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A charter company hosted a 100-person VIP rave on a plane complete with decks, DJs, and Champagne — take a look inside


Le Shuuk World Club Dome flight

Charter company Air Charter Service recently hosted a rave for 100 VIP guests on an Airbus A340 bound for Frankfurt.

The guests — who were mainly chosen from a prize draw — were all on their way to BigCityBeats' World Club Dome music festival — and the plane party provided the perfect warmup.

There were also some of the event's sponsors, friends of the DJs, and production crew aboard the aircraft.

The plane took off from London Stansted, stopped in Munich, then ended up in Frankfurt — and there were Champagne receptions at either end.

On board, the partygoers were treated to canapés, beer, and yet more Champagne, as well as sets from DJs Afrojack, Le Shuuk, Rui, and Robin Schulz — all while they were in the sky.

It all started with glasses of Champagne in the VIP lounge at London Stansted airport.

champs at airport

Caroline Werf, managing director of Air Charter Service Germany, said: "Last year we arranged a Boeing B747 to make the trip, but they wanted to make it a more exclusive event this time, on a smaller aircraft.”

So the A380 made for a more intimate affair.


Most guests made time for a quick selfie before entering the jet.

most guests made time for selfie

Inside, it was kitted out with "World Club Dome" logos.

insidee world club dome

Guests were treated to canapés...

canapes aboard

...Yet more Champagne, and plenty of beer before the raving started.


"Four of the top names on the bill started the party in the air for the 100 lucky passengers," Werf said. "Afrojack, Le Shuuk, Rui, and Robin Schulz all performed DJ sets on the aircraft as it flew from London to Munich and then on to Frankfurt for the main event."

Below, you can see DJ Afrojack perform.

Afrojack World Club Dome flight

Here's Le Shuuk's set, which a lot of guests wore onesies for — though it's not entirely clear why.

Le Shuuk World Club Dome flight

The VIP guests then descended upon Frankfurt for a weekend of debauchery at the BigCityBeats World Club Dome music festival.

The event will take place again next June 1 to 3 — and it's likely there'll be a similar plane pre-party.

You can check out the video of the sky-high party here.

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Deliciously Ella responds to every email she's sent each day — here's how she does it


Deliciously Ella

  • Healthy food blogger Deliciously Ella has more than a million fans on Instagram.
  • She receives over 400 emails a day — and makes a point of responding to every one.
  • She told Business Insider that using travel time is the key.

At only 26 years old, Ella Mills, better known as Deliciously Ella, has more than a million Instagram followers and a healthy eating blog that has seen more than 100 million hits since its launch in 2012.

She operates three delis, has her own brand of snacks in Waitrose and Starbucks, a successful food and drink app, and three best-selling cookbooks.

Yet somehow, she manages to respond to every single email she's sent every day.

"When I first started doing what I was doing, I decided that I would try and commit to myself that I would try and reply to everybody," Mills told Business Insider.

"A couple of years later, in hindsight, [that] was probably not my best commitment because there’s now about 300-400 emails a day that need responses."

Still, she has stuck to her goal because she feels a "real responsibility" to respond every time someone emails telling her a story about something they've done or learned from her, or asking a question.Deliciously Ella

"A lot of people say that I'm insane spending so much of my day doing that, but it’s actually been one of the key successes of building the brand, the amazing engagement we’ve been able to create, and the community we’ve been able to create from that support [has helped us] launch each step of the business."

She added that she's constantly learning from people as they "get in touch and tell you about certain elements of the brand they’ve come into contact with, that they like, that they don’t like, that they have thoughts on."

So how does she fit it in?

She said she tries to respond to emails between every meeting she has. "I’ll be on my phone and try to reply to as many as I can," she said. "I’ll go through our Instagram page and try to reply to as many comments, like peoples’ comments, like their messages, and just try to be engaged with every single person that touches the brand throughout every day."

"I find travel time is actually some of the most useful time of the day because it’s the time you can sit down and reply to anything and everything, so anytime I’m sitting on the Tube or getting in a cab I’ll just spend the whole time replying to every single email so that you don’t get that backlog throughout the day," she added.

"If I don’t get that, I get a little bit overwhelmed at the end of the day when you sit down and you’re like ‘Right, there’s just 200 people that need an answer in the next hour.'"

Ella Mills

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16 capital cities around the world where you'll pay the most to rent an office


berlin unsplash Fre Sonneveld

If you think the rent on your flat is expensive, prepare to learn how much your boss is forking out for your office cubicle.

London-based estate agency Knight Frank has studied property values across 40 major cities for the Knight Frank "2018 Global Cities" report.

