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The best thing a parent can do for their kids sounds much easier than it is


Mom and Kids

"Our kids will be in therapy," Brene Brown half-jokes. She's a researcher studying shame and vulnerability; her husband is a pediatrician; together, they've got two children.

But even if their kids do wind up on the proverbial couch, Brown will hardly think she's failed as a parent.

On an episode of Lewis Howes' podcast, "The School of Greatness," Brown said there are only two types of kids you can raise: "kids who ask for help when they need it and kids who won't. And that's as good as it gets, to raise a kid who'll ask for help."

Brown's parenting philosophy reflects her overall life philosophy, one that she's explored in bestselling books and mega-hit TED Talks: Letting yourself be vulnerable is the bravest thing you can do, and the only way to truly be successful. So as a parent, the best strategy is to accept imperfection — in your kids and in yourself.

Brown herself has spent a lifetime struggling with the message her parents passed onto her: Emotional vulnerability is something to be avoided at all costs.

In her new book, "Braving the Wilderness," she shares a story about trying out for the high-school drill team; when she found out she hadn't made it, her parents were silent, clearly disappointed, and didn't even try to comfort her. That feeling of unworthiness stuck with her for years.

Since starting to study shame and vulnerability, Brown has hashed all of this out with her parents, she said. And while she's raising her kids differently, she knows now that her parents were doing their best raising their four kids.

On the podcast, Brown talked about giving yourself "permission" to make mistakes and to struggle as a parent.

That sounds like something psychologist Carl Pickhardt previously told Business Insider: Your goal as a parent shouldn't be to avoid repeating your parents' screw-ups. Instead, you should aim to emulate your parents' best qualities.

Though she didn't use the words specifically, compassion and forgiveness are key components of Brown's approach to parenting. If you can feel for your kids, for your parents, and for yourself, you'll have a better shot at healthier relationships.

Brown told Howes: "I believe that 99.9% of parents are truly waking up every day and doing the very best they can with what they have. I don't think there are a lot of parents who wake up and maliciously try to hurt their kids, or screw up their kids, or belittle or shame their kids. I think we're doing the best we can with what we have."

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Apple's latest iOS 11 update fixes the 'crackling' sound problem (AAPL)


ios 11 update crackling speaker fix

Apple began rolling out an iOS 11 update on Tuesday containing the fix for the "crackling" audio problem that creates a crackling or popping sound during phone calls in some instances on its new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

People started reporting as early as September 22, the day the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus went on sale, that they experienced crackling audio issues during regular phone calls and Facetime calls while using their new iPhone's earpiece.

Apparently, the issue was sporadic, with one online commenter saying it happens on one out of every three calls.

It's not unusual for new Apple products to come with a few bugs at the time of their release. For example, the new Apple Watch 3 with LTE has a glitch that reduces the Watch's LTE performance. Apple has also acknowledged this issue, and said it's working on a fix.

Ideally, newly released products shouldn't come with any bugs or glitches, but the reality is that they're pretty common. They shouldn't pose much of a problem as long as companies acknowledge them and provide updates containing fixes.

To update to the latest version of iOS11 and get the fix, go to Settings > General > Software Update > and tap Download and Install.

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Here are all of the stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving this year


black friday

Thanksgiving is November 23 this year. That means Black Friday is November 24. And some retailers are looking to keep those two days separate.

A trend has begun where some retailers will start their Black Friday sales on the night of Thanksgiving, and open in the evening and stay open all night. It started with Sears in 2010, moved to Walmart in 2011, and then Target in 2012.

Opening on Thanksgiving is controversial. Some states have enacted so-called "blue laws" which prohibit a store from opening on Thanksgiving, creating a rush at midnight. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine have enacted such legislation.

Some retailers, however, are looking to buck that trend in a meaningful way. 

Here are the retailers confirmed to be closed on Thanksgiving, according to data gathered by bestblackfriday.com

  • A.C. Moore
  • Abt Electronics
  • Academy Sports + Outdoors
  • At Home
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Blain’s Farm and Fleet
  • Burlington
  • Cabela’s
  • Cost Plus World Market
  • Costco
  • Craft Warehouse
  • Crate and Barrel
  • DSW – Designer Shoe Warehouse
  • Ethan Allen
  • Gardner-White Furniture
  • Guitar Center
  • H&M
  • Half Price Books
  • Harbor Freight
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Home Depot
  • HomeGoods
  • Homesense
  • IKEA
  • JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores
  • Jos. A. Bank
  • La-Z-Boy (all corporately owned stores)
  • Lowe’s
  • Marshalls
  • Mattress Firm
  • Micro Center
  • Music & Arts
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Office Depot and OfficeMax
  • Outdoor Research (closed Black Friday too)
  • P.C. Richard & Son
  • Party City
  • Patagonia
  • Petco
  • PetSmart
  • Pier 1 Imports
  • Publix
  • Raymour & Flanigan Furniture
  • Sam’s Club
  • Sierra Trading Post
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse
  • Sprint (Corporate & Dealer Owned Stores; Mall Kiosks May Open)
  • Staples
  • Sur La Table
  • The Container Store
  • The Original Mattress Factory
  • TJ Maxx
  • Tractor Supply
  • Trollbeads
  • Von Maur
  • West Marine

More retailers are expected to be on this list as they announce their Holiday opening hours.

