathleen has been a quietly pivotal part of the investigation against him— here's everything we know


Paul Kathleen Manafort wife marriage

• Special counsel Robert Mueller slapped Paul Manafort, US President Donald Trump's former campaign manager, with numerous charges Monday.

• Manafort's wife Kathleen is a lawyer who has largely stayed out of the public eye.

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort surrendered to the FBI Monday after being indicted on 12 counts, including conspiracy against the United States, Business Insider reported.

The indictment accuses Manafort of laundering $18 million from 2006 to 2016 to keep up his "lavish lifestyle."

While the investigation into the political operative's dealings has dominated the headlines for months, his wife Kathleen Bond Manafort has largely stayed out of the news cycle.

But she's very much been a presence during the investigation.

The couple was in bed together when FBI agents conducted a pre-dawn raid of their Alexandria, Virginia house in July. CNN reported the experience was a "jarring event" for the couple, and that Kathleen was even searched for weapons, as per standard FBI procedure.

Reports indicate the couple was married on August 12, 1978, according to Heavy.com. It's unclear how they first met.

Kathleen is a lawyer who graduated from George Washington University in 1979, the year after she reportedly married her husband. She has given money to her alma mater over the years, and is listed as a donor in the school's president's report for the years of 1986, 1990, and 1992, according to Archive.org.

In 1984, the couple attended a state dinner for Dominican Republic President Salvador Jorge Blanco, the Washington Post reported. Manafort was a partner in the DC lobbying firm Black, Manafort and Stone at the time. The Manaforts have two daughters — Jessica, who was born in 1982 and Andrea, who was born in 1985.

Kathleen subsequently earned her J.D. from Georgetown in 1988, and passed the Virginia bar the same year, according to The Washington Post. Kathleen was also admitted to the DC bar in 1991. Her various degrees are listed in online legal databases like LegalDirectories.com and Lawyers.com.

Over the years, Kathleen had a hand in some of the couple's major purchases.

The Manaforts have bought numerous in Florida, Virginia, New York, according to NBC, including a Trump Tower apartment together in 2006 and a horse farm in Wellington, Florida.

In 2003, San Diego — one of the horses owned by the couple — was stolen, according to "A Sunday Horse: Inside the Grand Prix Show Jumping Circuit" by Vicky Moon. The Manaforts — in partnership with the Wellington Equestrian Alliance — put up a $10,000 reward for information about the case. San Diego was found after several weeks and ex-veterinarian Cathy Crighton was charged with stealing the horse, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The Manaforts sold the Wellington, Florida property in 2004, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Paul Manafort Hampton houseOther properties initially purchased in Kathleen's name have cropped up in the indictment.

Bloomberg reported Kathleen bought a $400,000 lot in Southhampton in 1992. The subsequent $5.6 million house included a pool and a tennis court. In 2002, she received a $150,000 mortgage on the home from a bank run by Jared Kushner's dad. Two years later, Thomas Barrack Jr. — a close friend of Trump's — gave her a $1.76 million mortgage for the house.

In 2007, Kathleen Manafort appears during the May 17, 2007 minutes of the Town of Southampton's zoning board, when she requested relief from certain "residential district dimensional regulations" for the property.

And NBC reported the deed for the home was transferred to Paul Manafort's Summberbreeze LLC in 2016.

The indictment indicated Paul Manafort used offshore accounts to spend money on "personal items," including a total of $6,090,293 on a home improvement company and a landscaper in the Hamptons, Business Insider reported. According to Curbed, Paul Manafort was subpoenaed for a $3.5 million mortgage on the home.

Beyond public records about property purchases, not much is known about the relationship between Kathleen and Paul Manafort.

However, during the investigation, tabloids attacked the couple's marriage, Heavy.com reported. The National Enquirer — which is owned by American Media CEO David Pecker, a friend of Trump's— has printed stories alleging Paul Manafort was having an affair with a much-younger woman.

And in March, allegedly hacked text messages between the Manaforts' two daughters Andrea and Jessica indicated that their parents' marriage was in trouble.

Business Insider reported Andrea appeared to to say her parents couldn't go through a "public divorce" because it would unearth "too many skeletons."

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A BMW sports car once owned by Steve Jobs is going up for auction — and it's expected to sell for up to $400,000


steve jobs bmw z8 car

  • The BMW Z8 once owned by Steve Jobs will be put up for auction in December.
  • The sleek sports car is expected to sell for between $300,000 and $400,000.
  • Jobs bought the car in 2000, after being named permanent CEO of Apple.


If you have the cash, you can now cruise around in the same BMW Z8 roadster once owned by Steve Jobs.

The vehicle, which was first owned by the late Apple cofounder, will be put up for auction in New York City on December 6. It's expected to sell for between $300,000 and $400,000 — at least double what Jobs paid for the car in October 2000. He sold the car three years later.