The report analyses how much prime office space can be bought for US$100 million (£76 million) in different cities in response to the growing trend of private investors who have traditionally invested in residential buildings now looking towards offices.

Despite already-staggering rents in the world's biggest business hubs continuing to climb, the report discovered that investors and companies continue to focus on and invest in "safe haven" cities — such as London, Zurich, and Tokyo — long established as wealthy cities and business hubs, rather than branching into up-and-coming cities.

Across the capital cities listed, with $100 million (£76 million), investors can bag everything from half the area of Buckingham Palace and its grounds, to the spatial equivalent of just eight IMAX cinema screens.

Scroll on to discover the 16 capital cities and autonomous cities where you'll pay the most to rent an office, ranked in ascending order on how much office space $100 million would typically get.

16. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In Malaysia's capital, $100 million (£76 million) will get you 512,385 square feet of office space, which covers 90% of Windsor Castle — the Queen's main residence.


15. Manila, Philippines.

For $100 million (£76 million), a company or investor can buy 445,739 square feet of office space in Manila. This is half the size of Buckingham Palace and its grounds.

14. Bangkok, Thailand.

The bustling capital city of Thailand is a favourite amongst travellers and businesspeople alike. In Bangkok, $100 million (£76 million) will buy you 229,244 square feet of office space — the equivalent of two city blocks in Manhattan, New York.

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This low-cost airline is selling flights from London and Paris to Toronto for £149 — free WiFi included


primera air

Scandinavian airline Primera Air is launching flights from its bases at London Stansted, Birmingham, and Paris to Toronto, Canada for £149 ($196) — and they're already on sale.

The "low-fare/high quality" routes — which will commence in May 2018 — will be served three times a week from London and Birmingham (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) and four times per week from Paris (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays).

The flights will be serviced by brand new Airbus A321neo aeroplanes, which allow the airline to offer "unprecedented prices to our passengers from France and UK to US and Canada."

The £149 "light" fare includes one item of hand luggage, with a maximum weight of 10kg, and free WiFi. Seat selection, checked baggage, and meals are extra money. There is a "premium" and "comfort" fare option, but these cost £399 and £199 each way respectively.

In July, Primera announced that from April 2018, it will also be offering services from London Stansted and Birmingham to New York’s Newark Airport and Boston from just £121 one way, or return for only £271.

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A Victoria's Secret model gave an honest insight into how she tackles the 'stresses' of eating out while on a strict diet


Bridget Jones

  • 25-year-old Bridget Malcolm will walk in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.
  • In preparation, she is following a strict diet regime.
  • In a blog post she revealed some surpising tips on how to tackle dining out while on a diet.

In the leadup to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in December, Australian-born VS model Bridget Malcolm has revealed her top tips on how to eat out while sticking to a strict diet — and some of them are pretty surprising.

The 25-year-old wrote a post entitled "Smart ordering when at a restaurant" on her blog, which gives an honest, if not slightly worrying, insight into how seriously some models take their eating habits.

That said, some might come in handy the next time you're trying not to overindulge while dining out.

"Eating out can be tough when you are trying to make the right choices," Malcolm said. "It is infinitely harder when you have no say in the venue – however not impossible."

She added that it all comes down to "creativity and attitude."

These are her best pieces of advice:

bridget malcolm

1. Snack before.

Before you even get to the restaurant, have a snack. She said: "Don't stuff yourself but try having some water, nuts or fruit so you aren’t ravenous. This will help you to resist the bread basket, and to make sure your willpower is strong."

2. Research the menu.

"That way I am not blind-sided and overwhelmed once I arrive, and it eliminates any decision fatigue/anxiety."

3. Take the waiter aside.

If you have some particularly picky dietary requirements, Malcom advised approaching the waiter away from the table and other people upon arrival (if the venue permits). This is best done while smiling, and being polite about — and apologising for — your tricky order.

4. Load up on veg.

"If there is nothing on the menu that works for my dietary habits, I just ask them to do me a plate of grilled vegetables. I pair this with a salad and I am usually very happy with this."

5. Avoid fried or sautéed dishes.

"Opt for grilled, steamed, broiled, boiled, roasted, baked or poached over fried or sautéed," she said. "Avoid anything breaded."

6. Engage in conversation.

"Make sure to not be completely focused on what you are eating. You are there with company, so enjoy it and make the most of it."

7. Eat mindfully.

Malcolm explains it's all about balance — if you want dessert, pick a lighter main, or vice versa. "Really be present for the delicious flavors, and eat mindfully. This is a treat, so enjoy it!"