As more stores close for Thanksgiving, however, revenue gained on Thanksgiving Day continues to rise due to ecommerce sales. Adobe predicts it will rise 6.22% this year, outpacing brick and mortar's 5.38%.

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17 jokes that only smart people will really appreciate


silicon valley

There's a special glee that comes from getting a really nerdy joke.

You feel both smart and dorky at the same time.

Redditors took turns sharing their best intellectual jokes, and we've gathered our favorites here.

From chemistry to art to music, these are the jokes you can pull out at your next dinner party — if you want to hear a bemused groan from the crowd.

Time to test your knowledge, though don't worry, there's an explanation if you don't get it.

Here are 17 of the best jokes for smart people: 

Dylan Love contributed to an earlier version of this post.

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A photon is going through airport security. The TSA agent asks if he has any luggage. The photon says, "No, I'm traveling light."

It's funny because: "Traveling light" is a turn of phrase used to indicate traveling without much (or any) luggage. In science, a photon is a particle of light (almost always moving).

It's on this list because: Air travel!

Pretentious? Moi?

It's funny because: Only a pretentious person whose daily life doesn't require French would actually say "moi" and mean it.

It's in this list because: Clocking in at two words, it's the shortest joke in the English language.

A logician's wife is having a baby. The doctor immediately hands the newborn to the dad. The wife says, "Is it a boy or a girl?" The logician says, "Yes."

It's funny because: Processing that question through Boolean logic, "yes" is technically correct. How would you answer if the question were "Is it a boy AND a girl?"

It's on this list because: Logicians don't get enough love.

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A city just voted to create Amazon, Georgia, if the company builds its second headquarters there



Amazon, Georgia, could become a reality.

The city council of Stonecrest, Georgia, voted 4-2 on Monday to give Amazon 345 acres of land if it decides to move to their neck of the woods, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The resolution calls for the state to formally name the ceded land Amazon, Georgia. 

"How could you not want your 21st century headquarters to be located in a city named Amazon?" Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary told the local paper.

The move is one of the bolder to arise from the frenzy surrounding Amazon's search for the site of its second headquarters, called HQ2. Cities and towns around the country are scrambling to make their pitch to Amazon by October 19, and they're pulling out all the stops to lure in the company.

In the call for submissions, Amazon said HQ2 would require 165 acres of land, proximity to an international airport, public transportation, and a high standard of living for employees. It also implied that it would be seeking subsidies as it builds and expands its $5 billion headquarters, which will eventually employ 50,000 workers.

City officials said that Amazon could enter into an agreement with Stonecrest for services. The city of Stonecrest is relatively new as it only incorporated earlier this year. Stonecrest and the parcel of land in question lie about 20 miles east of Atlanta's city center.

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The best US cities to live in to escape the worst effects of climate change


The world is changing fast. Farmable land is shrinking, storms are strengthening, and temperatures are rising. Across the US, cities aren't all equally equipped to handle these threats.

"Climate change is going to be the biggest thing we have to deal with, but it's never going to be the only problem," Bruce Riordan, who leads the Climate Readiness Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, told Business Insider. "If your city is already suffering from other problems — subways that get flooded whenever there's a big storm, a faulty power grid — it's going to be a lot harder. How do you muster the resources to plan for sea-level rise when you're just trying to keep your city, pardon the pun, afloat?"

Still, some American cities have a slightly better chance of surviving the onslaught of climate change, Vivek Shandas, an urban-planning professor at Portland State University, told Business Insider. These areas are your best bet for avoiding the worst effects of a warmer planet.

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I went on the Tom Brady diet and workout plan and it changed my life — here's what it was like


I tried the intense diet and fitness regimens that 40-year-old NFL quarterback Tom Brady touts in his new book "The TB 12 Method." A combination of workouts focused on "pliability," or adding flexibility to muscles through a series of workouts with resistance bands. Brady also stays away from alcohol, caffeine, dairy, and sugar. His diet puts an emphasis on vegetables and lean meats. This is what it was like to eat and train like Tom Brady for a week, including a taste test of the avocado ice cream Brady is known to enjoy. The following is a transcript of the video.

Graham Flanagan: For a week, I tried the Tom Brady "TB 12” fitness and diet plan. So Tom Brady's got this new book called the “TB 12 Method.”

In the book, he outlines in detail the fitness regimens he undertakes, and diet as well. So there's lots of aspects of my life dealing with nutrition and fitness that I can improve.

I work out like three or four times a week, but it’s pretty basic. I’m mainly lifting weights. The workouts that Tom Brady pushes in his book are all focused on pliability. And Tom Brady defines pliability as targeted, deep-force muscle work that lengthens and softens muscles. He's focused on making your muscles more flexible. And we do this by using bands.

I ordered a set of bands on Amazon for about $30. I just looked up exercises that, in the book, were recommended, then also other ones on Youtube. I bought, like, a door anchor as well so you can, like, set the bands up high and do some, like, chest presses and you know, work the pecs a little bit.

Tom Brady is a big believer in these loop bands, which you can do lots of different types of workouts with. There's lots of things you can do with this, and I love the bands.

You can definitely feel a difference between doing a workout with these bands and then, like, doing your typical weight room workout where you kind of feel destroyed after. You do a lot of reps with this, like 60 reps over the course of like three sets, you’re gonna feel it. Like, I feel it right now, and it’s awesome.