The silver convertible comes with a copy of its old California registration, under the name "Jobs, Steven P.," and the original Motorola flip-phone built into the display.

"Interestingly enough, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Jobs was known to have hated the Motorola phone," according to the listing on auction house RM Sotheby's website.

steve jobs bmw z8 car

Jobs was not known as a car enthusiast, but he took a liking to German design, RM Sotheby's said. The tech visionary also owned a Mercedes-Benz SLs and BMW motorcycles. According to legend, tech billionaire Larry Ellison convinced Jobs to buy the BMW Z8, comparing its modern automotive engineering and ergonomics to Jobs' own products and personality.

In 2000, Jobs was installed as the new CEO of Apple, after serving as an interim replacement for ousted executive Gil Amelio. The company was worth about $5 billion that year.

His car has a "titanium" exterior and black leather interior. It has clocked about 15,200 miles.

History buffs and Apple fans will certainly be drawn to the car, which is marked up because of its history. But the price is still reasonable for the car. The BMW Z8 cost $129,000 when it launched in 2000, and sells for more than $200,000 today, according to Autotrader's Doug DeMur.

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The Trumps celebrated Halloween at the White House — and the photos are fantastic


trump halloween

The White House transformed from a grandiose building into a haunted spectacle to celebrate Halloween eve on Monday. Giant spiders and their webs hung from the walls as Jack O'Lanters featuring the faces of previous presidents were scattered across the garden.

Flanked by costumed children and parents, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump handed out treats and posed for photographs as a steady stream of visitors awaited to greet the two on the South Lawn. It just so happened that the cheerful event fell on the same day that Trump's associates, including Paul Manafort, were indicted in the Russia probe.

Children from 20 schools in the surrounding area and military families were invited to the event, according to the Associated Press. Trick-or-treaters received presidential M&M's and home-baked cookies. 

Here are some photos of the festivities:

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Staff transformed the White House on Halloween eve to welcome the first family's costumed guests.

Halloween decorations of previous presidents were scattered across the area.

The Trumps greeted the wave of zombies, robots, and other costumed children for the Halloween event.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

McDonald's is bringing back the McRib (MCD)



  • The McRib is returning to McDonald's. 
  • The sandwich has reportedly returned to some New York locations.
  • Hawaii and Southern California McDonald's say they'll start serving the McRib in early November. 
  • McDonald's says there's a lot of 'mystery' surrounding the sandwich's return, as not every location brings it back every year. 


McDonald's is bringing back the McRib. 

The fast-food chain is bringing the controversial boneless pork sandwich back to certain locations across the US in early November, according to local McDonald's. 


McDonald's SoCal tweeted that the McRib will return on November 2, while McDonald's Hawaii tweeted that the sandwich will return on November 9. 

On Tuesday, reports emerged that the McRib is already available in locations in at least eight states, including New York, Texas, and Oklahoma. 



"There's a lot of mystery around why the McRib comes and goes, but to be honest it's a local option based on consumer demand," the main McDonald's account tweeted last week.

Part of the McRib's appeal is the chaotic customer response and copious press coverage that the sandwich receives. It doesn't return every year or to every location — which makes the hunt for the McRib even more exciting. 

There's even a McRib locator, which keeps track of sightings of the sandwich. At this point, the website is probably the best bet to figuring out if there's a McDonald's selling McRibs near you.

As of Monday evening, the only confirmed sightings this year were in the Buffalo, New York area. By Tuesday, the McRib had been spotted in parts of Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. 

McDonald's did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for more information regarding which locations would sell the McRib. 

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The 6 things 'time poor' young professionals should do to find love in London and New York, according to a professional matchmaker and elite dating club founder


nana 2

  • Nana Wereko-Brobby is the founder of Social Concierge, an elite dating club which operates in London and New York.
  • Business Insider met with her in London to hear her top tips for young professionals in the modern dating game.
  • She's not a fan of swiping to find love, and has a simple philosophy: to see results, you need to get out there and meet people.

Nana Wereko-Brobby is a professional matchmaker and the founder of Social Concierge, an elite dating club which operates in London and New York.

She's also a dating columnist who has written for the "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger, who has been called the "fairy godmother of love" for her reality show where she sets wealthy and successful people up on dates.

Business Insider caught up with Wereko-Brobby at The Curtain, a trendy new private members' club in East London, where she shared her pearls of wisdom for "time poor" young professional singletons who are looking for a match.

1. Forget about swiping.

NanaThe first thing Wereko-Brobby is clear about is that finding love is not easy and it takes real effort — if you want to see any results, that is.

She's not a fan of swiping to find a date and, in fact, Social Concierge is one of the few apps where users don't have profiles and don't swipe. Instead, the app puts on a series of events which are free to its members.

Her philosophy is simple: get out there and meet people.

"Yes, it is difficult, but you have to remember it always has been," she said. "The pain of your first kiss when you were younger, being asked out or trying to get noticed, we just had to man up and get through it.