She added: "The days of ordering side salads while eyeing the breadbasket are over."

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The company that makes 'the world's most comfortable shoes' just made a version for kids



  • Allbirds is a brand that makes wool-blend shoes.
  • It just released a kids' shoe that costs $55 a pair.
  • The shoes are made from a merino wool fabric blend and are renowned for their comfort and sustainability.


Allbirds is starting to think small.

The startup, now famous for its comfy wool shoes that eschew logos, has released a new line of kids' shoes. They're appropriately called Smallbirds.

SmallbirdsThe shoes come in NZ Blue, Kea Red, and Natural Grey, and they retail for $55. Only the Wool Runner version is available in the kids' sizes, which are designed for children ages 2-4.

"Given merino wool's intrinsic qualities, it made complete sense to move in that direction," cofounder Tim Brown said in a press release. "Plus, the naming options were just too good."

The shoes have the added benefit of being machine-washable, just like regular Allbirds, and they have a stretchy feel for growing feet.

A children's book written by Allbirds cofounder Joey Zwillinger comes with any purchase of a pair of Smallbirds for a limited time. The book, called "Sadie Shaves the Day," is also available for $15 separately.

The shoes are available online and in the brand's San Francisco and New York City stores.


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How to know if you're sleep deprived, even if it doesn't feel like it


How to tell if you're sleep deprived, even if it doesn't feel like it. Following is a transcript of the video.

1. You're craving sugar and carbs

Lack of sleep produces a hormone called ghrelin. Ghrelin makes you hungry for fatty and sugary foods.

It's also harder to stop eating. Leptin, the chemical that tells you when you're full, is reduced with less sleep.

2. You get clumsy

One study found that going one night without sleep will give you the same hand-eye coordination as a drunk person.

3. Your skin isn't looking good

When you're sleep deprived, your cortisol levels spike. This can dehydrate your skin, and break down the collagen that keeps it firm. In other words: you look older.

4. You get sick more easily than usual

Do you sleep for less than 7 hours a night? Then you're nearly 3x more likely to catch a cold than someone who sleeps for at least 8 hours.

You produce infection-fighting proteins while you sleep. The less sleep you get, the weaker your defenses.

5. You're more emotional than usual

A study found that people who stayed awake for 35 straight hours were 60% more reactive to negative images.

Brain scans showed changes in the prefrontal lobe the area of the brain that helps keep your emotions in check.

So, get some sleep. Your skin, diet, immune system, and brain will thank you!

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Amazon is reportedly killing its wine business after legal difficulties following its Whole Foods acquisition (AMZN)



  • Amazon is killing Amazon Wine at the end of the year. 
  • The decision is apparently rooted in legal issues.
  • Amazon will still sell wine, thanks to its acquisition of Whole Foods and the growth of Amazon Fresh and Prime Now. 


Amazon is killing its online wine business after roughly five years. 

Amazon wineThe e-commerce giant alerted Amazon Wine retailers on Monday that its online wine store will shutter at the end of 2017, TechCrunch reported. Amazon Wine allowed third-party wine makers and sellers to sell their products online through Amazon. 

Despite the death of Amazon Wine, Amazon isn't completely exiting the booze business. 

According to TechCrunch and Recode, the company was forced to kill Amazon Wine after its acquisition of Whole Foods — and Whole Foods' wine business.

Under existing laws, it's difficult for Amazon to both sell its own wine and sell and advertise wine from third parties. Amazon will continue to sell wine at Whole Foods, as well as through delivery services such as Amazon Fresh and Prime Now. 

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These are the best New York City restaurants where you can eat for under $40



  • New York City is famous for its world-class cuisine.
  • Each year, the Michelin Guide judges release their list of Bib Gourmands, the best inexpensive restaurants in a city.
  • Meals here cost less than $40.

New York City has no shortage of world-class restaurants, but many are too expensive for those who don't make six-figure salaries. Still, there are plenty of high-quality options that offer reasonably priced meals.

Each year, the judges of the Michelin Guide award the title of Bib Gourmand to their favorite inexpensive restaurants. To qualify for the list, the restaurants must be able to offer two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for no more than $40, before tax.

Below are this year's Bib Gourmand recipients:

Achilles Heel 

Al Bustan

Alta Calidad


Arharn Thai



Baker & Co. 