In terms of the food that I ate during the week, you're staying away from sugars and dairies and refined carbohydrates, etc. It's a lot of vegetables, lean white meats. We had ground turkey burgers over lots of greens, peppers, and carrots. We also had a grilled chicken breast, some Brussels sprouts, and then quinoa. The during the day, I would eat an apple. I would eat almonds.

Tom Brady is all about the hydration and constantly drinking water. It's recommended that you take your total body weight, cut that in half, and then drink the corresponding amount of ounces of water that's half your body weight. Every day I would drink approximately 90 ounces of water. Three big Poland Spring bottles of water.

In terms of caffeine, I usually drink like four cups of coffee a day on average, which is a lot. It's too much. Tom Brady — he does not drink caffeine, but he recommended a maximum amount of 200 milligrams of caffeine a day, which is two cups of coffee.

In terms of alcohol, Tom Brady, in the book, says that he does occasionally have a cocktail, but he says that, if you're going to drink alcohol, you need to match the ounce-amount of alcohol that you drink with water. So if you have a 12-ounce beer, you need to drink a 12-ounce glass of water.

One of the dishes that I tried was the avocado ice cream, which Tom Brady's been famous for making before. I wasn't a fan of the avocado ice cream. Sorry, Tom.

Overall, the Tom Brady "TB 12" experience was a big improvement over my regular routine. Throughout this entire process, from day one to day two to day three, I woke up feeling great. I was excited about my workout. I was excited about eating healthy, and I would look forward to my meals.

I just want to be able to be active, healthy, be able to exercise and work out and look good and feel good. And I think that the principles in the Tom Brady book are gonna help me to do that.

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FDA slams bakery: Love is not an ingredient


Nashoba Brook Bakery

The US Food and Drug Administration does not appreciate companies trying to tell shoppers their products are made with "love." 

The FDA released a letter on Tuesday warning the Massachusetts-based Nashoba Brook Bakery about a number of infractions, including food safety and mislabeled ingredients.

However, one mis-branding — as first spotted by Bloomberg— is particularly notable: the FDA's stance on "love" as an ingredient. 

"Your Nashoba Granola label lists ingredient 'Love,'" the letter reads. "Ingredients required to be declared on the label or labeling of food must be listed by their common or usual name ... 'Love' is not a common or usual name of an ingredient, and is considered to be intervening material because it is not part of the common or usual name of the ingredient."

According to Bloomberg, the bakery sells it goods in about 120 stores, mostly in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It remains to be seen if the company will continue to list "love" as an ingredient in the future. 

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We compared 3 of the most popular premium airline credit cards — and the winner was clear


Delta Seattle airport business traveler

  • We compared premium airline credit cards for the largest US carriers: Delta, United, and American Airlines
  • We looked at annual fees, spending bonuses, airline miles, and hotel and airport perks to see which card offered the best benefits.
  • There were a lot of similarities, but one airline credit card stood out above the rest.

If you've ever walked past the first class cabin on your way to a middle seat in coach and thought to yourself there has to be a better way, well, maybe there is.

JPMorgan Chase brought the allure of premium credit cards to a new level when it introduced the Chase Sapphire Reserve card last year, making a $450 annual fee seem reasonable — if not a downright steal — thanks to generous travel credits and a six-figure sign-on bonus.

But the popular credit card leaves one thing to be desired: airline-specific loyalty rewards. Though Chase's Ultimate Rewards points can be redeemed on many different airlines, perks such as priority boarding and free checked bags aren't included.

If you're a frequent traveler — or even just a beleaguered one craving a more luxurious vacation experience — paying the annual fee for a premium airline credit card allows you to buy the benefits of elite status so you can save time (and maybe money), maximize your trip value, rack up miles, and restore some peace of mind.

To help figure out which airline credit card is best, we compared the top-tier offerings from the three largest US carriers: Delta, United, and American Airlines.

Before we dive in, please note all the usual credit card disclaimers apply: Don't spend more than you can afford to pay in full each month. Credit card interest is expensive and a waste of money. And so on.

Scroll through to see how each card stacks up when it comes to annual fees, spending bonuses, airline miles, and hotel and airport perks — and which one emerged victorious in our match-up.

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No matter which premium airline credit card you pick, you'll pay $450 for the plastic.

Each of the airline credit cards we compared — the Delta Reserve American Express Credit Card, the United MileagePlus Club Card from Chase, and the Citi/AAdvantage Executive Card— has a $450 annual fee and no foreign transaction fees.

None of the credit cards have blackout dates for travel, a cap on the amount of rewards cardholders can earn, or an expiration date for airline miles.

Citi/AAdvantage Executive cardholders receive a statement credit of $100 for Global Entry, which you should definitely sign up for if you haven't already.

The Delta Reserve American Express is the only card to offer one free companion pass each year, which could very well justify the annual fee, depending on the value of the ticket price.

Best for fees: Delta Reserve American Express Credit Card

Bonus offers change regularly, but they should play a role in your decision-making process.

Credit card sign-on bonuses have been gigantic lately, but only two of the three cards we looked at currently offer a sign-on bonus of any consequence.

United is offering a measly $100 statement credit after your first purchase. Delta has the biggest bonus per spending amount required, at 40,000 miles for spending $3,000 in the first three months. American has a bigger bonus at 75,000 miles, but you'll have to spend more to get it: $7,500 in the first three months.

Best bonus offer (currently): Delta Reserve American Express Credit Card

All of the cards will give you a first-class airport experience, even if you're flying economy.

Paying the $450 fee for any of these cards could essentially wipe out the typical frustrations of flying.