"Now we are adults we expect the awkwardness and vulnerability to disappear and for meeting someone to be easy."

In fact, this is not the case.

2. 'Qualify your buyer.'

The best dates are those without strict time restraints, she explains, but this all depends on your expectations before you arrive.

Wereko-Brobby advises her clients to "qualify your buyer" by doing their homework before agreeing to a date. "Have at least one good conversation before you lock it in," she said.

"If it goes wrong, 45 minutes is polite enough," she went on. "If it goes well, stretch it out but change locations after a couple of hours to bring some variety into it."

HNMN_160930_SOCIALCONCIERGE_5thBirthday 7138

As far as when to wrap it up? Wereko-Brobby said you should call it a day (or night) "when you have the option for just one more drink/location/thing, to leave the adventure unfinished. Don't do the whole three dates in one."

For second dates, she advises her members scale it back and meet for either brunch or to take a walk "to see if you can bond without the smoke and mirrors."

"And pin down the third during this date, just to complete the set," she added. "We all take stock after date three."

3. Dress up.

nana wreko

"I always tell clients to peacock at parties," she said. "A red dress goes a very long way, as does a silly pocket square."

According to Wereko-Brobby, a man's best bet is a white shirt, but the most important thing is to look like you've made an effort.

"I've seen busy corporates just leave the office and head straight to a date with wet gym hair, a crumpled shirt, saying to themselves 'they should take me how I am.'

"As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. And what's more attractive than showing you can be bothered in life?"

4. Be time efficient.

witness the fitness

If you're time poor, there are ways to be efficient with your dates, Wereko-Brobby said. This can be a coffee on your lunch break or even two dates in one evening, but she also suggests incorporating dates into your fitness regime.

"Many of my clients sometimes take a break from dating to alleviate their health and bank balance, especially in London where "loving food and drink" now qualifies as an interest.

"But an interest in fitness and looking after yourself is up there with one of the most asked for qualities when matchmaking, so why not play on this by inviting them to workout alongside you and then just grab coffee?"

Social Concierge's unique selling point has to date been hosting boozy parties, but the club has recently started working with gyms like 1Rebel and BXR to introduce an alternative — group fitness dates.

"It's already gone down such a storm. The idea that you have to compromise your lifestyle in order to find the one is an outdated one."

5. Go sober.

social 3

"I'm a massive fan of coffee dates that could lead to more," she told Business Insider. "The GRIND coffee empire in London has perfected the first date formula by offering a coffee-meets-cocktail setting where you can get away with a sober chat, or descend into full debauchery."

And it's one of the first places Wereko-Brobby recommends to her clients.

"Five to 10 years ago sober dating seemed highly bizarre. Now, city professionals are more perfectionist, the boozy lunch culture is dead, and we are more conscious of health, performance, and the cult of self-improvement — so it's no big thing to go sober. It can be more deeply bonding, in fact."

If her members do fancy a glass or two of wine at one of Social Concierge's events, Wereko-Brobby just advises them to pace themselves. "The tolerance for sloppy drunks is low in our network," she added.

6. Remember: whoever picks, pays.

Eliza Bailey and Adi ChughWhether or not to "Go Dutch" on a first date is so subjective that Wereko-Brobby conceded there are no hard rules.

"I used to pay for a lot of dates and that didn't always go well. You need to read the person and the situation and do what feels comfortable and fair," she said.

"The rule of 'whoever picks, pays' is a good one to follow in the early days — it's courteous to pay if you've picked an expensive place. If you got dinner and all is going well, they can get the drinks at the bar after. If the date went badly, split it."

"And if it's all a bit unclear but you'd prefer them to pay, at least attempt an offer or reach for your wallet."

These are here go-to date venues:


For London singletons:

For New Yorkers:

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Shake Shack just added chili to the menu — here's the verdict


Shake Shack just started serving slow-braised beef chili. It comes on a burger, on a hot dog, on fries, or as a side. The chili is being served nationwide, but you can't get it at airports or stadiums. Following is the transcript of the video. 

Shake Shack now serves chili. You can get it four ways. Only three are on the menu. Get it on a hot dog, on a burger, or on fries. This isn't on the menu, but you can also get the chili as a side. Here's what we thought about it. 

Kate Taylor: This is very good. It almost tastes like a barbecue sandwich. There is so much chili in here. This is delicious.  

Kevin Reilly: My favorite is definitely the chili dog. I kind of like how it gets a little messy but also the dog itself is delicious. That grilled flavor on there is fantastic.

Alyssa Pagano: Oh, it’s actually spicier than I was expecting.

Kate Taylor: This is a very tasty chili cheese dog.

Alyssa Pagano: I’m just going to eat another one, because why not?

Kevin Reilly: And I’m going to have another bite because it’s really good.

The chili is smoked and slow-braised beef. It's made with ancho and chile de árbol peppers. They'll be serving it for a limited time, so get it while it's hot.


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