Bar Primi 



Buttermilk Channel

Casa del Chef Bistro


Cho Dang Gol

Chomp Chomp



Congee Village



Dim Sum Go Go


Don Antonio by Starita


00 + Co

Dumpling Galaxy

East Harbor Seafood Palace


El Molcajete

El Parador

Enoteca Maria


Frankie's 457 Spuntino

Freek's Mill

Ganso Ramen



The Good Fork

Gran Electrica

Gregory's 26 Corner Taverna

Hahm Ji Bach



Hao Noodle and Tea

Havana Cafe

Hecho en Dumbo

Hide-Chan Ramen

High Street on Hudson

HinoMaru Ramen

Hometown Bar-B-Que

Hunan Bistro

Hunan House

Hunan Kitchen

Il Poeta

J.G. Melon

Jin Ramen

John Brown Smokehouse

J. Restaurant Chez Asta


Kiin Thai


Kings County Imperial


Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen

La Morada

Land of Plenty

Larb Ubol



Llama Inn



MaLa Project

Mapo Tofu


Mile End

Miss Ada

Miss Mamie's Spoonbread Too

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Momofuku Ssam Bar

Mu Ramen

New Malaysia

Norma Gastronomia Siciliana





Paet Rio


Paulie Gee's


Pok Pok Ny

Prime Meats


Purple Yam





Runner & Stone

Russ & Daughters Cafe


San Matteo

San Rasa

Shalom Japan


Sip Sak


Somtum Der


Speedy Romeo

Spotted Pig

Streetbird Rotisserie


Sweet Yummy House

Szechuan Gourmet




Tong Sam Gyup Goo Yi

21 Greenpoint

Uncle Zhou



Vinegar Hill House


Zero Otto Nove


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The fashion differences between Ivanka and Melania Trump reveal the truth about their political missions


Ivanka Melania Trump

  • Ivanka and Melania Trump have very different style strategies as political figures in the public eye. 
  • Ivanka has aimed to portray herself as a middle-class advocate with more reasonably priced items from brands like Zara and her own fashion line. 
  • Melania dresses in more aspirational and expensive outfits. 
  • The two women appeal to different types of supporters of the Trump administration. 


Melania and Ivanka Trump are two women with fashion experience who have been thrust into the political spotlight thanks to President Donald Trump. 

However, the two members of the first family have used their fashion choices to send very different messages to the American people. 

When Ivanka Trump took on an unpaid position in the Trump administration, she formally stepped down as CEO of her fashion line. However, the first daughter has continued to wear items from the brand, as well as outfits from other modestly priced brands such as fast-fashion company Zara. 

Meanwhile, first lady Melania Trump's outfits tend to be from pricier fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, and Balmain. Melania has scaled back somewhat after her clothing choices sparked criticism (you won't spot her in another $51,000 coat), but the first lady's wardrobe is still notably more expensive than what the first daughter wears during most public appearances. 

So, why does it matter? For strategic reasons: both women's clothing represents the constituents they're trying to appeal to. 

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka has long served as President Trump's surrogate to appeal to more progressive voters. 

On Monday, Ivanka spoke at a town hall on tax reform in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, to promote the plan — backed by the GOP and the president — as an "overdue" measure that would assist families. She argued that the tax reform plan would simplify taxes for the middle class and help allow for the expansion of child tax credits, one of her focuses since President Trump's election. 

"Every parent has to manage the competing demands of raising a family and their passions, whether it be professional or otherwise, and I, too, had to manage that, but I'm far more fortunate than most and I had help," Ivanka said, according to CNBC. 

In keeping with her self-representation as a supporter of women and the middle class, the first daughter wore an outfit that was stylish but somewhat reasonably priced. Her top, by the American designer Staud, is priced at $195. Her skirt is even more reasonable — $49.99 from Zara. 

The entire event is a pretty effective summary of Ivanka's strategy when it comes to both politics and fashion. 

As a founder of a mid-priced fashion line herself, she knows how to balance being both aspirational and relatable. In many ways, the first daughter follows in Michelle Obama's fashion footsteps, though she favors trends to a greater degree, wearing more clothing from fast-fashion icon Zara than the more traditional J.Crew beloved by Obama. 


Meanwhile, Melania Trump isn't working too hard to try and appear relatable. She and President Trump have long embodied a more gold-plated, luxe version of the American dream than the Obamas or even Ivanka. 

Trump's supporters don't want the first lady to wear clothes from Target; they want her to be more stylish and glamorous than the average American. Wearing more accessible clothing isn't about actually living like most of the US. Instead, it is a means of avoiding an over-the-top backlash that paints Trump as completely out of touch. 

On a very basic level, Melania and Ivanka have different goals in their fashion. Ivanka aims for readability; Melania strives to be aspirational. And, if Ivanka is going to continue in her role as the White House's advocate for the middle class, their styles and strategies will likely continue to diverge. 