To enjoy the perks below, your card may need to be open for a certain number of days before your trip, and you may have to purchase your airfare using the card. Make sure to read the fine print, so you aren't disappointed when you arrive at the airport.

Priority treatment, from check-in to boarding

Regardless of where your seat is on the plane, all three cards offer priority check-in, priority security lanes, priority boarding, and priority baggage handling. That means you can breeze through the airport like a first-class flyer, even if you're paying economy prices.

Check your bags for free

United cardholders and one companion can check two bags for free, while Delta and American limit free checked bags to one per passenger on the reservation, up to eight travel companions. If your travel crew is large, you'll get more free checked bags with Delta or American, but United is better if you tend to travel with only one other person.

Relax in the lounge before your flight

Complimentary lounge membership is included with premium airline credit cards, which comes in handy if you arrived early at the airport only to realize security is easier with your new card and now you have a couple hours to spare before your flight. Delta and United both offer about 50 lounges worldwide, while American has 90.

Delta Sky Club access is only free for the cardholder, but discounted passes can be purchased for up to two guests. American cardholders and guests enjoy the full benefits of an Admirals Club membership, including partner lounge access.

United cardholders gain entry to all United Club locations and participating Star Alliance lounges worldwide. It's unclear if you also get access to the secret, invitation-only restaurant located in Newark Liberty International Airport's Terminal C, but one can hope.

Best airport perks: Citi/AAdvantage Executive Card (but just barely)

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Here's where to get the best deals on National Taco Day (YUM)


Taco Bell

Wednesday is National Taco Day — and that means taco deals across the US. 

On October 4, chains from Taco Bell to On The Border are celebrating the holiday by giving away free and cheap tacos. 

Here's where to get the best deals.  

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Taco Bell

The fast-food chain has a $5 taco "gift set" deal — four tacos "gift wrapped" in a special wrapper and boxed. The tacos are four different, classic Taco Bell varieties: Crunchy Taco, Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos, Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, and a Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos. 

Chuy's Tex-Mex

If you dress like a taco, Chuy's will give you a free entree of your choice. And, if you ask your server to "taco bout it," you can get a free crispy beef taco with the purchase of any entree. 

Taco Bueno

The chain is giving away free crispy beef tacos with any purchase on Wednesday. 

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Thousands of people are getting refunds for a bogus supplement that claimed to treat drug addiction



More than 5,000 Americans are about to get a check in the mail, after regulators discovered that a Florida-based supplement maker was peddling an herbal drink mix that it claimed could help treat addiction.

The company, Sunrise Nutraceuticals, marketed its Elimidrol powdered drink mix as having a "high success rate ... in overcoming opiate withdrawal" and said it could help people "leave addiction behind permanently," according to a statement from the Federal Trade Commission.

But the product, which Sunrise sold online by the tub for $75, contained no ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help with drug withdrawal or addiction symptoms. Instead, it was composed mainly of herbal extracts like lemon balm, ginger root, ginseng, and magnolia bark, plus a handful of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B and C.

The FTC sued Sunrise for making "deceptive claims" and is sending refund checks totaling more than $210,000 to people who bought Elimidrol, many of whom may have been using the product to help treat addictions to opioid painkillers.

"Opiate addiction has taken a tremendous toll on the American public,” Jessica Rich, the Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said in a statement. “By peddling their unproven product, these defendants have prevented people from seeking legitimate treatment.”

sunriseSunrise is one of hundreds of supplement makers that have been sued by the FTC for allegedly making bogus health claims.

While supplements might sound harmless, many are unnecessary, misleading, or even dangerous. The $37-billion-dollar supplement industry is largely unregulated; the agencies who oversee it are confined mainly to reacting once a supplement is found to have hurt someone or severely misled them. As a result, pills and powders that are found to be linked with negative conditions like cancer or kidney stones may only get recalled after they've lingered on grocery shelves for months.

"In the US, no dietary supplements are pre-screened for safety and efficacy," S. Bryn Austin, a professor of behavioral sciences at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, told Business Insider. "What that means is the FDA and consumers have no way to know if what’s in the bottle or box is what’s on the label. There’s no way to know for sure that what’s in the product is safe."

The FTC case against Sunrise is part of the agency's ongoing work with the Food and Drug Administration to protect consumers from misleading health advertising. If you think a claim on a dietary supplement is false, you can report it to the FTC. If you've had an adverse reaction to a supplement, you can report it to the FDA.

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Kate Winslet will star in 'Avatar' film series, reuniting with 'Titanic' director James Cameron after 20 years


kate winslet

Two decades after working with director James Cameron on the box-office smash "Titanic," Kate Winslet is now joining Cameron's series of "Avatar" sequels in a starring role, Deadline reports. 

"Kate and I have been looking for something to do together for 20 years, since our collaboration on 'Titanic,' which was one of the most rewarding of my career," Cameron told the outlet. "I can't wait to see her bring the character of Ronal to life."

In the meantime, Winslet stars alongside Idris Elba in "The Mountain Between Us," which opens Friday. 

She also stars alongside Justin Timberlake and Juno Temple in Woody Allen's upcoming movie, "Wonder Wheel," which opens November 30. 

Production for the four "Avatar" sequels began in late September, with a reported production budget of over $1 billion, making it the most expensive film series in history. The first "Avatar," released in 2009, is the highest-grossing worldwide release of all time with $2.7 billion

20th Century Fox plans to release the first "Avatar" sequel on December 18, 2020, while the next movie is to be released a year later. The last two are slated for December 2024 and 2025.