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Why Austin, Texas is Amazon's best choice for its $5 billion headquarters, according to the data


Austin Texas

  • Amazon is searching for a site for its second headquarters.
  • Austin, Texas has emerged as a strong candidate.
  • It offers a low cost of living, supportive business community, and an appealing culture.

Austin is the spot.

The quirky tech hub in the middle of Texas has emerged as a top pick for Amazon's new headquarters, according to an analysis by Moody's.

The analysts looked at a number of factors, including the business environment, real estate prices, tax rates, energy costs, quality of life, the workforce's level of education, and the efficiency of the public transportation system. 

Factoring all that in, Austin — where several hundred Amazon employees already work — came out on top.

For its second home, Amazon has said that it is looking for a friendly business environment, a site with proximity to roads and transit, and space for up to eight million square feet of offices. It also requires the site to be near a population center of at least one million people and to be within 45 minutes of an international airport. Amazon has stated that state and local tax incentives will be a major factor in deciding which city gets HQ2. 

Amazon said that it received proposals from 238 cities and regions that are in competition for the company's new HQ, which is expected to bring 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in investments to the winning region. Bids were due October 19.

Here are some of the reasons why Austin looks like the top choice.

SEE ALSO: These 10 cities have the best chance of getting Amazon's $5 billion headquarters, according to the data

Texas is considered a business-friendly state, and officials have said it will offer incentives to Amazon. Austin itself has said that it may rely less on large incentives to lure corporations there in the future, but city officials have not said publicly whether Amazon will be the exception.

Source: The Austin American-Statesman

Austin has a much lower cost of living than other tech hubs like San Francisco and Seattle. According to Nerdwallet, the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,184 a month, compared to Seattle's $2,069 and San Francisco's $3,519.

Source: Nerdwallet

Austin is already a well-known tech hub. Previous incentive packages have brought giants like Samsung and Apple to the city through what has become known as the "tech pipeline."

Source: SF Chronicle

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We visited the 'McDonald's of Russia' that's trying to take over America — here's what it was like


In Russia, a chain serving traditional Russian fare dukes it out with the likes of McDonald's and KFC — and now it's coming to the US. In 1998, Mikhail Goncharov was inspired by the immense popularity of McDonald's in his home country and decided to start a fast-food chain, Teremok, which serves Russian classics instead of burgers and fries.

We visited one of the New York City locations to see how good it really is. Following is a transcript of the video.

Emmanuel Ocbazghi: This is the McDonald's of Russia. It started in 1998 and today there are more than 300 locations in Russia. It's called Teremok and it just planted its flag in the states. I went to one of the New York City locations to see if it could live up to the hype.

The inside of Teremok looked pretty chill, it looks like your typical fast-casual restaurant. Price-wise, Teremok was a little bit more expensive than McDonald's, but most of the plates range from $7-$10. I ordered a ton of food off the menu including the Butcher's Block.

The Butcher's Block is stuffed with mashed potatoes, fried onions, bacon, and pickles. It's surrounded by this very sweet crepe, pancake, wrap thing. It's pretty spongy. The sweetness of the pancake surrounding actually meshes really well with the savory flavors that are inside. It's a really interesting combination of textures that I wasn't expecting but it's really good.

So one of the more traditional meals that they have is called the Red Stars. It actually has a bunch of caviar eggs in it, I don't know if you can see. The wrap, in general, has a very fishy taste to it. I'm not a fan of seafood so this wouldn't really be my go-to choice but it's really not that bad.

They also have the Say Cheese which is just a wrap filled with cheese and as you can guess it's pretty delicious. As far as side dishes go you can order these dumpling-like things called pelmeni or pelmeni. They're really oily but it's filled with some kind of meat and it's pretty tasty.

So the most traditional dish that they have at Teremok is what's called Kasha. It has a buckwheat base to it and you can fill it up with your choice of either Frankfurt hot dogs, chicken, ground beef — they have a few options available. This is probably my least favorite dish. It’s just like grain and hot dogs on top of it and for the price I'd rather just get a hot dog like on any street corner.

Overall I really liked it. It's being called the McDonalds of Russia but honestly it’s higher quality food than that. They only have two locations in the States but I would not be surprised to see these restaurants start to pop up in cities all over the country.

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8 'famous last words' that were probably made up


Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

  • Many pithy, memorable famous last words are posthumous fiction.
  • Conflicting historical accounts and sparse witnesses make them hard to verify.
  • The reality of famous figures' deaths tends to be more sobering.

Don't trust everything you read on the internet — especially when it comes to historical quotes.

And that goes triple for famous last words.