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10 under-the-radar US cities with good schools, good jobs, and affordable homes


Franklin Tennessee

Fishers, Indiana is the best place to live in the US, according to a new ranking by Money.

The list sought to identify locations that provide its citizens with a comfortable life and looked to factors like job opportunity, quality schools, and affordable homes.

But it also aimed pinpoint the lesser known places. To do that, Money restricted its list to places with a "population of 10,000 to 100,000, to avoid the biggest cities while shining a light on smaller towns and affordable suburbs."

The fast-growing suburb of Fishers, Indiana with ample job opportunities and quality schools, topped the list.

Read on to see the 10 best places to live in America.

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10. Bozeman, Montana

Population: 42,435

Median household income: $49,303

Average commute time: 13 minutes

9. Schaumburg, Illinois

Population: 77,557

Median household income: $73,824

Average commute time: 28 minutes

8. North Arlington, New Jersey

Population: 15,563

Median household income: $73,885

Average commute time: 28 minutes

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I ate like Warren Buffett for a week — and it was miserable


warren buffett cherry coke

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in history.

He also has a really weird diet. 

Buffett's diet of sugary soda, junk food, and limited vegetables has reached legendary status.

The Berkshire Hathaway CEO drinks around five cans of Coca Cola products a day, munches constantly on See's Candies, and uses so much salt former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf said it was like a "snowstorm."

Business Insider has tried various people's diets — from Elon Musk to Tom Brady — so I decided to take on Buffett's strange food tastes for a work week and see what it was like.

There were some basic ground rules — three meals a day, no alcohol, and avoiding vegetables.

Overall, I just tried to maintain the general attitude that the man himself defines his diet.

"I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old," Buffett told Fortune. "It's the safest course I can take."

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The cornerstone of the Buffett diet: Cherry Coke.

In 2015, Buffett told Fortune that he's "one-quarter Coca Cola."

Buffett said he favors either Diet Coke or Cherry Coke and has at least five cans of the soda a day. 

I decided to opt for exclusively Cherry Coke throughout the week as I'm not the biggest fan of plain Coke taste. I am, however, a fan of cherry and cherry-adjacent soda products like Dr. Pepper and Cheerwine (it's a North Carolina thing, Google it).

I also couldn't purchase cans of the stuff at my local grocery store, but a two-liter works out to 5.6 cans a day, which is within the ballpark of Buffett's consumption. Thus, I decided to go with one of these each day.

If you're wondering, that works out to 262 grams, or 0.56 pounds, of sugar from the Cherry Coke alone per day. That's right, I got 84% of my recommended daily carbohydrate intake from just the sugar in the Coke.

I didn't do the math on the sugar content of the Coke, believing it was better to go into the week with a bit of blissful ignorance. While I assumed it would be rough consuming all of the syrupy sweet drink, I couldn't anticipate the full devastation the Coke would have on my mood.

On the first breakfast of the week I was nervous but had a supply of foolish confidence in my ability to handle what was ahead.

In the HBO documentary "Becoming Warren Buffett," the legendary investor said that his breakfast each day comes from McDonald's and is dictated by the stock market.

Typically, Buffett gets breakfast once the market is open. If stocks are up, he gets a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. If they're down, he opts for a cheaper breakfast of two sausage patties. If the market is flat, as it was Monday morning before the open, he goes for the sausage McMuffin.

I get to work at around 7:30 a.m. ET every day, meaning that I had to base my McDonald's selection on the pre-market futures which tend to be a bit harder to gauge. Regardless, I decided to try and factor in a bit of qualitative analysis based on the overseas markets and the previous days' close (and, by the end of the week, what I could tolerate).

Putting aside my methodology, the first breakfast wasn't too challenging. The biggest issue was the lack of coffee, as Buffett doesn't drink the stuff.

I decided to front load the Cherry Coke in order to get the usual caffeine from my coffee while also preventing myself from drinking soda well into the night.

Additionally, I'd decided to keep track of my weight each morning and night. Also for the calorie counts, the Cherry Coke totals are added to the total count at dinner since they were dispersed throughout the day.

Breakfast, Day 1: McDonald's Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McMuffin. Cherry Coke.

Breakfast Calories: 470

Monday AM Weight: 168.4 lbs

The Cherry Coke hit me like a ton of bricks.

I don't drink much soda — I drink mostly water and coffee at work — so the sudden increase in the amount of corn syrup in my diet made me feel incredibly sluggish. Plus, the sugar high was off the charts, I almost felt the tingle of the carbonation in my fingers as I was typing.

Then again, I also put down half the two liter before 11 a.m. in an attempt to front load the caffeine.

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Amazon has triggered a $5 billion bidding war — here are the cities that are in competition for its new HQ


Jeff Bezos

Amazon has sparked a bidding war, and it's only just beginning.

The e-commerce giant said on September 7 that it was soliciting bids from cities across North America for a place to build its second headquarters — its first outside of the Seattle area.

Amazon said it would invest $5 billion in the construction of its new headquarters, and it hopes to eventually house 50,000 Amazon staff members there, gradually building up its workforce.

"We expect HQ2 to be a full equal to our Seattle headquarters," CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement. "Amazon HQ2 will bring billions of dollars in up-front and ongoing investments, and tens of thousands of high-paying jobs. We're excited to find a second home."