Final words are often notoriously difficult to verify. There are fabrications that are just completely made up for one reason or another. Then there are exaggerations — sayings twisted into more quotable turns of phrase or modern vernacular or authentic quotes said long before the individual ended up on their deathbed.

Lastly, there are some plausible sayings that are simply impossible to confirm either way, because they happened too long ago or in front of people with an agenda.

With that in mind, here's a roundup of some famous last words floating around there that are almost certainly somewhat inaccurate:

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'Et tu, Brute?' — Julius Caesar, Roman dictator and general

"Et tu, Brute?" is likely one of the most widely remembered and quoted Latin phrases out there, thanks to William Shakespeare's dramatic retelling of the Roman strongman's life.

The words conjure up a stirring image — a powerful politician realizing he's betrayed — and stabbed — by a beloved adopted son.

However, Roman biographer Suetonius claimed the man's last words might have been even sadder. He reports Caesar possibly said, "You too, my child?" in Greek, before succumbing to his injuries, according to Livius.org.

Suetonius himself, however, believed it was more likely Caesar had died without saying a word.

'Either this wallpaper goes or I do.' — Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright

No, Oscar Wilde didn't leave this world complaining about tacky interior design choices.

Records indicate the famously witty Wilde did once utter a similar phrase: "My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go."

However, according to the book "Oscar Wilde: The Unrepentant Years," he said this to a visiting friend a few weeks before he passed away in Paris in 1854.

'I should never have switched from scotch to martinis.' — Humphrey Bogart, actor

The Hollywood star didn't die mulling over his preferred drink when he passed in 1957.

According to the blog Phrases.org, the quip about the martinis actually might come from a 1975 novel called "What Are the Bugles Blowing For?"

In reality, according to his wife Lauren Bacall, his final words before slipping into a coma were, "Goodbye, kid. Hurry back."

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The internet is freaking out over this Ivy League freshman's relatable video on loneliness


Screen Shot 2017 10 24 at 10.28.09 AM

  • Cornell University freshman Emery Bergmann made a video about the loneliness she's experienced since she got to school.
  • The video had nearly 90,000 views as of Tuesday morning.
  • She says that making friends is harder than she accepted. 

Freshmen at colleges across America have settled into their first few months of classes, and the expectation is that most of them have found their groove.

But for all the talk about college being a time to find your niche, not everyone feels the natural ease of fitting in right away.

Cornell University freshman Emery Bergmann tackled the issue in a video about the loneliness she has experienced in her first few months at the school.

"I'm a brand spanking new freshman in college," she said at the start of the video. "I guess I just assumed that once I was at school that that was going to be it. I was going to have 1 million friends, I was going to just party all the time. But it's just not really like that. I haven't really found anyone I'm super close with."

The video appears to have resonated with viewers, racking up nearly 90,000 views (as of Tuesday morning) on Youtube in less than two weeks.

Watch Bergmann explain the loneliness she's experienced in her transition into college life below.


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A diamond company is raffling off an 18-course Michelin-star dinner on a private jet as part of a luxury trip for two to Singapore — and tickets cost less than £2


Bombardier CL605 Interior

  • Blue diamond company V Diamonds is running a high-class raffle.
  • People enter by buying $2 shares in their Jane Seymour diamond ring.
  • The prize is an insanely luxurious all-expenses-paid trip to Singapore for two.
  • The highlight is an 18-course meal by restaurant Jaan on a Bombardier CL605 jet.

Good news for fans of luxury travel — you now have the chance to enjoy the world's most expensive dining experience as part of an all-expenses-paid trip to Singapore, and it'll cost you less than £2.

Blue diamond expert V Diamonds is offering a million people the chance to own part of its rare 2.08 carat Fancy Vivid blue diamond ring — named after actress Jane Seymour — for just $2 (£1.52).

Shares in the diamond are being offered for sale much in the same way as shares of a company — with the added incentive that each share purchased gives you a chance to win a super-luxurious holiday.

For each $2 invested, the entrant will get one chance to win the epic dinner for two in Singapore — and there are one million "parts" available for purchase.

The contest will launch in "late 2017/early 2018," according to the company, but you can register your interest here.

Here's everything included in the four-day, three-night all-expenses-paid trip for two to Singapore:

  • First-class return flights to Singapore from anywhere in the world.
  • Welcome drinks and private viewing of rare blue diamonds at V Diamonds gallery.
  • A three-night stay in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel.
  • A three-hour sunset cruise on a luxury yacht.

Luxury Cruise 3

  • A Rolls-Royce chauffeur service to and from dinner — and for your entire trip

Rolls Royce Phantom

  • An 18-course dinner by Michelin-starred restaurant Jaan served on a $30 million Bombardier CL605 private jet during a four-hour flight (which departs from and arrives in Singapore).

Bombardier CL605 Exterior

  • The dinner comes with two pairs of diamond chopsticks worth $34,000, yours to personalise and take home afterwards.

$17,000 Diamond Encrusted Chopsticks   42 diamonds in each pair, total 4.20 carat

  • It will be served with vintage wine...
  • And 10,000 roses.
  • The trip also includes a fireworks display.
  • Exclusive usage of the Commercially Important People (CIP) private terminal.
  • Additional complimentary Michelin-starred meals.
  • VIP hospitality at clubs and spas.

See the "Ultimate Dinner Experience" in action here:

Russia's World of Diamonds Group first launched the $2 million dinner concept last year.

It was recently sold to cryptocurrency expert and V Diamonds owner Ville Oehmna, who relaunched it under his own branding.

The Jane Seymour   I

Karan Tilani, director of World of Diamonds Group, said: "Having received applications from people who value the exclusivity of the ring and the dinner experience, we faced the dilemma of concluding on a single buyer. We embraced Ville Oehman's concept of opening up the highly exclusive blue diamond market to a fractional ownership model by using blockchain technology."

More details around the contest are expected to be revealed during a press conference in the V Diamonds gallery located at Singapore’s Changi Airport's private terminal.

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Aston Martin is building luxury condominiums that will cost up to $50 million each — see inside



Aston Martin, the luxury car brand known for its appearances in the James Bond franchise, is moving into real estate with a 66-story condominium complex in Miami.

The tower, which will finish construction in 2021, will hold 391 residences that will cost between $600,000 and $50 million. Residents will have access to a spa, beauty salon, barber shop, art gallery, boxing gym, virtual golf room, spin studio, and two movie theatres. 

While construction has just begun on the project, take a look at the breathtaking renderings below.

The tower will be located in downtown Miami on the waterfront.

At 66-stories high, the building will hold 391 condomiums.

The apartments will feature a sleek, minimalist design.

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These 5 tips for resolving even the most heated fights could save troubled marriages


couple fighting annoyed complain

  • Esther Perel is a couples therapist and the author of "Mating in Captivity" and "The State of Affairs."
  • She says it's normal for couples to fight — but some couples resolve their fights better.
  • Perel shared five strategies for resolving a conflict so you don't say something you'll regret and/or make the conflict seem more serious than it is.

"All couples fight," says Esther Perel. "It is normal to fight. Aggression, anger, disappointment, frustration are normal experiences in any relationship. But some couples fight better and resolve their fights better and have a better way of reconnecting afterwards."

Perel is a couples therapist who's been practicing for over three decades. She's seen her fair share of conflicts spiral out of control — and she's been able to pinpoint multiple factors that can help defuse tension.

When she visited the Business Insider office in September, Perel — who is also the author of "Mating in Captivity" and "The State of Affairs" — shared some of those conflict-resolution strategies.

1. Cool off.

Perel advised taking a break to collect your thoughts before telling your partner off:

"If you think you're about to say things that you're going to regret, if you're at boiling point, if you're not about to go and resolve anything, but just [metaphorically] punch, you're probably better off to first do anything to regulate yourself and to soothe yourself. Take a walk, take a run, have a shower, have a cup of tea, go off in your own room, quiet down. Some people need 20 minutes to just get back to baseline.

"Don't talk because what's going to come out — the affect, the tone, the resentment, the contempt, the defying features are going to really destroy the communication."

Hopefully, your partner will understand and give you the space you need.

2. Stick to the topic.

The thing you really want to avoid here is something psychologists call "kitchen sinking." In other words, you start bringing up everything that upsets you about the relationship.

Perel gave an example: "We begin to argue [about] where we're going to go tomorrow night, and from there we continue to the fact that we can never agree on anything, that we keep on doing what you want all the time and that 10 years ago, already this began."

More recently, psychologists have documented a phenomenon called "kitchen thinking," when you start thinking about all those past, unrelated slights during a conflict — even if you don't verbalize them.

Perel's advice? "Stick to the thing that's at hand right now. If you kitchen-sink and you bring in your entire relationship, you just start to see fog."

3. Be mad at what your partner did — without resorting to personal attacks.

The "fundamental attribution error" describes what happens when we assume that other people's behavior is the result of their intrinsic qualities, as opposed to a temporary situation.

For example: Your partner arrives late to dinner and you assume it's because they're generally inconsiderate, instead of thinking that maybe they got caught in traffic or held up at work.