Unsurprisingly, cities across the United States and Canada are jumping on the opportunity to lure Amazon to their neck of the woods. Many officials have already said they're planning to submit a formal proposal to the company.

Amazon has some requirements, however. Its new home would ideally be in a city with at least 1 million people, an international airport, and a "stable and business-friendly environment."

Of course, that means cities will need to offer incentives to the company for it to move there.

"Incentives offered by the state/province and local communities to offset initial capital outlay and ongoing operational costs will be significant factors in the decision-making process," the company said.

We've found over 50 cities whose officials have said they are looking into or preparing to submit a proposal to Amazon. Bids are due October 19.

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Chicago, Illinois

According to the Chicago Tribune, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has already spoken to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos about the possibility of opening a headquarters in the city. Several other corporations — including McDonald's, Kraft Heinz, and Conagra Brands — have recently planned to move their base from the suburbs to this Midwestern hub.

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

Gov. Mark Dayton said in a statement that city and regional nonprofits and development agencies were working on a proposal for an Amazon headquarters in the Twin Cities.

Toronto, Ontario

Mayor John Tory called the race for the Amazon headquarters "the Olympics of bidding."

"We should be bidding for this and be very, very competitive, and I'm in the midst of talking to the other governments to make sure that's what we do," he said Thursday, according to The Toronto Star.

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Millennials are saving twice as much as baby boomers — and they could be on track to retire richer than their parents


wealth young woman

Millennials are really good at saving money — especially if they have kids.

In fact, US millennial parents are on track to be richer in retirement than the typical Gen-Xer or baby boomer with kids.

That's according to a new NerdWallet study, which found employed millennial parents (aged 18 to 34) are contributing a median of 10% of their income to retirement savings.

Generation X (aged 35 to 54) is saving 8% of their income and working baby boomers (55 and older) are socking away just 5%.

The study is based on a survey of more than 2,000 American adults, including 1,112 parents and 874 non-parents. Despite the added expense of a child, 84% of parents surveyed said they are contributing to retirement savings, compared to 69% of non-parents.

Still, among all parents, millennials are saving a greater percentage of their income. According to the report, over one-third of millennials are saving at least 15% of their income.

"Millennials are making really good decisions whenever they have an opportunity to save more," Arielle O'Shea, retirement and investing specialist at NerdWallet, told Business Insider.

"Not just when they have a higher paying job, but they're saving more after paying off debt and after getting married — those things are really notable," she said.

Even if the dollar amount they are saving is smaller because they're earning less money than older generations, millennials are still in good financial shape. The key to retiring rich is investing early and consistently.

"Millennials are doing themselves a big service here by saving so early and taking advantage of compound interest," O'Shea said.

In the chart below, NerdWallet compared the retirement saving rates of millennials, Gen-Xers, and baby boomers. For the purpose of the analysis, all generations started saving at age 26 and retire at 67, earn an average annual return of 6% on investments, and receive a 2% annual salary increase.

At a starting salary of $40,000, a millennial who saves 10% of their income over the entirety of their career would end up with about $865,000 at retirement. By comparison, a person saving 5% of their income — the current savings rate of baby boomer parents — would net nearly half that by retirement, assuming their savings rate has always been 5%.

At a staring salary of $100,000, the difference in retirement savings for millennial and baby boomer parents jumps to more than $1 million.

It's possible older Americans aren't saving as much because the cost of raising kids increases the older they get, O'Shea said, especially when parents "start feeling the crunch of college."

Obviously this can hurt your retirement savings, as most financial experts recommend gradually increasing your savings rate the closer you get to retirement. Incrementally increasing your savings will help your account balances grow, but it does something else that's even more valuable: It creates momentum. Once you start saving, it's easier to keep going.

According to the study, millennial parents are most likely to report having made sacrifices to increase their savings, including cutting back in big spending areas such as dining out, vacations, and entertainment.

"Everyone can use strategies millennial parents are using," O'Shea said. "Save more when you get a raise, when you pay off debt, or cut back on dining."

Some millennials, however, may not be saving for retirement intentionally. Instead, they're starting new jobs that auto-enroll them in their employer's 401(k) plan, and many don't bother to opt out.

That's great for some people, O'Shea said, but "knowing how much you need to be saving is huge, and working toward a goal makes all the difference."

If you're unsure how much you should be saving for your ideal retirement, you can start with a simple calculation. Take your desired annual retirement income, and divide it by 4% (the maximum amount you will withdraw from your savings each year to pay for your living expenses in retirement).

Once you know your magic number, you can leave work as soon as you reach it.

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Pierce Brosnan talks about his new movie 'The Foreigner,' but isn't in the mood to discuss James Bond


pierce brosnan bi_Anaele Pelisson2

With a career that spans over three decades in TV and movies, Pierce Brosnan has done it all — from belting out songs in the “Mama Mia!” movie to playing James Bond four times.

Since handing in his license to kill as 007 in 2002, following the release of “Die Another Day,” Brosnan has continued his career through a diverse collection of roles. His latest is “The Foreigner,” where he plays a former-IRA-member-turned-British-government-official, who finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game with a persistent father (Jackie Chan) whose daughter died in a terrorist act. And it's one of his best in recent years. The movie also teams Brosnan with director Martin Campbell, who made his first Bond movie, “GoldenEye.”