"Be mad at what the person did without beginning to criticize the personality of the person and do a personal attack," Perel said. "That, too will bring defensiveness and counterattacks and escalation."

4. Listen.

Here's Perel:

"On occasion, just stop talking and listen. Maybe you'll actually hear something else rather than listening in order to know where you can barge in, interrupt, and bring your own point of view once again. Just listen and repeat what you just heard, because it forces you to step into the shoes of the other person and then maybe you'll have better empathy and more compassion for what the other person is actually asking."

Indeed, research suggests empathy and understanding are key to navigating conflict successfully in a relationship. And reflecting back what the other person is telling you can be as simple as saying, "So what I'm hearing you say is…"

Remember, too: If you hear something surprising and it alters your stance in the conflict, it's okay to change your mind.

Perel said, "If you accept, if you give in, if you relinquish, it doesn't mean that you're humiliated. It means that you chose your battle and that not everything is a 10. Some things are just a 2. Keep them so."

5. Laugh.

Take a step back. Is this fight over who used the last piece of toilet paper really that serious?

"Sometimes a lot of humor — or a little humor — goes a long way," Perel said. "There is no stronger, better way to defuse futile arguments than a good dose of humor."

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There's hidden writing on the new £1 coin - here's where to find it


Did you know that there is hidden writing on the new £1 coin?

Under close inspection, you can see the words "one pound" on the front of the coin. On the reverse side you can see the year the coin was made.

The text is incredibly small and can be easily missed, but why is the writing there to begin with?

It is meant to battle the production of counterfeit coins due to the difficulty of replicating the minute text.

According to the Royal Mint, the new pound coin is "the most secure circulating coin in the world"

Produced by David Ibekwe.

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Ivanka Trump and her husband are secretly awesome matchmakers


Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner

  • Ivanka Trump says she and her husband, Jared Kushner, are secret matchmakers.
  • So far, Trump says, they've been responsible for seven marriages.
  • Trump and Kushner met at a business networking lunch.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have a little-known hobby: matchmaking.

During an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel, Trump said that Hannity was "almost successful" in setting up her assistant.

Here's Trump: "What really excited me about this story is when I found that you actually had a website where you were making matches because this is Jared and my secret talent. People don't realize it's our hidden skill. We're matchmakers."

So far, Trump added, their efforts have resulted in a whopping seven marriages. "Zero divorces, hopefully, God willing that continues," Trump said.

In her 2017 book, "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success," Trump writes that she and Kushner "see how our friends' strengths, passions, and personalities align, and we love helping people we care about find happiness."

Trump and Kushner didn't come together through someone's matchmaking efforts, per se. They met at a business networking lunch in New York City, arranged by Trump's longtime business partner Moshe Lax. As for whether Lax received a matchmaking fee? In an article in the magazine Mishpacha, highlighted in Politico, Lax said, "That's a state secret."

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10 US cities that make it easier to get rich


wealthy man suit

  • Building wealth requires focusing on saving and investing.
  • That means keeping expenses low, especially housing costs.
  • Homeowners in these 10 cities spend 16% or less of their income on mortgage payments, well below the recommended 30%.


America's richest people may have stories of sudden wealth and start-up success, but for most people in the US the journey to financial security is slow and steady.

After all, building wealth isn't just about income. It's about keeping your major expenses low so you can focus on saving and investing, and that may start with choosing the right place to live.

Housing costs account for about 37% of take-home pay for the average American. Many people spend even more.

In some circumstances — if you live in San Francisco or New York, for instance, where affordability is increasingly difficult to come by — spending a lot on rent or a mortgage is unavoidable.

But making a few sacrifices on housing expenses today could lead to significant savings — and a far more comfortable future.

New data from HowMuch.net reveals the cities where the average monthly mortgage payment takes up the smallest share of the median paycheck, enabling residents to build wealth by saving and investing the extra money.

The standard measure of housing affordability says Americans should spend no more than 30% of pre-tax income on housing. In the 10 cities below, the average homeowner spends 16% or less of their income on their mortgage payment.

For each city, we've included the median annual income, median home listing price, monthly mortgage payment assuming a 30-year fixed rate, and the percentage of income that goes toward housing.

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10. Columbus, Ohio

Median listing price: $163,840

Monthly mortgage payment: $597

Median household income: $45,659

Income spent on housing: 15.7%


9. Indianapolis, Indiana

Median listing price: $145,000

Monthly mortgage payment: $529

Median household income: $41,987

Income spent on housing: 15.1%

8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Median listing price: $124,800

Monthly mortgage payment: $452

Median household income: $35,958

Income spent on housing: 15%

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