Business Insider spoke with Brosnan about working again with Campbell, and acting across from Jackie Chan but never actually meeting the man (we’ll let him explain) — but our James Bond questions led to a brief awkward moment.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Jason Guerrasio: At this point in your career do you not even entertain a project unless it has really interesting pieces to it, like Jackie Chan, or returning to work with someone like Martin Campbell?

Pierce Brosnan: Well, you always try to have interesting elements. You want to be able to get out of bed and kind of go to work and put in a 14-16 hour day, so yes, it better have some point of interest and some meaningful wordsmith or storytelling. And in this particular case it's Martin Campbell. We have a friendship and a relationship of many years. And Jackie, I'm just a huge Jackie Chan fan. I grew up on Bruce Lee and then it was Jackie Chan. He's just one of the great all-around entertainers.

The Foreigner STX Entertainment finalGuerrasio: Did you know Jackie at all before going into this?

Brosnan: No. No, I never knew the man. 

Guerrasio: Did you need a little get-to-know-you meet with him before getting into the intense scenes you two have in this movie? Meet for a drink or something?

Brosnan: No. Not at all. [Laughs] Just showed up for work and if you're cast correctly, and the script has meaning, and you're in the hands of a great director, then everyone knows their job and they know what to do. Jackie and I didn't socialize. We were scheduled for dinners which didn't happen for one reason or another. Mainly because of work. When I wasn't working, Jackie was, and then if he wasn't working, he was back in China working on another movie. The man is completely work obsessed. 

Guerrasio: So did that heighten the scenes because you didn't know him and he's playing a character that's so different from what he's done in the past? 

Brosnan: Jackie was 100% committed to the work at hand, and Martin is a taskmaster in the most glorious fashion. He just doesn't leave the set until the scene is enlivened by the performers. What can I say, I wasn't with Jackie Chan, I was with his character Quan, and that's always wonderful. I fully believed who he was. 

Guerrasio: As the production goes on is there anyone on the cast or crew brave enough to come to you or Martin and ask some "GoldenEye" questions or ask for some stories from set?

Brosnan: Oh yes. Yes. It's a very communal and easy-going atmosphere. And Martin and I would occasionally reference the movie.

Guerrasio: That's interesting. Something would come up on set that would bring back memories of "GoldenEye?" Would it go as far as how to tackle a certain scene? "Martin, remember what we did on 'GoldenEye?'"

Brosnan: No. Nothing like that. Just a quiet understanding of history and what we have done. That's in the past. 

Pierce Brosnan James Bond United ArtistsGuerrasio: As the years go by of being removed from Bond do you appreciate it more, or does it become more of a burden? You've said in the past you're marked for life with that role. How do you see it now at this moment in your life?

Brosnan: It was a great job. It was a wonderful part to play. 

Guerrasio: As the years go by do you have a different affection for it?

Brosnan: I’ve always had affection for it. I still have affection for it. 

Guerrasio: Were you shocked Daniel Craig came back for the role?

Brosnan: No. It would have been rude not to. 

Guerrasio: Because I would think that's such a hard role to walk away from. Can you relate to what Craig has gone through? For you, was it hard to walk away from Bond?

Brosnan: What's this got to do with “The Foreigner?"

Guerrasio: Oh, well, I've asked questions about the movie, this is a Q&A, I'm just touching on everything — if that's okay? This is my last one on the topic, Mr. Bronson, was it hard to walk away from Bond?

Brosnan: My name is Brosnan, not Bronson. 

Guerrasio: Did I say that? I'm sorry.


Guerrasio: Is it hard to walk away from that role?

Brosnan: Completely in keeping with the times.
Guerrasio: Another movie I wanted to bring up is "The Thomas Crown Affair," which you also produced. Were you surprised you were never able to do a sequel?

Brosnan: Not in the least. I never wanted a sequel. The studio wanted a sequel. 

mama mia universalGuerrasio: Oh really. Well, one sequel you are doing is "Mama Mia!," are you prepping?

Brosnan: I’m on a plane tomorrow to Croatia.

Guerrasio: Excited to get back into the singing again?

Brosnan: Oh, absolutely. These are dear friends and it's a kick in the pants to play in that movie. It's criminal how much fun we have. 

Guerrasio: And Andy Garcia is coming on this time around.

Brosnan: That I had no idea. Well, you know more than I do. 

Guerrasio: I think that was announced recently. Do you know Andy at all?

Brosnan: I don't. I'm sure it will be fun. I enjoy his work very much. I think I know who he's playing, though. He's going to be great.  

"The Foreigner" opens in theaters October 13.

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One of New York's most prestigious power-lunch spots will reportedly close on New Year's Eve — here's what it's like to eat there


le cirque 2300

This week, The New York Times reported that Le Cirque, one of New York's most storied power-lunching spots, will be officially closing after dinner on New Year's Eve. Tucked inside the Bloomberg Tower at 58th Street and Lexington Avenue, Le Cirque is one of New York City's most famous restaurants. The restaurant, established in 1974 by Sirio Maccioni, has been a staple of the New York dining scene since its inception. 

Trouble has been brewing over the last few years — including the filing of several class-action and sexual-harassment lawsuits— and earlier this year, Le Cirque and its sister restaurant, Circo, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

In September, President Trump hosted a GOP fundraising dinner at Le Cirque. In response, angry reviewers flooded the restaurant's Yelp page, including one commenter who said that Le Cirque was "aiding and abetting fascists and white supremacists." A Yelp account under the username Maccioni replied: "Remove this social media nazi white supremacist who incites hate and violence against hard working immigrant restaurant workers."  

While high rent is reportedly the main reason for the restaurant's closing, the Maccionis are currently looking for a smaller space closer to Madison Avenue for a new location.

A spokesperson for the restaurant did not immediately return Business Insider's request for comment on plans for Le Cirque.

Le Cirque is known for inventing spaghetti primavera, but it's been the launching pad for multiple famous chefs, including Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, and Terrance Brennan. A mixture of style, wonderful food, and famous clientele have given Le Cirque its place in New York City's fine-dining history.

In March 2016, we shadowed Mario Wainer, who's been the maître d’ and manager of Le Cirque for more than 25 years. He's helped seat a list of famous guests that includes Beyonce and Jay Z, members of The Rolling Stones, former US presidents, and even the pope. His work is like a song and dance between the waitstaff and the guests — he greets regular diners like he would an old friend, and sees that everything is running smoothly. 

We followed Wainer on a typical Tuesday during Le Cirque's lunch hours, and learned how the power lunch has changed in his time there.

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The restaurant sits inside the Bloomberg Tower in Midtown Manhattan. Many Bloomberg reporters, including food critic Peter Elliot, hop over to Le Cirque for lunch.

Le Cirque's front dining room seats about 120 people.

There's also the Le Cirque Cafe, which has full service at night, although some lunchtime regulars choose to eat their meals at the bar.

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On National Taco Day, I like to remember the best possible way to eat them


Taco Truck

I love tacos, but I'm also a horrible taco snob. I only like mine served off a truck in a parking lot in Los Angeles. I want them to be small, tasty, and very, very cheap. 

Wednesday, October 4 is National Taco Day, which means that this humble food will be feted far and wide. But I don't care. I only like to eat them one way, in one place.

I spent the better part of a decade eating off taco trucks in LA, and in 2007, I found MY truck: Tacos La Estrella, always parked at a gas station on Colorado Boulevard in LA's Eagle Rock neighborhood, northeast of Downtown.

Then I moved back to New York.

"You will never have good tacos again," people warned me, ominously.

Yes, when I lived in NYC a decade earlier, it was a Mexican-food wasteland. But surely, with the whole food-truck revolution, that had changed?

Nope. Every purported "taco" truck I tried was a massive fail. Tacos too big. Tacos too busy (Lettuce? Shredded cheese? Sloshings of guacamole?). Tacos uncheap. A great taco is less than $2. Period. It's usually significantly less.

Every purveyor I tried — and I got away from the trucks after a while — botched the job. New York taco-makers seemed to think that a simple little piece of street food, made from unwanted cuts of meat and rendered delicious through ingenuity and an obsession with freshness, had to be improved. More meat. Fancier preparations. Ungodly sauces.

Great tacos are an art form, every bit as exacting in the details as great sushi, but at a much, much lower price. They are street art. And this art was long ago perfected in Southern California. It should be copied, not modified.

Thankfully, after a year and a half of suffering, I got back to California for the Los Angeles auto show. I went straight to the parking lot, fingers crossed that my beloved truck would be there.

It was:

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It was a gorgeous, sunny day in Eagle Rock.

I headed for the gas station where I used to get my cars smog-checked.

OK, I wasn't getting this car smogged. It was a $400,000 McLaren 675LT supercar that I borrowed for a few days. But what's that in the background?

Here's the review of the car.

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Google just announced a $400 smart speaker, Google Home Max, to compete with Apple's HomePod (GOOG, GOOGL)


Google took the wraps off a new high-end smart speaker on Wednesday, a $400 device aimed at audiophiles that turns up the heat in the competition with Apple, Amazon and Sonos. 

The new speaker, which goes on sale in December, is called Google Max. 

It looks a lot like a Sonos Play 5 speaker:

google home max

And there's a good reason for that!

Google Home Max is a high-end smart speaker aimed at people who care more about sound quality than cost. If you're balking at the $400 price, that's probably because this speaker isn't meant for you. Google showed off the speaker by trotting out Diplo, a DJ who's especially popular with audiophiles.

More than just a speaker, though, Google Home Max is also a "smart" speaker — meaning it's a voice-controlled device that has Google Assistant built in. You can ask it how far away Pluto is from Earth, or you can ask it directions, or what the weather is like today, or whatever else — but where it really shines is when you ask it to play music.

That puts it in direct competition with Apple's forthcoming HomePod, which is also leaning on sound quality as a differentiator, as well as the new Amazon Echo Plus.

Like the other Google Home devices, Max works with services like Spotify and Apple Music so you can say, "Hey Google, play 'Drops of Jupiter' by Train" and it'll play that song. It won't even make fun of you for listening to "Drops of Jupiter" by Train or anything.

Google Home Max

Google Home Max is a large speaker, and it's housing some serious hardware behind that friendly facade.

Google Pixel eventThere are two 4.5-inch woofers, and a gaggle of tweeters behind that — Google says it's "twenty times more powerful" than the original Google Home. Since it's focused on serious music heads, Google Home Max has a line-in port so you can plug in whatever you want. And as you might imagine, Google Home Max works with other Google Home devices. 

The new Google Home Max arrives in December, and it costs $400. When it does arrive, it'll come in two colors: "chalk" and "charcoal." If you're interested, here's hoping you're in the US — the Google Home Max is a US exclusive until "early next year" when it starts shipping elsewhere.

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